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Molecular formula C12H24
Molar mass 168.319
Appearance white waxy solid
Density 0.79 g/cm3
Flash point 87.6 °C
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Cyclododecane is an organic compound with the chemical formula C12H24.

Cyclododecane is mainly used as an intermediate in production of flame retardants, detergents, and other chemicals.

Cyclododecane is also used as a volatile binding medium, a temporary binder for sealing and conservation of friable and structurally weak materials, e.g. during excavation and transport of archaeological objects and in art restoration, e.g. to protect water-sensitive parts during cleaning. Due to its relatively slow evaporation in comparison with other volatile binding mediums the layer can last for several weeks. Very pure material has to be used so it does not leave any residue. Cyclododecane can be applied in molten state or dissolved in a nonpolar organic solvent. Other volatile binding mediums in use are camphene, tricyclene and with some limits menthol.[1]

Cyclododecane is highly volatile. It is persistent in the environment, as it does not biodegrade easily and does not under go hydrolysis. Cyclododecane is lipophilic, usually present in the environment as adsorbed on the surface of soil particles. Due to its tendency to persist in adipose tissue it has a very high potential to bioaccumulate.[2]

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