Conrad (name)

Conrad (name)


Conrad (\c(o)-nrad[clarification needed]) is a masculine given name and a surname. As a given name, it is of Old Germanic pre-7th century origin meaning "brave", "bold ruler", "counsel".[1] As a surname, Conrad is of Medieval German origin, from the compound given name Kuoni-rad, meaning "brave counsel".[citation needed] It became popular in post-medieval English and post-medieval French. The oldest public records are in 1297 (Elsabe, Germany), and 1337 (Ulm, Germany). There are over one hundred spelling variants of the surname including:[2]

  • Austria, Germany and Switzerland: Konrad, Kohrt, Kordt, Kunrad, Kuhndert, Kuhnt, and Kurth
  • Dutch: Koenraad
  • South Africa: Conradie (Afrikaans)
  • Ireland: Ó Conradh (In Irish, the word conradh also means "league" or "alliance")
  • Poland: Konrad
  • Czech and Slovak: Konrád
  • Russia: Kondrat
  • Italy: Corrado, Corradi, Cunradi (Tuscany)
  • Hungary: Konrád
  • Spanish: Conrado
  • Diminutives: Kienzle, Kunc, Kunz, Kuntz, Kunzel, Zunzelman
  • Patronymics: Kurten, Coners, Conerding, Conradsen, Coenraets, and Kondratovich


Pronunciation /ˈkɒnræd/ kon-rad
Gender Masculine
Meaning "brave", "bold ruler", "counsel"
Other names
Related names Con, Connie, Conrade, Conrado, Corrado, Cort, Curt, Konrad, Kort and Kurt

First name


Family name
Meaning "brave counsel"
Region of origin Germany




  • Adrian Conrad, fictional character in the television series Stargate SG-1
  • Conrad Ecklie, fictional character in the television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
  • Conrad Jarrett, fictional character in the 1976 novel and 1980 film Ordinary People
  • Conrad McMasters, fictional character on the television series Matlock
  • Conrad Stargard, fictional character in a series of novels by Leo Frankowski
  • Conrad Weller, fictional character in the Kyo Kara Maoh! series of novels by Tomo Takabayashi
  • Conrad, fictional character in the Romeo x Juliet anime series. See List of Romeo x Juliet characters
  • Conrad Shepard, fictional character in the Seasons 1-3 of television series Weeds played by Romany Malco

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