List of Ode to Gallantry characters

List of Ode to Gallantry characters

The following is a list of characters from Jin Yong's wuxia novel Ode to Gallantry.


Main character

  • Shi Potian (石破天) - the protagonist of the novel who is often mistaken for Shi Zhongyu due to the similarity in appearance of the two. Other names that he has used include "Gouzazhong" (狗雜種; literally: "Dog Hybrid", slang for "bastard"), "Great Dumpling" (大粽子) and "Shi Yidao" (史憶刀).

Xuansu Manor (玄素莊)

  • Shi Zhongyu (石中玉)
  • Shi Qing (石清)
  • Min Rou (閔柔)

Snowy Mountain Sect (雪山派)

Second generation disciples

  • Bai Zizai (白自在) - the leader of the Snowy Mountain Sect. He suffers from depression after the departure of his wife and becomes extremely proud and arrogant,[1] believing that his martial arts abilities are the best in the world, until he is eventually defeated by Shi Potian. He attends the Laba Feast on Heroes' Island with the intention of upholding the reputation of his sect.
  • Cheng Zixue (成自學)
  • Qi Zimian (齊自勉)
  • Liao Zili (廖自勵)
  • Liang Zijin (梁子進)

Third generation disciples

  • Feng Wanli (封萬里) - the oldest disciple of Bai Zizai and teacher of Shi Zhongyu
  • Bai Wanjian (白萬劍) - the son of Bai Zizai and Shi Xiaocui and father of Bai A'xiu
  • Geng Wanzhong (耿萬鍾)
  • Wang Wanren (王萬仞)
  • Ke Wanjun (柯萬鈞)
  • Huyan Wanshan (呼延萬善)
  • Bao Wanye (包萬葉)
  • Wang Wanyi (汪萬翼)
  • Hua Wanzi (花萬紫) - the youngest disciple of Bai Zizai

Golden Crow Sect (金烏派)

  • Shi Xiaocui (史小翠) aka Granny Shi (史婆婆) - the wife of Bai Zizai, mother of Bai Wanjian and teacher of Shi Potian. She leaves the Snowy Mountain Sect after a disagreement with her husband and founds the Golden Crow Sect.
  • Bai A'xiu (白阿繡) - the daughter of Bai Wanjian, granddaughter of Bai Zizai and Shi Xiaocui, lover of Shi Potian and ex-lover of Shi Zhongyu. She attempts suicide by jumping down a cliff after being allegedly raped by Shi Zhongyu, but is later saved by Shi Xiaocui. She meets Shi Potian by chance and falls in love with him.

Changle Sect (長樂幫)

  • Situ Heng (司徒橫) - former leader of the sect and predecessor of Shi Zhongyu. He leaves the sect after refusing to accept the expected invitation from Heroes' Island and engaging in an argument with Shi Zhongyu.[2]
  • Bei Haishi (貝海石) - the deputy leader of the sect. He makes Shi Zhongyu join the sect and become its puppet leader. He is the mastermind behind the mix-up between Shi Potian and Shi Zhongyu; he made marks on Shi Potian to make him replace Shi Zhongyu as the leader of the Changle Sect in an attempt to escape from being its leader and receive the invitation from Heroes' Island.
  • Chen Chongzhi (陳冲之)
  • Mi Hengye (米橫野)
  • Zhan Fei (展飛)
  • Shijian (侍劍) - the servant of Shi Zhongyu

Ding family and associates

  • Ding Dang (丁璫) - the lover of Shi Zhongyu
  • Ding Busan (丁不三) - the grandfather of Ding Dang and brother of Ding Busi
  • Ding Busi (丁不四)
  • Mei Wenxin (梅文馨)
  • Mei Fanggu (梅芳姑) - the illegitimate daughter of Ding Busi and Mei Wenxin. She is the stepmother of Shi Potian and treats him badly, but her true identity is not revealed until the end of the novel.

Heroes' Island (俠客島)

  • Zhang San (張三) and Li Si (李四) - the sworn brothers of Shi Potian, disciples of the Island Lords and the "Good and Evil messengers" (善惡二史) from Heroes' Island. They are feared for their ruthlessness throughout the wulin. They meet Shi Potian by chance and forge a friendship with him.
  • Island Lord Long (龍島主) and Island Lord Mu (木島主) - the lords of Heroes' Island and teachers of Zhang San and Li Si. They die soon upon finding out the truth behind the carvings on the caves on the island from Shi Potian.

Four major sect leaders of Guandong (關東四大門派掌門人)

  • Fan Yifei (范一飛)
  • Gao Third Maiden (高三娘子)
  • Lü Zhengping (呂正平)
  • Feng Liang (風良)

Shangqing Monastery (上清觀)

  • Tianxu (天虛)
  • Chongxu (沖虛) - the ill-tempered Taoist and junior of Tianxu. He engages Shi Potian in a duel after Shi unintentionally insulted him.
  • Lingxu (靈虛)
  • Zhaoxu (照虛)
  • Tongxu (通虛)

Miscellaneous characters

  • Xie Yanke (謝煙客) - the pugilist on Sky-scraping Cliff (摩天涯). He is the owner of the Black Iron Tablets (玄鐵令). He holds the young Gouzazhong in captive, takes him to the cliff and teaches him Qi-cultivation techniques in the wrong order in an attempt to kill him, but fails.
  • Wu Daotong (吳道通)
  • Elder Dabei (大悲老人) - the lord of the White Whale Island (白鯨島). He is killed by members of the Changle Sect, but manages to pass eighteen wooden dolls to Shi Potian before his death.[3]
  • Cheng Dayang (成大洋) - the leader of the Flying Fish Sect (飛魚幫). He is murdered by Zhang San and Li Si after refusing to join the Laba feast on Heroes' Island.[4]
  • An Fengtian (安奉田), Feng Zhenwu (馮振武) and Taoist Yuancheng (元澄道人) - leaders of the Golden Sabre Stronghold (金刀寨).
  • Zhou Mu (周牧) - a subordinate of An Fengtian who is responsible for the murder of Wu Daotong.


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