Posterior sacrococcygeal ligament

Posterior sacrococcygeal ligament

Infobox Ligament
Name = Posterior sacrococcygeal ligament
Latin = ligamentum sacrococcygeum posterius
GraySubject = 80
GrayPage = 309

Caption = Articulations of pelvis. Posterior view. (Superficial posterior sacrococcygeal ligament labeled at bottom left.)

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The posterior sacrococcygeal ligament is a flat band, which arises from the margin of the lower orifice of the sacral canal, and descends to be inserted into the posterior surface of the coccyx.

This ligament completes the lower and back part of the sacral canal, and is divisible into a short deep portion and a longer superficial part.

It is in relation, behind, with the Glutæus maximus.

ee also

* Coccyx
* Coccydynia (coccyx pain, tailbone pain)
* Ganglion impar

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