Stateless may refer to:
* Without (a) state, see state (disambiguation)

In society:
* Stateless nation, a group of people without a nation-state
* Stateless person, someone who is not a citizen or subject of any state
* Statelessness, the legal and social concept applicable to stateless persons
* Stateless society, anarchy
* Stateless communism, which Karl Marx predicted would follow capitalism and socialism

In computing:
* Stateless server, that treats each request as independent and unrelated to any previous request
* Stateless firewall, that treats each network frame (or packet) in isolation
* Stateless IP/ICMP Translation algorithm, an IPv6 translation mechanism

In music:
* Stateless (album), the first album released by singer Lene Lovich
* Stateless (band), a Leeds, England-based alternative band
* Stateless (Stateless album), the debut album of the band Stateless
* Stateless (Unwed Sailor album), a collaborative album by the bands Early Day Miners and Unwed Sailor

* Stateless, a large artificial island in the fiction of Greg Egan that is home to refugees of all nations
* Stateless, a motion picture by Chris Morrissey (actor/film director) starring Johnny Diaz Reyes

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