List of companies of Angola

List of companies of Angola

This is a List of Angolan companies.


*A & A Consultants, Incorporated
*Africare "African NGO"
*Allegiant Systems, Inc. "Providing services ranging from IT Angola, logistics and related servies"
*The American Contractor (Amer-Con) "construction, construction software"
*American Manufacturing & Trading
*American Worldwide Incorporated
*Angola Educational Assistance Fund "NGO"
*Angolan Environmental Consulting "Environmental Impact Assessments, studies"
*Angola Telecom
*Angonave "shipping"
*Angotur "tourism"
*Austral Viagens "tourism"
*AVE Trading


*Banco Africano de Investimentos (BAI), "Sonangol subsidiary, full service bank"
*Banco Comercial Angolano (COMLAOLU)
*Banco Espírito Santo Angola (BESA)
*Banco do Comércio e Indústria; Bank of Commerce and Industry (BCI) "Sonangol subsidiary, recently privatized"
*Banco de Poupança e Crédito (BPC) "full service bank"
*Baker Energy
*Baker Hughes Incorporated
*Basilar, Comércio & Construção Lda. (BASILAR)
*Bellamy Law Firm
*Benguela Railways (CFB) "rail transport"
*BJ Services


*Caravela(tourist company) "tourism"
*Catermar USA
*Charme Tours "tourism"
*Chavvas WineChavvas Wine and Liquors, Inc. is a company interested in setting up medium-scale company for the manu-factoring, processing, blending, packaging, and trading of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages in Angola. They are looking to sell the finished products in Angola and also look to export to neighboring African countries.
*Citizens Energy Corporation
*Citizens Resources, L.L.C.
*Cohen & Woods
*C/R International
*Catholic University of Angola


*DELson PC, Lda
*Devon Energy
*DHL Angola


*EDI Architecture
*Empromar "shipping"
*Ecuador "tourism"
*ESSA "subsidiary of Sonangol, petroleum drilling"
*Expresso "tourism"


*Fertur "tourism"
*FMC Kongsberg International AG
*Foreign Policy Group


*Goodworks International
*Grupo Arosfram
*Grupo Valentim Amões


*Horizon Offshore
*Hotel Turismo
*Hotel Katekero
*Hotel Central
*Hotel Vini
*Hotel Turimar
*Hotel Grão Tosco
*Hotel Congresso
*Hotel Excelsior
*Hotel Almirante
*Hotel Konjevi
*Hotel Ruacan
*Hotel Roma
*Hotel Pérola do Sul
*Hotel Miradouro
*Hotel Marginal
*Hotel Bragança
*Praia Hotel
*Hotel Senador
*Hotel América
*Hotel 3 Estrelas
*Hotel Belmonte
*Hotel Chitato
*Hotel Central
*Hotel Galito
*Hotel Kagima
*Hotel Gigante
*Hotel Katespero
*Hotel Luso
*Hotel Welwitschia
*Hotel Kalahari
*Hotel Miragem
*Hotel Apolo
*Hosp. Estrela "hotel"
*Hosp. Miramar "hotel"
*Hull-Blyth Angola, Luanda


*Iamitec "IT"
*Industrial Supply Africa
*International Republican Institute
*Interoil Angola Lda
*Intours "tourism"
* [ InterJobs] "Human Resource"
*ITM Mining Ltd. "mining"
*Integrated Solutions Angola, SA "Data Storage, Replication and protection solutions"

Interoil Angola Lda, "A provider of facilities & services to the Oil&Gas industry in terms of supplying Marine Support vessels/barges and related services"


*JFPI Corporation


*Kissama Foundation "foundation, national park maintenance"
*KPMG Angola
*Kwanda Logistical Support"subsidiary of Sonangol, logistical support for the oil industry"


*Lazare Kaplan International
*Luanda Railways (CFL) "rail transport"
*LUSO COMERCIAL "Materias de construcao, Comercio geral, Importador"


*Marathon Oil Company
*Miranda, Correia, Amendoeira, & Associados
*MPS of America/Nigata of America Corporation
*MSTelcom "communications subsidiary of Sonangol"
*Mulembeira Preta
*MARPERTEC "communications and services "


*Nabors/Sea Mar
*Nafta Traders Incorporated
*Namibe Railways (CFN) "rail transport"
*National Democratic Institute (NDI)
*New-Land Foundation
*Nile Dutch Africa Line (NDS Angola) "shipping"
*Norman Gross


*Odebrecht of America
*Optical Exports
*Orizon21 "IT Security"


*Pacitur Travel "air travel, affiliated with SONAIR"
*Alexandre Pegado
*Patton Boggs, LLP
*Pegasus Energy LimitedPegasus Energy is a privately owned energy company focused on Africa and the Middle East in the area of trading distribution and retailing of crude oil, petroleum products and related services. Pegasus has committed to an encompassing corporate social responsibility and investment strategy to bridge the division that exists between businesses and communities and between development and conservation.
*Population Services International (PSI)
*PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC)


*Renovar "tourism"
*Ridge Solutions

*S&N Pump
*Sábá "tourism"
*Samuels International Associates
*Schaffer & Associates
*Witney Schneidman
*Seatrucks Group
*Secil Maritima "shipping"
*Secil Viagens "tourism"
*Sistemas Tecnológico (SISTEC)
*Sodimo "subsidiary of Sonangol, real estate management"
*Sonair "subsidiary of Sonangol, oil and gas industry air transport service"
*Sonadiets "subsidiary of Sonangol, corporate infrastructure"
*Sonamer "subsidiary of Sonangol, deep drilling
*Sonamet "subsidiary of Sonangol, petroleum platform manufacturer"
*Sonangol Group "oil and gas reserve management; state company; many subsidiaries"
*Sonangol Distribuidora "subsidiary of Sonangol, downstream petroleum products"
*Sonangol Shipping "subsidiary of Sonangol, crude oil transport"
*Sonangol USA "US subsidiary, located in Houston, Texas"
*Sonaship "subsidiary of Sonangol, petroleum product maritime transport"
*Sonasurf "subsidiary of Sonangol, offshore logistics"
*Sonatide "subsidiary of Sonangol, offshore logistics"
*Sonawest "subsidiary of Sonangol, seismic data service"
*Sonils Logistical Support "subsidiary of Sonangol, logistical support"


*TAAG Angola Airlines (TAAG Linhas Aereas de Angola) "Angola Airlines national carrier"
*Technip Angola "subsidiary of Sonangol, engineering"
*Transa QuangoGeneral Commercial, Import-Export and Agriculture


*US-Africa Energy Association




*Young Angolan Professionals Network(YAPN)


*ZEPA "tourism"

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