Montenegro in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009

Montenegro in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009
Eurovision Song Contest 2009
Country  Montenegro
National selection
Selection process Internal Selection
Selection date(s) 23 January 2009
Selected entrant Andrea Demirović
Selected song "Just Get Out of My Life"
Finals performance
Semi-final result Failed to qualify (11th)

Montenegro participated in the Eurovision Song Contest 2009, sending its third Eurovision entry as an independent nation. It was revealed by the Montenegrin broadcaster, Radio Televizija Crne Gore (RTCG) on 23 January that Andrea Demirović will represent Montenegro at the contest, with the song "Just Get Out of My Life".[1][2][3] The song was written by Bernd Meinunger and composed by Ralph Siegel.



A new selection method for the Montenegrin representative was used in 2009. An open call for songs was held by RTCG until 20 January. One song was selected internally by RTCG, however the original artist may not have been the Eurovision performer initially, if there has been considered a more suitable artist to perform the song.[4][5]

Rumours have circulated on who may represent Montenegro at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. One of the names that has been rumoured to have been chosen to be the third Montenergin entry is Nina Petković, who has in the past has participated in the Montenegrin national final.[6] The song she was rumoured to have entered with was titled "Srce balkansko". Other entries that were rumoured to have been entered into the internal selection were "Sjenke ljubavi" by Sergej Ćetković, "Kad bi dao Bog" by Ivan Canovic and Merima Njegomir, and "Ljubav je san" by FreeJack. It had also been rumoured that Željko Joksimović would write the Montenegrin entry for 2009, which would have been sung by Milena Vučić.[7] However, Joksimović has said that these rumours are false.[8]

RTCG officially announced on 23 January that they had selected Andrea Demirović to sing for Montenegro at the contest, who will perform "Just Get Out of My Life", sung in English. This was the first time that Montenegro was represented at Eurovision by a female soloist, as well as the first time the Montenegrin song was performed in English.[1][2][3] The song was composed by infamous German Eurovision composers Ralph Siegel and Bernd Meinunger, along with José Juan Santana Rodriguez.


Andrea and her team went on an extensive tour around other participating countries to promote the entry. Andrea performed at the Greek national final on 18 February 2009,[9] and she was one of a number of acts to perform at the semi-final of the Serbian national final, Beovizija 2009 on 7 March.[10] She also performed at the FYR Macedonian national final, Skopje Fest 2009, on 22 February.[11]

Along with 22 other competing entries Andrea performed at the Eurovision Promo Concert in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on 18 April. She received media coverage in the Netherlands and in neighbouring Belgium.[12]

At Eurovision

For the second time in a row, Montenegro opened the first semi-final on 12 May, preceding the entry from the Czech Republic. It failed to qualify for the grand final.

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