List of finite element software packages

List of finite element software packages

This is a list of software packages that implement the finite element method for solving partial differential equations or aid in the pre- and post-processing of finite element models.

Open source

* CalculiX is an Open Source FEA project. The solver uses a partially compatible ABAQUS file format. The pre/post-processor generates input data for many FEA and CFD applications [] []
* Code Aster: French software [ Aster]
* DEAL.II: a Open Source licensed software package []
* DUNE, Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment GPL Version 2 with Run-Time Exception
* Elmer FEM solver: []
* FEniCS Project: a LGPL-licensed software package developed by American and European researchers []
* FElt: free open source FEM software system]
* freeFEM: a GPL-licensed software []
* GetDP: GPL-licensed software package []
* Hermes Project: Modular C/C++ library for rapid prototyping of space- and space-time adaptive hp-FEM solvers. []
* Impact: []
* OOFEM: a free, object oriented, general purpose FEM code []
* PETScFEM: []
* Sundance: a LGPL-licensed software package developed at Sandia National Laboratories []
* Z88: []


* ADINA R&D, Inc. See
* Advance Design, [ Advance Design web page]
* ALGOR Incorporated
* ACTRAN: Belgian software for aeroacoustics and vibroacoustics simulations
* ANSYS: American software
* Abaqus: Franco-American software from SIMULIA, owned by Dassault Systemes [ SIMULIA]
* CAST3M: French software [ CASTEM]
* COMSOL Multiphysics
* COSMOSWorks, SolidWorks
* CosmosWorks : Franco-American software from SolidWorks, owned by Dassault Systemes [ COSMOS]
* Esi: []
* EuroPlexus: French software [ EuroPlexus]
* Femap, Siemens PLM Software: A pre and post processor for Windows
* Go-Mesh []
* HyperMesh, pre and post processing software. See
* JMAG: Japanese software Actran: Belgian Software (Acoustic)
* LS-DYNA, LSTC - Livermore Software Technology Corporation
* Morfeo: Belgian software [ Morfeo]
* Nastran: American software
* NISA: Indian software [ NISA]
* PAM: French software [ PAM]
* PERMAS: German software [ PERMAS]
* Radioss: French software
* Range Software: Czech / Slovak software [ Range Software]
* SAMCEF: Belgian software [ SAMCEF]
* STRAND7 Pty. Ltd.
* SYSTUS: French software
* SYSWELD: French software
* VisualAnalysis: Practical civil/structural software from [ IES Inc.] .

External link

* [ Public Domain FE Programs] listed by [ Ian MacPhedran]

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