Trigon (comics)

Trigon (comics)


caption= Art by George Pérez.
publisher=DC Comics
debut="The New Teen Titans" #2 (1981)
creators=Marv Wolfman
George Pérez
aliases=Lucifer,Satan,The Devil
powers=Demonical mystic powers.|

Trigon the Terrible is a fictional character that appears in comic books published by DC Comics. The character first appeared in "The New Teen Titans" #2 (1981) and was created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez.

Fictional character biography

A sadistic, cruel and powerful demon of interdimensional origin, Trigon is result of the mating between a female member of a mystic sect and the god they worshipped. A side effect of this pairing, is that their child was filled with the cast-off evil energies of the inhabitants of Azarath, forming him into their personification. At birth, Trigon killed everyone around him (including his own mother). At the age of six, he destroyed an entire planet. And by the age of thirty, he held dominion over millions of worlds in his dimension. Arella, Raven's mother, was a depressed woman who decided to join a Satanic cult known as Church of Blood, that was trying to kill Trigon. When the ritual was performed, Trigon, disguised as a handsome male, emerged and married Arella, who, soon impregnated by Trigon, discovered Trigon's true nature. After Trigon left Arella, she was on the brink of suicide when an extra-dimensional cult found her and brought her to Azarath, where Raven is born and taught to "control her emotions" in order to suppress and control Trigon's demonic powers that she was born with.

Raven learned of Trigon's intentions to conquer the Earth, and vowed to stop him; she initially approached the Justice League, but they refused her on the advice of Zatanna who sensed her demonic parentage. In desperation, she reformed the Teen Titans with several new members in order to fight her father. The team was eventually able to defeat Trigon and seal him in an interdimensional prison. However, Raven still had to fight her father's influence, as he was not completely destroyed. Trigon eventually escaped and came to Earth, taking control of Raven and destroying Azarath in the process. The Titans came together and killed Raven; this allowed the souls of Azarath to possess her and use her as a channel to kill Trigon, blasting him out of existence with a beam of purifying light.

Although Trigon is gone, his followers (led by Brother Blood) have tried to revive him several times.


In "Titans" vol. 2, #1, Raven states that Trigon has returned and is responsible for the recent attacks on past and present members of the Teen Titans. The cause of his resurrection from the dead, has not been revealed. It is revealed in #3 that attacks by rival demons have spread Trigon's forces too thinly, and left him desperately weak, which forces him to renew his attack on our dimension, in hopes of creating a new power base.Jacob, Jared and Jesse, three of Trigon's sons, turn up in "Titans" #4. They have the key part in his return to life. #3 also reveals that these new children have the ability to induce the seven deadly sins in any living being; the children in #3 induce wrath (Jared), envy (Jacob) and lust (Jesse). In "Titans" #4, they attempt to open the portal to Trigon's realm, but their half-sister Raven, who possesses the power to induce greed in others, influences them into stealing what little power Trigon had left. The trio leave, thinking they have gained great power, and Trigon is left trapped in his realm. The three return a short time later, in "Titans" #5, corrupting their half-sister and turning her to their side.

Powers and abilities

Trigon is pure evil and a supposedly all-powerful demon. He showed capable of energy projection, size-shifting, super strength, virtual invulnerability, reality manipulation, telekinesis and matter transmutation. He was able to reshape the entire planet Earth on a whim; had drained the souls of millions of worlds; was seemly omniscient; had power over life and death; granted powerful psionic powers to Psimon; and could create hordes of demons under his command, as well open wormholes to other worlds. In addition, Trigon was easily able to defeat that of the Teen Titans and the Justice League.

The Sons of Trigon can each wield the power of a Deadly Sin. Jared unleashes anger and wrath in his opponents. Jesse sees into the head of his victim, and transforms himself into the thing they envy most. And Jacob invokes lust into the hearts of his prey.

Other media

"Teen Titans animated series"

In the "Teen Titans animated series", Trigon made his first unofficial appearance in Season one episode "Nevermore" (voiced by Keith Szarabajka). Trigon later appears as the main villain in the fourth season story arc (now voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, and looking very different from his first appearance). In the fourth season, Trigon resurrects the Titans' foe Slade from his molten burial to inform Raven of his coming and how she is his portal to the "world of mortals". In the three-part finale, "The End", Trigon finally emerges and turns everyone into stone, except for the Titans who are protected by one last gift of Raven's. Trigon also regresses Raven to the age of a 9-year-old in order to carry out his evil plans. The Teen Titans, along with Slade launch an all-out assault on Trigon, but in the end, it is Raven who uses her powers to restore her age and obliterate Trigon, while renouncing him as her father. Trigon's destruction also reversed all of the damage he caused to Earth. In the series, he is also known as "Skath", and is confirmed to be feared all around the universe.

Raven's mental image of Trigon also made an appearance in "Teen Titans Go!" #5. Trigon is also mentioned in Teen Titans Go! #44.

Powers and Abilities

In the animated continuity Trigon wielded vast magical and energy manipulation abilities to an unknown though incredibly high extent. He manifested in a physical form of enormous strength and durability. He was able to reshape the surface of the planet at will and turned the entire human population into stone statues. He was able to unleash bursts of energy, and could find a creature's dark side and give it form and substance, which would then serve Trigon.

He could also rip portals to alternate places, and probably alternate dimensions.

He could bring the dead back to life as a servant under his control by placing on the corpses head a symbol called the Mark of Scath bringing the person back to life, giving them manipulation and control over all forms of heat, virtual indestructibility, flight, and vastly increased physical strength.

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