Costovertebral joints

Costovertebral joints
Costovertebral articulations
Costovertebral articulations. Anterior view.
Costotransverse articulation. Seen from above.
Latin articulationes costovertebrales
Gray's subject #76 299

The costovertebral joints are the articulations that connect the heads of the ribs with the bodies of the thoracic vertebrae. Joining of ribs to the vertebrae occurs at two places, the head and the tubercle of the rib. Two convex facets from the head attach to two adjacent vertebrae. This forms a trochoid joint, which is strengthened by the ligament of the head and the intercapital ligament. Articulation of the tubercle is to the transverse process of the adjacent vertebrae. This articulation is reinforced by the dorsal costotransverse ligament.

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