List of characters on Teen Titans (TV series)

List of characters on Teen Titans (TV series)

This is a list of minor characters created specifically for the Cartoon Network animated series Teen Titans.


Batman/Bruce Wayne

Batman was referenced in the episode 'Apprentice'. When Robin said, "I already have a father," the scene cut to a shot of bats flying in a dark room; in the same episode, a Wayne Enterprises building made an appearance, referring to Bruce Wayne (Batman's playboy billionaire alter-ego). It also referred to Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne's dead father, and his family company for years when Bruce Wayne's parents were still alive. In "Haunted", when Raven entered Robin's mind, she sees brief, scrolling snapshots of his history. One of them shows silhouettes of Robin and Batman, but Batman's ears are obscured. It proves that Robin in fact did work for Batman, having taken the righteousness oath. In the comics based on the show, Batman made a cameo in Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Robin's origins in Teen Titans Go!, however in Teen Titans Go! #47, it confirms which Robin is behind the mask.


Chu-Hui is known as "the True Master", a legendary martial arts master, despite her appearance as a small, elderly lady. She lives on a temple located on a mountaintop in China near a remote, agricultural village, and has three animal guardians in the form of a bear, a snake, and a monkey, who have human knowledge and speech. The guardians test those who want to become her students. Her only appearance is in "The Quest".

NOTE: Chu-Hui is named after series background painter Chu-Hui Song.[citation needed]

Cron and Kai

Cron and Kai are Centauri police that went to Earth to capture Blackfire. They are techno-organic humanoid crab aliens with a special weapon that extends a capture tentacle that constricts and neutralizes any special superpower of the person who is captured by it. Their probes mistook Starfire for her sister. After Robin pointed out that there was another Tamaranean on Earth, Cron and Kai took Blackfire into custody and cleared Starfire of any wrongdoing. Their only appearance in the series was in this episode, "Sisters".


Fixit is a cyborg hermit who has the power to control machines with his mind. When Cyborg's power cell fails during a battle with Mumbo in "The Sum of His Parts," Fixit takes him to be repaired in his underground home to be repaired. However, his repairs are actually aimed to remove Cyborg's human parts, which Fixit believes are inferior. After he attempts to download Cyborg's memories, he is overwhelmed by emotion and the "beauty" of Cyborg's recollections of the world outside. The Titans find Cyborg in time for him to explain to Fixit what it really means to be human. Fixit understands this, and Cyborg offers to help him return to a life with a more human existence. Fixit made an appearance in Teen Titans Go! #2 where Cyborg recruited him to assist the team in battling Gizmo. In this issue, while at Titans Tower, Fixit combines the Titans' vehicles to create the 'Titans Go-Bot 5'.


  • Voice Actor: Alan Shearman

Galfore is the hulking Tamaranean k'norfka (the equivalent of a legal guardian) of Starfire, and has raised her since birth. When Starfire arrives on Tamaran for her marriage ceremony in the episode "Betrothed", he refers to her by her real name, Koriand'r. After defeating Blackfire in battle and exiling her, Starfire receives the crown and becomes Grand Ruler of Tamaran, but she decides instead to return to Earth and gives her crown to Galfore. Unlike all other Tamaraneans named[citation needed], Galfore's name does not conclude in and'r.


Larry is a Bat-Mite-like counterpart of Robin from another dimension, whose real name is Nosyarg Kcid (Dick Grayson spelled backwards). He appeared in episode 24 ("Fractured"). His right index finger has the power to bend reality, and he uses it to watch Robin. He enters the Titans' dimension to help fix Robin's broken arm but fails to do so. He breaks his own finger during a scuffle with Robin as he keeps insisting on helping him; his reality-warping power is unleashed upon the city, changing it first into an embodiment of a child-drawn picture, and later - when Johnny Rancid seizes the power for himself - into a dark, demonic domain. After Larry's finger is repaired, he returns to his own dimension, but not before Robin offers him the chance to fix his broken arm one last time. He succeeds but accidentally traps Robin in a blank, white space in the process.

On the episode in which he appeared, the theme song was sung in Japanese by Puffy AmiYumi producer Toshiro Kai.

Melvin, Timmy, Teether, and Bobby

Melvin, Timmy, and Teether comprise a trio of pre-adolescent children targeted by the Brotherhood of Evil for their fledging superpowers. Melvin, the only girl in the group and also the eldest of the three, has the ability to spawn a giant animated teddy bear named Bobby. Timmy, the second oldest, throws earthquake- and sonic boom-inducing temper tantrums, and Teether, the baby, can eat any form of matter and spit them out like bullets. Raven, their appointed guardian, tries to save them from Monsieur Mallah in "Hide and Seek", but the children and Bobby manage to take him down on their own and they are made Honorary Titans.

Bobby is Melvin's "imaginary" teddy bear friend. His powers include super strength, invisibility, and leaping ability, and he uses his invisibility to hide from people he does not trust. This leads to Raven disbelieving in him for most of the episode, believing instead that Melvin's power was poorly-controlled telekinesis.

In "Titans Together", the quartet are brought to the final battle against the Brotherhood of Evil by Raven, who cautions them to "Just stay away from anyone older than you". They are seen blocking Monsieur Mallah, but other than that their participation in the battle is unknown.


Sarasim is a warrior princess from an ancient time. Her tribe, which is under siege from a horde of monsters, is saved when robin appears to defeat them in the episode "Cyborg the Barbarian". Together, she and Cyborg fight her traitorous tribesman, Krall, and a band of green glowing creatures summoned by the Witch. The two develop a relationship that is interrupted when Cyborg is whisked back to the present before he can aid Sarasim against Krall, though he later learns that she had managed to defeat him on her own.

NOTE: Sarasim's name is derived from the DC Comics character Sarah Simms, a romantic interest of Cyborg's introduced in the Wolfman/Perez era.[citation needed] She also appears in the Teen Titans Go! comics, albeit in an appropriately modified version[clarification needed].


Silkie (originally named Larva M-319) is one of the many mutant larvae created by Killer Moth as part of his scheme to take over the city in "Date With Destiny". When he was stopped by the Teen Titans, Beast Boy bonded with one of the larvae, secretly kept him as a pet at Titans Tower. After he destroys Titan Tower in "Can I Keep Him?", Beast Boy gives him to Starfire while Cyborg and Raven search his room. Starfire bonds with him, names him Silkie and feeds him zorkaberries from Tamaran. Apparently, zorkaberries make Silkie grow, so Robin asks that Starfire get rid of the creature. Starfire abandons him on an island with "Please be kind to monster" carved into a rock. Killer Moth later transforms him into a monstrous moth, and the lepidopterized Silkie battles the Titans but becomes confused about where his loyalties lie, recalling the pains and kindnesses each of his guardians had brought him. Silkie then molts, shedding his giant moth form to become a larva once again, and reunites with Starfire; after the battle he lives with the Titans as their official mascot and pet. Silkie made a cameo appearance as a larva in Killer Moth's lair during the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode "The Last Patrol!"

Soto's Dog

The Dog is Soto's pet who is capable of articulate human speech and limited shape-changing (he has an elastic tongue and is seen melting through a drain grill.) He escapes Soto's ship and crash-lands on Earth during "Every Dog Has His Day", where he inadvertently runs into Beast Boy. The Titans mistake him for Beast Boy instead, and at first try to revert him back to human form. He then reveals his true intellect and power of speech and agrees to help the Titans in recovering Beast Boy. He seems to like Raven, compelling him to constantly tackle her and lick her face. After Soto is beaten, he and the Dog agree to switch roles of master and dog.


Spike is Atlas' maltreated mechanic who Atlas depends upon to equip his weapons and tools. Though he treats Atlas with great respect often showering him with compliments, Atlas treats him with contempt and is often verbally and physically abusive to Spike. After Atlas takes Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven as trophies, Robin tries to get Spike to stand up for himself. Spike finally sees the truth after Atlas splashes oil on Spike for giving him it when it was not warm enough. During Atlas's battle with Cyborg, Spike rebels by refusing to help Atlas put on his modifications and openly turns on him cheering for Cyborg. At the end of the episode Atlas, half-buried, demands Spike help him. Spike, in turn, tells him "Aww, do it yourself!" and walks away. Spike is not seen again in the series. He is seen the episode "Only Human".


Aqualad's fish mechanic and friend, Tramm helps the Titans fix their T-Sub in the episode "Deep Six". He speaks in gibberish and has the appearance of a child with webbed hands and feet, scales, and a fish-like head. He can increase his strength and size when challenged to fight (much like a pufferfish) Although he defeats XL Terrestrial sometime after "Calling All Titans" and meets up with Aqualad, they are both overpowered by Plasmus and Trident. When he is freed by Más y Menos, he fights alongside Aqualad to defeat the Brotherhood of Evil in the episode "Titans Together". NOTE: Tramm is named after Cartoon Network's executive in charge of production Tramm Wigzell.[citation needed]


Val-Yor appears in the episode "TROQ," in which the Titans help him defeat The Locrix.

The episode title is a Tamaranean word that means "nothing" and is used as a slur against Starfire's race. He calls her this word, but after she saves his life and helps him complete his mission, he refers to her as "One of the good ones." which she and the team also considered offensive. His prejudicial tendencies cause the Titans to sever ties with him completely and cause him to despise humans as well as other aliens.

Val-Yor can fly, and demonstrates great strength and eye-beams. His name may be reference to Lar Gand aka Valor, and his silver-skinned appearance also slightly resembles Captain Atom.[citation needed]

The Shalas

The "Shalas", as they are so called by fans[citation needed], are seen only in the episode "Stranded" They call them the "Shalas" because that is the only sound they can originate on their own. They often copy Raven, which eventually annoys her enough that she says things such as "Don't! Go away!" When the Shalas step on her cape as she tries to fly away. The Shalas simply reply "Don't go away! Don't go away! Shalaaaa!" At the end of the episode, we see Raven getting treated like a "goddess", receiving a massage and food from the creatures.



Adonis is a lanky young man in an oversized, strength-enhancing suit of armor built from car parts. He loses a fight with Beast Boy when both combatants get covered in a strange liquid substance that causes each person to become a hulking werebeast. In this form, he seeks out revenge on Raven which causes the Titans to suspect that Beast Boy was the one who hurt her, when in fact he saved her from Adonis in the episode "The Beast Within". He is also easily defeated by Cyborg after the latter acquired a special overdrive chip in the episode "Overdrive". After Adonis and Atlas' unsuccessful attempt at defeating Pantha for the Brotherhood of Evil in the season five finale, Herald sends his armor into another dimension and then defeats him with a single kick.


  • Voice Actor: None

Angel is a H.I.V.E. student who helps out the Brotherhood of Evil and appears alongside Punk Rocket to (unsuccessfully) take out Bumblebee in the episode "Calling All Titans". Her known powers are flight and enlarging her wings to attack her opponents. She is only seen attacking Bumblebee in the final battle before being frozen by Más y Menos in the episode "Titans Together".


Atlas is a large and arrogant robot that enjoys video games and is obsessed with winning. He possesses great strength and multiple weapons, and refers to himself in the third person. Upon losing to Cyborg in a video game, Atlas attacks Titans Tower and fights Cyborg. Cyborg couldn't defeat him in combat due to his limits. The other Titans try to fight him and fail. Upon claiming the other Titans as trophies, Atlas offers Cyborg a chance of a rematch at the town's old stadium with a chance of releasing the other Titans. When Cyborg shows up and fights Atlas, he ends up fighting Atlas again. With Cyborg being half-robot, Atlas states that he is all robot as Cyborg's limits are reached. Cyborg is sent away by Atlas until Cyborg is worthy enough to fight him. After a confidence regaining from his reflection (mostly the organic side), Cyborg attacks Atlas again. This time, Cyborg bypasses his limits and defeats Atlas leaving him half-buried in the rubble. Atlas appears in the episode "Only Human". Atlas later resurfaces as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil. Atlas is sent with Adonis to take down Pantha in the episode "Calling All Titans", but he fails. During the final battle, his leg is severed by Bushido in the final battle. His remaining parts are then frozen in the episode "Titans Together".

In Teen Titans Go! #20, Atlas appears in a video game wanting to fight Cyborg again only to end up teleporting Starfire and Raven into the game.

Billy Numerous

Billy Numerous is a minor villain and student at the H.I.V.E. Academy. His power is self-duplication and he is known to brag about his massive crime spree around Jump City to his clones (his only friends). The Titans defeat him by using holograms to counter his natural self-duplication powers, causing him to push his power past its limit and "rebound" all his clones back to his body in the episode "Overdrive". He later becomes a member of the H.I.V.E. F.I.V.E. in their debut episode "Lightspeed". Billy is sent along with Gizmo to capture Kole and Gnarrk on the orders of the Brotherhood of Evil,[1] and he is easily defeated by Pantha in the final battle. After his escape attempt is blocked by Kid Flash and Jinx, he is frozen along with his compatriots in the episode "Titans Together". He speaks with a Southern accent.

The character has subsequently appeared in comics (Catwoman #78, April 2008) as part of the main DC Universe.


Seen only in Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo, Brushogun is formerly a Tokyo artist who fell in love with a woman he drew. He used Japanese dark magic to bring her to life, but was then cursed with the ability to create live ink drawings. Brushogun was believed responsible for various criminal outbreaks in Tokyo. Yet upon tracking him down, the Titans discover he is actually an innocent yet frail old man hooked up to a giant printing press and held captive by Police Commander Uehara Daizo, who forced Brushogun to create criminals that Daizo would capture to look like a hero. When Daizo jumps into Brushogun's vat of magical ink, he emerges as an ink monster, which absorbs Brushogun. Robin defeats the monster by pulling Brushogun out of it, causing the ink creature to revert back to Daizo. Finally released, Brushogun thanks Robin before peacefully and happily dying in his arms by fading into nothingness. Brushogun's name is a play on "brush", for his powers, and "shogun", a Japanese military dictator or leader.

Cironielian Chrysalis Eater

There are rare occasions where a Tamaranean during puberty become a chrysalis, but some do not survive after being eaten by creatures called Chrysalis Eaters. By turning into a humanoid form, she lures Starfire into her clutches in an attempt to devour her but is interrupted by the other Titans. Starfire uses her newly-acquired power of shooting beams out of her eyes to send the Chrysalis Eater to its death of being eaten by a monstrous plant. The Cironielian Chrysalis Eater appears in the episode "Transformation".

NOTE: The Cironielian Chyrsalis Eater is named after series director Ciro Nieli, who also created Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!.[citation needed]

Control Freak

Control Freak, first appearing in "Fear Itself", the Titans' self-proclaimed "arch-nemesis", is an overweight and unshaven movie fanatic (described by Raven as "a couch potato with a suped-up remote" in the episode "Fear Itself" who is notorious for using his super remote control to warp reality to suit his movie-inspired images. However, he rarely uses his great intellect, preferring instead to make himself look superior in TV Land or on the internet, or committing crimes that will make him look like a super-villain. Upon finding out that he is not on the Titans' list of notorious villains in "For Real", he angrily exclaims that he is a recurring villain in the series and therefore should be on the list (thus breaking the Fourth Wall in the process). He was a member of the Brotherhood of Evil, but even with his remote he proved to be unable to defeat Kilowatt by himself until the Puppet King intervened. Like the other Brotherhood of Evil villains, he ends up flash-frozen by the Titans. It is revealed in "For Real" that he has a crush on Starfire.

NOTE: According to his character designer Derrick J. Wyatt, Control Freak is based on an idea Dwayne McDuffie had created for the Impulse comic book but never used[citation needed].


Fang is a mutant with a giant four-legged spider for a head, and is Kitten's original boyfriend. His powers are the ability to move at fast speeds and jump vast distances, as well as firing sticky web goo and paralysis-inflicting venom beams. He breaks up with Kitten but then attacks Robin for taking her as his junior prom date; he is defeated and then arrested along with Kitten and her father, Killer Moth in "Date With Destiny". He later joins the Brotherhood of Evil, and teams with Private H.I.V.E. to take down Jericho but fails.[1] In the final battle, he is captured by Speedy and frozen in the episode "Titans Together".

H.I.V.E. Headmistress

  • Voice Actor: Andrea Romano

The headmistress of the H.I.V.E. in the first season, she sends Gizmo, Jinx, and Mammoth to destroy the Teen Titans on Slade's order in "Final Exam", but they fail. When she told Slade that she will discipline them when they are retrieved from the authorities, Slade tells her that they succeeded in "delivering the message." In the third season, Brother Blood takes over her academy while she is listed as missing during "Deception". She rejoins the villain cast in the fifth season as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil and is flash-frozen after the final battle in "Titans Together".

Johnny Rancid

Johnny Rancid's personality and appearance is a mix of a punk rocker and biker. When Larry the Titan breaks his magic finger, Johnny takes control of Larry's unleashed power and becomes a muscular, demon-like brute. When Larry uses his powers to revert everything back to normal, Johnny loses his powers and crashes into the earth. This is in "Fractured". Rancid later returns with his robotic pet "dog" Wrex, who himself is destroyed by the Titans after being distracted by a game of fetch, is rebuilt as the monstrous Wrexzila and later eaten by Silkie during "Can I Keep Him?". As a member of the Brotherhood of Evil, and with his demonic powers somehow restored, Johnny teams up with Cinderblock to capture Más y Menos, but both are frozen when the combined force of the Titans attack them in the Brotherhood's headquarters in "Titans Together".


  • Voice Actor: None

Kardiak resembles a giant heart. Its abilities include the ability to change the shape of its valves into other mechanical objects, and it has an affinity for capturing and devouring small children. Raven uses a spell to break it near the beginning of "Spellbound", but it regenerates and later kidnaps a girl, which the Titans eventually prevent with Raven using a dark magic spell on it. Later Kardiak fails to capture Beast Boy for the Brotherhood of Evil in "Calling All Titans", and is frozen in the final battle in "Titans Together".


Katarou is a martial artist who defeated Robin in combat. He claimed to have trained with the True Master in "The Quest", but it was revealed that he failed in his attempt to reach him, so he decided to use Robin to get past the True Master's obstacles without any efforts on his part. When he attacked Robin for the right to train under the Master, Katarou was apprehended by the guardians of the mountain who were friends of the Master and thrown out. He later joined the Brotherhood of Evil and captured Bushido in "Calling All Titans", but was defeated by Bushido in the final battle of "Titans Together".


Kitten is the spoiled daughter of Killer Moth and the girlfriend of the mutant Fang. She first appears when Fang breaks up with her for undisclosed reasons. Not wanting to attend the junior prom alone, she talks her father into threatening the city with a large swarm of mutant moths to force Robin to become her date, which instigated a fight between Fang and Robin, and then between Kitten and a jealous Starfire. At the end of that episode, "Date With Destiny", Kitten, Fang, and Killer Moth were apprehended and jailed. Later on, the trio appear as members of the Brotherhood of Evil. She easily defeats Starfire in "Calling All Titans" while taunting Robin, but Starfire escapes before the final battle. Kitten is not present during the final battle.

Kyd Wykkyd

  • Voice Actor: None

Kyd Wykkyd is a silent bat-costumed former student at the H.I.V.E. Academy, since he was seen in "Deception", with the ability to teleport. After Cyborg and the Titans destroyed the H.I.V.E. and the various students became renegade villains, Wykkyd joined the H.I.V.E. Five. with Billy Numerous sometime before "Lightspeed". He is sent with Psimon to defeat Raven, but fails in "Calling All Titans". In the final battle of "Titans Together", Wykkyd attempts to escape with the remaining members before he is frozen in the process, but not before witnessing Jinx's turn to the side of good.


Malchior was a mighty dragon who fought the powerful wizard Rorek. Malchior captured Rorek, who used an ancient curse that trapped the dragon in the wizard's ancient book which Raven got possession of. Manipulating the pages of the book which told the story of the battle to make it appear he was the wizard and Rorek was the dragon, Malchior posed as Rorek (in paper form) and enamored Raven by teaching her magic in order to get him released. After his true intentions were revealed, Malchior attacked the other Titans but is defeated when Raven sent him back into the book in "Spellbound". Later Malchior (who somehow escaped again) joined the Brotherhood of Evil, and was sent into another dimension by Herald in the final battle in "Titans Together".

Master of Games

The Master of Games is a character who takes the male Titans, along with Gizmo, Hot Spot, Wildebeest, Aqualad, and Speedy to his own world in "Winner Take All" in order to have a Tournament of Heroes. In reality, he is attempting to steal their powers with his magic amulet. After his plan is unsuccessful, he captures Raven, Starfire, Terra, and five others for the Tournament of Heroines; the events of that contest are unknown. He later joins the Brotherhood, getting easily knocked out by Pantha, and is frozen during the final battle of "Titans Together". In the Teen Titans Video game, he serves as the game's final boss.

Mother Mae-Eye

Mother Mae-Eye is a haggish witch with candy-themed magical powers and a mass-produced army of gingerbread cookie soldiers. In her human form, she appears as a plump, rosy-cheeked and kindly woman dressed in a red, white and pink Mrs. Claus-esque outfit, but she is actually a three-eyed, ugly, wart-nosed witch capable of growing and shrinking in size. She feeds on the "sweet, nourishing affection" of her victims. She then traps and bakes them inside a gigantic pie (in a giant potbelly stove) under the guise of their "5:00 bedtime" when their love reaches its maximum. In addition to the pies, she is armed with a magical wooden spoon that she uses for most of her fantastical powers. Also, she becomes angered when her victims either come out of the spell on their own or refuse to eat her pies. When communicating with the Titans, she usually speaks to them in motherese; i.e., in a manner reminiscent of communicating with a baby or toddler. She is named after the children's game Mother May I?.

Mother makes her series debut in "Mother Mae-Eye", hiding inside a pie that Cyborg mistakenly buys from a gypsy and brings to Titans Tower, where she is subsequently released. She puts the Titans under an immaturity spell by feeding them the pie, which causes them to mentally regress to childlike behavior and come under hallucinations that she is (and has always been) their mother. The witch also uses her illusionary powers at the beginning of the episode to redecorate Titans Tower, transforming it into a T-shaped gingerbread house and the surrounding area into a candyland, complete with fluff-covered fields, lollipops and candy canes for trees and a permanent rainbow streaking across the sky.

After Starfire, struck in the head and thus freed from the spell, succeeds in freeing the other Titans from the immaturity spell, they seal Mother back into her pie and send it to the HIVE Five's hideout, where she is last seen giving the villains pie and calling them her children. It is not revealed how survived this ordeal when they next appear in "Lightspeed". Mother later returns in "Titans Together" and joins the Brotherhood of Evil, but is defeated; she is one of the few villains not frozen, as she disappears when Hot Spot and Wildebeest are slammed into her by Madame Rouge.

It is interesting to note that the fortune teller that Cyborg buys the pie from and Mother both look and sound exactly alike, implying that they are actually one and the same[original research?]. Things belonging to other villains can be seen in Mother's stand, such as Control Freak's remote and the Puppet King as a regular marionette.

Her intention of baking and devouring her victims and the T-shaped gingerbread house are based on the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel.[citation needed]

Mother May-Eye was voiced by Billie Hayes who is also famous for playing another witch on television - the role of Witchiepoo on Sid & Marty Krofft's "H.R. Pufnstuf".


The Amazing Mumbo is an evil turquoise-skinned magician whose powers are largely based on stage magic feats, noted by Robin as a "former stage magician now employing his skills for theft and mayhem." He is actually an old man but he uses a magic wand he has to give himself youth and blue skin (it also turns his grey hair white) and uses the wand to "perform" his powers. He first battled the Titans in a junkyard and flees after being confronted about a jewel theft during "The Sum of His Parts". Cyborg also goes missing, and the Titans give chase after mistakenly believing Mumbo was involved in his disappearance. Mumbo is captured and his wand is broken, stripping him of his magic powers and reverting him to his normal form.

Later on, in "Bunny Raven", he captures the Titans in his hat, renders them powerless and turns them into show animals (Robin-Monkey, Starfire-Tiger, Cyborg-Bear, Raven-Bunny, Beast Boy-Lamp (with the ability to turn into other inanimate objects, because Beast Boy can already turn into animals), and after a humiliating show in front of an audience of Mumbo lookalikes, Raven defeats him by having Robin and Beast Boy (transformed into a paintbrush) paint them all in order to blend in with the stage, enabling them to return to the real world.

Like the other villains, Mumbo joined the Brotherhood of Evil but was frozen in their final combat. An alarm clock in Mumbo's likeness can be seen in Titans Tower in certain episodes, like "How Long is Forever?". He also appears in a cameo as a conductor in "The Lost Episode".

Newfu and Bob

Newfu is a species made of a malleable tofu-like substance controlled by The Source, who uses Newfu Soldiers (aka Bob) to capture cows as power sources for their flying saucer ships. Newfu's only known weakness is water, or someone consuming it, which is how it met its demise after being eaten by Cyborg. Bob is a servant of the Newfu Source, made of Newfu in human form and capable of producing mock-hamburgers from his own body. He and his clones were defeated when Beast Boy exposed them to water, turning them into their inanimate tofu-like state. This all happened in the episode "Employee of the Month".

Newfu (or another of his species) is seen in "Homecoming: Pt. 2" as a member of the Brotherhood under unknown circumstances, but did not participate in the final battle.


Overload is a villainous electric monster controlled by a small circuit board that harnesses electricity and the ability to control machinery, but is extremely vulnerable to water. In "Car Trouble", he steals Cyborg's car, but is defeated. Slade used it in his plans by sending it to battle Raven[episode needed]. When it was a member of the Brotherhood of Evil, it was able to take out Lightning in "Calling All Titans". During the "Titans Together" final battle with the Brotherhood of Evil, Killowat absorbs Overload and leaves the circuit board behind, which is later frozen. In Aftershock part 2, he, Plasmus, and Cinderblock combined to form the rock/goo/electric character, Ternion.

Private H.I.V.E.

Private H.I.V.E. is the eponymous villain from the H.I.V.E. Academy with a military demeanor. He uses a hexagonal shield for defense and attack. He forms the H.I.V.E. Five with four other H.I.V.E. students: Jinx, Gizmo, Mammoth, and See-More in "Mother Mae-Eye". They later join up with the Brotherhood of Evil, but Private H.I.V.E. is not seen when the group takes on Kid Flash in "Lightspeed". He reappears to help Fang unsuccessfully defeat Jericho in "Calling All Titans". Inside the Brotherhood's base during "Titans Together", he discovers that Jericho is in Cinderblock's body, but Jericho possesses him. Private H.I.V.E. fights in the final battle under and later free of Jericho's control, but is beaten and frozen. He says "sir" at the end of almost every sentence.

Professor Chang

Professor Chang is a mad scientist who runs an underground Smuggling operation providing illegal services for higher-tier villains. He has several workers helping him, but they wear suits that hide their faces, and they never speak. Robin once forced him in "Masks" to hand over xenothium, the fictional power source for his Red X suit. In the third season, during "X", Robin goes to Chang, expecting the new owner of the Red X suit to show up for more xenothium, of which there is none. Chang sends Robin to a storage facility, which is a trap to get the xenothium for himself to power his new laser cannon. Red X teams up with Robin to destroy the cannon. Chang is imprisoned, but he escapes and attempts (under the mind control of Brother Blood) to convert his students into cyborgs to amplify his control over them in "Titans East Pt. 2", but is thwarted by the Titans.

He is frequently seen in Red Star's flashback scene that recalls how Red Star received his deadly powers in "Snowblind". He joins the Brotherhood of Evil and helps them flash-freeze the captured heroes, but he and his cohorts are soon frozen themselves in "Titans Together". NOTE: Professor Chang is named after Teen Titans director Michael Chang.[citation needed]

Punk Rocket

Punk Rocket, a musical anarchist, moved from England to the United States to spread what he terms "the sound of chaos". He wears a sleeveless orange prison jumpsuit, and has gray spiked hair and multiple piercings. His weapon is a customized electric guitar that releases sonic blasts strong enough to knock back a bull elephant by 100 feet, and he is also able to ride it through the air like a surfboard.

Punk Rocket is first seen in "The Lost Episode", rudely interrupting a concert, but is defeated when Beast Boy goads him into cranking the guitar up to maximum, blowing up the sound system it is linked to in the process. Subsequently, Punk Rocket joins the Brotherhood of Evil and, along with Angel, attempts to bring down Bumblebee in "Calling All Titans", but ultimately fails. During the fight just prior to the final battle of "Titans Together", Más stops Punk Rocket by knocking him into a portal created by Herald with his horn.

Puppet King

The Puppet King is an evil marionette who sucks all of the Titans' souls into puppets in an attempt to enact a ceremony that will turn the Titans' bodies over to him permanently in "Switched". He almost sounded like Peter Lorre. However, his plans are disrupted when a spell cast by Raven as he was transferring her and Starfire into their puppets resulted in the two female Titans escaping their puppets, although they were left in each other's bodies as a result. After overcoming their issues in controlling the other's powers, Raven and Starfire work together to stop him, and The Puppet King's spells are broken as the Titans' minds returns to their proper bodies. The Puppet King is then revealed as a lifeless marionette, which the Titans stow in their storage room. He is later revived and joins the Brotherhood, and along with Control Freak, he takes down Killowat in "Calling All Titans" but is beaten by Más prior to the final battle of "Titans Together".

NOTE: The character was based on Puppeteer, who is a Green Lantern villain.[citation needed]

Red X

Originally, Red X was an identity Robin had conceived in an unsuccessful attempt to get closer to Slade. In the third season, in "X", the Red X suit is appropriated and used by an unidentified antagonist, though not an outright adversary, of the Titans. He has the same voice, skills, and weapons that Robin did as "Red X" but Robin's voice was deeper to disguise it more. Though he is a thief who looks out only for himself, the new Red X appears to be more of an antihero, as he displays a few heroic tendencies. On one occasion he helped Robin to free the other Titans from Professor Chang, and in the episode "Revved Up" prevented the other villains from gaining Robin's "special case". He is usually hard to defeat because of his vast acrobatic skill, the large number of gadgets his suit has, and the fact that the suit was originally made to specifically counter every single one of the Titans except for Robin.

Red X's suit allows him to either teleport or turn invisible, and fire energy beams, while the belt relies on power from a chemical compound called xynothium. His X-shaped palm gloves can form x-shaped projectiles which can act as shuriken, saw blades, timed explosives, restraints (by constriction or adhesion), or other high-tech functions. He occasionally flirts with Starfire.

In the episode "Homecoming: Pt. 2", he is seen lined up with the other new members of the brotherhood; but in the episode "Titans Together" where the Brotherhood of Evil is defeated he is seen fighting another supervillain, so there is some confusion as to which side he was on. A possible explanation on how Red X chooses sides is heard in the episode "Revved Up" when Gizmo asks, "Whose side are you on, barfbrain?" to which Red X replies, "Mine!"


See-More is a minor villain from the former H.I.V.E Academy who joined the H.I.V.E Five before "Mother Mae-Eye". His powers, which include multivision, x-ray vision, hypnosis, projection of eye-shaped bubbles, laser beams, and balloon-based flight, stem from a variety of colored eyes on his helmet. As a member of the Brotherhood of Evil, he and Warp are unable to take down Herald. In the TV series, he is not seen in the final battle of "Titans Together" and is not seen frozen with his fellow H.I.V.E Five members, meaning there is a chance he escaped. He also seemed to have had a crush on Jinx when he blushes when she thanks him; he is also the only one who assists her in capturing Kid Flash when Madame Rouge mocks them after the speedster destroys their base.


Soto is a formidable alien who comes to Earth looking for his green dog in "Every Dog Has His Day". He inadvertently abducts Beast Boy in dog form, but decides to keep him because Beast Boy can change into any animal he wants. Soto is of a childish nature; his outfit resembles footie pajamas, and the controls of his spacecraft look like toddler's toys. Despite this, he is extremely dangerous and has shown astonishing strength, speed and endurance, able to take a combined attack from the Teen Titans without injury. He surrendered his new pet upon being defeated by the Titans, after which he found himself face-to-face with his real dog, who informs him that he was tired of being the pet. They switch roles, with Soto eagerly agreeing to let the dog be his new master. He was one of the very few non-major villains to not be a member of the Brotherhood of Evil. NOTE: Soto is named after Teen Titans director Alex Soto.[citation needed] In the background in the episode "X" neon letters show the word "Soto" but this could just be a reference to Alex Soto.

Space Monster

An unidentified Space Monster is seen tearing apart a space station in "Stranded", which the Titans are sent to investigate. The monster nearly defeats them with his sonic powers, but then falls into a reactor. It catches up with them as they flee the station and lands on their ship, but is thrown off and crashes onto the planet where the Titans also land. It falls down a chasm during battle with Robin and Starfire, and is not seen again. Another one was seen on the Gordanians' prison ship in the retroactive prequel "Go!".


  • Voice Actor: Uncredited

Steamroller is a gigantic cybernetic monstrosity with two cone-shaped gauntlets which, when joined together, form his namesake. He was used by Brother Blood in "Titans East: Pt. 1" to attack Cyborg and Titans East. Steamroller almost manages to defeat the Titans East until Cyborg brings them together as a team. It turns out that the battle was a ruse for Steamroller to download the access codes to the Titans East's tower from Cyborg himself. Steamroller was later used by the Brotherhood of Evil to help the I.N.S.T.I.G.A.T.O.R. take down Thunder in "Calling All Titans". Although successful in that mission, he is defeated by the Titans and frozen in the final battle during "Titans Together".


Trogaar is the Gordanian commander of the prison ship on which Starfire was being transported to the Citadel as a slave. After Starfire escaped from the ship in "Go!", he led a task force to recover her, only to run afoul of Robin, Raven, Beast Boy and Cyborg, who rose to Starfire's defense. He was the Titans' first takedown as a team.


Ternion was a combination of Overload, Plasmus, and Cinderblock, formed when Slade and Terra took over the city. In "Aftershock: Pt. 2", Terra was losing a battle to the Teen Titans, so Slade sent the combination of goo, rock, and electricity to take the titans. After a long battle Ternion was defeated. Many of Slade's robots attacked, but were defeated. Ternion then got to its feet and attacked again, but yet again, lost. Slade and Terra were defeated, and the trio of villains reverted back to their original forms. Ternion appears in the Teen Titans video game.[disambiguation needed ] After a long duel, it turned out to be a fake monster.

White Monster

  • Voice Actor: None

An unnamed creature - possibly an android[citation needed] - capable of merging into and assuming the attributes of materials such as concrete, oil, brick, stone, water, and fire. The Titans cornered it in a recycling plant during "Things Change", but it was too powerful for the four Titans to defeat on their own, so they called Beast Boy for help. The creature's origin and ultimate fate are never revealed.


  • Voice Actor: Uncredited

Krall's magical assistant, she is referred to only as Witch. He freed her from eternal limbo and she thus became his slave. Though condemned to obey Krall, she twisted his every command for her to make him a hero: she sent him insectoid minions to attack Sarasim's town, brought Cyborg from the future, and transformed Krall into a more powerful version of her minions when he asked her for more power to defeat Cyborg in "Cyborg the Barbarian". Her fate following Krall's defeat remains unknown; though she is seen among the assembled entourage of villains enlisted into the Brotherhood of Evil in "Homecoming: Pt. 2", she does not participate in the final battle.

Wrestling Star

  • Voice Actor: None

Wrestling Star is a large man wearing a red mask, red gloves and boots and a star on his blue leotard. His primary power is super-strength. Seen as a student of the H.I.V.E. Academy in "Deception", he later joins the Brotherhood and is defeated in the "Titans Together" final battle by Pantha, who, according to lucha libre tradition, claims his mask before he is picked up by Kid Flash and frozen.

XL Terrestrial

  • Voice Actor: None

XL ("Extra-Large") Terrestrial is a H.I.V.E. student who helps the Brotherhood of Evil take out Tramm. He was unable to take out Tramm, but Tramm was defeated alongside Aqualad by Plasmus and Trident in "Calling All Titans". His powers grow in size by pushing the arrow on his chest, which he does during the final battle of "Titans Together", but suffers the same fate as the other Brotherhood members in the end. However, when the Brain is frozen, he is seen in the crowd of Titans.

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