Stateless nation

Stateless nation

A stateless nation is a group, usually a minority ethnic group, considered as a nation entitled to its own state for that nation. Since there are few objective criteria for whether a particular group is a nation, or which particular group "has" any given multinational state, usage of the term is political and controversial. Usually, it is used by a movement seeking secession from a larger state, which may be a nation-state. Often, the advocates of secession see the larger state as a form of Empire and its rule as Imperialism. They do not often reject the principle of a multi-ethnic state, since these ethnic groups primarily seek national sovereignty versus state sovereignty.

Stateless nations are usually dispersed across different states, and their governments often give the different treatment, ranging from almost complete autonomy to attempts at integration or even genocide. For example, the Kurdish people are found in Iraq, Turkey, Iran, and Syria. The degree to which a stateless people feels unity varies greatly.

Not all minorities claim to be 'stateless', even if they assert a separate nationality. States recognise minority ethnic groups and nationalities to different degrees: recognising specific cultural and linguistic rights, and allowing certain political autonomy. For instance, the Council of Europe has established since 1992 the "European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages" to protect some specific cultural and linguistic rights.

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