Counter-terrorism in Malaysia

Counter-terrorism in Malaysia

Counter-terrorism in Malaysia is a series of measures implemented in Malaysia to detect and prevent terrorism, and to minimise damage from such terrorist acts should they occur. These measures involve all levels of society, including military, police, border and infrastructure security, civil defence, medical readiness, and psychological preparedness. Malaysian also participates actively in international counterterrorism efforts. Malaysia has experienced terrorism since 1948 during battle against communist. The Internal Security Act (ISA) was formed to preventing terrorism in Malaysia.


Needs Anti Terrorism Law

  • Legal protection against the elements of violence and treachery necessary to curb the activities that may threaten national security, particularly of the militant movement.
  • The militant movement can bring a lasting adverse effect as did the former communist movement.
  • It is not much different for both motivated violence and desertion.
  • If the anti-violence movement was not immediately dibanteras, the very large negative effects for economic development. Countries will be chaos and quiet due to the threats.
  • Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at the Prime Minister stressed that the Central Government will fight it out all the militant movement in this country.

This is because the main objective of the militant movement is to create chaotic conditions in the country. Ostensibly based on the 'Islamic struggle', they are willing to fight and sacrifice their lives.[1]

Act and the Anti-Terrorism Law

  • The coherence of government in implementing the law can control the movement of militants from the continued widespread in Malaysia. Ministry of Home Affairs has developed a new strategy to ensure national security is maintained.
  • Act and laws relating to anti-terrorism are:
    • Internal Security Act (ISA)
  • Powerful Act following the detention of six members who act violently refomasi movement after removal, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim from his post as Deputy Prime Minister.
  • In addition, the Operasi Lalang in force under this act has resulted in 106 arrests, including seven rebels DAP MPs who tried to spread the communist ideology.
  • By implementing this act also allows the authorities arrested a large number of members of the Islamic Council based in Malaysia.

The same law is practiced in Singapore (ISA), Britain (Anti-Terrorism, Crime and security Act 2001), United States (USA Patriotic Act) and Indonesia (Order of the President).

  • Penal Code:
    • This law is used to launch criminal proceedings over the alleged Al-Maunah on charges of launching war against His Majesty the King.

The government's efforts at the international level

Addressing Violence Center Southeast Asia
The effectiveness of these centers is being tested following the kidnapping incident which occurred in a number of eco-tourism destination in Sabah, Sipadan Island and more recently in Borneo Paradise, Lahat Datu.
Abduction was carried out by Abu Sayaf Group, the militant movement from the Philippines.
The establishment of this center is able to deny any space for foreign powers to intervene in matters of national security.

The effectiveness of the Anti Terrorism Law in Malaysia

  • Anti-terror law was found to be very effective, there is no reason the government must find other law or enact a new legal form.
  • Anti-terrorist activities and movement in Malaysia has received attention and praise from various quarters, especially from big powers.
  • Malaysia is said to have managed to prevent events like this in a quick time through the acts and laws that have been carried out.


These are the events related to terrorism and counter-terrorism in Malaysia. Also listed are major terrorist incidents in the world and in Southeast Asia that have influenced counter-terrorism policies in Malaysia.




  • October - The elite 69th Commando Battalion (Malay: Komando 69; VAT 69) of Royal Malaysian Police is formed.


  • January - The elite Special Actions Unit (Malay: Unit Tindakan Khas; UTK) of Royal Malaysian Police is formed in secret.
  • August - The terrorists from Japanese Red Army (JRA) faction held approximately 50 civilians including members of the US consulate and the Swedish chargé d'affaires as hostages within the AIA building housing several embassies in Kuala Lumpur and demand the release of five imprisoned comrades and flew with them to Libya.


  • 04 December - The lone member from JRA hijacked Malaysia Airlines Flight 653 and then crashed killing all onboard at Tanjung Kupang, Johore after he shots the pilots and himself, resulting in 100 passengers being killed.


  • 01 April - The elite HANDAU of Royal Malaysian Air Force is formed
  • 01 October - The elite PASKAL of Royal Malaysian Navy is formed.


  • The army counter-terrorism force 11th Rejimen Gerak Khas (RGK) is formed under training by British 22nd SAS.


  • 01 June - Royal Malaysian Air Force restructed the elite force and changed the name of HANDAU with the newly name known as PASKAU.


  • 20 October - Pasukan Gerakan Khas (PGK) is formed, combining the 69th Commando Battalion (VAT-69) and Special Actions Unit under one wing.


  • 03 July - the group known as Al-Ma'unah stolen over 111 military firearms and ammunitions at two control post at Territorial Army camp in Kuala Rui, Perak and hiding in the jungle at Bukit Jenalik, Sauk, Perak.
  • 05 July - local police and military forces launched the Operation 304 and stormed the town while army 22nd GGK and police VAT-69 PGK combine forces sent to Sauk to negotiates the Al-Maunah leader, Muhammad Amin Razali. The gunfight ensued during initially surrendered resulting kill 3 peoples including 2 hostages. Amin and his two lieutenants as well as one member hang to death while 26 members were detained in police custody.
  • 04 November - Murder Joe Fernandez as a member of the Legislative Assembly, Lunas, Kedah on 4 November 2000. He was shot dead by an unknown person, believed one of the nine members of militant religious groups.


  • 11 September- September 11 attacks in the United States.
  • Malaysia arrests two members of Jemaah Islamiyah which in the list of Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) named Yazid Sufaat and Suhaimi Mokhtar.
  • 04 August - motion defeat militant groups of Malaysia (KMM) following the arrest of a few members, led by Nik Adli Nik Abdul Aziz, the son of General Mursyidul of PAS. KMM is an underground movement (subversion), which received military training in Afghanistan.


  • Malaysia arrests another six members of Jemaah Islamiyah.
  • 12 October - Bali car bombing by Jemaah Islamiah kills 202 people in the Indonesian island.


  • November - Malaysia passed new counter-terrorism laws that were widely criticized by local human rights groups for being vague and overbroad. Critics claim that the laws put the basic rights of free expression, association, and assembly at risk. Malaysia persisted in holding around 100 alleged militants without trial, including five Malaysian students detained for alleged terrorist activity while studying in Karachi, Pakistan.
  • Malaysia arrests six more members of JI.


  • 21 March - Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi leads UMNO to a resounding victory in the General Elections, checking the advance of Islamic Party of Malaysia (PAS) that aims to establish Malaysia as an Islamist theocratic country.
  • Arrests six members of Indonesian JI suspect terrorist, Zakaria Bin Samad, Ahmad Bin Zakaria, Terhamid Bin Dahalan, Mahfudi Bin Saifuddin, Mulyadi and Arifin.


  • 15 February – The first Malaysian coast guard named Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) is formed.
  • 25 April – The elite Special Task And Rescue of MMEA is formed.
  • 01 October - A series of explosions kills at least 23 in resort areas of Jimbaran Beach and Kuta in Bali, Indonesia.
  • 03 October – The elite Trup Tindakan Cepat of Malaysian Prison Department is formed.


  • March – The elite UNGERIN of Royal Malaysian Police is formed.


  • Arrests four alleged JI members Zulkifli Bin Marzuki, Mohd Nasir Bin Ismail, Ahmad Kamil Bin Hanafiah and Mohd Amir Bin Hanafiah.



  • 01 April – A comprising personnel from Royal Malaysian Police, the Special Actions Unit of PGK and Special Branch stormed a Mas Selamat hideout at Kampung Tawakal, Skudai, Johor Bahru. Comprising force succeeded arrest a JI leader and detained him under ISA at Kamunting Detention Centre, Perak.

Counter terrorist specialised units

At the forefront in the battle against terrorism are specialised military, law enforcement, and civil defence units, namely:

  • 11th Uniform Squadron Rejimen Gerak Khas,
  • Alpha Platoon of PASKAL,
  • Flight Hostage Rescue Team PASKAU
  • Counter-Revolutionary Warfare 69th Commando Battalion of PGK
  • Special Actions Unit of PGK
  • Trup Tindakan Cepat
  • Special Task And Rescue

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