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longitude= -2.725
population = 8,940cite web |url= |title=Census Information and Profile |accessdaymonth=24 May|accessyear=2007|publisher=Vale Royal Borough Council ]
shire_district= Vale Royal
shire_county = Cheshire
region= North West England
constituency_westminster= Weaver Vale
post_town= FRODSHAM
postcode_district = WA6
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Frodsham is a market town and civil parish in the borough of Vale Royal, Cheshire, England. Its population is 8,940. It is approximately convert|3|mi|km|0 south of Runcorn. The River Weaver runs to its north east and on the west it overlooks the estuary of the River Mersey. The A56 road and the Chester-Manchester railway line pass through the town, and the M56 motorway passes to the north west.

In the medieval times it was an important borough and port belonging to the earls of Chester. Its parish church, St. Laurence's, still exhibits evidence of a building present in the 12th century in its nave, and is referenced in the Domesday Book.

A market is held each Thursday, and Frodsham's viability as a trading centre is emphasised by the presence of the "big four" clearing banks and several building societies. Development in the town's shops and premises with alcohol licences is evident through the recent (post-2002) opening or modernisation of contemporary-style bar/restaurants, take-away food shops and public houses, and in the continued presence of small, specialised, businesses operating from town centre shops. New industrial premises to the north east of the town very close to the M56 motorway are being built to augment those already present.



The name derives from the Old English personal name of "Frod", and "ham" which means a village or homestead; hence Frod's village. Frodsham is unique as the name of a settlement in the British Isles. [The exact quote in Latham page 14 reads: "Frodsham is unique in the British Isles in that the name does not occur anywhere else."] [Though a nearby township was referred to during the period of the ancient parishes of Cheshire as "Newton by Frodsham", its current name is now just "Newton". See Dunn, F. I. (1987). page 27. which states that, at the time. the Newton township near to Frodsham was referred to as "Newton by Frodsham". Furthermore, see Ordnance Survey (2004), which refers to the modern settlement which was Newton by Frodsham township just as "Newton" without any Frodsham component: gbmappingsmall|SJ531751] Earlier spellings of the name have included Fradsham, Frandsham, Frodisham, Ffradsam, Ffrodesham and Ffradsham. [Latham, p. 14.]

Early history

The town is of Saxon origin; its 11th century church is mentioned in the Domesday Book. In the 13th century the church was home to a holy woman recluse (hermit) called Wymark, who was well known enough to be paid an annual pension from the royal exchequer. Frodsham was an important manor of the medieval earls of Chester, and was created a borough in the early 13th century probably by Earl Ranulf III. The mouth of the River Weaver, where it joins the Mersey, made Frodsham into a significant port for the coasting trade, particularly for the export of Cheshire salt, brought down the river from Northwich and Nantwich. The site of the manor house was in Castle Park; the building was of stone and was fortified. In an account of 1315 it is called 'castellum' (little castle), although 'manerium' (manor house) was the usual designation.

Recent history

Frodsham was the headquarters of Runcorn Rural District Council. In 1974 the district was split between Halton Borough Council, Warrington Borough Council and Vale Royal District Council (now Vale Royal Borough Council.) The village of Frodsham was in Vale Royal. In the early 1990s Vale Royal Borough Council opened a new purpose-built headquarters in Winsford. At the same time, its offices in Hartford near Northwich (the former headquarters of Northwich Rural District Council) and at Castle Park in Frodsham (the former headquarters of Runcorn Rural District Council) became downgraded. The Hartford site was sold for housing. Castle Park House had a major refurbishment in 2005-2006 and now operates as a One Stop Shop for Vale Royal Borough Council providing a number of services for the community and for businesses.

In 1982 the parish council became Frodsham Town Council and Frodsham was no longer a village. The chair of the parish council became the mayor of Frodsham. The council has no more powers. The majority of powers are still held by Cheshire County Council and Vale Royal Borough Council.

Frodsham is home to Frodsham School, a science and technology college but it is faced with closure, due to the falling birth rate, and amalgamation with Helsby High School.

Frodsham, like the neighbouring village Helsby, has a hill overlooking the Mersey Estuary which is popular with dog walkers and naturalists.

Frodsham Hill, overlooking Frodsham and the Liverpool skyline, is a large sandstone based hill home to many farms, prestige homes and the Mersey View nightclub (commonly known as 'the View') and Forest Hills Hotel. Before the construction of the hotel and nightclub, famously hosting one of The Beatles first appearances, the site was home to a very large helter skelter.

The aforementioned sandstone foundations of Frodsham Hill is also the home to Frodsham Caves. These are little known and rarely documented caves dating back to the caveman era. Although seemingly small, the caves are deceptively large, and surprisingly developed as an area easily hospitable to human beings. The caves are located along Manley Road and are a popular sledging starting point for locals during the winter.


Frodsham lies on the main thoroughfare between Chester and Warrington, occupying a narrow area between Frodsham Marsh to the north west and the steep slopes of Overton Hill to the south. The A56 road and the Chester-Manchester railway line pass through the town and the M56 motorway runs parallel to these to the north west on the edge of the marsh. The marsh extends for nearly convert|2|mi|km|0 to the River Mersey, along the edge of which runs the Manchester Ship Canal. The River Weaver with its navigation runs to the north east of the town. Where the A56 crosses the Weaver the area of the town is known as Frodsham Bridge. From the centre of the town B roads run towards Northwich and the centre of the county. The commercial and residential areas are concentrated around these roads. [Ordnance Survey, "Explorer" 275 map]


The drainage of Frodsham is into the River Weaver to the north and the River Mersey to the south. The bedrock is rock from the Sherwood sandstone group.Phillips. pp. 4–5.] In the Tertiary period, there was an uplift at the Overton and Frodsham faults which resulted in the outcrop of Overton Hill. The uplift resulted in trapping the water table at an elevation of around convert|200|ft|m|0 at which level springs developed. [Dodd, p. 4.] The drift consists of recent alluvium.


Being close to the west coast and the Irish Sea, the climate is generally temperate with few extremes of temperature or weather. The mean average temperature in the years 1971 to 2000 was 9.4 to 9.7°C, which was slightly above the average for the United Kingdom [cite web |url=|title=Mean Temperature: Annual Average 1971–2000 |accessdaymonth=22 May|accessyear=2007|publisher=Met Office] as was the average amount of annual sunshine at 1391 to 1470 hours. [cite web |url=|title=Sunshine Duration: Annual Average 1971–2000 |accessdaymonth=22 May|accessyear=2007|publisher=Met Office] The average annual rainfall was 741 to 870 mm, which was slightly below the average for the UK. [cite web |url=|title=Rainfall Amount: Annual Average 1971–2000 |accessdaymonth=22 May|accessyear=2007|publisher=Met Office] The average number of days in the year when snow is on the ground is 0 to 6, which is low for the United Kingdom. [cite web |url=|title=Days of Snow Lying: Annual Average 1971–2000 |accessdaymonth=22 May|accessyear=2007|publisher=Met Office ] The average number of days of air frost is 2 to 39, which is also low. [cite web |url=|title=Days of Air Frost: Annual Average 1971–2000 |accessdaymonth=22 May|accessyear=2007|publisher=Met Office]


There is one railway station in Frodsham which is managed by Arriva Trains Wales. [cite web |url= |title=Station Facilities: Frodsham (FRD) |accessdaymonth=17 May|accessyear=2007|publisher=National Rail Enquiries] Arriva Trains Wales run an hourly service through the station between Manchester Piccadilly and Llandudno via Chester. There are also infrequent services by Northern Rail between Ellesmere Port and Liverpool Lime Street via Warrington Bank Quay. [cite web |url= |title=Timetable |accessdaymonth=17 May|accessyear=2007 |last= |first= |authorlink= |coauthors= |date= |year= |month= |format=PDF |work= |publisher=Arriva Trains Wales |pages= ] Bus services are available to Chester, Runcorn, Ellesmere Port, Hatchmere (adjacent to Delamere Forest) and to Northwich. [cite web |url= |title=Place-to-place Timetables |accessdaymonth=17 May|accessyear=2007|publisher=Cheshire County Council ] Frodsham is convert|16|mi|km|0 from Liverpool John Lennon Airport and convert|21|mi|km|0 from Manchester Airport.


There are four primary schools in Frodsham, namely Frodsham Manor House Primary School, St Luke's Catholic Primary School, Frodsham Church of England Primary School and Frodsham Weaver Vale Primary School. [cite web |url= |title=Schools in the Vale Royal area |accessdaymonth=17 May|accessyear=2007|publisher=Vale Royal Borough Council ] The only secondary school in the town, Frodsham School, a science and technology college, is due to close in summer 2009. [cite web |url= |title=School Organisation Committee Approves Frodsham School Closure |accessdaymonth=22 May|accessyear=2007|last= |first= |authorlink= |coauthors= |date=2006-07-18 |year= |month= |format= |work= |publisher=Cheshire County Council |pages= ]


There is one Anglican church in Frodsham, St Laurence's in Church Road. Frodsham Methodist Church is in Kingsley Road, just outside Frodsham in the Five Crosses area of the town. The town has, in the past, had a number of Methodist churches. Most recent to close were Trinity Wesleyan Chapel and Bourne Primitive Chapel. The Roman Catholic church is St. Luke's in High Street. There are two Evangelical chapels, Main Street Chapel and King's Church on Chester Road. [cite web |url= |title=Churches in Frodsham |accessdaymonth=17 May|accessyear=2007|publisher=Frodsham Churches Together ]

Notable people

*William Charles Cotton (1813–1879) who introduced beekeeping to New Zealand was vicar of Frodsham from 1859 until his death. [cite book | last =Smith | first =Arthur R. | authorlink = | title =William Charles Cotton MA: Priest, Missionary and Bee Master |edition= | publisher =Countyvise | date =2006 | location =Birkenhead | pages = | url = | doi = | id = | isbn =978 1901231 81 X ]
*Harriet Shaw Weaver (1876–1961), feminist political activist and patron of James Joyce, was born in Frodsham. [Cottam, Rachel (2004) 'Weaver, Harriet Shaw (1876-1961), "Oxford Dictionary of National Biography", Oxford University Press, [] Retrieved on 9 March 2007]
* Patrick Larley (1951– ), classical composer, conductor, organist and solo singer was born in the town.cite web|url=|title=Patrick Larley: Biography|work=Patrick Larley||accessdaymonth=11 June|accessyear=2008]
*Gary Barlow (1971– ), singer, pianist, songwriter, and producer was born in Frodsham.cite web|url=|title=Gary Barlow: Official website||accessdaymonth=2 October|accessyear=2008 (One needs to choose the biography section after the animated introduction finishes.)]
*Djibril Cissé (1981– ), Liverpool and France footballer, in 2008 joined Sunderland A.F.C. and lives in the town as Lord of the Manor of Frodsham.cite web|url=|title=The Independent: Football's lord of the manor bans hunting on his nine acres|publisher=Independent News and Media Limited|accessdaymonth=6 October|accessyear=2008]
*Caradog Jones (1962– ), the first Welshman to reach the summit of Mount Everest, lives in Frodsham.cite web|url=,,925452,00.html|title=High society | Magazine | The Observer|publisher=Guardian News and Media Limited|accessdaymonth=7 October|accessyear=2008]
*Bob Carolgees (1948– ), 1980s TV entertainer, owns a candle shop at the Lady Hayes Craft Centre, near Frodsham.cite web|url=,-places-and-interiors-why-you-should-move-to-frodsham--1699|title=Why you should move to Frodsham|publisher=Archant Life Limited|accessdaymonth=7 October|accessyear=2008]




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