Nasha Russia

Nasha Russia
Nasha Russia
Format Sketch comedy
Created by Semen Slepakov
Garik Martirosyan
Maxim Pezhemsky
Starring Mikhail Galustyan
Sergey Svetlakov
Valery Magdiash
Mikhail Dodzin
Garik Martirosyan
Country of origin  Russia
No. of episodes 96
Running time 30 mins
Original channel TNT
Original run 2006 – present
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Nasha Russia (Russian: Наша Russia, literally "Our Russia") is a Russian sketch show created by Comedy Club Productions. It was written by former KVN player Semyon Slepakov and producer Garik Martirosyan. This show has not got a license from the famous English sketch show Little Britain.



Intro speech sounds at the beginning of every episode. It always changes with coming of every next episode of Nasha Russia. Here is an intro speech from the first TV episode.

We live in the best country in the world, and the other countries are jealous of us. Because WE are the first who flew to outer space and WE are the first who returned from space to the Earth. WE made the hydrogen bomb, the car "Zhiguli" and many other horrible things. WE have saved the virgin lands of Kazakhstan and thrown out Georgian water "Borjomi". Because only WE turned back rivers and energy counters. We proudly call our country Rossiya, while envious foreigners call it "Russia"! But still, it is ours. It is NASHA RUSSIA!


Ravshan and Jumshud

Ravshan and Jumshud (Равшан и Джамшуд), the most popular characters of the sketch show, are gastarbeiters from former Soviet republic Tajikistan. They work for their boss Leonid in Moscow and call him "nasyalnika" (Russian: насяльника, changed form of word "начальник" - boss). Ravshan does all the talking in bad Russian and Jumshud is silent for the most time, presumably because he does not understand Russian. The workers' job is to make repairs in apartments, but something goes wrong every time. For example, they can't fix the door, the window or the balcony. When the boss asks Ravshan a question, he stupidly repeats it at least twice before answering. Every time they do something wrong, "Nasyalnika" calls them idiots. But when their boss is away and doesn't see them, they usually discuss some serious philosophic questions in their invented "native language" (translated into russian with subtitles).

Ivan Dulin and Mikhalych

Ivan Dulin (Иван Дулин) is the first homosexual milling-machine operator in the world. He works at the Chelyabinsk steel factory number 69 (first the authors wanted to depict factory number 68, which actually exists, but the factory's manager refused to have it on the show; he said that there are no gays at his factory). Ivan Dulin is in love with his boss Mikhalych (Михалыч is a patronymic, his first and last names vary from season to season), who is heterosexual and refuses to sleep with Dulin. The gay miller constantly comes up with clever plots to seduce Mikhalych, but fails. At the end of most sketches, some factory workers walk in on Dulin and Mikhalych's quarrels and assume they are having sexual intercourse.

Sergey Belyakov

Sergey Yurievich Belyakov (Сергей Юрьевич Беляков) lives in Taganrog and likes to argue with his TV every evening. He is very critical of the programs he sees and always makes fun of celebrities and news reports. On nights when his wife is not at home, Belyakov sometimes watches pornography, which he also makes fun of. In the third season, he watches TV with his son and explains every TV program.

F.C. Gazmyas

Football club (soccer team) "Gazmyas" (Russian: Газмяс, or "Gasmeat") from Omsk plays in the Fourth Division and keeps losing every single game with a high score like 20 to 0. Their coach Evgeny Mikhailovich Kishelsky (Евгений Михайлович Кишельский) is a sadist. He enjoys beating the players up after every game. Normally he nearly kills goalkeeper Gatalsky (Гатальский) or forward Prokopenko (Прокопенко). Sometimes he argues with the referee. "Gazmyas" was a parody on Russian football, but after the Russia national football team's EURO-2008 success, the "Gazmyas" part of the show was removed and jokes about Russian football became less common. In the third season, Omskiy Gazmyas becomes "Omskaya Gazmyasochka" when Kishelsky dresses his players up like women in the hopes of playing against women and thus winning. However, this plan does not work either and the team still loses all of their games.

Ludwig Aristarhovich

The janitor Ludwig Aristarhovich (Людвиг Аристархович) lives in Saint Petersburg. Unlike all other St-Petersburgians, who are considered very polite and civilized, Ludwig Aristarhovich enjoys playing nasty tricks on the tenants. These tricks include leaving excrements at people's doorsteps and writing inappropriate graffiti on the walls. He also hates one of the tenants, professor Zvyagincev (Звягинцев).

Slavik and Dimon

Teenagers Slavik (Славик) and Dimon (Димон) live in Krasnodar, they make several unsuccessful attempts at hooking up with hot girls. Slavik is the active one, he is always coming up with not-so-clever plans to lure the girls in. Dimon is usually too scared to act these plans out properly and humiliates the pair of them. In the first season the boys are too shy to buy condoms. In the second and third seasons they try clubbing and buying pornography at a local video store, and in the fourth season they try their luck at the girls vacationing in Anapa.

Mamonov and Pronin

Deputies Yuri Venediktovich Pronin (Юрий Венедиктович Пронин) and Victor Kharitonovich Mamonov (Виктор Харитонович Мамонов) live in the fictional city of Nephteskvazhinsk (Нефтескважинск, or Oilderrickcity). All they ever talk about is how much they think of Russia and how they want to change things for the better. In reality, they are not doing anything, just living the good life and counting their money.

Nickolay Laptev

Road patrol officer Nickolay Laptev (Николай Лаптев) from Vologda is the only honest man in his city and he never takes bribes. His wife and son secretly hate him for his honesty because it is the reason for the family's utter poverty.

Penza-Kopeisk Highway

Inspector of National Auto Inspection Gavrilov (Гаврилов) and Elvira (Эльвира) the prostitute work on the M5 highway (called "Penza-Kopeisk", Пенза-Копейск) and get into arguments. This highway is referred to as one of the worst in Russia ("Only here can you find a pothole the size of a KaMAZ"; "The workers took the secret of its construction to the grave."). The prostitute makes fun of the policeman for making less money than she does.

Anastasia Kuznetsova

Waitress Anastassia Kuznetsova (Анастасия Кузнецова) works in Ivanovo in a sushi restaurant. She is looking for a man and she is only nice to the male customers. The female customers, particularly those who are there with a man, are rudely insulted and brutally thrown out of the restaurant.

Snezhana Denisovna

Elementary school teacher Snezhana Denisovna (Снежана Денисовна) works in Voronezh. She tricks her students into bringing her money from their parents, saying that the money is going for a good cause. She also encourages her students to swear, drink, and steal.

Siphon and Boroda

Homeless Siphon (Сифон, lit. plumbing trap) and Boroda (Борода, lit. beard) live on the Rublevka highway. Like all the people living there, they are spoiled and they can have anything they want just by looking in the garbage bins, where they find computers, appliances, and Louis Vuitton bags. In the fourth season Siphon and Boroda become government officials (see Mamonov and Pronin).

Zhorik Vartanov and Rudik

Zhorik Vartanov (Жорик Вартанов) works in TV station Sev-Kav TV (Сев-Кав ТВ, from Северный Кавказ) in Pyatigorsk. He is very emotional about the stories he reports, gets into arguments with his cameraman Rudik (Рудик), swears and acts in an unprofessional manner.

Alexander Rodionovich Boradach

Alexander Rodionovich Boradach (Александр Родионович Бородач) is a security guard, constantly changing work place (supermarket "Daisy", a shop of musical instruments, etc.). Boradach is a petty thief and drug addict. He also comically emphasizes "R"'s. Example: Alexanderrr Rrrodionovich Borrrodach. "R" French, German or Hebrew. He is always being interrogated by the police, while being filmed on a hand-held camera. He is beaten by the policemen with paper or a newspaper time to time during the interrogation, usually for about 30 seconds - two minutes according to the time on the camera.

Gena and Vovan from Nizhny Tagil with his video camera

Antalya: Gena (Sergei Svetlakov) and Vovan (Mihail Galustyan) break away from Nizhny Tagil in full with his video camera on holiday in Turkey. However, they behave quite casually: laugh, drink, walk, spoiled state property, shitting in the pool, making fun of staff and visitors to the Turkish hotel. Constantly used obscene language. Vovan in almost every series is drunk and speaks only one sentence: "Tagiiiil". Sometimes, after the word Gena adds, "Tagil really rules" Humor of this story line is that the behavior of Gena and Vova is a parody of the behavior of many Russians abroad. And Gena, and Vovan - both married, respectively, and Tanyuha mr. Gena, Ksjuha mr. Vovan. Also, the Gena have a son, Dima.

  • mr. - Married

Philip Valentinovich and Anna Viktorovna

Novosibirsk: Philip Valentinovich (Sergei Svetlakov) and Anna Viktorovna — pensioners, who gave 50 years of life working in research institutes. All problems are solved with the use of arms. Do not talk (possibly dumb). The plot lies a satire on the disregard for people of retirement age, the sketch contains black humor (except for the first and second in their history). To all strangers and phenomena are extremely aggressive, even to the innocuous. At the end of the sketch is the tango “The weary sun.”

Dronov and Yermolkina

Ust-Kuzminski (fictional town): Major Dronov, Yegor Sergeevich (Mihail Galustyan) and insightful operative-women Yermolkina Yelena (Sergei Svetlakov) fighting crime in his hometown. And Dronov constantly teaches inexperienced Yermolkina “proper disclosure of affairs”, although this is only the abuse of authority, as the perpetrators — influential people. Dronov always "coughing" at the mention of familiar names and places of work of its owner. Just at the beginning of the sketch he comes out of the chamber, where he brutally beat people for minor offenses (for travel in the bus without a ticket, or obveshivanie people in the market). And at the end of the sketch, he consoled Yermolkina trying secretly to stick to it, but he denies this, citing "examples" with all shorts of heroes of detective novels and TV series. Sometimes Dronov somehow trying to get rid of the evidence, cutting Yermolkina. Humor is based on paying much attention to police petty crime and "excuse" influential people and their relatives.

Valera and Vasya

Moscow: Football fans: Vasya, a fan from St. Petersburg "Neva" (Mihail Galustyan) and Valera, supporter of the Moscow "Muscovite or Moskvich (Russian: {{{1}}} Москвич)" (Roman Yunusov) together are treated in hospital after the match as a result of the mass brawl and end up in the same room. Even dressed in cast, they manage to do harm to each other. It is clear that football clubs fictional, but their logo - an obvious allusion to "Spartak Moscow" and "Zenit SPB", the fans who have hostile relations with each other.

Vadim Rudolfovich and patients

Moscow oblast: At the doctor's Vadim Rudolfovich (Sergei Svetlakov) in one chamber are two patients: one patient — Anna Sergeyevna is treated by the state, and another patient — Igor Anatolyevich for your money. Accordingly, he refers to them differently. Character makes fun of the state's attitude to medicine. It is noteworthy that half of the chamber, which contains the Anna Sergeyevna, has a miserable situation: cracked walls, overgrown with fungus pipe, which hangs directly overhead wiring, uncomfortable beds, dirty floors, and the part where is Igor Anatolyevich — a pretty good undeveloped, pasted the new wallpaper is the plastic window in the last series, he has a new plasma TV with satellite TV.

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