List of statistical packages

List of statistical packages

A statistical package is a suite of computer programs that are specialised for statistical analysis. It enables people to obtain the results of standard statistical procedures and statistical significance tests, without requiring low-level numerical programming. Most statistical packages also provide facilities for data management.

Open source

*Bayesian Filtering Library
*DAP - A free replacement for SAS
*gretl - Gnu Regression, Econometrics and Time-series Library
*OpenEpi - A web-based, open source, operating-independent series of programs for use in epidemiology and statistics
*Ploticus - software for generating a variety of graphs from raw data
*R Commander - GUI interface for R
*Shogun, an open source Large Scale Machine Learning toolbox that provides several SVM (Support Vector Machine) implementations (like libSVM, SVMlight) under a common framework and interfaces to Octave, Matlab, Python, R
*Statistical Lab - R-based and focusing on educational purposes
*Weka is also a suite of machine learning software written at the University of Waikato.

Public domain

*Epi Info


*Winpepi - package of statistical programs for epidemiologists


*ADAPA - batch and real-time scoring of statistical models
*Analytica - visual modeling software
* Angoss
*ASReml - for restricted maximum likelihood analyses
*CalEst - general statistics and probability package with didactic tutorials
*CHARTrunner - for quality improvement charts
*EViews - for econometric analysis
*FAME - a system for managing time series statistics and time series databases
*GAUSS - programming language for statistics
*GenStat - general statistics package
*GenStat Discovery Edition - version of GenStat to be used for free in developing countries
*JMP - general statistics package
*MATLAB - programming language with statistical features
*Mathematica - programming language with statistical features
*MedCalc - for biomedical sciences
*Mentor - for market research
*Minitab - general statistics package
*MLwiN - multilevel models (free to UK academics)
*NCSS - general statistics package
*O-Matrix - programming language
*Partek - general statistics package with specific applications for genomic, HTS, and QSAR data
*Primer-E_Primer - environmental and ecological specific.
*Quantum - part of the SPSS MR product line, mostly for data validation and tabulation in Marketing and Opinion Research
*RATS - comprehensive econometric analysis package
*SAS - comprehensive statistical package
*SHAZAM - for econometric analysis
*SigmaStat - for group analysis
*SPSS - comprehensive statistics package
*Stata - comprehensive statistics package
*Statgraphics - general statistics package
*STATISTICA - comprehensive statistics package
*SOCR - online tools for teaching statistics and probability theory
*Systat - general statistics package
*S-PLUS - general statistics package
*Unistat - general statistics package that can also work as Excel add-in
*XLSTAT - general statistics package integrated into Excel


*Analyse-it - add-on to Microsoft Excel for statistical analysis
*SPC XL - add-on to Microsoft Excel for general statistics
*SUDAAN - add-on to SAS and SPSS for statistical surveysMany of these are now also the titles of the software companies that produce them (and usually other software as well).

ee also

*Comparison of statistical packages
*List of computer algebra systems
*List of graphing software
*List of numerical analysis software

External links

* [ List of Statistical Software Providers]
* [ A Guide to Statistical Software (circa 1996)]
* [ MacStats - Macintosh statistical software, annotated directory]
* [ Software Reports] by the International Statistical Institute

Collections of free statistical software

* [ Free Statistical Software and Resources (for the Impoverished Social Scientist)]
* [ John C. Pezzullo's list of free statistical software]
* [ Andrea Corsini's List of Free Statistical Software]
* [ Annotated List of Free Statistical Software]
* [ Free statistical software]
* [ StatSci list of free software]
* [ Association for Survey Computing software index ]
* [ Exploratory Statistics Applets]

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