Ancient parishes of Cheshire

Ancient parishes of Cheshire

The Ancient Parishes of Cheshire refers to the group of parishes that existed in Cheshire, roughly within the period of 1200—1800.Dunn, F. I. (1987). page 5.] Initially, the ancient parishes had only an ecclesiastical function, but reforms initiated by King Henry VIII, developed by Queen Elizabeth I and expanded by later legislation led them to acquire various secular functions that eventually led to a split between the ecclesiastical parishes and the purely civil parishes that exist today. [Dunn, F. I. (1987). page 22.]

Ancient parish overall details

The data are in the form of two tables: the first one gives information about each ancient parish whilst the second one gives information about each chapelry that may exist within each ancient parish. This complexity is brought about by having ancient parishes which after the dissolution of the monasteries in the sixteenth century possessed in some form or another, both an ecclesiastical role and a civil role. This dual role existed until the nineteenth century.

Ancient parishes

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