Drill (EP)

Drill (EP)
EP by Radiohead
Released 5 May 1992
Recorded February 1992
Genre Alternative rock
Length 10:33
Label Parlophone
Producer Chris Hufford
Radiohead chronology

Drill is the debut extended play (EP) by English alternative rock group Radiohead, released in May 1992. It is the first-ever commercial release by the band, debuting on the UK charts at number 101. The original manufacturing run was limited to 3,000 compact discs.


Background and recording

All the tracks on the EP are demo versions, recorded at the Courtyard Studio in Oxon, England and was produced and engineered by Chris Hufford and mixed by Timm Baldwin. The band were still called "On a Friday" when the songs for this EP were recorded; they changed their name to Radiohead the following month.

The track "Thinking About You" was taken from the band's "Manic Hedgehog" demo tape, whilst "You" was a newer version; "Prove Yourself", "Thinking About You" and "You" were re-recorded for Pablo Honey in 1993, the band's first full-length album.

"Prove Yourself" is notable for its U2-esque chord changes and unvarnished emotional vocals. "Stupid Car" is a slower song, almost a ballad, and the first of many dealing with Thom Yorke's distrust of vehicles since he and his girlfriend were involved in a car crash.[1]


"Prove Yourself" was played on BBC Radio 1 by Gary Davies after he received a copy of the EP. This was the band's first national radio exposure in the UK.

The EP is now available as the first four tracks on the bonus disc of the Collector's Edition of Pablo Honey, as well as on 12", 45RPM vinyl.

Track listing

  1. "Prove Yourself" (demo) - 2:32
  2. "Stupid Car" (demo) - 2:25
  3. "You" (demo) - 3:22
  4. "Thinking About You" (demo) - 2:17


  • Thom Yorke - vocals, guitar
  • Jonny Greenwood - guitar
  • Ed O'Brien - guitar, backing vocals
  • Colin Greenwood - bass guitar
  • Phil Selway - drums


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