Type Open source software services
Industry Software
Founded 1998
Headquarters Sydney, Australia
Area served Sydney Canberra Melbourne Hobart Brisbane Wellington London Poland
Products Online publishing and web content management
Owner(s) Privately owned by its founders
Website http://squiz.com.au/

Squiz is an open source software services company, founded in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia in 1998. The company produces the enterprise content management system (CMS), Squiz Matrix (née MySource Matrix).[1]

Business model

The founders predicted that content management systems (CMS) would become ubiquitous for the running of websites of any significant size, and services for the implementation and support of CMS systems would be increasingly in demand.[citation needed] The business model Squiz adopted was to develop an enterprise level open source CMS system, MySource Matrix, and offer fee based services and support for that system. Squiz's product development focuses primarily on MySource Matrix, with support from the MySource Matrix developer community via the MySource Matrix web site. MySource Matrix is written in PHP and uses the PostgreSQL or Oracle databases. Application warranties are also provided by Squiz.[2] In 2007 Squiz re-licensed its MySource Matrix tool under the GNU General Public License as open source software in response to criticism of their original licence.[3]

Prior to MySource Matrix Squiz developed, launched and supported MySource Classic under a general open source licence. MySource Classic was a page-based tool for building and managing online projects including websites and intranets.[4]

Squiz has grown rapidly [5] and has continued to reinvest its profits in research and development and thus drive the product development.[citation needed]

In July 2009 Squiz acquired the search company Funnelback[6] Funnelback was an Australian search firm spun off from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).[7]

In November 2010, Squiz released the "Squiz Suite"[8] consisting of:

Squiz has offices in Sydney (head office), Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Brisbane, Wellington, London and Szczecin (Poland).[9]


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