List of The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber characters

List of The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber characters

The following is a list of characters from Jin Yong's wuxia novel The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber.


Ming Cult (明教)

  • Zhang Wuji (張無忌) (born c. 1337) – protagonist of the novel. He is the son of Zhang Cuishan and Yin Susu, and godson of Xie Xun. His adventures lead him to becoming a skilled physician, powerful pugilist, and the 34th leader of the Ming Cult. He eventually gives up his status and enters seclusion with his lover Zhao Min.
  • Bright Left and Right Messengers (光明左右使)
    • Yang Xiao (楊逍) – the Bright Left Messenger. He serves as the cult's acting leader during the period of internal conflict, and as an advisor when Zhang Wuji becomes the cult's leader. In the earlier revisions of the novel, he is named by Zhang Wuji as a successor to leading the cult. He is the lover of Ji Xiaofu and father of Yang Buhui.
    • Fan Yao (范遙) – the Bright Right Messenger. He disfigures himself and disguises himself as a mute monk under the alias "Kutoutuo" (苦頭陀). He enters Zhao Min's service and proceeds with his plans to act as a spy for the cult.
  • Four Guardian Kings (四大護教法王) - ranked in order of seniority
    • Daiqisi (黛綺絲) – a Chinese-Persian by birth, she is the "Purple Dress Dragon King" (紫衫龍王). She breaks the rules of the cult by marrying Han Qianye and they move to Divine Snake Island. She changes her name to "Golden Flower Granny" (金花婆婆) to avoid pursuit from the cult. She is the mother of Xiaozhao.
    • Yin Tianzheng (殷天正) – the "White Brows Eagle King" (白眉鷹王). He leaves the cult during its period of internal conflict and founds the Heavenly Eagle Cult. He is the father of Yin Yewang and Yin Susu, maternal grandfather of Zhang Wuji, and paternal grandfather of Yin Li. He dies from exhaustion after trying to save Xie Xun from his captivity by fighting Shaolin's Three Elders of the Bodhidharma Hall with his grandson and Yang Xiao.
    • Xie Xun (謝遜) – the "Golden Haired Lion King" (金毛獅王). He goes on a rampage to kill several innocents out of fury, seeking revenge on his former teacher, Cheng Kun, who murdered his family in cold blood. Yin Susu throws her darts at him in self-defense when he is about to attack her during a fit of insanity and is blinded as a consequence. He is the godfather of Zhang Wuji, whom he names in memory of his deceased son, Xie Wuji. After the final confrontation with Cheng Kun, the families and associates of Xie Xun's victims forgive him. However, he still becomes a monk to seek peace and redemption from his past.
    • Wei Yixiao (韋一笑) – the "Green Winged Bat King" (青翼蝠王). His prowess in qinggong is unmatched. He infected himself with an icy venom once during a practice session with the "Icy Palm", which went horribly wrong. Since then, he has to suck the warm blood of human beings (and sometimes animals) to keep the icy venom in his body under control. Zhang Wuji cures him using the "Nine Yang Divine Skill" later.
  • Yang Buhui (楊不悔) – the daughter of Yang Xiao and Ji Xiaofu. Her name literally means "no regrets" to reflect her mother's love for Yang Xiao. Zhang Wuji helps her escape from Miejue after her mother's death and he leads her on a long and perilous journey to bring her safely to her father. She regards Zhang Wuji as an older brother figure for his care and concern towards her. The trauma of witnessing her mother's death made her become suspicious of anyone who could be a potential enemy, in addition to her bitter hatred towards Miejue as she gets older.[1] This is evident in her treatment towards Xiaozhao, when she and her father suspect the latter of being a spy from the Emei Sect. It also made her extremely protective towards her father and Zhang Wuji, whom she sees as what is left of her family. She falls in love with Yin Liting, her mother's original fiancé, and marries him eventually despite their large difference in age. They are said to be expecting a child near the end of the story.
  • Zhu Yuanzhang (朱元璋) – an ambitious minor leader of the cult who eventually takes full command of its military and overthrows the Yuan Dynasty. He betrays the cult later and becomes the founding emperor of the Ming Dynasty.
  • Chang Yuchun (常遇春) – a member of the cult who travels with the young Zhang Wuji to Butterfly Valley to seek treatment from Hu Qingniu.
  • Xu Da (徐達) – a minor leader of the cult. Zhang Wuji presents him with Yue Fei's Book of Wumu, a military treatise on strategies and warfare tactics. Xu Da studies it and uses his knowledge to lead the rebel armies to victories in the battles against the Yuan forces.
  • Five Wanderers (五散人)
    • "Cold-faced Gentleman" Leng Qian ("冷臉先生" 冷謙)
    • "Monk with the Sack" Shuobude ("布袋和尚" 說不得)
    • "Iron-crowned Taoist" Zhang Zhong ("鐵冠道人" 張中)
    • "Peng the Monk" Peng Yingyu ("彭和尚" 彭瑩玉)
    • "Lunatic" Zhou Dian ("瘋子" 周顛).
  • Hu Qingniu (胡青牛) – a physician residing in Butterfly Valley. He is nicknamed "Jiansi Bujiu" (Chinese: 見死不救; literally "to watch one die and not save him") for his odd practice of treating the cult's members free of charge but not others regardless of whatever they are willing to pay. Hu helps Zhang Wuji slow down the effects of the poison in his wound, preserving Zhang's life and buying him time to find a cure to heal himself. Hu Qingniu also imparts his knowledge of medicine to Zhang Wuji indirectly when Zhang stays with him during the recovery period. Hu Qingniu is killed by Golden Flower Granny for revenge because of his apparent refusal to save her husband's life years ago. However, in reality, treatment for Han Qianye's wounds are beyond Hu Qingniu's abilities.[2]
  • Wang Nangu (王難姑) - the wife of Hu Qingniu. In contrast with her husband, she uses her mastery of toxicology to kill people. The couple become rivals in a contest, in which Wang Nangu will poison someone while Hu Qingniu will try to save the person's life. She imparts her knowledge to Zhang Wuji. She is killed along with her husband by Golden Flower Granny.
  • Yang Dingtian (陽頂天) – Zhang Wuji's predecessor as leader of the Ming Cult. He was practising the "Heaven and Earth Great Shift" (乾坤大挪移) when he discovered his wife's illicit affair with Cheng Kun. He is infuriated and the energy flow in his body is disrupted. He is severely injured and dies.
  • Leaders of the Five Elements factions
    • Zhuang Zheng (莊錚) - the leader of the Metal Banner Faction (銳金旗). He is slain by Miejue.
    • Wu Jincao (吳勁草) - the former deputy leader of the Gold Banner Faction. Zhang Wuji promotes him as the leader of his faction after Zhuang Zheng's death and later puts him in charge of repairing the damaged Dragon Saber.
    • Yan Yuan (顏坦) - leader of the Earth Banner Faction (厚土旗).
    • Tang Yang (唐洋) - leader of the Water Banner Faction (洪水旗).
    • Wen Cangsong (聞蒼松) - leader of the Wood Banner Faction (巨木旗).
    • Xin Ran (辛然) - leader of the Fire Banner Faction (烈火旗).

Heavenly Eagle Cult (天鷹教)

  • Yin Susu (殷素素) (1317–1346) – the daughter of Yin Tianzheng and younger sister of Yin Yewang. She meets Zhang Cuishan by coincidence and both of them are cast adrift to Ice Fire Island, where they are married and settled. She gives birth to Zhang Wuji. She commits suicide after Zhang Cuishan did likewise.
  • Yin Yewang (殷野王) – the son of Yin Tianzheng and older brother of Yin Susu. He is the father of Yin Li and maternal uncle of Zhang Wuji. His first wife (Yin Li's mother) practices the "Thousand Spiders Venom Hand" (千蛛萬毒手) and becomes infertile and disfigured, and her marriage with Yin Yewang failed as a consequence. Yin Yewang takes a concubine and she bears him two sons. However, his concubine is later killed by Yin Li because she often bullies her and her mother. Although Yin Yewang is angry with his daughter for the incident, in the earlier editions of the novel, he manages to reconcile with his daughter eventually with help from Zhang Wuji.
  • Yin Li (殷離) – the daughter of Yin Yewang. She practises the "Thousand Spiders Venom Hand," a deadly skill she inherits from her mother, which causes her to become horribly disfigured. She is thus known as "Zhu'er" (蛛兒; literally: "Spider Girl"), a nickname given to her by her mother. Her mother commits suicide to allow her to escape from her father and half brothers, after she killed her stepmother. Her relationship with her father becomes estranged as a consequence. She joins Golden Flower Granny and develops affections for the young Zhang Wuji when she first met him. She is apparently murdered by Zhou Zhiruo, but towards the end of the story, she is revealed to have survived.
  • Leaders of the halls and altars
    • Li Tianyuan (李天垣) - the leader of the Heaven Hall. He is Yin Tianzheng's junior.
    • Chang Jinpeng (常金鵬) - the leader of the Vermilion Bird Altar. He is slain by Xie Xun.
    • Bai Guishou (白龜壽) - the leader of the Black Tortoise Altar. He is slain by Ding Minjun.
    • Cheng Chaofeng (程嘲風) - the leader of the Azure Dragon Altar.
    • Gao Shanwang (高山王) - the leader of the White Tiger Altar
    • Feng Gongying (封弓影) - the leader of the Divine Snake Altar.
  • Yin Wufu (殷無福), Yin Wulu (殷無祿), Yin Wushou (殷無壽) - three bandits from the southwest who pledge allegiance to Yin Tianzheng after he saved their lives.

Persian Ming Cult

  • Xiaozhao (小昭) – the daughter of Han Qianye and Daiqisi. Her mother sends her as a spy to infiltrate the Ming Cult as a servant for Yang Xiao's family and find the location of its secret tunnel. The Yangs become suspicious of Xiaozhao and decided to bind her in chains to restrict her movements. Xiaozhao runs into Zhang Wuji and they narrowly escape death together in the secret tunnel. Xiaozhao has secretly fallen in love with Zhang Wuji but can never be with him as she has to take her mother's place in order to save her mother's life. She becomes the leader of the Ming Cult in its main headquarters in Persia. Jin Yong mentioned in the epilogue of the novel that Xiaozhao is his favourite character.[3]
  • Wind, Cloud and Moon Three Messengers (風雲月三使) - the three messengers who are in charge of safekeeping the Holy Flame Tablets. There are the most powerful of all the Persian Ming Cult's members in terms of martial arts.
    • Mysterious Wind Messenger (妙風使)
    • Drifting Cloud Messenger (流雲使)
    • Bright Moon Messenger (輝月使)
  • Guardian Kings (寶樹王) - the twelve guardian kings of the Ming Cult's main headquarters in Persia. They come to China in search of Daiqisi and bring her back to Persia. Four of them make an appearance in the novel and are listed as follows:
    • Equality Guardian King (平等寶樹王)
    • Unity Guardian King (齊心寶樹王)
    • Transparent Guardian King (俱明寶樹王)
    • Victorious Guardian King (常勝寶樹王)

Yuan Dynasty

  • Zhao Min (趙敏) (born c. 1340) - the daughter of Chaghan Temür and younger sister of Köke Temür. Cunning and mischievous by nature, she is responsible for stirring up conflict among the various sects. She also gains some knowledge about the martial arts of the various sects through torturing some of the leaders, who were caught by her after the battle at Bright Peak. She encounters Zhang Wuji, whom she falls in love with and her feelings remain true for him.[original research?] She decides to leave her family and give up her status as a princess to be with Zhang Wuji forever.
  • Chaghan Temür (察罕特穆兒) – the Ruyang Prince (汝陽王). He is appointed to eradicate the anti-Yuan rebels led by the Ming Cult. He is the father of Zhao Min and Köke Temür.
  • Köke Temür (擴廓帖木兒) – the son of Chaghan Temür and older brother of Zhao Min.
  • Xuanming Elders (玄冥二老) - two disciples of the late Taoist Baisun (百損道人). They serve Chaghan Temür as mercenaries, and are responsible for injuring the young Zhang Wuji with their infamous "Xuanming Divine Palm" (玄明神掌). Later, after seeing how powerful Zhou Zhiruo has become from practising skills from the Nine Yin Manual, they attempt to seize the manual from her. However, they are unwilling to share the manual with each other and start fighting. They fail to take the manual from Zhou Zhiruo as Zhang Wuji and Zhao Min came to help Zhou. In earlier editions of the novel, they lose their powers after their last fight with Zhang Wuji.
    • Lu Zhangke (鹿杖客) - a lecherous fiend who has raped many young women. He lusts for Lady Han and Zhou Zhiruo in the novel.
    • He Biweng (鶴筆翁) - has a penchant for fine wine
  • Disciples of Huogong Toutuo - recruited by Chaghan Temür as mercenaries. They are involved in the massacre of the Dragon Gate Escort Agency and paralyzing Yu Daiyan with Cheng Kun. 20 years later, they ambush and injure Yin Liting. They are defeated later by Zhang Wuji in a fight.
    • A'da / Fang Dongbai (阿大 / 方東白) - his skill in swordplay appears unmatched, which earns him the nickname "Eight Arms Divine Swordsman" (八臂神劍). He is originally a high-ranking member of the Beggars' Sect, until he fakes his death and becomes Chaghan Temür's mercenary with his sworn brothers.
    • A'er (阿二)
    • A'san (阿三) - responsible for paralyzing Yu Daiyan and Yin Liting
    • Gangxiang (剛相) - killed by Zhang Sanfeng after he tries to ambush the latter while in disguise as a Shaolin monk named "Kongxiang" (空相)
  • Divine Arrow Eight Heroes (神箭八雄) - recruited by Chaghan Temür and Zhao Min as mercenaries
    • Zhao Yishang (趙一傷)
    • Qian Erbai (錢二敗)
    • Sun Sanhui (孫三毀)
    • Li Sicui (李四摧)
    • Zhou Wushu (周五輸)
    • Wu Liupo (吳六破)
    • Zheng Qimie (鄭七滅)
    • Wang Bashuai (王八衰)
  • Lady Han (韩氏女) - Chaghan Temür's concubine. Lu Zhangke lusts for her. She is killed by Lu Zhangke at Wan'an Monastery to prevent her from telling Chaghan Temür about his advances on her. Lu Zhangke frames the captured pugilists and Ming Cult members for the murder.

Wudang Sect (武當派)

  • Zhang Sanfeng (張三豐) (born c. 1246) – the leader and founder of the Wudang Sect. In his younger days, he is known as "Zhang Junbao" (張君寶) and is formerly from the Shaolin Sect. He is highly respected not only for his prowess in martial arts, but also for his morally upright character. He is believed to have surpassed 115 years of age.[citation needed]
  • "Seven Heroes of Wudang" (武當七俠) - the first disciples of Zhang Sanfeng. They are ranked in order of seniority.
  1. Song Yuanqiao (宋遠橋) (born c. 1295) - the father of Song Qingshu. His reputation as a respectable noble hero is tarnished by his son's misconduct, causing him to be seen as a disgrace as a parent. His relationship with his sect is affected and he loses the opportunity to succeed Zhang Sanfeng as Wudang's leader after his teacher orders him to live as a recluse.
  2. Yu Lianzhou (俞蓮舟) (born c. 1303) – the most powerful of the seven in terms of martial arts.[citation needed] He is named as Zhang Sanfeng's successor.
  3. Yu Daiyan (俞岱巖) (born c. 1306) – he is severely wounded by A'san and loses the use of all his limbs. He receives medical treatment from Zhang Wuji 20 years later, but only manages to recover partially and can no longer utilize the full potential of his skills.
  4. Zhang Songxi (張松溪) (born c. 1310) – the most intelligent of the seven and their occasional advisor.[citation needed]
  5. Zhang Cuishan (張翠山) (c.1313-1346) – his understanding of martial arts is the best of the seven.[citation needed] Apart from being a powerful swordsman, Zhang Cuishan is also an accomplished scholar and calligrapher. His distinctive weapons earned him the nickname "Silver Hook Rail Line" (銀鉤鐵劃). He is the father of Zhang Wuji and sworn brother of Xie Xun. He meets Yin Susu by coincidence and they are cast adrift to Ice Fire Island, where they are married and settled for ten years. He commits suicide after being cornered by pugilists when he refuses to divulge the whereabouts of Xie Xun.
  6. Yin Liting (殷梨亭) (born c. 1318) – he is originally engaged to Ji Xiaofu under an arranged marriage with her family, however their engagement ended after she realizes that she is in love with Yang Xiao and is bearing Yang's child. Many years later, when Yin Liting is injured in a similar manner as Yu Daiyan, Yang Buhui nurses him back to health and falls in love with him during the recovery period. Yin Liting marries Yang Buhui eventually despite their large difference in age. They are said to be expecting a child towards the end of the novel.
  7. Mo Shenggu (莫聲谷) (c. 1323-1357) – discovers Song Qingshu's voyeuristic attempts on Zhou Zhiruo and Emei Sect's members. He tries to discipline Song Qingshu but is accidentally killed by him.
  • Song Qingshu (宋青書) (died c. 1358) – the son of Song Yuanqiao. He has a strong crush on Zhou Zhiruo, which makes him become extremely jealous when he sees Zhang Wuji and Zhou Zhiruo developing a romantic relationship. That ultimately becomes his weakness, as it allows him to be manipulated easily by enemies into committing depravities in order to win Zhou Zhiruo's heart and prove that he is better than Zhang Wuji. He eventually betrays his sect and kills Mo Shenggu. Zhou Zhiruo pretends to marry him and teaches him the "Nine Yin White Bone Claw", while actually planning to use him to take revenge on Zhang Wuji after Zhang reneged his promise to marry her. Song Qingshu is seriously injured at the Lion-slaying Ceremony during a match with Yu Lianzhou and dies of his wounds on Mount Wudang later. In the earlier revisions of the novel, he was killed by Zhang Sanfeng as a punishment for his crimes.[4]

Emei Sect (峨嵋派)

  • Guo Xiang (郭襄) (b. 1243) – founder of the Emei Sect. She is the younger daughter of Guo Jing and Huang Rong. In the prologue of the novel, she meets Jueyuan and a young Zhang Sanfeng near Shaolin Monastery and Jueyuan recites the Nine Yang Manual to her, Zhang Sanfeng and Wuse before his death. Guo Xiang's prowess in martial arts improved after she integrated the manual's skills into her existing ones and became an accomplished pugilist later. Guo Xiang inherits the Heaven Sword from her family during the Battle of Xiangyang, along with knowledge of the secrets in the weapons. After her family members sacrifice their lives to defend Xiangyang from the Mongol invaders, she continues to roam the jianghu as a wandering heroine for years before founding the Emei Sect.
  • Abbess Miejue (滅絕師太) – the dogmatic leader of the Emei Sect, whose name literally means "to destroy and eliminate". She does not tolerate any form of evil and wishes to purge the world of evil and make Emei the leading sect amongst all other sects, which leads her to commit all sorts of deeds that are ethically and morally vicious. She hates the Ming Cult not only because of its reputation for evil, but also due to Yang Xiao's indirect involvement in the events leading to Guhongzi's death. Miejue refuses Zhang Wuji's help and plunges to her death after naming Zhou Zhiruo her successor.
  • Zhou Zhiruo (周芷若) – the daughter of a boatman from the Han River. She is accepted into Emei as a child and becomes Miejue's disciple. She succeeds Miejue as the leader of Emei. She is told the secret behind the two titular weapons and eventually obtains the Nine Yin Manual and Book of Wumu. She turns vicious after being forced by Miejue to accept a series of missions for the sake of their sect's reputation, doing several things against her conscience. She sees Zhang Wuji as a sworn enemy after he reneges his promise to marry her and she repents after encountering Yin Li, whom she had apparently murdered earlier.
  • Ji Xiaofu (紀曉芙) – a disciple of Miejue who is seen as a potential successor to Emei's leadership. She is Yin Liting's original fiancée under her family's arrangement but falls in love with Yang Xiao instead and bears him a daughter, causing her engagement with her fiancé to end and forcing her to leave Emei to raise her child. She names her daughter "Buhui", literally means "no regrets", to express her love for Yang Xiao. After her sect finds her, she refuses to kill her lover despite being forced by Miejue and is killed by her teacher in anger. Her remains are buried by Zhang Wuji and her daughter at Butterfly Valley after Miejue leaves.
  • Ding Minjun (丁敏君) – one of the eldest disciples of Miejue. She is jealous of their teacher's favoritism towards Ji Xiaofu and later towards Zhou Zhiruo. Peng Yingyu once remarked that she is "ugly in appearance and evil-hearted" (毒手無鹽; literally: "venomous hand without salt") after she blinded his right eye with her sword.[5] She once self-appointed herself as Emei's acting leader when Zhou Zhiruo is missing, but everyone was reluctant to follow her for her selfishness.
  • Bei Jinyi (貝錦儀) - another disciple of Miejue. She is Ding Minjun and Ji Xiaofu's junior. When her teacher orders her and Ding Minjun to pursue and kill Yang Buhui, she lies to Miejue that the child has left Butterfly Valley on account of her past friendship with Yang Buhui's mother (Ji Xiaofu).
  • Zhao Lingzhu (趙靈珠)
  • Li Mingxia (李明霞)
  • Su Mengqing (蘇夢清)
  • Fang Bilin (方碧琳)
  • Jingxuan (靜玄) - Zhang Wuji unintentionally injured her during their way to Bright Peak. She collects the remains of the broken Heaven Sword at the end of the story.
  • Jinghui (靜慧) - an impulsive nun who explains to Zhang Wuji the truth behind Zhou Zhiruo's relationship with Song Qingshu
  • Jingxu (靜虛) - killed by Wei Yixiao during the journey to Bright Peak
  • Jingzhao (靜照) - attempted to assassinate Xie Xun at the Lion-slaying Ceremony
  • Jingjia (静迦) - killed Situ Qianzhong and Xia Zhou at the Lion-slaying Ceremony with the "Thunderbolt Fire Bombs" (霹靂雷火彈), a powerful explosive weapon from the western regions
  • Jingkong (静空)
  • Jingxian (靜閒)
  • Jingzhen (静真)
  • Jingdao (静道)
  • Jingfeng (靜風)
  • Jingxin (静心)
  • Jinghe (静和)

Shaolin Sect (少林派)

  • Jueyuan (覺遠) – Wuse and Wuxiang's junior. He is credited as the creator of the Nine Yang Manual and the teacher of Zhang Sanfeng. On his deathbed, he recites the manual to Zhang Sanfeng and Guo Xiang, who respectively found the Wudang and Emei Sects later.
  • Cheng Kun (成昆) – the primary villain of the novel. He seeks to destroy the Ming Cult after the loss of his beloved. Driven completely insane by this tragedy, he murdered Xie Xun's family in cold blood and Xie sees him as a sworn enemy. He becomes a monk in Shaolin under the alias "Yuanzhen" (圓真) and makes his evil plans there. Although he shares the same aversion towards the Mongols as his fellow Han Chinese, his desire to destroy the Ming Cult overshadows this sentiment and he collaborates with the Yuan government to persecute the cult.[original research?] He holds a grudge against Zhang Wuji as well for the loss of one of his skills, "Huanyin Finger" (幻陰指), after their first encounter. He becomes even more corrupted by his lust for power and plots with Chen Youliang to dominate the wulin. He is defeated by Xie Xun eventually and loses his sense of sight.
  • Four Holy Monks (四大神僧)
    • Kongjian (空見) – attempts to appease Xie Xun's rage and enlighten him by allowing Xie Xun to kill him
    • Kongwen (空聞) – the head abbot of Shaolin
    • Kongzhi (空智) - the hot-tempered junior of Kongwen
    • Kongxing (空性) - murdered by Cheng Kun
  • Three Elders of the Bodhidharma Hall (達摩堂三元老) - they form the "Vajra Evil-Subduing Ring" (金剛伏魔圈) to guard Xie Xun when Xie is held captive in Shaolin. They previously fought Yang Dingtian during a fight instigated by Cheng Kun, but later become aware of Cheng Kun's evil intentions after listening to Zhang Wuji's explanation.
    • Du'e (渡厄) - lost his left eye during the fight with Yang Dingtian. He trusts Zhang Wuji despite standing on an opposing side.
    • Dujie (渡劫)
    • Dunan (渡難)
  • Huogong Toutuo (火工頭陀) - a traitor of Shaolin. He learns some of Shaolin's skills and flees to the western regions, where he founds the Vajra Sect (金剛門).

Kunlun Sect (崑崙派)

  • He Zudao (何足道) – nicknamed "Kunlun Three Sage" (崑崙三聖). He disappears mysteriously after being defeated by Jueyuan. Yin Kexi, one of the duo who stole the Nine Yang Manual from Shaolin, told him before his death the whereabouts of the manual, but He Zudao misheard it and disappeared mysteriously shortly after.
  • He Taichong (何太沖) – nicknamed "Mr. Iron Zither" (鐵琴先生), he is the leader of the Kunlun Sect. He is ungrateful and amoral. He and his wife try to kill Zhang Wuji and Yang Buhui after Zhang saves He Taichong's concubine from death, but they are rescued by Yang Xiao. Later in the novel, he attempts to kill Xie Xun, who is being held captive in Shaolin, in order to steal the Dragon Saber. He is slain by the Three Elders of the Bodhidharma Hall.
  • Ban Shuxian (斑淑嫻) - the wife of He Taichong. She is an expert in the "Dual Swordplay" (正兩儀劍法). She is killed along with her husband by the Three Elders.

Mount Hua Sect (華山派)

  • Xianyu Tong (鮮于通) – nicknamed "Shenjizi" (神機子), he is the promiscuous and amoral leader of the Mount Hua Sect. Hu Qingniu once saved his life when he was infected with Golden Worm Poison by Lady Miao, whom he previously had a relationship with. Hu Qingniu's sister, Hu Qingyang, fell in love with him during the recovery period and eventually married him. However, Xianyu Tong forces Hu Qingyang to die in order to marry the daughter of his predecessor, even though she was already pregnant with his child. Xianyu Tong's evil deed is discovered by his senior, Bai Yuan, but he kills Bai before the secret is revealed and frames the Ming Cult for Bai's murder. During the battle at Bright Peak, Xianyu Tong attempts to kill Zhang Wuji, who is aware of his dirty secrets, but is infected with the Golden Worm Poison again. Zhang Wuji defeats Xianyu Tong and exposes Xianyu's past atrocities to the wulin. Xianyu Tong dies at the hands of He Taichong incidentally during the fight.
  • Xue Gongyuan (薛公遠) - a disciple of Xianyu Tong, who is as corrupted as his teacher. He and pugilists from other sects head to Butterfly Valley to seek Hu Qingniu's aid, after being injured by Golden Flower Granny. They receive treatment from Zhang Wuji instead. He betrays Zhang Wuji later with other patients and makes cannibalistic attempts on Zhang and Yang Buhui. However, Zhang Wuji saves himself and Yang Buhui by tricking his captors into consuming a poisonous broth, which kills the cannibals.

Kongtong Sect (崆峒派)

  • Five Elders of Kongtong (崆峒五老) - the five elders of the Kongtong Sect. They hold a grudge against Xie Xun after he steals the "Seven Harms Fist" manual. They are defeated by Zhang Wuji at Bright Peak. The fifth elder's name is not mentioned in the novel.
    • Guan Neng (關能)
    • Zong Weixia (宗維俠) - he harbours animosity towards Yin Tianzheng after fighting him once before the events at Bright Peak. He becomes Zhang Wuji's ally within the Kongtong Sect after Zhang treats his injuries during their match at Bright Peak, and he renounce his past feud with the Ming Cult.
    • Tang Wenliang (唐文亮) - during the battle at Bright Peak, Yin Tianzheng breaks all four of Tang Wenliang's limbs during a match. Zhang treats his injuries later, saving him from paralysis.
    • Chang Jingzhi (常敬之)
  • Jian Jie (简捷)- a minor member of Kongtong Sect who is injured by Golden Flower Granny. He recovers with Zhang Wuji's help, but repays Zhang's kindness with evil later by making cannibalistic attempts on Zhang and Yang Buhui. He is tricked by Zhang Wuji into consuming a poisonous broth, which kills him.

Beggars' Sect (丐幫)

  • Chen Youliang (陳友諒) – a disciple of Cheng Kun. He serves the Beggars' Sect as a spy for Cheng and manipulates Song Qingshu into betraying the Wudang Sect. He defects to the Ming Cult after the fall of Cheng. He betrays the cult later to become a powerful warlord after the fall of the Yuan Dynasty.
  • Shi Huolong (史火龍) - chief of the Beggars' Sect. He is not very well known in the wulin as he hardly makes any public appearances. He is murdered by Cheng Kun and Chen Youliang, who replace him with an imposter that is actually a puppet leader under their control.
  • Shi Hongshi (史紅石) - the daughter of Shi Huolong. She is rescued by the Yellow Dress Maiden after her father is murdered. She succeeds her father as chief of the Beggars' Sect.

Zhu and Wu families

  • Zhu Changling (朱長齡) – a descendant of Zhu Ziliu. He is skilled in using the "Yiyang Finger" (一陽指), and is nicknamed "Heavenly Shaking Brush" (驚天一筆). He tarnishes his ancestor's reputation by disgracefully attempting to trick Zhang Wuji into divulging the whereabouts of Xie Xun together with Wu Lie.[original research?]
  • Wu Lie (武烈) – a descendant of Wu Santong. He attempts to trick Zhang Wuji into divulging the whereabouts of Xie Xun together with Zhu Changling.
  • Zhu Jiuzhen (朱九真) – the daughter of Zhu Changling. Although she is beautiful in appearance, she is cruel and sadistic by nature. She seduces Zhang Wuji and tricks him into divulging the whereabouts of Xie Xun. She is killed by Yin Li.
  • Wu Qingying (武青櫻) – the daughter of Wu Lie. She is the lover of Wei Bi and love rival of Zhu Jiuzhen.
  • Wei Bi (衛壁) – the disciple of Wu Lie. He is a two-timer who wants both Zhu Jiuzhen and Wu Qingying. He is killed by Wei Yixiao while attempting to sneak up on the latter.


  • Han Qianye (韓千葉) – nicknamed "Mr. Silver Leaf" (銀葉先生). He seeks revenge on Yang Dingtian and challenges the latter to a battle. Daiqisi takes up the challenge in place of Yang and they fight in the Icy Lake. They fall in love and leave for good to settle on an island, where their daughter Xiaozhao is born. In the older edition of the novel, Fan Yao was a suspect for causing Han Qianye's death by poisoning.
  • Yellow Dress Maiden (黃衫女子) – her real name is never mentioned in the novel, but her family name is briefly mentioned to be "Yang" (楊). She hints to Zhang Wuji that she is a descendant of the Condor Hero Couple (Yang Guo and Xiaolongnü). She helps Zhang Wuji in times of danger. She defeats Zhou Zhiruo's evil "Nine Yin White Bone Claw" with her own orthodox version of the Nine Yin Manual.
  • Situ Qianzhong (司徒千鍾) - a drunk pugilist who befriends Zhou Dian at the Lion-slaying Ceremony. He is killed by Jingjia with explosives.
  • Xia Zhou (夏冑) - a promiscuous brother of one of Xie Xun's victims. He is killed by Jingjia along with Situ Qianzhong at the Lion-slaying Ceremony.
  • Du Baidang (杜百當) and Yi Sanniang (易三娘) - parents of one of Xie Xun's victims. The couple provided shelter for Zhang Wuji and Zhao Min when they are heading to Shaolin Monastery, thinking that Zhang and Zhao are a pair of eloping lovers. The couple is murdered by Zhou Zhiruo later.


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