The Mobile Cop Jiban

The Mobile Cop Jiban
The Mobile Cop Jiban
The Mobile Cop Jiban
Format Metal Hero
Created by Keita Amemiya
Starring Shouhei Kusaka, Michiko Enokida, Hajime Izu and Shōzō Iizuka
Narrated by Toru Ohira
Country of origin Japan
No. of episodes 52
Running time 30 minutes (per episode)
Original channel TV Asahi
Original run January 30, 1989 – January 29, 1990

The Mobile Cop Jiban (機動刑事ジバン Kidō Keiji Jiban?) is a Japanese tokusatsu television series; part of the Metal Hero Series produced by Toei, aired by TV Asahi in Japan from January 30, 1989 to January 29, 1990 with 52 episodes and a feature movie aired on July 17, 1989.

According to Toei's International Sales & Promotion Department, the series' English title can be referred to as Jiban.[1]

According to creator Keita Amemiya, the premise for the series was partly based on American character Robocop, as Jiban is often considered as RoboCop's Japanese counterpart. In addition, several action scenes resemble or are almost completely identical to the ones from RoboCop's first film.

The opening catchphrase of the series is: "This is the drama of a girl's and a young man's hearts which love people and protect justice." (これは人を愛し、正義を守る若者と少女の心のドラマである。 Kore wa Hito o Aishi, Seigi o Mamoru Wakamono to Shōjo no Kokoro no Dorama de aru.?)



Naoto Tamura, a new detective in Central City was killed by a Biolon agent in the line of duty. Doctor Kenzou Igarashi, a man whose experiments had been responsible for the Biolon syndicate's existence, brought the man back to life as a robot detective, Jiban. Eventually Madogarbo and Rhinonoid killed Jiban, who returned to life again as Perfect Jiban (basically the same design as the original, but with a blue-colored metal body and three new weapons). In the finale, Biolon destroyed Jiban's base and transformed Madogarbo into false Jiban. Jiban defeated his duplicate and ultimately Gibanoid, the true form of Biolon's leader Doctor Giba. The victorious Jiban then learned that Mayumi Igarashi, the one civilian that knew his secret, had been his missing younger sister all along.


Mobile Cop Jiban, holding up his badge.
Naoto Tamura/Mobile Cop Jiban
A human revived as a cyborg by Doctor Igarashi to fight Biolon. He is capable of reverting to his human identity at will. He holds the rank of police commissioner (as a robot) and detective (as human). Jiban's programming enables him to follow these directives:
  1. Arrest criminals in any circumstance without a warrant.
  2. Punish criminals on his own judgment if they happen to be members of Biolon.
  3. Use lethal force depending on the circumstances.

In human form, Naoto often plays the fool and is looked on down by Youko and Kiyoshiro for this, but Youko begins to warm up to him after realizing he could be Jiban.

Mayumi Igarashi
The only civilian who knew Jiban's secret identity. She lost her memory in battle, after falling from a waterfall, because, Biolon put in her finger a Bomb Ring. If Jiban approaches her, the bomb will burst. She called Naoto her 'big brother,' only to find that she was really his lost sister in the finale.
Shun'ichi and Shizue Igarashi
Mayumi's (adoptive) parents. Shunichi is the son of Doctor Kenzou Igarashi but is not a scientist. Relocated as witnesses to Biolon, they resumed their life as Mayumi's foster parents in the finale.
Doctor Kenzou Igarashi
Started the Jiban's project to counter Biolon, the results of his biological experimentation. He died when Jiban was built.
Youko Katagiri
A female detective of Central City. Naoto's senior. Manly sharpshooter who could not figure out that Naoto was Jiban.
Kiyoshirou Muramatsu
Elite detective of Central City with a liking for Youko.
Seiichi Yanagida
The head of the Police Department. He cooperated with Doctor Igarashi in the Jiban Project two years earlier. He collaborated with Jiban after Igarashi's death. He died when Jiban's base was destroyed.
Section Chief Takeko Bandou
The Central City Section Chief of Detectives. Got headaches trying to keep the peace in jurisdictions where strange events occurred, no thanks to Biolon.
Michiyo Matsumoto
A tea server of the Detectives' Section of Central City Police Department. She is always cheerful and encouraging.
Boy/Harry Boy
Jiban's robotic assistant. He stays at his secret base. Originally he was simply Boy, an immobile camera-like robot who had to give instructions to Mayumi to operate the control center, but then his computer was transferred to panda-like "Harry" (a robot devised by another student of Doctor Igarashi's) and began substituting for the amnesiac Mayumi. He died when Jiban's base was destroyed.
Ryou Hayakawa
A drifter who takes in Mayumi after she loses her memory, mistaking her for his dead sister, Midori. He initially refers to her by that name but later refers to her by her own name Mayumi after reading a missing person's notice, although Mayumi does not tell him her true origins (since her memory is faulty). In the scuffle, Mayumi goes away, unable to remember what just happened. He died in Episode 46, when Jiban removed the Bomb Ring from Mayumi's finger with a very precise shot, without hurting her. Ryou took the ring and ran, to throw it out, but was killed in the resulting explosion. He is played by Ryouhei Kobayashi Who would later play Fumiya Hoshikawa / Five Black in the 1990 sentai series Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman.


Jiban's Badge
It can be used as a communicator to contact Harry Boy, Seiichi and Mayumi in Jiban's Base or used to summon any of his vehicles, as well as to control their armaments electronically.


Every episode, when Jiban faces his Bionoid enemy, he ejects his badge from his waist and shows it to the monster, reading a code of articles and laws that served as his directives (much like the CPU Directives in RoboCop, but giving him a greater freedom instead of restraining it):

  • (1st Article) Mobile Detective Jiban, under any circumstances, can arrest the criminal without a warrant. ((第一条)機動刑事ジバンは、いかなる場合でも令状なしに犯人を逮捕することができる。 (Daiichijō) Kidō Keiji Jiban wa, ikanaru baai demo reijō nashi ni hannin o taiho suru koto ga dekiru.?)
  • (2nd Article) Mobile Detective Jiban, in case the enemy is recognized as Biolon, can apply the punishment by his own judgement. ((第二条)機動刑事ジバンは、相手がバイオロンと認めた場合、自らの判断で犯人を処罰することができる。 (Dainijō) Kidō Keiji Jiban wa, aite ga Baioron to mitometa baai, mizukara no handan de hannin o shobatsu suru koto ga dekiru.?)
    • (Attachment) Depending on the circumstances, even erasing him is allowed. ((補足)場合によっては抹殺することも許される。 (Hosoku) Baai ni yotte wa massatsu suru koto mo yurusareru.?)
  • (3rd Article) Mobile Detective Jiban's maximum priority is human life, and every given order that disregards this can be rejected. ((第三条)機動刑事ジバンは、人間の生命を最優先とし、これを顧みないあらゆる命令を排除することができる。 (Daisanjō) Kidō Keiji Jiban wa, ningen no seimei o saiyūsen toshi, kore o kaeriminai arayuru meirei o haijo suru koto ga dekiru.?)
  • (5th Article) In the case of Biolon manipulating the humans' heart, the punishment can be applied by his own judgement. ((第五条)人間の信じる心を利用し、悪のために操るバイオロンと認めた場合、自らの判断で処罰する事ができる。 (Daigojō) Ningen no shinjiru kokoro o riyō shi, aku no tame ni ayatsuru Baioron to mitometa baai, mizukara no handan de shobatsu suru koto ga dekiru.?)
  • (6th Article) The crime of disposing of children's dreams, and hurting their heart is especially severe. ((第六条)子どもの夢を奪い、その心を傷つけた罪は特に重い。 (Dairokujō) Kodomo no yume o ubai, sono kokoro o kizutsuketa tsumi wa toku ni omoi.?)
  • (9th Article) Mobile Detective Jiban can erase everyone that destroys all lifeforms' peace by his own judgment. ((第九条)機動刑事ジバンは、あらゆる生命体の平和を破壊する者を、自らの判断で抹殺することができる。 (Daikyūjō) Kidō Keiji Jiban wa, arayuru seimeitai no heiwa o hakai suru mono o, mizukara no handan de massatsu suru koto ga dekiru.?)


Super Police Machine Reson
Jiban's patrol car, a modified Pontiac Firebird with a sixth generation computer and hence a will of its own, and it was destroyed by Gibanoid.
Super Police Bike Vaican
Jiban's Suzuki motorcycle with a sixth generation computer and hence a will of its own, and it was destroyed by Gibanoid.
Super Police Jet Spylas
Jiban's stealth fighter plane with a will of its own, and it was destroyed by Doctor Giba using his ship's weapon systems.


Jiban holding Maximillian Type 3 in pistol mode.
It is hidden in Jiban's upper arms to puncture and break a hold or to shoot.
Jiban Hip Beam
It is hidden in Jiban's upper arms to shoot into areas that cannot be accessed through physical means (example: doors). Jiban used it in the movie.
Maximillian Type 3
Jiban's personal jutte-like weapon. Concealed in a collapsible holster located on his right leg, it can transform into either Pistol, Stun Gun, or Sword Mode.

The Maximillian Type 3 can also perform the following moves and techniques:

  1. Disclose Shock: It is used in stun gun mode, essentially a stun gun.
  2. Last Shooting/Search Buster: It is used in pistol mode, firing laser shots.
  3. Jiban End (Energy Sword): It is used in sword mode, splits enemies in half.
Jiban's personal cannon. Required to perform the Daedalus Bombard Technique, which is used to finish off foes. It can be made into a Jetpack jet to enable Jiban to fly short distances.
Perfect Jiban equipped with Powerbreaker and Autoderringer.
Jiban's personal rifle. He acquired it after being resurrected as Perfect Jiban. It has a machine gun mode and a bazooka mode. The machine gun mode is used to stun and set up the enemy; after an "Energy Charge" in which the bazooka is charged, it fires a powerful shot to finish off the enemy. It was destroyed by Gibanoid during Jiban's final fight with him.
A left arm attachment. It can be used to attack enemies. He acquired it after being resurrected as Perfect Jiban.
A right arm attachment. It can be used to drill into areas that cannot be accessed through physical means (e.g. doors). Acquired it after being resurrected as Perfect Jiban.

Criminal Syndicate Bioron

An armed force organized by the mysterious scientist Doctor Giba intending to take over Japan by means of narrow attacks rather than large-scale destruction. Their theme/weapon is biochemistry.

Doctor Giba
A brown-haired, bearded human-looking leader and founder of Bioron. His real identity is Gibanoid, a bio-monster born by accident from the chemical waste of Doctor Igarashi's National Science Academy Bio Laboratory. As a result, Giba is filled with malice for humans. He assumed his true form in the series finale, using Mayumi as a shield to escape in his ship. He died while fighting Jiban on his ship as it crashed into the mountainside.
Marsha and Karsha
The first bio-lifeforms created by Kiba, his secretaries and intermediaries between him and his Bionoid agents. They can transform into small spiders (for spying on people), and assume their inhuman "Battle" forms (Battle Marsha and Battle Karsha), armed with energy whips. They were killed in the series finale by Doctor Giba for failing to kill Jiban.
Bubi and Muku (Pugui and Muguie in the Brazilian dub)
The cute and not so-cute creatures living in Bioron's base. Muku was one of Jiban's foes in early chapters, in giant size, but only as a distraction. The 4 critters had a tendency to annoy Marsha and Karsha with their Commentary of what the 2 recently did during that episode. Sometimes just showing up once to be used as target practice by the Bionoids demonstrating their powers. The 4 became friends with Mayumi when she told them about a Mothers love and she tried to defend them from Marsha and Karsha who attacked the critters for saving Mayumi's life by Defusing the bomb in Fake Momnoid. They hung out with Mayumi in the finale.
Madogarbo (17-51)
A Jiban Cyborg Killer created by Doctor Giba as a counter to Jiban. Using power from Queen Cosmos, she and Rhinonoid are able to kill Jiban in Episode 34, but he is resurrected as Perfect Jiban. She later assumes his total appearance to attack him by having his Reson, Spylas and Vaican attack Jiban making them believe Jiban was Madogarbo. She even got as far as damaging Jiban so badly that he went Blind but Mayumi's Despair at seeing her brother about to be killed caused what energy of Queen Cosmos was left to gather and blast Fake Jiban turning her back into regular Madogarbo she was then killed by jiban.
Queen Cosmos (28-46)
A lunar life form resembling a human woman (but actually a floating rock like starfish with a long tail) intent on conquering Earth to establish an all-woman empire. She appeared in episode 28 but did not reveal her name till episode 34. In her own words, she is made of space garbage and came from a place that was cold and ugly lacking anything beautiful. Thus her obsession with having everything beautiful and being called beautiful herself. She is more powerful than the other Biorons (except Doctor Giba himself), she allies with them to destroy Jiban. Her Jewelry turns into Parasite creatures: Earring into a Skull patterned Ladybug that would infuse into Jiban distorting his Circuitry and her Brooch would turn into a spider creature blasting Jiban with Tiny powerful balls of light. Her bracelet was able to transform into a Snake creature wrapping around ones neck to control their mind. In Episode 46, she was defeated by Jiban.
Golem Cosmos (37)
A off-shoot of Queen Cosmos herself, this entity was created to be her champion from a piece of herself. The creature was extremely powerful, armed with a crescent sword and shield, she very nearly defeated jiban. Until he grabbed her sword wrist with Powerbreaker, twisting her wrist and impaling her with Needricker. She then turned back into her clay statue state and dissolved.Weapons: A Long silvery sword, shield, energy blasts from sword and laser blasts from eyes.
The mass-produced grunt human-like life forms armed with knives, guns, machine guns and bazooka. They can disguise themselves as humans and regenerate lost limbs. A determined human (usually Yoko and sometimes Kiyoshiro) can take them out by shooting them in the head or chest or by physically choking them out.


Monsters of the week, the product of Doctor Kiba's research. They can disguise themselves as humans.

  • Chamelenoid (Kamerenoido) (01): Posed as a middle-age man to steal top-secret files. Fire missiles from his chest.
  • Catnoid (Nekonoid) (02)
  • Mudnoid (Doronoid) (03)
  • Rosenoid (Baranoid)(04)
  • Octopusnoid (Takonoid) (05)
  • Vulturenoid (Hagetakanoid) (06)
  • Influenzanoid (Kazenoid) (07): The only Bioron with a heart. Originally a simple doll transformed into a carrier of a flu-like disease engineered by Bioron, he is nevertheless unable to hurt his previous owner (as a doll), a little girl.
  • Molenoid (Moguranoid) (08)
  • Hyenanoid (09)
  • Nightmarenoid (Akumunoid) (10)
  • Hedgehognoid (Urchinoid) (11): The first Biolon killed Naoto as he was defending Doctor Igarashi. Flashback episode.
  • Skunknoid (13)
  • Killernoid (14)
  • Wolfnoid (Ookaminoid) (15)
  • Jellyfishnoid (Kuragenoid) (16)
  • Agehanoid (17)
  • Starfishnoid (Hitodenoid) (18)
  • Injectnoid (Chuushanoid) (19)
  • Moneynoid (Kanenoid) (20)
  • Bugnoid (Mushinoid) (21): Made from the eggs of a bug stolen from a little girl by Biolon during a burglary.
  • Hunternoid (22)
  • Goatnoid (Yaginoid) (23)
  • Suicidenoid (Jisatsunoid) (24)
  • Explodenoid (Bakuhanoid) (25)
  • Dragonoid (Ryuunoid) (26)
  • Centipedenoid (Mukadenoid) (27)
  • Elephanoid (Zounoid) (28)
  • Doublenoid (29)
  • Kabukinoid (30)
  • Shinobinoid (31)
  • Distnoid (32)
  • electric fishnoid(Raigyonoid) (33)
  • Rhinonoid (Sainoid) (34) : Was a extreamly powerful bionoid able to withstand any of jibans attacks he worked with madogarbo and together they and queen cosmos killed jiban he was later killed by a reserected perfect jiban
  • Chambaranoid (36) : Was a samurai who saved Yoko in past,but transformed into monster by Doctor Giba. The monster was armed with swords,chains, glue and a bomb in his body given by Madogarbo.
  • Tortoinoid (Kamenoid) (37)
  • Mushroonoid (Kinokonoid) (38): Disseminates spores that cause laziness in people, including Kiyoshiro and local traffic officer Kotani, who decide to leave town on a fishing trip.
  • HermitCrabnoid (Yadokarinoid) (39)
  • Panthernoid (40)
  • Anacondanoid (Uwabaminoid) (41)
  • Tyrannosaurusnoid (42): Not active as a monster; actually a suckling needing electricity to grow, provided by Namazunoid.
  • Catfishnoid (Namazunoid) (42): Electricity stealer, which he uses to power the incubator for Tyrannosaurusnoid.
  • Cobranoid (43): Takes the appearance of an old lady to inject a drug on Yoko that is eventually carried over to Jiban after he rescues her from a Bioron attack. Uses a flute to control Yoko into hurting him.
  • Suitorunoid (44) Was sent to suck out the mind of a brilliant scientist to make a cure for the Pollen a Space Butterfly was scattering about that put people (Even Marsha and Karsha) to sleep. Created by Queen Cosmos she attempted to get to the Scientist first but Suitorunoid absorbed not only the Scientist's mind but that of a young boy. When Queen Cosmos used her Mind-Snake on the Bionoid to release the minds the 2 got switched into the wrong body.
  • Squidnoid (Ikanoid) (45)
  • Unicornnoid (47)
  • TempleBellnoid (Tsuriganenoid) (48) Sent to protect Dr. Giba's Bionoid creation Lab. His sonic attacks scrambled Jiban sensors, severely damaging Jiban. But in the end was destroyed, as was the Bio Lab.
  • Fakemomnoid (Nisehahanoid) (49)
  • Great Gibanoid (DaiGibanoid) (Movie)
  • Batblock (Movie)
  • Ammoblock (Movie)
  • Spiderblock (Movie)


  1. My Lovely Girl Boss (僕のかわゆい少女ボス Boku no Kawayui Shōjo Bosu?)
  2. I Love! Naoto Older Brother (大好き! ナオトお兄ちゃん Dai Suki! Naoto Oni-chan?)
  3. The Strange Man and the Haunted Vegetables (へんな男とおばけ野菜 Hen na Otoko to Obake Yasai?)
  4. Truly Beautiful Rose's Present (すてきなバラのプレゼント Suteki na Bara no Purezento?)
  5. Three Great Mecha Mobilize! Rescue the Idol Robo! (三大メカ出動! アイドルロボを救出せよ! Sandaimeka Shutsudō! Aidoru Robo o Kyūshutsu seyo!?)
  6. The Secret of the Broken Dinossaur Egg (割れた恐竜の卵のひみつ Wareta Kyōryū no Tamago no Himitsu?)
  7. Dreadful Sneezing Man! (恐怖のハクションおじさん! Kyōfu no Hakushon Oji-san!?)
  8. Dekoboko! Tokyo Mole Map (デコボコ! 東京モグラ地図 Dekoboko! Tōkyō Mogura Chizu?)
  9. The Puppy Became a Cat (猫になった子犬 Neko ni Natta Koinu?)
  10. Papa Isn't Papa!? (パパはパパじゃない!? Papa wa Papa Janai!??)
  11. The Girl's and the Warrior's Heart Pledge (少女と戦士の心の誓い Shōjo to Senshi no Kokoro no Chikai?)
  12. Danger! Yoko Senpai (危うし! 洋子先輩 Ayaushi! Yōko Senpai?)
  13. Help the Sorrowful Boy (哀しみの少年を救え Kanashimi no Shōnen o Sukue?)
  14. Love's Great Reversal Game! (愛の大逆転ゲーム! Ai no Daigyakuten Gemu!?)
  15. The Werewolf Likes Piano (オオカミ男はピアノ好き Ōkamiotoko wa Piano Suki?)
  16. I Am a Transparent Person!! (おれは透明人間だぞ!! Ore wa Tōmei Ningen Da zo!!?)
  17. Birth! VS Jiban Deadly Weapons (誕生! 対ジバン必殺兵器 Tanjō! Tai Jiban Hissatsu Heiki?)
  18. Mother and Daughter・In the Edge of Sadness (母と娘・悲しみの果てに Haha to Musume・Kanashimi no Hate ni?)
  19. Give Up the Electronic Badge! (電子手帳返上! Denshiteichō Henjō!?)
  20. City Money Rained Down! (町にお金が降って来た! Machi no Okane ga Kudattekita!?)
  21. Steel Insect・Poisonous Insect・Guerilla Insect (スズ虫・毒虫・ゲリラ虫 Suzumushi・Dokumushi・Geriramushi?)
  22. It Was Mayumi!! (マユミがいた!! Mayumi ga Ita!!?)
  23. The Monster Who Overate Manga (マンガを喰いすぎた怪物 Manga o Kuisugita Kaibutsu?)
  24. Welcome!! To the Great Spiritual World (ようこそ!! 大霊界へ Yōkoso!! Daireikai e?)
  25. Strike the Goddess! (女神サマをぶッとばせ! Megami-sama o Buttobase!?)
  26. Dragon-Fished Beautiful Gourmet (竜に釣られたグルメ美女 Ryū ni Tsurareta Gurume Bijo?)
  27. Love Children are Demon Children (愛するわが子は悪魔の子 Aisuru Wagako wa Akumako?)
  28. Papa is Doctor Giba?! (パパはドクターギバ?! Papa wa Dokutā Giba?!?)
  29. Mass Loving Encounters! (集団見合いで大ドンデン! Shūdan Miai de Daidonden!?)
  30. Handsome Boy Kotaro's Party Monster (美少年小太郎一座の怪人 Bishōnen Kotarō Ichiza no Kaijin?)
  31. The Midsummer's Night Ninja Battle (真夏の夜のニンジャ合戦 Manatsu no Yoru no Ninja Gassen?)
  32. Pearl's Tears are in the Golden Ocean (パールの涙は金色の海に Pāru no Namida wa Kiniro no Umi ni?)
  33. Millenium Flower Smiled at the Garbo (ガルボに咲いた千年ハス Garubo ni Waraita Sennen Hasu?)
  34. Heroic! Jiban Dies (壮絶! ジバン死す Sōzetsu! Jiban Shisu?)
  35. It's Perfect Jiban! (パーフェクトジバンだ! Pāfekuto Jiban da!?)
  36. Dreaming Sword Fighting Monster! (夢見るチャンバラ怪物! Yumemiru Chanbara Kaibutsu!?)
  37. I Am the Most Beautiful Woman in the World!? (私は世界一の美女!? Watashi wa Sekaiichi no Bijo!??)
  38. It's Birthplace, Mother! (故郷だよ、おっ母さん! Furusato da yo, Okka-san!?)
  39. Mayumi's Bomb Ring!! (マユミの指輪爆弾!! Mayumi no Yubiwa Bakudan!!?)
  40. Great Revolt!! Haunted Clock (大反乱!! お化け時計 Daihanran!! Obake Tokei?)
  41. Digression! Unmanageable Policewoman (脱線! じゃじゃ馬婦警 Dassen! Jajauma Fukei?)
  42. Monster Rock'n Roll! (怪物ロックンロール! Kaibutsu Rokkun Rōru!?)
  43. Yoko Pierced Jiban...! (ジバンを刺した洋子…! Jiban o Sashita Yōko...!?)
  44. The Genius Scientist Who Turned into a Kid (子供になった天才科学者 Kodomo ni Natta Tensai Kagakusha?)
  45. Dreadful Squid-Human Operation! (恐怖の人間スルメ作戦! Kyōfu no Ningen Surume Sakusen!?)
  46. I Like! Two Brothers (好き! 二人のお兄ちゃん Suki! Futari no Oni-chan?)
  47. Clash! Christmas Final Battle!! (激突! クリスマス決戦!! Gekitotsu! Kurisumasu Kessen!!?)
  48. Year-Ending Biolon Extermination Party! (年忘れバイオロン退治! Toshiwasure Baioron Taiji!?)
  49. Devasted Jiban Base (あばかれたジバン基地 Abakareta Jiban Kichi?)
  50. Tie Both Lines and Points (二人を結ぶ点と線 Futari o Musubu Ten to Sen?)
  51. Slash the Illusion Mayumi! (幻のマユミを斬れ! Maboroshi no Mayumi o Kire!?)
  52. The Final Battle of Love (愛の最終決戦!! Ai no Saishū Kessen!!?)

A movie for the series, entitled The Mobile Cop Jiban: Great Explosion at the Monster Factory of Fear, was released on July 15, 1989 Special as part of the 1989 "Manga Matsuri" Special Festival.

Foreign broadcast

Jiban has also been broadcast in other countries, dubbed in their national language.

Country Station Current Status Language
Bolivia Bolivia Channel 9 atb Ended Spanish
Brazil Brazil Rede Manchete Last two episodes were not aired Portuguese
Ecuador Ecuador Ecuavisa Ended Spanish
Indonesia Indonesia Indosiar Ended Indonesian
France France TF1 French
Malaysia Malaysia TV-3 Malaysian
Panama Panama Channel 13 Spanish
Peru Peru Pantel

Frecuencia Latina

Ended Spanish
Philippines Philippines ABS-CBN (Cebu)
PTV-4 (1992)
ABC-5 (1995)
SOLAR Entertainment (2000)
Ended English
Thailand Thailand M.C.O.T.
Moden Nine TV
M.C.O.T. (Ended)
Moden Nine TV (Currently Running)
Uruguay Uruguay Saeta TV Channel 10 (Ended around 1994) Spanish
Honduras Honduras Channel 5 (Ended) Spanish
Venezuela Venezuela Channel 2 RCTV Ended Spanish
Turkey Turkey Kanal D Ended Turkish


  • Naoto Tamura: Shouhei Kusaka
  • Doctor Kenzo Igarashi: Hajime Izu
  • Doctor Giba: Leo Meneghetti
  • Mayumi Igarashi/Midori Hayakawa: Konomi Mashita
  • Youko Katagiri: Michiko Enokida
  • Ryuu Hayakawa: Ryohei Kobayashi
  • Seiichi Yanagida: Akira Ishihama
  • Marsha: Ami Kawai
  • Karsha: Akemi Kogawa
  • Narrator: Toru Ohira
  • Kiyoshiro Muramatsu: Kunio Konishi
  • Mad Garbo: Kazuko Yanaga
  • Queen Cosmos: Yoko Asakura


Opening theme
  • "Kidō Keiji Jiban" (機動刑事ジバン?)
    • Lyrics: Keisuke Yamakawa
    • Composition: Kisaburō Suzuki
    • Arrangement: Kazuya Izumi (和泉 一弥 Izumi Kazuya?)
    • Artist: Akira Kushida
Ending theme
  • "Ashita Yohō wa Itsumo Hare" (未来(あした)予報はいつも晴れ?, "Tomorrow's Forecast is Always Sunny")
    • Lyrics: Keisuke Yamakawa
    • Composition: Kisaburō Suzuki
    • Arrangement: Kazuya Izumi
    • Artist: Akira Kushida


Jiban's episodes and movie has been released in Japan in several VHS tapes. Though it had been obscure for a long time with the rest of the other metal hero TV shows, there has been sightings of a DVD release. It is most likely subtitled in other languages such as Portuguese in bootlegged form as there has been no word from Toei officials if Jiban would receive an official release in Japanese or licensed release in foreign subtitled languages such as English.

In 2009 Jiban was released on R2 DVD in 5 Volumes.


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  • Uchū Keiji Gavan — infobox television show name = Uchuu Keiji Gavan format = Metal Hero Tokusatsu Action/Adventure caption = Uchuu Keiji Gavan runtime = country = JPN network = TV Asahi imdb id = num episodes = 44 creator = starring = Kenji Ohba and Wakiko Kano… …   Wikipedia

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