Herald Formation

Herald Formation
Herald Formation
Stratigraphic range: Late Ordovician
Type Geological formation
Sub-units Lake Alma Member
Coronach Member
Redvers Unit
Underlies Stony Mountain Formation
Overlies Yeoman Formation
Thickness up to 38 metres (120 ft)[1]
Primary Limestone, dolomite, anhydrite
Named by Saskatchewan Geological Society, 1958.
Coordinates 49°04′29″N 104°39′08″W / 49.0746°N 104.6521°W / 49.0746; -104.6521 (Herald Formation)Coordinates: 49°04′29″N 104°39′08″W / 49.0746°N 104.6521°W / 49.0746; -104.6521 (Herald Formation)
Region WCSB
Country  Canada

The Herald Formation is a stratigraphical unit of Late Ordovician age in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

It was defined in well Imperial Herald 1-31-1-20W2M by the Lower Paleozoic Names and Correlations Committee of the Saskatchewan Geological Society in 1958.[2]



The Herald Formation is composed of dolomitic limestone and dolomite, which can be microcrystalline , argillaceous or microlaminated. [1] In the centre of the basin, it is represented by anhydrite.


The Herald Formation reaches a maximum thickness of 38 metres (120 ft) in the Lake Alma area.[1]

Relationship to other units

The Herald Formation is disconformably overlain by the Stony Mountain Formation and conformably overlays the Yeoman Formation.[1]

It can be correlated with the Fort Garry Member of the Red River Formation in Manitoba and in the Williston Basin.


In south-eastern Saskatchewan, the formation is divided in three units, corresponding to three sedimentation cycles:

  • Lake Alma Member
  • Coronach Member
  • Redvers Unit


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