DAP (software)

DAP (software)
Developer(s) GNU Project
Initial release 2001
Stable release 3.7 / February 18, 2008; 3 years ago (2008-02-18)
Written in C
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Statistical Analysis
License GNU General Public License
Website http://www.gnu.org/software/dap

Dap is a statistics and graphics program, that performs data management, analysis, and graphical visualization tasks which are commonly required in statistical consulting practice. Dap was written to be a free replacement for SAS, but users are assumed to have a basic familiarity with the C programming language in order to permit greater flexibility. Unlike R it has been designed to be used on large data sets.


Dap is a command line driven program. Using its internal commands, one can perform tests on means and percentiles, correlation, ANOVA, categorical analysis, linear and logistic regression analysis and non parametric statistics. It can also be used to create scatterplots, line graphs and histograms of data.

It has been designed so as to cope with very large data sets; even when the size of the data exceeds the size of the computer's memory.

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