Prison Break (season 2)

Prison Break (season 2)
Prison Break season 2
Prison Break season 2 dvd.jpg
Prison Break season two DVD cover
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 22
Original channel Fox
Original run August 21, 2006 (2006-08-21) – April 2, 2007 (2007-04-02)
Home video release
DVD release
Region 1 September 4, 2007 (2007-09-04)[1]
Region 2 August 20, 2007 (2007-08-20)[2]
Region 4 September 19, 2007 (2007-09-19)[3]
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The second season of Prison Break, an American serial drama television series, commenced airing in the United States on August 21, 2006 on Mondays at 9:00 pm (EST) on the Fox Broadcasting Company. Prison Break is produced by Adelstein-Parouse Productions, in association with Rat Television, Original Television Movie and 20th Century Fox Television. The season contains 22 episodes, and concluded on April 2, 2007. Series creator Paul Scheuring describes the second season as "The Fugitive times eight", and likens it to the "second half of The Great Escape".[4]

Prison Break revolves around two brothers: one who has been sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit and his younger sibling, a genius who devises an elaborate plan to help him escape prison. The brothers, along with six other prisoners at Fox River State Penitentiary, manage to escape, and the second season follows a massive manhunt chasing the group.[5] Dubbed the Fox River Eight, the group splits and members go their individual way, occasionally meeting up to help each other. They struggle to escape from the police while avoiding a secret group of multinationals called The Company, that wants them all dead.

For the season, three characters are downgraded from series regular to recurring status, and a new character is introduced. Filming took place in Dallas, Texas due to a close proximity of rural and urban settings. For the final three episodes, scenes were filmed in Pensacola, Florida to represent Panama. Critical reviews of the season were mixed; however, the addition of William Fichtner to the cast was praised. Fox Home Entertainment released the season in Region 1 on September 4, 2007.[1]




Filming began on June 15, 2006 in Dallas, Texas due to a close proximity of rural and urban settings.[6] Executive producer Matt Olmstead stated that the filming location was changed from Chicago in the first season to Dallas in the second season because the characters were on the run. Many locations were needed to represent various American towns, which Dallas provided, whereas locations within Chicago took several hours to travel between. Olmstead noted, "It really came down to a financial thing."[7] Other locations that were considered for filming were New Mexico, Arizona and Louisiana. Dallas was chosen because of its "resourcefulness, cost effectiveness and variety with regard to activities available for the crew", which was considered to be a major component for the final decision.[4] Filming took place in Dallas for nine to ten months, where 20 of the 22 episodes were shot. The series was expected to bring $50 million into the city of Dallas.[4] For the final three episodes of season two, filming took place in Pensacola, Florida to represent Panama.[8] Filming for each episode took place over eight days, which contributed approximately $1.4 million to the local economy.[9]


Main characters

Recurring characters


Critical reception

Mike Duffy of the Detroit Free Press commended the premiere for delivering "rocking good entertainment," and living up to the standard set by the first season. Duffy praised the "motley crew of cellblock characters" and the "taut, ingenious storytelling of series creator Paul T. Scheuring and his staff."[10] Robert Bianco of USA Today commented on the "harebrained absurdities that have swamped this show", and accused the writers of being "incredibly lazy" for the continuous use of the tattoo as an "all-purpose plot fix".[11] Ahsan Haque and Christopher Monfette of IGN credited the creators for not being afraid to take risks, which they felt "paid off for the most part". The reviewers found the biggest success factors to be "the constant swerves and twists" throughout the season, and "the development of the hero-villain relationship between Scofield and Mahone".[12]

The addition of Mahone was well received by critics, who often referred to him as Michael's arch nemesis.[13][14] Rob Owen of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette found Mahone to be "a far more worthy adversary for Michael than prison guard Brad Bellick... who's still after the convicts but seems like a cartoon compared to the Inspector Javert-like Mahone."[15] Brian Zoromski from IGN believes that the "strongest portions of 'Manhunt' deal with the introduction of a new character, an FBI Agent named Alexander Mahone, played by the great character actor William Fichtner."[16] Digital Spy's Ben Rawson-Jones praised the "wonderful" Fichtner, claiming he "quickly became more appealing than the brooding hero himself".[13] Robert Bianco of USA Today said that Fichtner was a welcome addition to the cast,[11] and Andy Dehnart from MSNBC called Mahone the best new character of season two.[17]


The premiere of the season obtained an average of 9.40 million American viewers,[18] a decrease from the 10.50 million viewers who watched the series premiere,[19] and the 10.24 million viewers who watch the first season finale.[20] The season obtained its largest audience with the episode, "Chicago", which averaged 10.12 million viewers;[21] however, the season finale received one of the lowest audiences in the series' history with 8.12 million viewers.[22] The season averaged 9.30 million American viewers for all 22 episodes. Out of all regular primetime programming that aired during the 2005–2006 American television season, Prison Break ranked #51 out of #142, according to the Nielsen ratings system.[23] In Australia, the season premiere was watched by an average of 1.22 million viewers,[24] however ratings dropped consistently throughout the season.[25] In the United Kingdom, ratings declined from an average audience share of 9% in the first season to 8.5% in the second. The season's penultimate episode, "Fin Del Camino", was viewed by an average of 1.20 million viewers, gaining a 7% audience share. As a result of the declining ratings during the season, Five decided not to air the third season and it was picked up by Sky1.[26] Prison Break was simulcast in Canada on Global,[27] where it ranked in the top ten of the highest rated television series.[28]


The season was nominated for five awards, winning one. Dominic Purcell won the Australian Film Institute International Award for Best Actor.[29] Work on the episode "Disconnect" was nominated for two Motion Picture Sound Editors Golden Reel Awards. Music editor David Klotz was nominated for Best Sound Editing in Music for Television — Short Form. The supervising sound editor, along with four foley artists and four sound effects editors were nominated for Best Sound Editing in Sound Effects and Foley for Television — Short Form.[30] At the 2007 Teen Choice Awards, Wentworth Miller was nominated for Choice TV Actor: Drama, and Robert Knepper was nominated for Choice TV: Villain.[31]

DVD releases

The season was released under the title Prison Break — Season Two as a widescreen six-disc Region 1 DVD box set in the United States on September 4, 2007. In addition to the 22 episodes that aired, it included episode commentaries, behind-the-scenes footage and making-of features, including the "Reinvention of a Series", and "Turning Dallas Into America". The audio commentaries were spoken by several executive and co-executive producers, including head writer Paul Scheuring, co-head writer Matt Olmstead, writer Zack Estrin, writer Nick Santora and director Kevin Hooks. They were also provided by supervising producer and writer Karyn Usher, director of photography Fernando Arguelles, writer Seth Hoffman and director Dwight H. Little. Actors William Fichtner, Amaury Nolasco, Reggie Lee and Paul Adelstein also offered their opinions in the commentaries. The same set was released on August 20, 2007 in Region 2, two weeks before the Region 1 release, and on September 19, 2007 in Region 4, which also contained the season premiere of 24's sixth season.[1][2][3]


# Title Directed by Written by U.S. viewers
Original air date Production
23 1 "Manhunt" Kevin Hooks Paul Scheuring 9.37[32] August 21, 2006 (2006-08-21) 2AKJ01
Eight hours after escaping from Fox River, Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, C-Note and Abruzzi head for Oswego, Illinois as FBI Special Agent Alexander Mahone is assigned to lead the pursuit of the escapees. T-Bag finds medical aid for his severed hand, and Sara is interrogated by the FBI after she recovers from her morphine overdose. Veronica finds Terrence Steadman held captive in an estate, however agents from The Company arrive and kill her. 
24 2 "Otis" Bobby Roth Matt Olmstead 9.44[33] August 28, 2006 (2006-08-28) 2AKJ02
Michael and Lincoln part ways with Sucre, C-Note and Abruzzi, and try to rescue L.J. from a prison sentence. Agent Mahone manages to thwart their plan, and Lincoln is shot in the leg while L.J. is sent to a detention center in Arizona. Bellick and Warden Pope face hearings for their roles in the breakout; Pope is suspended and decides to quit while Bellick is discharged for unlawful dealing with prison convicts. Tweener is offered a ride by a college student driving to Utah, and T-Bag's left hand is reattached, where he later kills the vet. 
25 3 "Scan" Bryan Spicer Zack Estrin 9.29[34] September 4, 2006 (2006-09-04) 2AKJ03
Michael and Lincoln go to Nika for help, and fake their own deaths by staging a car explosion. While searching through the carnage, Mahone accidentally mentions Oscar Shales, the only fugitive whom people believe Mahone never recaptured. Mahone grows distressed and swallows several pills concealed in his pen. Even though their relatives are being observed by authorities, Sucre searches for Maricruz and C-Note seeks out his family. Sara is arrested for aiding the escape, but her father posts her bail and orders her to attend daily Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Bellick and Geary become bounty hunters and start tracking Michael and Lincoln. 
26 4 "First Down" Bobby Roth Nick Santora 8.96[35] September 11, 2006 (2006-09-11) 2AKJ04
Bellick and Geary catch Michael, Lincoln and Nika. Bellick tells Michael that he knows about the money Westmoreland hid in Utah, and that he is going to join them on their trip to pick up the money. Abruzzi is determined to exact his revenge on a mob informant as Mahone narrows his search on him. Abruzzi is shot dead by police after failing to surrender, and Mahone learns that Michael and Lincoln are still alive. Kellerman tries to befriend Sara under an alias, and T-Bag is offered a lift from a stranger. 
27 5 "Map 1213" Peter O'Fallon Karyn Usher 9.55[36] September 18, 2006 (2006-09-18) 2AKJ05
Mahone takes an interest in the five million dollars hidden by D. B. Cooper, who was known in Fox River under the alias Westmoreland. After having escaped from Bellick and Geary, Michael and Lincoln race to locate Westmoreland's ranch. The brothers encounter Tweener, who tells them that T-Bag has the map locating the money. T-Bag memorizes the map and eats it, and agrees to take Michael and Lincoln to the ranch in exchange for a share of the money. When they arrive at the designated location, they find that a subdivision has been built where the silo once was. Sucre is determined to stop Maricruz's wedding in Las Vegas, while Kellerman continues to befriend Sara. 
28 6 "Subdivision" Eric Laneuville Monica Macer 8.41[37] September 25, 2006 (2006-09-25) 2AKJ06
Michael, Lincoln, T-Bag and Tweener search for Westmoreland's money, and are unexpectedly joined by Sucre and C-Note. The group locates the house which was built on the money and convinces the owner that they are sent by an electric company to conduct repairs. Mahone arrives in Utah and captures Tweener, while Haywire surfaces in Wisconsin. Governor Tancredi sees Kellerman at the United States Capitol, and warns Sara not to see him anymore. Sara is surprised by Kellerman at the supermarket and refuses to go with him. 
29 7 "Buried" Sergio Mimica-Gezzan Seth Hoffman 8.99[38] October 2, 2006 (2006-10-02) 2AKJ07
Lincoln leaves Michael in order to go search for L.J. in Arizona. Michael, C-Note and T-Bag succeed in locating Westmoreland's money; however, Sucre threatens to kill them if they leave. Mahone confesses to Tweener that he murdered Shales, and proceeds to kill him. Sara is informed that her father's nomination for Vice President was dropped by President Caroline Reynolds, and finds him dead by hanging. Haywire plans to build a raft and live in a windmill in Holland. 
30 8 "Dead Fall" Vincent Misiano Zack Estrin 8.53[39] October 23, 2006 (2006-10-23) 2AKJ08
Sucre takes the money and leaves, forcing the others to go their own ways. Michael shortly reunites with Sucre, as Sucre's actions were a part of Michael's plan. However, Michael and Sucre cannot find the money, and T-Bag is shown driving away with it. Sucre learns that Maricruz did not get married, and leaves to find her. Bellick and Geary learn that T-Bag has the money and decide to hunt him. Lincoln reunites with L.J. while Sara is hunted by The Company, and both decide to find Michael. Mahone is investigated by Internal Affairs for Tweener's suspicious death, and it is revealed that he is being blackmailed by The Company to kill the Fox River Eight. 
31 9 "Unearthed" Kevin Hooks Nick Santora 8.94[40] October 30, 2006 (2006-10-30) 2AKJ09
Sara deciphers Michael's coded message and goes to meet him, but is followed by Kellerman and Mahone. T-Bag locks Westmoreland's money in a storage locker, and tries to find his ex-girlfriend Susan. He finds her house empty, but is ambushed by Bellick and Geary, who threaten to reamputate his hand if he does not reveal the location of the money. Michael discovers that Mahone had secretly killed Shales, and calls him to reveal what he knows. C-Note finds his family, and Lincoln and L.J. are arrested by the police. 
32 10 "Rendezvous" Dwight H. Little Karyn Usher 8.63[41] November 6, 2006 (2006-11-06) 2AKJ10
Bellick and Geary find Westmoreland's money, but Geary knocks Bellick unconscious and takes everything. Michael and Sara rendezvous, but Mahone arrives and disrupts their meeting. After they escape, Sara tries to leave, but is confronted by Kellerman. Lincoln and L.J. are rescued from the police by Lincoln's father Aldo. Aldo tells Lincoln that he can exonerate him with the evidence he has gathered, and an agent from The Company is ordered to kill them. 
33 11 "Bolshoi Booze" Greg Yaitanes Monica Macer & Seth Hoffman 9.21[42] November 13, 2006 (2006-11-13) 2AKJ11
Michael tries to outsmart a coyote to secure a getaway plane, but his plan backfires. Sucre arrives and saves Michael, and they let the coyote and his men leave. Aldo and Lincoln head to Bolshoi Booze to meet Michael, while L.J. leaves for safety with one of Aldo's crew. T-Bag escapes from Susan's house by severing his hand to escape his bonds. He finds and kills Geary and takes the money with him when he leaves. Kellerman tortures Sara as Mahone figures out the location of Bolshoi Booze. 
34 12 "Disconnect" Karen Gaviola Nick Santora & Karyn Usher 9.62[43] November 20, 2006 (2006-11-20) 2AKJ12
Sara manages to escape from Kellerman, who still reports to The Company that he has killed her. An operative from The Company, Agent Kim, erases Kellerman from all of the government records. Michael meets with Aldo and Lincoln, and Aldo explains about The Company and tells them to find Sara. Mahone arrives and shoots at them; Aldo is shot and dies shortly after. Michael, Lincoln and Sucre head to the getaway plane, where the brothers tell Sucre that they will stay behind. Mahone follows Michael and Lincoln in a car chase, and accidentally totals both cars. C-Note's wife Kacee is arrested by police, and Bellick is implicated in Geary's murder. 
35 13 "The Killing Box" Bobby Roth Zack Estrin 9.62[44] November 27, 2006 (2006-11-27) 2AKJ13
Michael and Lincoln are held at gunpoint by Mahone, but the brothers are arrested by Border Patrol before Mahone can kill them. The brothers are taken to a holding facility, where Mahone is ordered by Agent Kim to kill them. As they are being transported to Fox River, their van is ambushed and they manage to escape. Kellerman shoots Mahone, and tells the brothers that he wants to help take down The Company. T-Bag tracks down his ex-girlfriend Susan, Bellick returns to Fox River as an inmate, and Sucre is forced to parachute off his getaway plane. 
36 14 "John Doe" Kevin Hooks Matt Olmstead & Nick Santora 9.86[45] January 22, 2007 (2007-01-22) 2AKJ14
T-Bag is welcomed by Susan's young children, but is forced to take them hostage when Susan tries to kill him. Mahone recovers from his wound and tells Agent Kim that he does not want to work for The Company anymore. Moments later, Mahone is informed that his son has been in a car accident, and he is forced to resume his hunt of the Fox River Eight. Michael, Lincoln and Kellerman go to Montana to find Steadman. Unwilling to reveal himself to the public, Steadman steals Lincoln's gun and commits suicide. Bellick has trouble with other Fox River inmates and C-Note continues his journey with his daughter. 
37 15 "The Message" Bobby Roth Zack Estrin & Karyn Usher 9.90[46] January 29, 2007 (2007-01-29) 2AKJ15
In order to broadcast a message to Sara on television, Michael, Lincoln and Kellerman kidnap a cameraman. In the message, Lincoln declares his innocence and blames the murders on The Company. Michael announces that Sara is innocent, and that Mahone has murdered Abruzzi, Tweener and Shales. Bellick is sent to the infirmary and is visited by Mahone, and tells him that the quotes used by Michael are chapter titles in the Alcoholics Anonymous book. By analyzing the chapters in the book, Mahone discovers that Michael is planning to rendezvous with Sara. Meanwhile, Haywire buys beer for two teenagers and Sucre steals a car in Mexico. 
38 16 "Chicago" Jesse Bochco Matt Olmstead & Nick Santora 10.12[47] February 5, 2007 (2007-02-05) 2AKJ16
Sara reunites with Michael and Lincoln on a train to Chicago. When Sara learns that they are with Kellerman, she attempts to murder him, but is stopped by Michael. Michael admits his feeling for Sara and they start a romantic relationship. Mahone enlists help from Bellick, promising that the murder charges will be dropped if he helps hunt down the remaining members of the Fox River Eight. Bellick accepts the offer and manages to corner Haywire on the top of a silo, and Mahone convinces him to commit suicide. C-Note is held up at a diner with his daughter, and T-Bag continues to hold Susan and her family hostage. 
39 17 "Bad Blood" Nelson McCormick Paul Scheuring & Karyn Usher 9.55[48] February 19, 2007 (2007-02-19) 2AKJ17
As his daughter's illness worsens, C-Note decides to surrender. He contacts Mahone, who tells him that his wife has been released from prison, and turns himself in. Sucre reunites with Maricruz, while T-Bag visits his childhood home and releases his captives. Michael and Sara seek out Henry Pope for help in recovering information that can bring down The Company. Pope manages to retrieve a sound file containing a recorded conversation between Steadman and President Reynolds, which took place after Steadman's supposed death. Agent Kim attempts to kidnap Pope, but is stopped by Michael. 
40 18 "Wash" Bobby Roth Nick Santora 9.42[49] February 26, 2007 (2007-02-26) 2AKJ18
Lincoln, Michael and Sara contact Cooper Green (Kevin Dunn), whom they believe can help exonerate Lincoln. Green tells them that it cannot be confirmed if the conversation took place after Steadman's supposed death, but suggests that they use it as a bargaining chip to get a Presidential pardon instead. Bellick is ordered by Mahone to capture Sucre, who is living with Maricruz at his aunt's farm. T-Bag steals a psychiatrist's identity, and unknowingly boards the same flight as Bellick to Mexico. Mahone convinces C-Note to commit suicide, and Kellerman prepares to assassinate President Reynolds. 
41 19 "Sweet Caroline" Dwight H. Little Karyn Usher 9.72[50] March 5, 2007 (2007-03-05) 2AKJ19
C-Note is stopped from committing suicide and Agent Wheeler offers him his freedom if he testifies against Mahone. Michael uses the audio file to bargain with President Reynolds, and she agrees to give Lincoln and Michael a full pardon. However, The Company blackmails her with the same audio file, and she instead resigns from the Presidency. In Mexico, T-Bag loses Westmoreland's money in the luggage carousel at the airport. Bellick captures Sucre and intends to take him back to Mahone, but Sucre convinces Bellick to find Westmoreland's money instead. 
42 20 "Panama" Vincent Misiano Zack Estrin 8.40[51] March 19, 2007 (2007-03-19) 2AKJ20
T-Bag manages to retrieve Westmoreland's money, and Bellick and Sucre chase after him. When T-Bag escapes to Panama, Bellick tells Sucre that he has taken Maricruz hostage, and that he will release her when they have found the money. Sara surrenders to the FBI in order to allow Michael and Lincoln to escape to Panama. C-Note agrees to testify against Mahone in exchange for his freedom, and is reunited with his family. Mahone arrives in Panama, while Michael decides to capture T-Bag. 
43 21 "Fin Del Camino" Bobby Roth Matt Olmstead & Seth Hoffman 8.24[52] March 26, 2007 (2007-03-26) 2AKJ21
Michael, Sucre and Bellick work together to capture T-Bag. Lincoln attempts to thwart Mahone's plan to capture Michael, however he is captured himself. In Chicago, Sara attends her trial, and Kellerman testifies to Sara's innocence. T-Bag is arrested by police, while Michael takes the money and returns to his ship, "Christina Rose". Mahone calls Michael and tells him that he has captured Lincoln, and demands the ship and the money in return for Lincoln's release. 
44 22 "Sona" Kevin Hooks Paul Scheuring 8.12[53] April 2, 2007 (2007-04-02) 2AKJ22
Kellerman's testimony frees Sara and Lincoln of their charges, and Sara leaves for Panama as Kellerman is supposedly killed by members of The Company. Sucre searches for Bellick in order to find Maricruz. Sara reunites with Michael and Lincoln, and she tells Lincoln that he has been exonerated. Agent Kim appears and attempts to capture the brothers, but is shot dead by Sara. Michael, Mahone, Bellick and T-Bag are all arrested by the police and imprisoned in Penitenciaría Federal de Sona


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