List of translations of the Qur'an

List of translations of the Qur'an

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By first printing date


* Salman the Persian translated Fatiha from Arabic to Persian. [An-Nawawi, Al-Majmu', (Cairo, Matbacat at-'Tadamun n.d.), 380. ]


* Persian translation which is called "Qur'an Quds" which was translated by an unknown translator. []


*1143(?), Latin, Lex Mahumet pseudoprophete, — , by a group led by Robert of Ketton, under direction of Peter the Venerable


*1193-1216 Latin, an improved Latin translation from Arabic by Marco de Toledo (fl. 1193-1216)


*1543 reprint Latin text of "Lex Mahumet pseudoprophete" (1143), edited by Theodor Bibliander []
*1547 Italian, at "Venise" [Venezia (Venice){?}]


*1616 German, Alcoranus Mahometicus from Italian by S. Schweigger, Nuremberg
*1647 French, L'Alcoran de Mahomet from Arabic by Andre du Ryer, the third from the original Arabic directly into a European language, the first two being to Latin (1100s, 1200s).
*1649 English, L'Alcoran de Mahomet from the French by Alexander Ross
*1696 Dutch, Mahomets Alkoran translated from the French by Hendrik Jan Glasemaker
*1698 Latin, a third Latin translation from Arabic, extensively annotated, sometimes from a Christian perspective, preceded by a biography of the Prophet and a discussion of Islamic doctrines, by Father Louis Maracci, Padua []


*1734-??-??, English, KORAN, Commonly called The Alcoran of Mohammed, Translated into English immediately from the Original Arabic; with Explanatory Notes and Commentaries. To which is prefixed a Preliminary Discourse, by George Sale; evidently making use of the Latin of Maracci (Padua 1698). One of the copies owned by American Founding Father Thomas Jefferson, on which Keith Ellison, the first Muslim elected to Congress, was sworn.


*1841-??-??, Leipzig 1841 text of the Quran edited by Gustav Fluegel. []
*1858 Polish "Quran (al Quran)" by Jan Murza Tarak Buczacki
*1861-??-??, English, The Quran by John Medows Rodwell []
*1880,English THE QUR’ÂN by Edward Henry Palmer
*1886, Bengali, ? by Girish Chandra Sen


*1910. Urdu, Kanzul Iman by Ahmad Raza Khan, founder of the Barelwi movement.
*1917-??-??, English, The Holy Qur'an — , by Maulana Muhammad Ali, ISBN 0-913321-11-7. []
*1930-??-??, English, The Meaning of the Glorious Koran — , by Marmaduke Pickthall, ISBN 1-879402-51-3 [] []
*1934-??-??, English, — , by Abdullah Yusuf Ali, ISBN 0-915957-76-0.
*1936, Bosnian, Kur´an by Hafiz Muhamed Pandža and Džemaludin Čaušević
*1955-??-??, English, — , by Arthur John Arberry, ISBN 0-684-82507-4.
*1985-??-??, English, Noble Qur'an — , by Muhammad Muhsin Khan.
*1986 Polish "Koran" by Józef Bielawski
*1987 Hungarian "Korán" by Róbert Simon
*1989-05-??, English, The Qur'an — , by M. H. Shakir ISBN 0-940368-16-1.
*1998-??-??,Swedish language, Koranens budskap — , by Mohammed Knut Bernström
*1936, Hebrew, "AlQur'an", by Josef Rivlin.
*1971, Hebrew, "HaQur'an", by Aharon Ben Shemesh.
*1981, English, Al Qur'aan, by As Sayyid Imam Isa Al Haadi Al Mahdi, founder of the Ansaaru Allah Community of the West
*1996, English, El's Holy Qur'aan, by Malachi Z. York for the Holy Tabernacle Ministries


*2001, English "The Holy Quran" By (Late)Prof.Dr.S.M.Afzal-ur-Rahman.
*2005, English, "The Noble Qur'an: A New Rendering of its Meaning in English", By AbdalHaqq and Aisha Bewley.
*2006, English, "Quran: a Reformist Translation", By Edip Yuksel, Layth al-Shaiban, Martha Schulte/Nafeh [ BrainbowPress] .
*2003, English, "The Message: God's Revelation to Humanity", By [ ProgressiveMuslims.Org] .
*2003, English, [ The Qur'an As It Explains Itself] , By Shabbir Ahmed.
*2004 English, [ "The Qur'an" (Oxford World Classics)] by M.A.S Abdel Haleem
*2005, Hebrew, "HaQur'an", by Uri Rubin.
*2007, Estonian, "Koraan", By Haljand Udam

By writer and language


* Die Heilige Qur'ān, by Imam Muhammad A Baker. First edition 1961. The style of Afrikaans dates from the 1940s-1960s. The author deliberately used spelling which mimicks Arabic pronunciation even if those words have been taken up into mainstream Afrikaans with a different spelling or pronunciation. It is a literal translation, but the text reads like normal, idiomatic Afrikaans, with a few Muslim idiosyncrasies here and there. The word "surah" was translated "hoofstuk" (meaning "chapter"). The book does not contain the Arabic text.
* A newer Afrikaans translation of the Qur'ān was made using the principles of dynamic equivalence, but that version is not popular among Afrikaans Muslims.



*Moulana Huzoor Bakhsh


* [ Moulana Mohiuddin Khan]
* Girish Chandra Sen


* Čaušević, Džemaludin and Pandža, Muhamed hfz.
* Korkut, Besim


*Tzvetan Teophanov: 1997, 1999, 2006. ISBN 954-957-101-7.


* Yusuf Ma Dexin, 宝命真经直解 (True Revealed Scripture) [cite news|url=|title=His Excellency Ambassador Wu Sike interviewed by the Egyptian Gazette|date=2004-01-10|accessdate=2007-02-16|author=Hala Fawzy|publisher=Egyptian Gazette]
* Muhammad Ma Jian


*Ellen Wulff (translated in 2006)
*Abdul Salam Madsen


*"De Arabische Alkoran: door de Zarazijnsche en de Turcksche prophete Mahometh, in drie onderscheyden deelen begrepen: van der Turcken religie, ghelove, aelmoessen, vasten, ghebeden, bedevaert na Mecha, met t'samen sijn gods-diensten, ende ceremonien, wetten ende rechten / uyt de Arabische spraecke nu nieuwelijcks in Hooghduytsch ghetranslateert met t'samen een aenhanghende voorreden, door Salomon Swigger ... ende wederom uyt het Hooghduytsch in Nederlantsche spraecke ghestelt." 1641, Anonyme, Hamburg.
*Jan Hendrik Glasemaker; 1696
*Tollens, L. J. A.;1859
*"De Heilige Qor'aan", met Nederlandse vertaling; uitgave onder auspiciën van de Ahmadiyya Beweging; Rabwah, Pakistan, 1953 (bilingual edition)
*J.H. Kramers; 1956
*"de koran; een weergave van de betekenis van de Arabische tekst in het Nederlands" door Fred Leemhuis; Het Wereldvenster, Houten, 1989. (bilingual edition)


*Dr. Edip Yuksel, Layth al-Shaiban, Dr. Martha Schulte-Nafeh, "Quran: a Reformist Translation" (Non-sexist, non-sectarian translation) [ BrainbowPress] (ISBN 0-979-67150-7)
*Dr. Laleh Bakhtiar, "The Sublime Quran" (The first English translation of the Qur'an by an American woman Fact|date=September 2007)
*Ahmed Ali, "Al-Qur'an, a Contemporary Translation"
*Abdullah Yusuf Ali, "The Meaning of the Holy Qur'an" (ISBN 0-915957-76-0)
*Arthur John Arberry (1955), "The Koran Interpreted: A Translation" (ISBN 0-684-82507-4)
*N. J. Dawood
*Dr. Rashad Khalifa, "Quran: The Final Testament" (ISBN 1-881893-05-7)
*E.H. Palmer (1880), "The Qur'an: The Sacred Books of the East Part Nine" (ISBN 1-4179-3010-1)
*John Meadows Rodwell (1861), "The Koran" (ISBN 0-8041-1125-1)
*Marmaduke Pickthall (1930), "The Glorious Qu'ran" (ISBN 1-879402-51-3)
*M. H. Shakir, "The Qur'an" (ISBN 0-940368-16-1)
*M.A.S Abdel Haleem, "The Qur'an" (Oxford World Classics) (ISBN 0-19-283193-3)
*Towards Understanding the Qur'an translated by Zafar Ishaq Ansari from Urdu Tafhim al Qur'an
*Maulana Muhammad Ali, "The Holy Qur'an: Text" (ISBN 0-913321-11-7)
*Muhammad Muhsin Khan, "Noble Qur'an"
*Muhammad Asad, "The Message of The Qur'an" (ISBN 1-904510-00-0)
*Thomas Cleary, "The Qur'an: A New Translation" (ISBN 1-929694-44-X) and "The Essential Koran: The Heart of Islam" (ISBN 0-06-250198-4)
*Abdul Majid Daryabadi ("The Holy Qur'an, English Translation " 1941 57, Lahore)
*Dr. Zohurul Hoque, "Translation and Commentary on The Holy Quran" (ISBN 0-9678304-0-0)
*Dr. T. B. Irving, "Noble Qur'an: Arabic Text & English Translation" (ISBN 0-915597-51-9)
*Dr. Muhsin Khan and Dr. M. Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali, "The Noble Quran" (ISBN 1-59144-000-9)
*George Sale (1734), "KORAN, Commonly called The Alcoran of Mohammed, Translated into English immediately from the Original Arabic; with Explanatory Notes, taken from the most approved Commentators. To which is prefixed a Preliminary Discourse"
*Muhammad Taqiuddin Sarwar, "The Holy Qur'an" (ISBN 0-941724-00-X)
*Ali Ünal, "The Qur'an with Annotated Interpretation in Modern English" (ISBN 978-1-59784-000-1)
*Jones, Alan (2007), The Qur'an Translated into English, Oxford, Gibb Memorial Trust ISBN 978 0 906094 63 1


*Italo Chiussi, "La Nobla Korano"
*Muztar Abbasi, "La traduko de la Sankta Kuraano"


*Haljand Udam, "Koraan" (ISBN 9789985213148)


*"L'Alcoran de Mahomet / translaté d'arabe françois par le Sieur Du Ryer, Sieur de la Garde Malezair.", 1647, 1649, 1672, 1683, 1719, 1734, 1770, 1775, André Du Ryer, Paris.
*"Le Coran / traduit de l'arabe, accompagné de notes et précédé d'un abrégé de la vie de Mahomet, tiré des écrivains orientaux les plus estimés", M. Savary, 1787, 1821, 1826, Paris.
*"Le Koran: traduction nouvelle faite sur le texte arabe / par M. Kasimirski interprète de la legation Française en Perse; revue et précédée d'une introduction par G. Pauthier.", 1840, 1841, 1844 Biberstein-Kasimirski, Paris, 1970 Garnier Flamarion. Nouvelle édition. "Le Coran", traduction de Kasimirski, suivie du "Petit dictionnaire de l'islam" par Thomas Decker, Maxi-livres, 2002.
*"Le Coran", translated by Régis Blachère, Maisonneuve et Larose, 1950 reedited en 2005, (ISBN 2-7068-1861-1)
*"Le Coran", translated by Muhammad Hamidullah and Michel Leturmy, 1959, first French translation from the Arab text (ISBN 2841610853).
*"Le Coran", translation and notes by Denise Masson, Gallimard, 1967, (ISBN 207010009X)
*"Le Coran, l'appel", translation by André Chouraqui, Robert Laffont, 1990, (ISBN 2221069641)
*"Le Coran", trial at translation by Jacques Berque, Albin Michel, 1995, (ISBN 2-226-07739-1)
*"Le Coran", translation by Hamza Boubakeur, Maisonneuve et Larose, 1995, 2 volumes (ISBN 270681134X)
*"Le Coran", translation by Malek Chebel, Payot, 2001, 2 volumes (ISBN 222889480X)


*"Alcoranus Mahometicus: das ist, der Türcken Alcoran, Religion und Aberglauben: auss welchem zu vernemen wann unnd woher ihr falscher Prophet Machomet seinen Ursprung oder Anfang genommen, mit was Gelegenheit derselb diss sein Fabelwerck, lächerliche und närrische Lehr gedichtet und erfunden ... / erstlich auss der arabischen in die italianische, jetzt aber inn die teutsche Sprach gebracht durch", 1616, S. Schweigger, Nuremberg.
*"Der Koran", Übersetzung von Rudi Paret, Kohlhammerverlag, Stuttgart Berlin Köln, 1979
*"Der Koran", Kommentar und Konkordanz vor Rudi Paret,Kohlhammerverlag, Stuttgart Berlin Köln, 1971


*"Der Koran / aus dem Arabischen ins Hebräische übersetzt und erläutert von Herrmann Reckendorf.", 1857 H. Reckendorf, Leipzig.
*Josef Rivlin.
*Aharon Ben Shemesh.
*Uri Rubin


*"Korán" translated by Róbert Simon. Budapest: Helikon, 1987.


*"L'Alcorano di Macometto: nel qual si contiene la dottrina, la vita, i costumi, et le leggi sue / tradotto nuovamente dall' Arabo in lingua Italiana.", 1547, Venise.
*Bausani, Alessandro, Firenze 1955, p.lxxix+779 Firenze 1978, p. lxxix+771.
*Bonelli, Luigi, new ed. Milano 1929, p. 31+524 reprint 2nd rev. ed., Milano: Ulrico Hoepli 1972, p. 614. (4)
*Branchi, Eugenio Camillo, Roma 1913, p. 437.
*Calza, Caval. Vincenio, 8astia 1847, p. xiv+330.
*Fracassi, Aquilio, Milano 1914" p.lxx+ [6] +340+359.
*Moreno, Martino Mario, Torino 1967, p. viii+605 Torino 1969, p. viii+605 2nd ed. [n.p.] 1971, p. vii+608.
*Violante, Alferedo, Rome: Casa Ed. Latina 1912.
*Il Corano, Milano 1882/ Milano 1913. [ [ The Qur'an and its Translators ] ]


There are at least three complete translations of Qur'an:
* Divya Qur'an by a board of translators
* Pavitra Qur'an by S. Abdul Ghaffar ( [ For online version click here] )
* Qur'an Vyakhyana by S. Abdul Ghaffar & A.S. Puthige


*First translation (1141-1143) under the auspices of Peter the Venerable, made by a group led by Robert of Ketton (or Roberto Ketenese, or Robertus Retenensis), known as the "Lex Mahumet pseudoprophete"; much later much criticized.
*Second translation (circa 1193-1216) by Mark of Toledo, regarded as a noticeable improvement.
*First printing ( Bibliander ) of the "Lex Mahumet pseudoprophete" made in Bâle (1543), during the Protestant Reformation. "Machumetis Saracenorum Principis, eiusque successorum vitae, ac doctrina, ipseqve Alcoran: quo uelut authentico legum diuinarum codice Agareni & Turcae, alijq [ue] Christo aduersantes populi regu [n] tur, quae ante annos CCCC ... D. Petrus Abbas Cluniacensis per uiros eruditos ... ex Arabica lingua in Latinam transferri curauit: his adiunctae sunt confutationes multorum, & quidem probatissimorum authorum, Arabum, Graecorum, & Latinorum, unà cum ... Philippi Melanchthonis praemonitione ... : adiunctae sunt etiam, Turcaru [m] ... res gestae maximè memorabiles, à DCCCC annis ad nostra usuq [ue] tempora: haec omnia in unum uolumen redacta sunt", 1543, I. Oporinus, Basileae.
*Third translation from Arabic 1691-1698, by Ludovico Marracci (Padua). [These volumes remain available to scholars; some claim "it was in Spanish and not Arab". cite web|url=|title=According to...|accessdate=2007-01-18 |last=York |first=Malachi ]


*Hasan Džilo


*Muhammad Amani Maulavi Translation and Commantry
* [Cheriyamundam Abdul Hameed Madani & Kunhi Mohammed Parappoor] Translation
* [Abul Aála Maudoodi] []


* Souleymane KanteMoulana Abul A'la Moudoodhi


There are numerous translations of the holy Qur'an in Pashto. Some of the most famous are listed below:

*Muhammad Fathullah Khan Kandahari's translation: Printed in 1861, Bhopal, India, It is the first known translation of the holy Qur'an in Pashto. It was translated from Shah Abdul Qadar Dehlavi's Urdu translation of the holy Qur'an. The hand-written versions of this translation are saved in Raza library of Rampur and Idara-e-Adabyat-e-Urdu library of Deccan, Hyderabad, India.

*Tafseer Yaseer: Written by Mulavi Murad Ali Khan Sahibzada, it was the second translation and the first Tafseer in the Pashto language. The first volume of this Tafseer was completed in 1912 and the second in 1917.

*Fakhr-ut-Tafaaseer: Fakhr-ut-Tafaaseer is written by Mawlana Alyas Khan Peshawari Kuchiani and is considered one of the famous Tafseers of the holy Qur'an in Pashto.

*Mawlana Abdullah and Mawlana Abdul Aziz: It is a translation of the Tafseer of Mawlana Abdul Haq Darbangawi and Mawlana Wa'iz Kashifi. Translated by Mawlana Abdullah and Mawlana Abdul Aziz, it was printed in 1930 in Mumbai, India.

*Dr. Din Muhammad Khan: It is a word by word translation of the holy Qur'an printed in early years.

*Mawlana Janbaz Sarfaraz Khan: It is printed in early years and is considered of the the famous translation.

*Aziz-ut-Tafaaseer: Aziz-ut-Tafaaseer is a Pashto Tafseer of the holy Qur'an written by Mulavi Sultan Aziz Khan.

*Mulavi Farooq Khan Ghalzi: It is a Pashto translation of the holy Qur'an printed in early years.


There are more than 60 complete translations of Qur'an in Persian and too many partial translations. In the past some Tafsirs which had included Qur'an were translated like translation of Tafsir Tabari in 10 CE. [ [ قرآن و قرآن پژوهى ] ]

*Salman the Persian (7th cent. CE) (partial translation)
*Qur'an Quds, translator unknown - (before 10th cent. CE)
*A translation in 556 AH
*Shah Waliullah (1703-1762)
*Mahdi Elahi-Ghomshei, (مهدی الهی‌قمشه‌ای)
*Mahdi Fouladvand [ مهدی فولادوند]
*Naser Makarem Shirazi, [ (ناصر مكارم‌شيرازی)] "his translation includes his inline tafsir within parenthesis."
* Malik Fahd Council, Sunni branch
*Ghodratollah Bakhtiarinejad, [ (قدرت الله بختياری نژاد)] - Qur'an alone branch


*Jan Murza Tarak Buczacki
*Józef Bielawski


*Carl Johan Tornberg (1875) []
*Karl Vilhelm Zetterstéen (1917) [ [ Evaluation of Zetterstéens translation (in Swedish)] ]
*Mohammed Knut Bernström


*Qur'ani Tukufu by Ali Muhsin Al-Barwani


*Musa Bigiev


*Elmalılı Hamdi Yazır
*Süleyman Ateş
*Edip Yüksel
*Yaşar Nuri Öztürk
*Ali Bulaç
*Diyanet İşleri Başkanlığı


*Kanzul Iman by Ahmad Raza Khan
* [ Al Bayan By Ghazaliye Zaman Allama Syed Ahmed Saeed Kazmi]
*Maulana Fateh Muhammad Jalandhry
*Shah Rafi al-Din
*Shah 'Abd al-Qadir
*Fatheh Mohammad Khan
*Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi
*Ghulam Ahmed Pervez
*Ameen Ahsan Islahi
*Maulana Muhammad Ali
*Maulana Mahmud Hasan
*Maulana Asraf Ali Thanvee of India

Bilingual translations

*Tahere Saffarzadeh, translated Qur'an in Persian and English in 2001.

ee also

Online Quran Project aimed to provide an online, multilingual searchable Qur’an text with worldwide translations (40+ translation i different languages)


* [ Online Translations of the Qur'ān]

External links

* : The islamic encyclopedia
* [ Quran Database(SQL) Archive] An archive of Quran Databases. There is more than 50 Quran translation databases which could be used on developing a new project with translations.
* [ Online Quran Project] - The Online Quran Project is a project aimed at providing an online, searchable Quran with worldwide translations (with over 60+ translation in different languages).
* [ Quran Viewer] - Specialized site for easy reading of Quran online with English & Arabic views, page themes, and ability to customize font styling.
* [] 30 different English translations of The Quran available online
* [] search over 30 different languages
* [] Quran in Arabic, English, Portuguese, Russian, French, German and Japanese with Phonetic Search
* [ Three Translations of the Qur'ān]
* [ Open Translation of Quran by]
* [ Multilingual Qur'an Project: Searchable Qur'an with the original Arabic, 4 English Translations and 1 English Commentary] [(Note: The commentary is by a Shi'ite commentator, and does not agree with the consensus of the Muslim scholars and mainstream commentators).]
* [ The Noble Qur'an (with three translations in unison) by the University of Southern California]
* [ Translations of Qur'an by Islamicity]
* [ Four English Translations of the Qur'an]
* [ A bilingual Arabic-"aljamiado" Quran from the fifteenth century]
* [ The IslamAwakened Project - Arabic, Roman transliteration, a word-for-word guide, and over a dozen well-known translations.]
* [ online Quran - Contains several translations of the Quran in many languages including English, Spanish and French.]
* [ English, Urdu, Dutch, French, Spanish and German version of Maulana Mohammad Ali's translation]
* [ Translations of the Quran in numerous languages with commentaries]
* [ Translations of The Meanings of The Holy Quran in 38 Languages]
* [] A big archive of Quran translations. There could be found in many formats for downloading.
* [ Translation (Muhammad Asad) with commentry]
* [ Translation (Muhammad Asad) without commentry]

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