Chopy Fatah

Chopy Fatah
Chopy Fatah
Birth name Chopy Fatah


Origin The Netherlands Flag of the Netherlands.svg
Genres Kurdish music
Occupations Singer
Years active 2000 - Present

Chopy Fatah [Kurdish:Çopî Fetah / چۆپی فەتاح] more commonly known as Chopy is a contemporary Kurdish singer. She was born in Kirkuk, Iraq in 1983 and her family emigrated to The Netherlands in 1988. She released her first album titled Çît Naw Binêm in 2003



After emigrating to the Netherlands, she joined a choir school in 1990 and also attended a music school in 1996 where she focused on singing under the supervision of her teachers. In 1999, she attended the Kurdish Music Academy in Germany where she studied under the supervision of the Kurdish music teacher Mr.Wirya Ahmad. She performed on stage for the first time in The Hague, The Netherlands in 2000. She also participated for the first time in a TV-program titled Shanisheen on MedyaTV. Her first CD (Çît Naw Binêm) was released under supervision of Mr.Burhan Mofti in 2003. In 2007, she released her second CD titled Nawit Denem Zino and in 2010 she released her third CD titled Crystal. Her last CD with the name Şara was released in 2011 and was named after her mother.

Chopy's music & advertisement videos are played on different TV channels in the Middle East;

In 2008 Chopy became the cultural Ambassador of Asia Cell Telecom Company, STC,(Arabic: شركة اسيا سيل للاتصالات‎). This is one of the most important Iraqi telecommunications company that caters to more than 7.4 million subscribers around Iraq. The result of this was that thousands of Chopy's (Asia Cell) billboards were placed all over Iraq.

Chopy has held many (international) concerts in various countries around the world. Mostly in European countries like Germany, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Holland, Norway, Austria and Greece, but also in other countries like in The United States(USA), Canada, Australia, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Chopy is in the Kurdish populated areas of Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Armenia one of the most famous singers and has sold thousands of her CD's around the world. The unique on Chopy is that she is known in all parts of Kurdistan because she not only sings in her own Kurdish-Sorani dialect but also in the Kurdish-Kurmanci dialect and therefore she has made many concerts around the area like the ones of Batman, Arbil (Erbil/Hawler), Qamishlo, Sulaimaniyah and Kirkuk.

Chopy was also one of the first singers to perform in the Iraqi (Kurdish) city of Kirkuk, where the safety condition was and still is bad. Chopy stated that she did so because of her love for her home-town and her many fans.

Many of Chopy Fatah's concerts and music events have been attended by important Iraqi and Kurdish politicians like the President of the Republic of Iraq, Jalal Talabani and the president of the Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barzani.

Chopy supported in 2009 the Democratic Society Party (DTP) by sending an official letter to its leader Mr.Ahmet Türk where she explained that she will do everything in her power to support the peaceful solution of the Kurdish issue in Turkey (North-Kurdistan). “As a Kurdish artist I want to show my support to the solution of the Kurdish question in North-Kurdistan (Southeast Turkey).” Chopy said she is willing to give free concerts in Diyarbakir (Amed), Cizîr, Batman and other cities to support peace.

Chopy is currently recording her first English album.


1* Çît Naw Binêm, 2003.

2* Nawit Denem Zino, 2007.

3* Crystal, 2010

4* Şara, 2011


2003 - Çît Naw Binêm

  • 01. Çît Naw Binêm?
  • 02. Siya Cemane
  • 03. Legel Xem
  • 04. Yara Min
  • 05. Le Mehzunan
  • 06. Xosewistekem
  • 07. Hevala Min
  • 08. Xemi Duri
  • 09. Seydayi

2007 - Nawit Denem Jino

  • 01. Gwe Nagirim
  • 02. Serbesti
  • 03. Hedi Hedi
  • 04. Bimbexse
  • 05. Xak
  • 06. Isqa Mezin
  • 07. De Birro
  • 08. Zistani Ruhh
  • 09. Day Wele Nabe, Semame
  • 10. Ere Bazo, Neki
  • 11. Be Soz
  • 12. Grftar
  • 13. Kerkuk

2010 - Crystal

  • 01. Hewilmede
  • 02. Kiristal
  • 03. Be tu nagem
  • 04. Disan
  • 05. Eshqe diwar ninin
  • 06. Meysharewe
  • 07. Mire peyvan
  • 08. Ho ew kesey

2011 - Şara

  • 01. Le Paş Mergim
  • 02. Nemam
  • 03. Lanik Jînan
  • 04. Beqûrban
  • 05. Sefer
  • 06. Nemirdim Min
  • 07. Ehmedî Mala Mûsa
  • 08. Evînê
  • 09. Le Derîyawe
  • 10. Loy Nemayîme
  • 11. Lawkê Metînê
  • 12. Bûlbûl Exwênê


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