Gore may refer to:



Used as a verb

The act of impalement on an animal horn, especially as in bull fighting.


Triangular segments

  • Gore (segment), a triangular piece of cloth or metal used in three-dimensional fabrication
  • Gore (road), a narrow, triangular area of land often found at road merges and diverges



  • Al Gore, environmental activist and US politician (45th Vice President of the United States, Tennessee senator)
  • Albert Gore, Sr., United States Senator from Tennessee; father of Al Gore
  • Bill Gore, founder of W. L. Gore and Associates, makers of Gore-Tex
  • Catherine Gore, a British novelist
  • Charles Gore, an English divine and Anglican bishop who founded the Community of the Resurrection
  • Charles Gore (artist), landscape artist, Grand Tour traveler
  • Francis Gore (1769–1852), a British officer and colonial administrator
  • Frank Gore, American football player
  • Ian Gore, English footballer
  • Jack Gore, Wales international rugby player
  • James Howard Gore, American Mathematician
  • Kristin Gore, American Screenwriter
  • Lesley Gore, American singer
  • Martin L. Gore, a member of synthpop band Depeche Mode
  • Richard Corben, cartoonist who uses Gore as a non-de-plume
  • Shane Gore, English footballer
  • Spencer Gore (sportsman), cricketer, and first Wimbledon tennis championship winner
  • Spencer Gore (artist), British painter
  • Tipper Gore, author, photographer, former "Second Lady of the United States"; wife of Al Gore
  • Thomas Gore, United States senator
  • Gore Verbinski, an American director
  • Gore Vidal, an American author



  • Gore (surveying), an unincorporated area which has limited self-government
  • Gore (segment), a piece of cloth or metal used in three-dimensional fabrication
  • Gore (road), a narrow, triangular area of land often found at road merges and diverges
  • Goré, Chad, a town

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