Guest stars of Class of the Titans

Guest stars of Class of the Titans

This page lists and describes the various guest characters of the Canadian animation series, "Class of the Titans". The majority of these characters have appeared in only one episode, yet have usually had a significant impact on their plots.

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Aeolus is the former King of the Winds who gave Odysseus the West Wind in a bag (as well as the others) as a gift. He lives on a floating island that rests on the back of a giant turtle. He (or anyone) can control the winds by standing on his crest, saying the Greek word for wind (anemos) and directing it where to go. Chronus took control of the crest and winds until Odie arrived. He is depicted as a pot-bellied old man with a beard and an English accent.

Aeolus is voiced by Robert Russell and appears in Episode 1.15: The Odie-sey.


Apollo is God of the sun, prophecy, medicine, and the arts, one of his attributes being the lyre. He is depicted as a pot-bellied man with a goatee and a bad Italian accent. Atlanta pokes fun at him for being out of touch with modernity, though he seems to enjoy Pan's trance music and owns a boombox.

Apollo is voiced by Trevor Devall and appears in Episode 1.4: Man's Worst Enemy, Episode 1.5: The Nature of Things, and Episode 1.9: Sibling Rivalry.


Arachne was a mortal woman who was a very good weaver and boasted that she was the best, even better than Athena. One day, an elderly woman at her door warned her not to insult the gods. After hearing a few more insults from Arachne, the woman revealed herself as Athena, who challenged her to a weaving contest. Arachne came out on top with a shiny cloth. While Athena was already angry she had been bested by a mortal, Arachne's impertinent reaction caused the goddess to lash out in rage and transform Arachne into a giant red-black spider

Over the next millennia, she served as a weaver for the gods. She then made a deal with Cronus, if she captures the Chosen Ones, he turns her human. Arachne hypnotised Atlanta into capturing her friends, but Archie freed Atlanta from her control. After the fake prisoner hoax, Arachne was temporarily turned human until turned back when Cronus had to flee. This time, she was the size of a regular spider. After Atlanta convinces the gods that other transformed humans might join Cronos, Athena reluctantly returns Arachne to her mortal form.

Arachne is voiced by Nicole Oliver and appears in Episode 1.14: Make-up Exam.


Atlas is a Titan and native of Atlantis. He usually supports the Pillars of the Sky, though once in a while, he needs a massage because holding the sky is a "pain in the back". He tells the kids that Atlantis and the Atlantic Ocean were named after him and sounds a bit like a cowboy.

Atlas is voiced by Scott McNeil and appears in Episode 1.7: The Antikythera Device.


Atropos is one of the three Fates. She has control over the threads of life and chooses to let destiny unfold rather than control it or side with Cronus or the Olympians. She can make ghostly red-hooded spirits (which may or may not be Keres) appear on a whim and can also choose to make herself visible or not to the gods. She has the appearance of a bald woman with a robe that holds the life threads of every living being.

Atropos is voiced by Pam Hyatt and appears in episode 1.19: Road to Hades.


Calypso is the nymph who kept Odysseus on her island, Ogygia, for seven years. When his descendant, Odie, washed up on shore, she wasn't going to let him, Jay and Neil leave her tropical island paradise. But when Odie showed some of Odysseus' intuition, she let him go with a ship leftover from one of her last boyfriends. After Odie saved the rest of his friends, he returned and they kissed. As she is immortal, she can wait for him to come back for as long as needed. At the same time, she regularly adopts any men who wash up on her island as her new boyfriends and has a display of keepsakes from them, mostly helmets.

Calypso is voiced by Sarah Johns and appears in Episode 1.15: The Odi-sey.


Campe is the Jailer of Tartarus. Her only escapee is Cronus. First planning to use the Chosen Ones as bait, she finally allied herself with them after an embarrassing fight against Jay. She had to choose between capturing Cronus and saving Herry's life. She has a woman's head, torso and arms, the body of a snake and has a live scorpion on her back that can detach itself of her body, and she wields a staff. Her favorite question to ask herself seems to be: "Is my enemy's enemy my friend or my enemy?". Ironically, in Greek mythology, she worked for Cronus.

Campe is voiced by Pam Hyatt and appears in Episode 1.12: Prisoner Campe and Episode 1.26: Time After Time. She returns briefly in Episode 2.5: Time Enough for Everything, voiced by Pauline Newstone, and makes a cameo appearance in Episode 2.20: Cronus Keystroke


Charon is the ferryman of the underworld. He will only take you across the River Acheron if you pay him in gold coins. He wears a hooded robe so that all you can see of his face are his eyes and mouth.

Charon appears in Episode 1.4: Man's Worst Enemy and Episode 1.19: Road to Hades.


Dionysus is the God of wine and leisure. Pot-bellied and sporting a receding hairline, glasses-wearing resident chemist of the Gods. He manages to develop a cure for the Seeper plague that was released from Pandora's Box. Dionysus believes that every mistake you make will result you to become more knowledgeable (Odie is slightly doubtful about this).

Dionysus is voiced by Michael Dangerfield and appears in Episode 1.13: Little Box of Horrors.


Echo is a mountain nymph who loved the sound of her own voice and would talk incessantly, especially if she got the last word. When her constant chatter annoyed a god, she was punished so that she would "only" get the last word of others, thus the origin of echoes. Echo fell in love with Narcissus, who rejected her and broke her heart before her body faded away and left only her voice.

Over thousands of years, Echo learned to manipulate sound waves (regaining her own voice in the process, able to imitate other people with more word of her own and powers that have sound), construct a device that can allow her to eavesdrop on others, managed to create another body for herself, and learned how to teleport. The nymph falls in love with and kidnaps Neil (who quickly becomes annoyed of her still talkative nature), but ends up helping him save Jay and the others from Cronus when Neil tells her the defeat of his friends means the end of the world and, more importantly, Neil himself. After the adventure, Echo decides that Neil is too self-absorbed for her tastes and dumps him before he can do the same to her.

Echo is voiced by Maryke Hendrikse and appears in Episode 1.25: The Last Word.


Eros is God of Love and the son of Aphrodite. He is married to Psyche, the only one he allows to call him Cupid (his Roman name, which he dislikes) as a term of endearment. He appears as a short, slightly-round, balding middle-aged man who lives in the suburbs with his wife and is modelled after Danny DeVito [] .

Eros has the ability to turn invisible, which allows him to uses his golden arrows to make couples fall in love, particularly on Valentine's Day. Cronus, in a plot to cause strife throughout New Olympia, kidnaps both Eros and Psyche and then fills Eros with hatred before sending the god out with lead-tipped arrows to cause the Chosen Ones to bicker and hate each other. The spell on him is broken when he overhears Theresa and Herry discussing how Psyche remains Cronus' captive and he rushes to save his beloved.

Eros is voiced by Terry Klassen and appears in Episode 1.18: Bows and Eros.


Hades is the the God of the Underworld, and Persephone's husband. He has purple skin, hair, and clothes, and his manner is effeminate. During the Titanomachy, he was to use his Helmet of Invisibility to steal the weapons in Cronus' armory. He returns in season 2 to personally escort Cronus to the Underworld and to be sentenced by King Minos; due to Cronus' cunning, Hades and Persephone are imprisoned in hourglasses until the heroes arrive. Persephone deliberately incites her husband, who breaks free and enters a brawl with Cronus. Cronus describes him as "the second son and a disappointment".

Hades is voiced by Trevor Devall. Though rarely seen in season one, he makes several recurring appearances in season two.


Hecate is the goddess of witchcraft, crossroads, and of the dead. Originally a benevolent entity, she was corrupted her own power and banished from the underworld for her wickedness. Exiled and sealed away on the moon, Cronus takes advantage of the full moon appearing on Halloween night to free her at the meeting of three roads (the crossroads) using a ground based satellite control station.

Once freed, she appears through at a movie screen and attempts to summon the dead to overtake the living and steals back a pair of torches which maximize her powers of witchcraft. The Chosen Ones defeat her by trapping her inside the movie's dimension. When she holds the torches, she takes on her triplicate form, sprouting the heads of a bear, dog, and horse. She was stopped for a while by a cake landing on her head. Apparently, she likes cake.

Hecate is voiced by Patricia Drake and appears in Episode 1.8: See You at the Crossroads.


Hope was freed by Archie from Pandora's box, she shows him how much of a difference a little hope can make. She is depicted as a very cheerful, optimistic and, of course, hopeful little girl who can take a sparkly blue immaterial form to give someone hope. She is fond of starting her sentences with "I hope". After helping Archie, she brought hope to the world.

Hope is voiced by Britt McKillip and appears in Episode 1.13: Little Box of Horrors.


Jason is seen once in the Elysian Fields in the Underworld when Theresa went to get Orpheus's lyre. He distinctly resembles Jay and Theresa (who seems to like Jay) is momentarily distracted by him.

Jason appears in Episode 1.4: Man's Worst Enemy and Episode 2.4: Forget Me Not


Medelia is a teenage field hockey player from a rival school and a direct descendant of sorcerer-queen Medea, whom Chronos awakens using an ancient dragon-shaped medallion. He exploits Medea's hate towards Jay's ancestor, Jason, who scorned her shortly after she helped him steal the Golden Fleece. She leads the Amazons as a warrior herself against the heroes and drives a chariot pulled by a dragon. She can also magically transport her victims to remote locations, as well as manipulate anything with magic as long as she is wearing the pendant. After the pendant was removed, she returned to normal and had no recollection of her time as Medea. Herry, Archie, and Odie go head over heels for her, and even Jay seems to be attracted, much to the annoyance of Theresa and Atlanta.

Medelia is voiced by Janyse Jaud and appears in Episode 1.11: Field of Nightmares.


Melampus is a kind circus master in charge of the "Circus of the Impossible". He has the ability to get animals to do what he wishes using a form of telepathy. His real name is Russell, but he chose his stage name based on a mythological figure with the same powers: Melampus, described as the original Dr. Dolittle, who was an oracle with the ability to understand animals after snakes licked his ears. Cronus seems to think that Melampus shares some sort of direct connection to his mythological namesake and enchants him, making him bad-tempered, unable to talk to his animals and unwilling to help the Chosen Ones when Neil is kidnapped by Stymphalian birds.

Melampus/Russell is voiced Peter Kelamis and appears in Episode 1.23: Cronus' Flying Circus.


Minos was the mythological king of Crete, whose wife gave birth to the Minotaur. After his death, he became one of the three judges of the Underworld, particularly the one who has the final say in where the souls of the dead go. A declaration and the use of his gavel can technically transport anyone anywhere. Mostly, he sends everyone to Tartarus.

Minos is voiced by Trevor Devall and appears in Episode 1.19: Road to Hades. He returns in season two in Episode 2.1: Cronus Vanquished.


Orpheus was the famous love-sick musician. He lets Theresa borrow his enchanted lyre, mistaking her for his long-lost love Eurydice. He later leads a small group of dead spirits to fight off Chronos while Theresa, Jay, and Archie escape across the river. He resides in the Elysian Fields in the underworld with other heroes.

Orpheus is voiced by Peter Kelamis and appears in Episode 1.4: Man's Worst Enemy.

Pan/Phil/DJ Panic

Pan is the Demigod of Nature that was under the control of Cronos. Wreaks havoc under the name of Phil and DJ Panic by using hypnotizing trance music and can control plants, particularly vines. He can also shoot vines out of his fingers and open the ground to reveal a three-headed plant monster than spits acid and has sharp teeth. His appearance is similar to that of a satyr, half-man and half-goat. While disguised as a student at New Olympia, he was quite popular with the ladies and even attracted the attention of Atlanta, who had never been attracted to others in a romantic way before.

Pan returns in season two, when Cronus poisons the Garden of the Hesperides and Atlanta and Archie are sent to find him in hopes of healing the Tree of Immortality. Since his last appearance, he has been living in series of tree houses in a rainforest. Though he seems to have lingering feelings for Atlanta, thus inciting Archie's jealousy, and asks that she stay with him to heal the Tree of Immortality, Pan's feelings go unreciprocated and Atlanta chooses to return with her friends.

Pan is voiced by Mark Hildreth and appears in Episode 1.5: The Nature of Things. He returns in season two's Episode 2.6: Pandemonium.


Pandora was the first mortal woman, whom the gods created to punish mankind. She was given a box that she was told never to open, but her curiosity got the better of her and upon lifting the lid, she released all kind of evils and diseases into the world, though she shut Hope and the Seeper in before they escaped. Her box had since been hidden away in Ares' weapons chamber.

Pandora appears in Episode 1.13: Little Box of Horrors.


Pleione is the wife of Atlas, and the mother of the Pleiades and grandmother of Hermes in mythology. She is depicted as a tiny woman dressed in pink and gives Atlas back massages and chiropractic care when he needs them.

Pleione is voiced by Maxine Miller and appears in Episode 1.7: The Antikythera Device.


Polyphemus is the one-eyed cyclops and son of Poseidon who was blinded by Odysseus wielding a sharpened log, which he still keeps with him as a reminder. Since the blinding, he had taken up smithing to redeem himself in the eyes of the gods. Cronos gives him his sight back in exchange for seven descendants of the Greek heroes, and sets-up his new workshop at an abandoned factory. Poisoning his mind that the descendants of the original heroes "were" the originals, he captured five until Archie and Theresa freed them. Archie was about to use one of his own thunderbolts against him when Odie took the fall. Polyphemus revived him with his electric orb that also serves as a charger for the thunderbolts. But then Cronos brought the building down, possibly killing him. Polyphemus also holds strong values for honour.

Polyphemus survives and sets up a workshop in Mt. Etna, where the original cyclopes Brontes, Steropes, and Arges once worked. He remains blinded, but has concealed the Eye of the Storm, the electric org he used to charge thunderbolts, concealed in the socket. He witnesses Cronus bring the trio back to life in order to craft a weapon powerful enough to destroy the heroes and sends a warning to Odie. However, he is captured by Cronus and the heroes must not only destroy Cronus' new weapon but rescue their old friend. Subsequently, Polyphemus finds a place of honour and becomes the assistant blacksmith of the gods, working under Hephaestus.

Polyphemus is voiced by Terry Klassen and appears in Episode 1.17: Eye for an Eye. He returns in Episode 2.16: Polyphemus Returns.


Poseidon is the God of the Sea and one of Cronos' six children. He is armed with a giant trident that can be used by others to control water, though he also seems to be able to exert some control without it, such as when creating water tunnels. He is depicted as a giant merman with a long sea-green beard, fins for ears and on his arms and wearing a crown made of shells. He was the father of Theseus, and Theresa is therefore also descended from him (and Cronus). He lives in an underwater palace beneath the sea. During the Titanomachy, he had legs in lieu of a fish's tail.

In Get Kraken, Cronus captures him and chains him to the sands of a desert in order to prevent the sea god from stopping the Kraken. He is rescued by Theresa while the rest of the heroes trap the Kraken underwater again. He appears in Time After Time, when the heroes are sent to the past in order to ensure Zeus and the Olympians defeat Cronus in the Titanomachy. Poseidon returns in season two, when Cronus strikes a deal with Poseidon's enemies, the Telkhines, to secure Theresa's pendant.

Poseidon is voiced by French Tickner and appears in Episode 1.16: Get Kraken, Episode 1.26: Time After Time, Episode 2.20 Cronus Keystroke, and Episode 2.26: Phantom Rising Part 2.


Psyche is the loving wife of Eros and appears as a middle-aged woman with fizzy red hair, modelled after Rhea Perlman, the wife of Danny DeVito [] . She and Eros are kidnapped by Cronus, who casts a spell on Eros so that the god will cause the Chosen Ones as well as everyone in New Olympia to hate each other. Psyche is held captive by Cronus, who eventually decides that she needs to be eliminated when Jay formulates a plan to rescue her. She is reunited with her husband when the spell on him is broken.

Psyche is voiced by Tabitha St. Germain and appears in Episode 1.18: Bows and Eros.


Sybaris was once a mortal queen, her betrayal of Hera led to Sybaris' imprisonment into a cave and banishment from all she loved. Her hatred for mortals made her a lamia, an early vampire. By day, she is a beautiful girl, but by night she was a humanoid half-bat half-snake creature. Hera took away all Sybaris loved, which were her offspring, while nearby villagers captured her and threw her off a cliff. She reverted to her human form and turned to stone; in the exact spot she fell a fountain sprung. In the future, a town was built around the fountain, positioning it so the fountain resided in the town square. Cronus revives her and suggests that she kills the Chosen Ones as revenge against Hera. To do this, Sybaris feigns romantic interest in Herry as a local girl named Thalia to capture and bite him while setting vampires free to attack his friends. Sybaris is defeated after a fight with Hera when Jay stabs the former in the back. Sybaris returns to stone and is restored to the fountain.

Sybaris is voiced by Laura Sadiq and appears in Episode 1.25: Sybaris Fountain.

The Techno-Greeks

The Techno-Greeks are a trio of techno-savvy assistants working for Hermes in a sub-station usually set below Hermes' communications room. They are Optus (Sam Vincent), Phonus, and Logus (David Kaye) (the latter said to have the fastest fingers any one can find) and are known for their searching and technological tracking abilities. In addition, they are very fond of online video games and invite Odie to join their team as a fourth player against Team ANUBIS, some online Egyptian opponents. During season 2, they make recurring appearances to aid the heroes.

The Techno-Greeks are voiced by Sam Vincent (Optus) and David Kaye (Logus) and appear in Episode 1.23: They Might be G.I. Ants.

The Titans

The Titans were the giant immortal sons of Gaia and Uranus who fought against the first generation of Olympian gods during the Titanomachy. Cronus is a Titan himself, and they are all depicted as having red eyes. They are also shown as being in command of a battalion of harpies.

The Titans appears in Episode 1.26: Time After Time.

eason 2


Adonis is a strong hunter and a god who exemplifies male beauty in Greek mythology. Aphrodite and Persephone had fought over him, which resulted in Aphrodite locking his spirit away in a box. Aphrodite forgot that she locked him in the box while Adonis patiently waited for the goddesses to decide his fate and was freed several millenia later by Neil. He instantly gains the attention of all female company in sight, much to Neil's displeasure. His reappearance causes Aphrodite and Persephone to fight over the hunter again, causing Envy to appear.

Unaggressive and good-natured, Adonis is challenged by Neil, who Adonis continues to mistakenly refer as "Ned", to a beauty contest. Taking advantage the envy and jealousy present, Envy appears to curse Neil, who is saved by Adonis. However, he is possessed with envy and attempts to kill Neil until Envy is trapped in Pandora's Box, freeing Adonis from her possession. He decides to give up on Persephone and Aphrodite in order to go to a place where strength of character matters more than appearance so that he will be treated as a person and not an object.

Adonis appears in Episode 2.22: Face Off.


Amalthea was the nanny goat who raised Zeus in secret and protected him from Cronus. She appears to Neil during Christmas at the mall, but when Neil calls Zeus to meet with Amalthea, she turns out to be Cronus in disguise. To thank the real Amalthea, Zeus turned one of her horns into the cornucopia, which has the power to grant any wish.

Amalthea is voiced by Sarah Edmondson and appears in Episode 2.21: The Game Plan.


Antaeus the wrestler is the loyal servant of Gaia, summoned from a small clay doll. He is a giant made of earth, thus able to transform parts of his body into weapons, and is able to become stronger just from contact with the ground. In every challenge that he accepts, he fights to the death and has never lost. Gaia sends him to retrieve Zeus, but he ends up fighting Herry. Herry is able to defeat him by holding Antaeus in the air; deprived of his source of power and refusing to surrender, Herry continues to crush the wrestler in a hold until he shrinks into a pocket sized figure that crumbles into dust. He notably taught Hercules how to wrestle.

Antaeus is voiced by Scott McNeil and appears in Episode 2.10: Mother Knows Best.


Autolycus is the son of Hermes and known as the "Prince of Thieves" for being the most talented thief after Hermes, the King of Thieves. Called from his time by Cronus, he agrees to find and steal Hercules's last surviving arrow, which were soaked with still potent lethal Hydra poison, in each for an apple from the Garden of Hesperides. Armed with the helmet of invisibility he originally lent to Odysseus so that he could sneak into Troy, Autolycus breaks into labs and museums in New Olympia. The Chosen Ones eventually capture him, but allow him to return to Cronus with a fake arrow, in actuality the bottle imp that had been annoying Theresa in the shape of an arrow. Autolycus gets away with the apple that will grant him immortality, but has the apple taken away from him by Hermes before Autolycus can consume it.

Autolycus is voiced by Joe May and appears in Episode 2.12: Bad Blood.

Brontes, Steropes, and Arges

Brontes, Arges, and Steropes are cyclops and master blacksmithes partially resurrected by Cronus to create a sceptre more powerful than Zeus's lightning bolts to amplify his own power in exchange for whatever the cyclops wanted. Feeling betrayed for being executed for their blacksmithing services by the gods, they agree so long as Cronus will place them amongst the gods where they feel they should belong. Honour bound and loyal to one another, the cyclops were responsible for forging Zeus' thunderbolts and Hades' Helmet of Darkness during the Titanomachy. Though they fulfill their end of the bargain, Cronus turns against them and forces them to fight the heroes by trapping Arges when he attempts to defend Polyphemus. After Cronus' sceptre is destroyed, all three of them vanish. They are ancestors to Polyphemus.

Brontes, Steropes, and Arges appear in Episode 2.


A tenacious student reporter who decides to do a story on Neil's modelling career, Cassie decides that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to Neil and decides to follow him. While Jay and the others realize the danger she presents if she discovers too much about Neil's life, Neil decides that her presence is nothing but good publicity for his career. Though she manages to follow the heroes into the forest while they are tracking Orion, her memory is later erased and fails to even recognize Neil, who persistently hopes she still write an article on him.

Cassie appears in Episode 2.3: Star Quality.

Cronus 2.0

A sophisticated robot replica of Cronus designed by Odie and Jay to think and act like Cronus. He is able to adapt to situations and has been programmed with all the heroes' thinking and fighting patterns in order to act as realistically like Cronus as possible. Cronus 2.0 eventually gets out of hand and kidnaps Theresa in order to combat against the heroes, but actually has no interest in revenge or destruction. He is relatively benign compared to the true Cronus, since he views everything as a game and once something does not appear as a threat any longer, he moves on. Cronus 2.0 proves to be too effective a training tool and eventually the real Cronus appears to destroy him, since the real Cronus cannot stand any rivals.

Cronus 2.0 is voiced by David Kaye and appears in Episode 2.17: Cronus 2.0.


Daedalus was an ingenious inventor; among his creations was the Labyrinth created to trap the Minotaur of Crete and the first wings. Odie convinces the Chosen Ones to find Daedalus' workshop, located on a remote island, in hopes of learning some of Daedalus' secrets. They are surprised to not only find the workshop contained in an elaborate shifting labyrinth with sophisticated near modern technology, but Daedalus himself, apparently alive. A mad, somewhat over confidant genius, Daedalus is soon revealed to be an android of the original, who is proud of his work and hates it when it is destroyed. While he initially agrees to help them trap Cronus, pleased with the idea of trapping a god, Daedalus soon turns against them and seeks to trap the heroes in his maze, believing it would be an even greater feat to trap those prophecized to stop a god. The replica is destroyed when the labyrinth and the workshop is detonated so that Cronus will be unable to use Daedalus' genius against the heroes.

Daedalus is voiced by Michael Dobson and appears in Episode 2.21: Daedalus or Alive.


The mother of Persephone and the goddess of harvest, Demeter becomes upset when Persephone fails to return from the Underworld, having been frozen in Hades' Chair of Forgetfulness. In her sorrow, she allows the world to become barren and freeze over. When Neil and Atlanta arrive at her farm, Demeter has taken the form of a cow; they charm her enough to ease the global winter she has left the world in, but does willingly lend them her chariot (pulled by two ferocious large cats) to go to the Underworld and help the others save Persephone. When Persephone returns to the living world, Demeter has restored the natural order and mother and daughter are happily reunited.

Demeter is voiced by Maxine Miller and appears in Episode 2.8: Cold Day in Hades.


Taking the form of a green mist, Envy's true form is a green monster with horns, along with snake-like hair and a snake-like gown. She is attracted to feelings of envy and appears to amplify such feelings; when Aphrodite and Persephone fight over Adonis and Neil becomes jealous of the attention Adonis receives from female admirers, Envy appears and attempts to curse Neil with blind envy. Though Neil is saved from the blast by Adonis, Adonis is cursed instead and cannot be freed from his possession except by Envy herself. Envy also appears when Jay becomes jealous of Adonis when Theresa supposedly sees a wonderful future with him, also when Archie becomes jealous of Adonis because of Atlanta. Having first emerged from Pandora's Box, she cannot be trapped with conventional means because she has no tangible form. The heroes use Pandora's Box to capture her and free Adonis, though a small portion of her remains in the world, continuing to plague it with envy.

Envy is voiced by Cathy Weseluck and appears in Episode 2.22: Face Off.


The goddess of strife, Aphrodite's daughter, and Cronus' granddaughter, Eris appears as a teenage punk who decides to wreak havoc on New Olympia with a magic cell phone ringer she received from Cronus. She describes herself as a "girl who's into anarchy and chaos and sunset walks through battletorn wastelands" and the "face that launched a thousand wars" and enjoys grafitti art. Her powers affect both the heroes and gods, causing the heroes to argue instead of working together. While Odie attempts to find the goddess Harmony fix the problems caused by Eris, the others are forced to overcome the spell Eris has cast in order to stop her.

Eris is voiced Nicole Oliver and appears in Episode 2.11: Applet of Discord.


Fortuna, the goddess of chance and good luck, is the current possessor of Amalthea's cornucopia, but to deal with her means putting fate into her hands. She is a frequenter of the Fortune Casino and enjoys games of chance, rarely giving anyone anything unless they succeed at her Wheel of Fortuna game. She takes the appearance a fickle older woman who dresses glamourously, but is rather cowardly and usually claims a situation is a person's fate. Fortuna is the Roman name of Tyche, the Greek goddess of fortune.

Fortuna is voiced by Nicole Oliver and appears in Episode 2.21: The Game Plan


The mother of Cronus and grandmother of Zeus, Gaia is the goddess of the earth. She comes to visit Cronus, who is annoyed with her unexpected visit, but soon uses her displeasure with Zeus to his advantage. The heroes find themselves attempting to protect Zeus against Gaia, who is setting off earthquakes around the world. As it turns out, Gaia only wanted Zeus to thank her for saving him from Cronus in the Titan War. After he reluctantly does this, she stops the quakes (much to Cronus' displeasure). Gaia is depicted as a tall, elderly woman with gray hair, dressed like a queen.

Gaia is voiced by Shirley Millner and appears in Episode 2.10: Mother Knows Best.

The Graes

The Graes are three sisters who frequently squabble and share an all-seeing eye between them; they are known individually as Dread, Alarm, and Panic. Their eye had been stolen by Perseus (who apparently charmed the sister holding the eye into giving it to him), who used it find Medusa. When he was done with the eye, he tossed it into a lake, where it remained until it was located and found by Odie. When they discover their eye has been recovered, they pursue Odie and the heroes and demand for the eye's return. They possess the ability to create a strange fog that shows victims' their greatest fears.

The Graes are all voiced by Maxine Miller and appear in Episode 2.2: Graes Anatomy.


Harmony, the goddess of harmony, appears as purple-skinned cobra. Despite her appearance, she is a pacifist and her words can soothe those filled with strife, from humans to gods, including Eris. Zeus mentions that she has gone "underground", which Odie discovers means that she working at the Hiss FM Underground radio station, situated in a pink van with symbols of peace and love painted on. After stopping Eris, she ends up holding an anger management class with the heroes and the gods.

Harmony appears in Episode 2.11: Applet of Discord.

The Heroes

The heroes from who Jay, Odie, Theresa, Archie, and Neil descend from, they now reside in the Elysian Fields. In hopes of learning more about their heritage, the chosen ones visit them.

* Jason: The leader of the Argonauts, the ancestor of Jay. Jason also briefly appears in a non-speaking cameo when Theresa enters the Underworld to retrieve Orpheus's lyre in Episode 1.4: Man's Worst Enemy. He bears a striking resemblance to Jay.
* Odysseus: Wise and cunning, Odysseus is the ancestor of Odie and a hero of the Trojan War. Odysseus has also made appearances in season 1 as images, once when Odie researches his ancestor on his computer and also on a scroll used by Chiron to explain Odysseus' connection to Polyphemis.
* Theseus: The fighter who defeated the Minotaur, the ancestor of Theresa. Described as the son of Poseidon by Hera.
* Achilles: A hero of the Trojan War, said to be great friends with Odysseus and the ancestor of Archie.
* Narcissus: A hunter who fell in love with his own reflection, the ancestor of Neil.

The heroes all appear in Episode 2.5: Forget Me Not.


The Hesperides are the keepers of the Tree of Immortality in the Garden of the Hesperides. When Cronus poisons the tree to destroy the gods, the Hesperides attempt to warn Hera and the other gods, but fall ill or are captured by Cronus. Two appear as small colourful fairy-like creatures.

The Hesperides appear in Episode 2.6: Pandemonium.

Josephine X

Described as a breathtaking beauty, Josephine X is a girl who Odie meets at a party in Gizaville, a town near New Olympia, when he leaves town to gather his thoughts after Neil plays a particularly humiliating prank on him. Despite her charming good looks, Josephine X soon reveals that she is actually the Sphinx. Humiliated that she had been defeated by Oedipus and the answer to her riddle had become widespread, she came up with a new riddle and arrived in Gizaville fifty years ago. Since then, none of the townspeople have been unable leave under the threat of death and none have been able to solve her riddle; those who tried and failed were killed. Outsiders were lured into the town by a gas station owner whose daughter, Valerie, and wife were trapped into the town. Odie is able to defeat her and solve her riddle with the help of Valerie's help and his friends when they arrive to rescue him.

Josephine X is voiced by Kathleen Barr and appears in Episode 2.14: Breathtaking Beauty.


Lykon was the King of Arcadia, known for having unconventional dining habits, until Zeus transformed him into the first werewolf. Cronus resurrects him using his remains and human blood during the full moon. A powerful beast able to transform between human and werewolf states at will, he decides to attack Atlanta, the source of the blood for his resurrection. As a werewolf, his only weakness is silver; Archie defeats Lykon by forcing the werewolf to swallow a silver pendant.

Lykon appears in Episode 2.7: Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself.


A satyr with some past history with Cronus, Marsyas approaches the God of Time with apparently valuable information that will allow Cronus to destroy one of the heroes and break the prophecy. However, it is soon revealed that Marsyas is actually working for Jay and was sent to lure Cronus into a trap. When Neil accidently sabotages the plan with his Midas Touch, Cronus transforms Marsyas into a beast who fights against the heroes. He is stopped by Neil turns hin to gold and restored from his transformations only when Nemesis removes her curse on Neil.

Marsyas appears in Episode 2.24: Golden Boy.


Morpheus is the God of Dreams, known also as the "Prince of Sleep". He appears as a very laid-back slightly overweight and short man who resides in the realm of dreams. He is frequently sleeps and appears confidant in how convincing his dreams are. Using his power over dreams, he assists Theresa in creating a vision for a trap the heroes use to trap Cronus in his cell in Tartarus.

Morpheus appears in Episode 2.13: Dreamweaver.


Nemesis is the the goddess of retribution and vengeance against those who succumb to arrogance. She initially inhabits the statue at New Olympia's courthouse and takes the form of a blindfolded woman who carries a sword and a pair of scales. Angry with Neil's self-centred attitude and arrogance, she curses him with the Midas Touch and warns him that she will continue watching him. Nemesis lifts the curse when Neil is able to think of others before himself and save his friends when they need him most. Her wrath applies to both mortals and gods, such that she even threatens Cronus with punishment should he become too arrogant.

Nemesis is voiced by Nicole Oliver and appears in Episode 2.24: Golden Boy.

The Oneiroi

The Oneiroi are known as "demons that bring visions" and reside in an area of the realm of dreams with two gates, one which shows the truth and the other which shows false visions. Depending on which gate they fly through, the Oneiroi will show that type of vision to the view. They take the form of bat-winged gargoyle-like creatures that can enter the minds of others and create nightmares. Cronus uses them to trap Theresa in a nightmare while using the trap the heroes set up against them; however, Theresa is able to summon the Oneiroi and use them against him.

The Oneiroi appear in Episode 2.13: Dreamweaver.


A hunter who once loved Artemis and was loved in return, Orion shared Artemis' competitive spirit and nearly matched her skill in archery. Artemis, when challenged to shoot a supposedly unhittable target in the sea, was too proud to refuse and proved her ability - not realizing her target was Orion. With his death, she had his spirit placed among the stars as a constellation so that she could see him every night.

Summoned by Cronus and taking on the form of a man made of stars, Orion willingly agrees to Cronus' request to find where the heroes meet the Olympian gods. Unaware of Artemis' reasons for shooting him, Orion targets Atlanta as a means to hurt the goddess. However, Atlanta manages to reveal Artemis' true feelings for Orion and he peacefully returns to the skies.

Orion appears in Episode 2.4: Star Quality.


A beautiful water nymph who serves Scamander. She takes the form of a mermaid, but is also able transform her fish tail into legs to move on land. At Scamander's orders, Padma meets with Archie and secretly adds a potion into his drinking water that removes Archie's fear of water. Afterwards, she lures Archie to the waters of Scamander's river so that the river god may take his revenge, but is reluctant to see her master realize his revenge since she has befriended Archie. She ultimately sacrifices herself to save Archie from Scamander by preventing the river god from leaving the fiery wreakage of a boat.

Padma appears in Episode 2.23: Deep End.


Phobos, a son of Ares, is the God of Fear and accompanied the god of war into battle to put fear into the hearts of his enemies. Wearing Phobos' mask infects the wearer with fear of everything around him, though the curse can be broken if the person is able to overcome their own fears. Images of Phobos haunts those who have been cursed by the mask.

Phobos appears in Episode 2.7: Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself.


Pirithous was a friend of Theseus and Hercules, but when he and Theseus were trapped in the Chairs of Forgetfulness in the Underworld, Hercules was only able to free Theseus and left Pirithous behind. Pirithous was freed by Hades only after he had died.

Embittered and hateful of how Hercules left him behind, Pirithous patiently bided his time in the Underworld learning herbal healing arts from the best healers, herbalists, witches, and apocatheries of the Underworld before taking his revenge. He escapes from the Underworld with a cutting of a plant and raises it to become a shrub with poisonous nectar to poison the gods' ambrosia. As the poisoned gods begin to become forgetful and senile, Pirithous kidnaps Hercules and turns him against the heroes in order to protect the poisonous shrub he has raised. Hercules eventually recalls Pirithous and saves him from the heroes; after Hercules reveals his deep regret for leaving his friend behind, Pirithous is able to let go of his resentment and the two renew their friendship.

Pirithous is voiced by Michael Donovan and appears in Episode 2.15: Recipe for Disaster.


Scamander is a river god who was nearly destroyed by Achilles during the Trojan War and continues to hold a grudge against the hero. When the heroes arrive near Scamander's river during a vacation, the river god sees it as the perfect opportunity to finally take revenge on Achilles through his descendant. He attributes as Archie's hydrophobia as fear of Scamander himself and arranged for Padma to place a potion in Archie's drink so he would swim into the waters that Scamander commanded without the impediment of fear. The river god is defeated when the source of his river is blocked and Padma forces him into a blaze caused when the heroes' boat is destroyed.

Scamander appears in Episode 2.23: Deep End.


Sisyphus is a prisoner of the Underworld who was too clever for his own good, having cheated death twice - once by chaining up Thanatos so that no beings could die and again by successfully convincing Hades that he needed to return to the world of the living to obtain a proper funeral. Burdened with the eternal, difficult, and repetitive task of rolling a large stone up a steep hill, only for the stone to roll down as soon as he reaches the hill's peak, he is freed by Cronus, but only as long as Sisyphus can elude Thanatos. Cronus provides him with metamorphesis provided that the person that Sisyphus chooses to take his place will be one of Chosen Ones. However, Sisyphus is unable to kill Theresa after he captures her, revealing that while he is a schemer, he is not a killer. He escapes while the heroes are temporarily unable to die, a result of convincing Thanatos to allow himself to be chained up until Theresa is rescued, but is soon pursued by the god of death afterwards, who will stop at nothing to return Sisyphus to his place in the Underworld.

Siphyus appears in Episode 2.19: Like a Rolling Stone.


A man punished for being a canabule in a pit in the underworld, Tantalus is surrounded by water that moves away when he tries to drink it and fruit that crumbles to dust when he tries to eat it. Cursed with eternal deprivation of nourishment, he asks Atlanta to help him when she falls into his pit; angry at her refusal, Tantalus curses her to desire something she should not have.

Tantalus is voiced by William Samples and appears in Episode 2.9: Tantalize This.

The Telkhines

The Telkhines appear as dogfaced sea monsters with flippers instead of hands. They are powerful alchemists and blacksmiths, but after they forged Poseidon's trident, they were imprisoned by the god of the sea for aiding Cronus with their sorcery. Cronus frees them so they may take revenge on Poseidon in exchange for acquiring and unlocking the secrets of one of the heroes' pendant. They are eventually tricked and forced into a portal that traps them in a cell in Tartarus.

The Telkhines appear in Episode 2.20: Cronus Keystroke.


Thanatos, the God of Death, serves whoever wears Hades' Helmet of Darkness, thus he obeys the ruler of the Underworld. He appears as a mild-mannered and soft-spoken middle aged man, but his true form is a skeletal winged creature who is able to appear from shadows and disappate into the air. When Cronus seizes control the Underworld, he summons Thanatos to kill the heroes. The God of Death successfully kidnaps Archie, forcing the heroes to enter the Underworld to rescue their friend as well as Hades and Persephone. He is later confronted by the heroes when Sisyphus escapes from the Underworld and agrees to be chained temporarily until Theresa is rescued so that she cannot die until Sisyphus is recaptured.

Thanatos appears in Episode 2.1: Cronus Vanquished and returns in Episode 2.19: Like a Rolling Stone.

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