FEniCS Project

FEniCS Project

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The FEniCS Project is a set of free software projects with the common goal to enable automated solution of differential equations. It provide software tools for working with computational meshes, finite element variational formulations of PDEs, ODE solvers and linear algebra.

Software projects

FEniCS is based on a collection of interoperable components (projects). DOLFIN functions as the main interface to FEniCS. Both C++ and Python front-ends are available. Some of the core functionality is implemented as part of DOLFIN, including the mesh library, assembly of linear systems, and ODE solvers, while some functionality is wrapped and delegated to other libraries. This includes linear algebra, which is delegated to uBLAS or (optionally) PETSc.

The form compiler FFC handles the symbolic manipulation of variational problems and generates efficient code for assembly of linear systems from a given variational problem.

FIAT functions as the finite element backend to FFC, tabulating finite element basis functions and their derivatives. FErari functions as an optimizing backend to FFC.

Other projects include

* SyFi - a symbolic finite element tabulator
* Puffin - an educational project
* UNICORN - a project for structure-fluid interaction
* Instant - a project for inlining c code in python
* UFL - a universal form language

University collaboration

Originally the project was a research collaboration between the University of Chicago and Chalmers University of Technology. [http://www.femcenter.org/pub/preprints/phiprint-2003-21.pdf T. Dupont, J. Hoffman, C. Johnson, R. Kirby, M. Larson, A. Logg, R. Scott (2004). "The FEniCS Project". The Finite Element Preprint Series, Chalmer University of Technology, 2004.] ] It is currently sponsored by:

* University of Chicago
* Argonne National Laboratory
* Delft University of Technology
* Royal Institute of Technology
* Simula Research Laboratory
* Finite Element Center
* University of Cambridge


See also

* List of finite element software packages
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