Conrad I, Duke of Carinthia

Conrad I, Duke of Carinthia
Conrad I Dux, Chronica Sancti Pantaleonis, Cologne, about 1237

Conrad I (c. 975 – 12 or 15 December 1011), of the Salian Dynasty, was the duke of Carinthia from 1004. He was the third son Duke Otto I and thus brother of both Henry of Speyer, father of the Emperor Conrad II, and Bruno, who was pope as Gregory V. He outlived both those elder brothers and his father.

Along with his father, he was a candidate in the royal German election of 1002. In that year or thereabouts, Conrad married Matilda (c. 988 – 29 July 1031 or 1032), daughter of Herman II, Duke of Swabia. They had two sons: Conrad, later duke also, and Bruno, Bishop of Würzburg. Conrad died young and was buried in the cathedral at Worms.

Conrad I, Duke of Carinthia
Born: c. 975 Died: 1011
German royalty
Preceded by
Otto I
Duke of Carinthia
Succeeded by

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