List of Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils characters

List of Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils characters

The following is a list of characters from Jin Yong's wuxia novel Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils. There are about over 230 characters in the novel, including those who are only mentioned by name.



  • Qiao Feng (喬峰) – birth name Xiao Feng (蕭峰). He is the chief of the Beggars' Sect and one of the most powerful and respected pugilists of his era. He becomes sworn brothers with Duan Yu and Xuzhu. He is despised by fellow pugilists after he is revealed to be a Khitan, and becomes an outcast after being wrongly accused of committing a series of mysterious murders. Xiao Feng becomes sworn brothers with the Khitan ruler by coincidence and is conferred a nobility title for his efforts in suppressing a coup. At the end of the novel, he forces the Khitan ruler to make an oath that he will not attack the Song Dynasty for as long as he lives. He commits suicide afterwards to prove that his actions are for the greater good of both countries and to keep his honour.
  • Duan Yu (段譽) – the nominal son of Duan Zhengchun. As a child, he is sentimental towards whatever that interests him. He refuses to learn martial arts to avoid hurting and killing others due to Buddhist influence. However, he still learns some powerful skills through a series of adventures. With these techniques, he becomes a formidable pugilist. He meets Wang Yuyan later, who looks like a statue that once mesmerized him, and becomes attracted to her, dutifully doing anything to win her heart. While on adventure, he meets Xiao Feng and Xuzhu in two separate encounters and becomes sworn brothers with them. He becomes the ruler of Dali eventually.
  • Xuzhu (虛竹) – originally a monk from the Shaolin Sect. He becomes the leader of the Carefree Sect after solving a weiqi puzzle by accident and inherits Wuyazi's 70 years' worth of inner energy. He meets Tianshan Tonglao, who teaches him more advanced and powerful martial arts. In a freak incident during Tianshan Tonglao and Li Qiushui's last fatal duel, he manages to absorb the majority of their powers as well. He succeeds Tianshan Tonglao as ruler of Lingjiu Palace after her death. During the brief period of time he spent with Tianshan Tonglao, he develops an intimate relationship with a woman whose face he has never seen clearly before, known to him as "dream lover". The lovers are reunited again some time later when the woman is revealed to be the princess of Western Xia. Xuzhu marries her and becomes a prince consort. He becomes sworn brothers with Duan Yu during their first meeting at Lingjiu Palace and with Xiao Feng later at Shaolin.
  • Wang Yuyan (王語嫣) – the daughter of Duan Zhengchun and Li Qingluo. She is described as a beautiful and flawless young maiden, who is independent of all worldly traits. She is Murong Fu's cousin and is secretly in love with him. She memorizes martial arts manuals in hope of helping him perfect his skills and win his heart, but Murong Fu does not appreciate her help and treats her coldly. Although she does not practise the martial arts she read from manuals, she is able to identify them by observation.
  • A'zhu (阿朱) – the older daughter of Duan Zhengchun and Ruan Xingzhu and a master in the art of disguise. Initially a servant of the Murong family, she meets Xiao Feng, falls in love with him, and decides to accompany him forever. She is killed by Xiao Feng mistakenly when she disguises herself as Duan Zhengchun to prevent a conflict between her lover and father.
  • A'zi (阿紫) – the younger sister of A'zhu and a disciple of Ding Chunqiu. She is sadistic and cruel, and takes pleasure in torturing and mutilating anyone who offends her. You Tanzhi is attracted by her beauty and willingly succumbs to her sadistic tortures just to entertain her. He even offers his eyes to her after she is blinded by Ding Chunqiu. However, she has a crush on Xiao Feng instead and she often taunts him with her sister's dying words whenever he refused to do anything for her. She follows suit after Xiao Feng commits suicide.
  • Mu Wanqing (木婉清) – the daughter of Duan Zhengchun and Qin Hongmian. She falls in love with Duan Yu but leaves him in anguish after realising that he is actually her half brother. She meets Duan Yanqing, who tricks her and Duan Yu into consuming aphrodisiac, because he wants them to commit incest in order to disgrace the Duan family. However, Duan Zhengchun's bodyguards dig a secret tunnel leading to the room where she is held captive and rescue her and replace her with Zhong Ling. She appears again in a later chapter when the protagonists are in Western Xia.
  • Zhong Ling (鐘靈) – the daughter of Duan Zhengchun and Gan Baobao. She meets Duan Yu while he is attempting to defuse a conflict between two rival sects. She is captured and held hostage by the sect's leader after he is bitten by her pet, the Lightning Squirrel, whose bite is poisonous and fatal. She is rescued by Duan Yu and Mu Wanqing later. She appears again in a later chapter to take care of Duan Yu after he is wounded by Jiu Mozhi.

Kingdom of Dali

  • Duan Zhengming (段正明) – the ruler of Dali and older brother of Duan Zhengchun. A benevolent and wise monarch, he is well respected by his subjects and people. He abdicates and becomes a monk in order to help the elders of Heavenly Dragon Monastery deal with Jiu Mozhi.
  • Duan Zhengchun (段正淳) – the Zhennan Prince. Notorious for his flirtatious behavior, he conceives several illegitimate daughters with different lovers in his younger days. Ironically, his illegitimate daughters also become lovers with Duan Yu. He is confronted several times by Duan Yanqing, who attempts to force him to hand over the throne, but he always stands firm and fights back.
  • Gao Shengtai (高升泰) – the Marquis of Shanchan. He is given the throne and rules Dali before passing it to Duan Yu.
  • Three Ministers
    • Fan Hua (范驊)
    • Ba Tianshi (巴天石)
    • Hua Hegen (華赫艮)
  • Four bodyguards - formidable pugilists who dedicate their prowess to protecting Duan Zhengchun and his family. Duan Zhengchun regards them as brothers rather than subjects.
    • Chu Wanli (褚萬里) - dresses as a fisherman. He is slain by Duan Yanqing while defending his master with his life.
    • Gu Ducheng (古篤誠) - dresses as a woodcutter
    • Fu Sigui (傅思歸) - dresses as a farmer
    • Zhu Danchen (朱丹臣) - dresses as a scholar. He is regarded by Duan Yu as a close friend as both of them have common interests in literature and poetry.
  • Zhong Wanchou (鐘萬仇) – nicknamed "Horse Deity" (馬王神). He is the master of Wanjie Valley (萬劫谷) and husband of Gan Baobao. He hates Duan Zhengchun to the core after he presumes that Duan has an extra-marital affair with his wife. He even places a sign that reads, "Anyone with the family name "Duan" who enters this valley will be killed without exception" (姓段者入此谷杀无赦), at the entrance to his valley.
  • Reverend Huangmei (黃眉大師) – the abbot of Nianhua Monastery (拈花寺). He plays a role in rescuing Duan Yu from Wanjie Valley by distracting Duan Yanqing in a game of weiqi.

Murong family

  • Murong Fu (慕容復) – known as "Southern Murong" (南慕容) to pugilists. He is a descendant of the royal family of the Kingdom of Yan of the Sixteen Kingdoms. His father names him "Fu" (literally means "to restore") to remind him to restore Yan. Scheming and unscrupulous, he uses all sorts of means to restore his kingdom and become the emperor. Wang Yuyan has a crush on him initially, but turns her love towards Duan Yu after she discovers that Murong Fu would even severe ties with her in order to realise his dream. He fails in his delusional plan and becomes insane eventually. He is skilled in various types of martial arts, but specializes in none. He is best known for killing opponents with their own skills, which becomes his signature move, "returning you with your own way" (以彼之道, 還之彼身).
  • Murong Bo (慕容博) – the father of Murong Fu. He shares the same delusional dream as his son and orchestrates the attack at Yanmen Pass that caused the death of Xiao Yuanshan's wife. He fakes his own death and hides in Shaolin Monastery, secretly learning the skills from the manuals in the library. He is enlightened by the Sweeper Monk and becomes his disciple eventually.
  • Murong Fu's followers
    • Deng Baichuan (鄧百川)
    • Gongye Gan (公冶幹) – nicknamed "Jiangnan Number Two" (江南老二), as he considers himself the best pugilist in Jiangnan after his master.
    • Bao Butong (包不同) – nicknamed "no, no" (非也非也) after his favorite lingo. He is noted for disagreeing with people and challenging them to verbal wars. Murong Fu kills him to prove his loyalty to Duan Yanqing.
    • Feng Bo'e (風波惡) – nicknamed "Gust of Wind" (一陣風). He is always ready to pick a fight with others, even when his chances of winning are low.
  • A'bi (阿碧) – a servant of the Murong family. She is a good friend of A'zhu and they helped Duan Yu escape from Jiu Mozhi. She is also a disciple of Kang Guangling. She loves Murong Fu and accompanies him to the end.

Lovers of Duan Zhengchun

  • Dao Baifeng (刀白鳳) – the Zhennan princess consort of Dali and legal spouse of Duan Zhengchun. She leaves Duan Zhengchun after discovering his extra-marital affairs and decides to have sex with an inferior man in order to make Duan angry. She has a one-night stand with a filthy beggar, who turns out to be actually Duan Yanqing. She gives birth to Duan Yu later and returns to Duan Zhengchun's side, without telling him the truth.
  • Qin Hongmian (秦紅棉) – nicknamed "Xiuluo Dagger" (修羅刀). She leaves Duan Zhengchun in anger after discovering his affairs with other women and calls herself "Eerie Valley Dweller" (幽谷客). She raises their daughter, Mu Wanqing, as her disciple, without telling her the truth about her parents until Mu Wanqing finds out herself.
  • Gan Baobao (甘寶寶) – the wife of Zhong Wanchou. She is the mother of Zhong Ling and her daughter is raised as Zhong Wanchou's child.
  • Ruan Xingzhu (阮星竹) – lives near Little Mirror Lake (小鏡湖). She is the mother of A'zhu and A'zi.
  • Li Qingluo (李青羅) - known as Mrs. Wang (王夫人) after her marriage. She becomes the mistress of Mantuo Village after her husband's death. She is the mother of Wang Yuyan and aunt of Murong Fu.
  • Kang Min (康敏) – known as Mrs. Ma (馬夫人) after her marriage to Ma Dayuan. She appears to be warm-hearted and faithful, but is in fact scheming and adulterous. She murders her husband with the help of Bai Shijing and plots the downfall of Xiao Feng. When Duan Zhengchun finds her to ask her about how she directed Xiao Feng to him, she uses that opportunity to take her revenge on him for betraying her love. She dies of frustration and anger after being horribly marred and defaced by A'zi.

Four Evils

  • Duan Yanqing (段延慶) – nicknamed "Overflowing with Evil" (惡貫滿盈). He is formerly the crown prince of Dali and goes into exile. Although he appears to be a crippled old man carrying a pair of crutches, he is actually a formidable pugilist. He has the ability to channel his internal energy to his abdomen and speak without opening his mouth. He attempts to take the throne of Dali by harming Duan Zhengchun and Duan Yu on several occasions. Ironically, it turns out that Duan Yu (future ruler of Dali) is his biological son.
  • Ye Erniang (葉二娘) – nicknamed "No Evil Left Undone" (無惡不作; i.e. commits all evils). She has a secret affair with Shaolin's abbot, Xuanci, and conceives a son with him, but the child is seized from her by a mysterious attacker. She suffers from an emotional breakdown and resorts to kidnapping other people's babies, treating them as her own before killing them. In the third revision, Ye Erniang leaves the babies at strangers' houses after playing with them.[citation needed] She recognizes Xuzhu as her son after seeing the joss stick burn marks on his back and reunites with her son. She dies together with Xuanci after he confesses his secret affair with her.
  • Yue Laosan (岳老三) – nicknamed "Ferocious Deity, Evil Devil," (凶神惡煞), also known as "Crocodile Deity of the Southern Sea" (南海鱷神). He is the most comical character in the novel for his repeated unsuccessful attempts to make Duan Yu his disciple, which concluded with him being the latter's disciple instead. Armed with a pair of giant scissors, he often threatens to kill people by breaking their necks. He often argues with Ye Erniang, claiming that he should be ranked second of the Four Evils. However, he concedes the second rank to her upon her death. He is killed by Duan Yanqing while trying to save Duan Yu.
  • Yun Zhonghe (雲中鶴) – nicknamed "Thoroughly Cruel, Utterly Evil" (窮凶極惡). Armed with an iron staff, he is a lecherous fiend who preys on young and beautiful women. His formidable qinggong enables him to pursue and flee from enemies easily. He is viciously killed by Duan Yu after making an attempt on Wang Yuyan.

Shaolin Sect (少林派)

  • Xuanci (玄慈) – the abbot of Shaolin. He has a secret love affair with Ye Erniang and conceives a son with her. Their child is taken away by Xiao Yuanshan and later discovered and raised as a Shaolin monk named "Xuzhu". He is actually the mysterious "Leading Big Brother" (帶頭大哥) who led the attack on Xiao Yuanshan's family at Yanmen Pass, but was tricked into doing so after Murong Bo gave him misleading information. Towards the end of the novel, he confesses his affair with Ye Erniang and dies in peace after accepting punishment for his misconduct.
  • Sweeper Monk (掃地僧) – a nameless monk of unknown origin in charge of the library of Shaolin. He defeats and enlightens Xiao Yuanshan and Murong Bo, clearing their minds of their delusional ambitions. They become his disciples later.
  • Xuanbei (玄悲) – killed by Murong Bo
  • Xuannan (玄難) – head of the Bodhidharma Hall
  • Xuanji (玄寂) – head of the Discipline Hall
  • Xuanku (玄苦) – Xiao Feng's mentor. He is mortally wounded by Xiao Yuanshan, who had disguised himself as Xiao Feng, and dies after mistakenly accusing the real Xiao Feng as the attacker.
  • Huilun (慧輪) – Xuzhu's mentor
  • Huijing (慧净) – a monk who catches the Ice Silkworm (冰蟬)

Heavenly Dragon Monastery (天龍寺)

  • Benyin (本因) – head abbot
  • Kurong (枯榮) - the most powerful monk in terms of martial arts

Beggars' Sect (丐幫)

  • Ma Dayuan (馬大元) – the deputy chief of the sect. He holds the secret letter that contains details about Xiao Feng's ethnicity. He is murdered by his adulterous wife, Kang Min, and Bai Shijing.
  • Quan Guanqing (全冠清) – nicknamed "All-rounded Scholar" (十方秀才). He plots against Xiao Feng and manipulates You Tanzhi into becoming the new chief. He is killed by the sect's members after You Tanzhi's downfall.
  • Bai Shijing (白世鏡) – the elder in charge of discipline affairs. He has an adulterous affair with Kang Min and plots with her to kill Ma Dayuan. Initially, he attempts to frame Murong Fu for the murder by killing Ma Dayuan with Ma's own signature skill, which clearly fits Murong's "returning you with your way" style, but Xiao Feng becomes the suspect later.
  • Wu Changfeng (吳長風), Chen Guyan (陳孤雁), Xi Shanhe (奚山河) and Elder Song (宋長老) – the four senior elders of the sect. They are instigated by Quan Guanqing into a plot to remove Xiao Feng from power. They fail and Xiao Feng pardons them on account of their past contributions to the sect. Xi Shanhe is slain by Xiao Feng at Heroes' Gathering Manor after toasting to end their friendship.
  • Xu Chongxiao (徐沖霄) – a retired elder of the sect who appears at the meeting in Apricot Forest. He is murdered by Xiao Yuanshan and Xiao Feng becomes the suspect.
  • Wang Jiantong (汪劍通) – nicknamed "Sword Beard" (劍髯), he is Xiao Feng's predecessor as chief of the sect. He is involved in the attack on Xiao Yuanshan's family. He died of natural cases before the start of the novel.

Carefree Sect (逍遙派) and associates

  • Wuyazi (無涯子) – the leader of the sect. He is ambushed and thrown off a cliff by Li Qiushui and Ding Chunqiu after he discovers their affair. He has incredible internal energy but is unable to seek revenge on Ding Chunqiu as he is crippled. Before dying, he transfers his 70 years worth of inner energy to Xuzhu and names Xuzhu as his successor.
  • Tianshan Tonglao (天山童姥; literally "Child-Old Woman of Mount Heaven") - she masters a powerful skill that increases her powers, but a side effect is that she will maintain her current body size regardless of her age. Since she started practicing the skill when she was a child, her body never developed despite her age. She is Wuyazi's older disciple sister and ruler of Lingjiu Palace (靈鷲宮) on Mount Heaven. She dies from exhaustion after the final fight with Li Qiushui.
  • Li Qiushui (李秋水) – Wuyazi's younger disciple sister. She is the mother of Li Qingluo and love rival of Tianshan Tonglao. Her younger sister, who is identical to her in appearance, is actually Wuyazi's true love. She has an affair with Ding Chunqiu when Wuyazi neglects her, and becomes the princess consort of Western Xia later. She dies with Tianshan Tonglao after realizing that Wuyazi loves neither of them.
  • Su Xinghe (蘇星河) – the elder disciple of Wuyazi. He is nicknamed "Deaf Mute Old Man" (聾啞老人) and "Intelligent Gentleman" (聰辯先生). He is the founder of the Deaf Mute Sect and the master of the Eight Friends of Hangu. He indulges in all kinds of arts and neglects his martial arts practice. Ding Chunqiu spares his life at first when he pretends to be deaf and mute. He dies after being poisoned by Ding Chunqiu.
  • Ding Chunqiu (丁春秋) – nicknamed "Old Freak of Xingxiu" (星宿老怪). He is formerly Wuyazi's younger disciple but is tempted by fame and glory that he attempts to murder his teacher. He leaves the sect later to found the Xingxiu Sect (星宿派), which specializes in toxicology. He is defeated by Xuzhu and implanted with the Life and Death Talisman (生死符). He is imprisoned in Shaolin eventually and given the antidote to ease his suffering temporarily if he behaves well.
  • Four Servants of Lingjiu Palace
    • Plum Sword (梅劍)
    • Orchid Sword (兰剑)
    • Bamboo Sword (竹剑)
    • Chrysanthemum Sword (菊剑)
  • Eight Friends of Hangu (函谷八友) - the disciples of Su Xinghe
    • "Zither Craze" Kang Guangling ("琴癲" 康廣陵)
    • "Chess Devil" Fan Bailing ("棋魔" 范百齡)
    • "Bookworm" Gou Du ("书獃" 苟读)
    • "Painting Fanatic" Wu Lingjun ("畫狂" 吳領軍)
    • "Divine Physician" Xue Muhua ("神醫" 薛慕華)
    • "Marvelous Craftsman" Feng A'san ("巧匠" 馮阿三)
    • "Flower Craze" Shi Qingfeng ("花痴" 石清風)
    • "Opera Fan" Li Kuilei ("戏迷" 李傀儡)

Liao Dynasty

  • Yelü Hongji (耶律洪基) – the ambitious ruler of Liao. He becomes sworn brothers with Xiao Feng by coincidence when the latter spares his life after capturing him during a raid on the Jurchens. He attempts to force Xiao Feng to aid him in conquering the Song Dynasty but Xiao refuses and he has Xiao imprisoned. In the final chapter, he is taken hostage by Xiao Feng, who forces him to make an oath that he will not allow any Liao soldier to cross the border and attack Song for as long as he lives.
  • Yelü Nielugu (耶律涅魯古) – the Great Prince of the South Palace (南院大王) and son of Yelü Chongyuan. He rebels against Yelü Hongji to help his father become the new ruler. He is slain by Xiao Feng and his nobility title given to Xiao.
  • Yelü Chongyuan (耶律重元) – the Imperial Uncle of Liao and commander-in-chief of its army. He rebels against Yelü Hongji at his son's urging but fails and commits suicide.
  • Imperial Concubine Mu (穆貴妃) – Yelü Hongji's favourite concubine. She tricks A'zi into giving Xiao Feng a "love potion", which is actually a drug that will cause Xiao Feng to lose his powers temporarily and weaken him.

Kingdom of Western Xia

  • Princess Yinchuan (銀川公主) – the princess of Western Xia who marries Xuzhu. In the latest revision of the novel, her personal name is Li Qinglu (李清露). She is abducted by Tianshan Tonglao and brought to make love with Xuzhu every night, as part of Tianshan Tonglao's attempt to force Xuzhu to break the Buddhist code of chastity. She never saw Xuzhu's real appearance and only knows him as her "dream lover". She asks her father to send out an invitation, calling pugilists to participate in a contest to win her hand-in-marriage, hoping that her mysterious lover will attend. She is reunited with Xuzhu eventually and marries him.
  • Helian Tieshu (赫連鐵樹) – the leader of First Class Hall (一品堂) and the East Conquering General (徵東將軍) of Western Xia.

Jurchen tribe

  • Wanyan Aguda (完顏阿骨打) – the oldest son of the chief. He meets Xiao Feng by chance and is impressed with Xiao's skill. He invites Xiao Feng to live together with him.
  • Helibu (和哩布) – chief of the tribe

Subjects of Lingjiu Palace (靈鷲宮)

  • Limitless Sword Sect (無量劍派)
    • Zuo Zimu (左子穆)
    • Xin Shuangqing (辛雙清)
  • Lords of the 36 Caves and 72 Islands (三十六洞洞主、七十二島島主) - forced into submission by Tianshan Tonglao. They are treated harshly by her and decide to rise in rebellion against her later.
    • Sangtugong (桑土公)
    • Xuanhuangzi (玄黃子)
    • Zhang Dafu (章達夫)
    • Duanmu Yuan (端木元)
    • Mrs Li (黎夫人)
    • Wu Laoda (烏老大)
    • Taoist Buping (不平道人)
    • Cui Lühua (崔綠華)
    • Zhuo Bufan (卓不凡)


  • You Tanzhi (游坦之) – the son of You Ji. He becomes an orphan and pauper overnight when his father and uncle commit suicide after being defeated by Xiao Feng. He swears vengeance on Xiao Feng and later makes his way to Liao territory. He meets A'zi and develops a strong crush on her, willingly succumbing to her sadistic and cruel acts, even to the extent of sacrificing his eyes for her. He masters the Sinew-changing Classic by coincidence and becomes a formidable pugilist. He is manipulated by Quan Guanqing into becoming the new chief of the Beggars' Sect and renames himself "Zhuang Juxian" (莊聚賢; a permutation of the three Chinese characters making up his home's name). He follows suit after A'zi commits suicide at the end of the novel.
  • You brothers – the masters of Heroes' Gathering Manor (聚賢莊). They host a feast for pugilists to attend and discuss plans to deal with Xiao Feng. They confront Xiao Feng when he turns up and the confrontation escalates in a bloody clash. They are defeated by Xiao Feng and their weapons (family heirlooms) are shattered. They commit suicide in shame.
    • You Ji (游骥)
    • You Ju (游駒)
  • Jiu Mozhi (鳩摩智) – the royal advisor of the Kingdom of Tubo and a reputable monk from Dalun Monastery (大輪寺). He is well-versed in Buddhism and martial arts, but does not follow the Buddhist code, which includes his obsession to become the most powerful pugilist in the world. He attempts to take the "Six Meridians Divine Sword" manual from Heavenly Dragon Monastery, but the manual is destroyed. When he learns that Duan Yu had memorized the manual, he kidnaps Duan and attempts to trick or coerce Duan into writing the manual for him. He almost dies from over-practice in martial arts but Duan Yu saves his life by draining away his inner energy. He feels grateful to Duan and repents after seeing how his delusional dream had caused him to stray from the path of goodness.
  • Xiao Yuanshan (蕭遠山) – the father of Xiao Feng. He loses his wife and is separated from his child for 30 years after the tragic incident at Yanmen Pass. He remains in hiding in the library of Shaolin while secretly plotting his revenge on Xuanci. He is enlightened by the Sweeper Monk later and becomes his disciple.
  • Shan Zheng (單正) – a pugilist from Mount Tai nicknamed "Stern-Faced Judge" (鐵面判官). He is invited to be a witness at the Beggars' Sect meeting that exposed Xiao Feng's true ethnicity. He is one of the few who knew the true identity of the "Leading Big Brother". He is killed in a fire set by Xiao Yuanshan along with his family.
  • Tan Gong (譚公) and Tan Po (譚婆) – an elderly couple from the Chongxiao Cave (沖霄洞) in the Taihang Mountains. They are invited to be witnesses at the Beggars' Sect meeting. They are some of the few who know the true identity of the "Leading Big Brother" (帶頭大哥). Tan Po is killed by Xiao Yuanshan along with Zhao Qiansun while Tan Gong commits suicide to join his wife. Xiao Feng is held responsible for their murders.
  • Zhao Qiansun (趙錢孫) – a cowardly pugilist involved in the attack on Xiao Yuanshan's family. He has a crush on Tan Po since they were young. Even after Tan Po married Tan Gong, he still meets her behind her husband's back to reminisce their good old times.
  • Reverend Zhiguang (智光大師) – a reputable monk from Mount Tiantai who was involved in the attack on Xiao Feng's parents. He was present at the Beggars' Sect meeting that exposed Xiao Feng's true ethnicity. He commits suicide after refusing to reveal the identity of the "Leading Big Brother".
  • Qiao Sanhuai (喬三槐) – the adoptive father of Xiao Feng. He is killed along with his wife by Xiao Yuanshan for failing to inform Xiao Feng of his true origin. Xiao Feng is accused of causing their deaths.

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