Sacrococcygeal symphysis

Sacrococcygeal symphysis

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Name = Sacrococcygeal symphysis
Latin = articulatio sacrococcygea, symphysis sacrococcygea
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Caption = Articulations of pelvis. Posterior view.

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The sacrococcygeal symphysis (sacrococcygeal articulation, articulation of the sacrum and coccyx) is an amphiarthrodial joint, formed between the oval surface at the apex of the sacrum, and the base of the coccyx.


It is homologous with the joints between the bodies of the vertebrae, and is connected by similar ligaments. They are:

* Anterior sacrococcygeal ligament
* Posterior sacrococcygeal ligament
* Lateral sacrococcygeal ligament
* Interposed fibrocartilage ligament
* Interarticular ligament


The movements which take place between the sacrum and coccyx, and between the different pieces of the latter bone, are forward and backward; they are very limited. Their extent increases during pregnancy.

ee also

* Coccyx
* Coccydynia (coccyx pain, tailbone pain)
* Ganglion impar
* Symphysis
* Rump (croup)

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