Collection II

Collection II
Collection II
Compilation album by Misfits
Released November 14 1995
Recorded January 1978
January 1979
June 1979
September 1979
August 1980
July 1983
August 1986
Genre Horror punk, hardcore punk
Length 31:23
Label Caroline
Producer various
Misfits chronology
Collection II
The Misfits
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]
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Collection II is the companion album to The Misfits' Collection I. Both compilations collect all the early singles and the entire Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood album, and are meant to complement Walk Among Us (not represented because Warner Bros. owns the rights) and Legacy of Brutality with little overlap. All the early singles are supposed to be represented, although alternative versions of some songs are used instead of the original releases.


Album information

Collection II is controversial because six of the tracks are not songs the Misfits recorded as a functioning band. They were recorded in 1986, several years after the Misfits broke up, by Glenn Danzig and Samhain bassist Eerie Von for a sequel to Walk Among Us.

"Cough/Cool" uses the drum track of the original Misfits version, but Danzig overdubbed guitar and drum machine tracks and new vocals. The song originally had no guitar at all, and was recorded when the Misfits were a three-piece of keyboards, bass and drums. The four Walk Among Us-era tracks ("Hate Breeders", "Braineaters", "Nike-A-Go-Go", and "Devil's Whorehouse") included on Collection II were also recorded at the same session, and featured no participation by any other Misfits. Jerry Only is adamant that "Braineaters" was recorded only once by the Misfits. "Mephisto Waltz" was rehearsed by the Misfits but never recorded by the band.

The rest of the songs are legitimate, and mark the first time many of them saw release on compact disc.

"We Are 138" and "Attitude" are the tracks from the Bullet EP that were not present on Collection I. There is very little difference between these and the mixes on the Static Age LP.

"We Are 138" has many rumored meanings, but none have been confirmed. Glenn Danzig is supposedly the only Misfits member who knows the meaning, revealing only that the song is about violence.[2]

"Last Caress" is from the Beware EP. This mix, exclusive to this compilation and not included on the box set, is characterized by its use of reverb and more prominent guitar.

"Return of the Fly" is a song recorded at the same time as the above three during the Static Age sessions, but had previously only been available via bootlegs.

"Children In Heat" is taken from the Horror Business EP. It was originally conceived as the second part of a medley with "Teenagers From Mars," and was mixed together with that song for the Horror Business EP. The engineer's introduction at the beginning of "Teenagers From Mars," announcing the take, mentions both songs. For the Beware EP, the intro was kept, even though "Children In Heat" was replaced by "Last Caress." The intro was also kept for Collection I, even though "Children In Heat" was nowhere to be found.

"Rat Fink" is taken from the Night Of The Living Dead EP, and, like "Children In Heat," was the only song of the EP left off Collection I. "Rat Fink " is also the only cover (by Allan Sherman) the Misfits ever recorded.

"Horror Hotel" is the final 3 Hits From Hell track re-released to CD.

"Halloween" and "Halloween II" are taken from the Halloween 7-inch. These tracks were recorded during sessions for Walk Among Us and are alternate versions of the tracks included on Legacy of Brutality and the aborted 12 Hits From Hell album. Unlike songs such as "Horror Hotel", "Halloween" and "Halloween II" do not reference the movies of the same name. Instead, they point to the darker pagan undertones Danzig would pursue later with Samhain.

"We Bite" is taken from the Die, Die My Darling EP, which is also included on the Earth A.D. CD.

"Queen Wasp," "Demonomania," "Hellhound," and "Bloodfeast" are the remaining Earth A.D. tracks not included in Collection I.

Track listing

All songs written by Glenn Danzig except where noted.

  1. "We Are 138" – 1:41
  2. "Attitude" – 1:30
  3. "Cough/Cool" – 2:16
  4. "Last Caress" – 2:00
  5. "Return of the Fly" – 1:36
  6. "Children in Heat" – 2:07
  7. "Rat Fink" – 1:52 (Allan Sherman, Johnnie Lee Wills, Deacon Anderson)
  8. "Horror Hotel" – 1:27
  9. "Halloween" – 1:52
  10. "Halloween II" – 2:13
  11. "Hate Breeders" – 2:45
  12. "Braineaters" – 0:59
  13. "Nike-A-Go-Go" – 2:15
  14. "Devil's Whorehouse" – 1:49
  15. "Mephisto Waltz" – 1:45
  16. "We Bite" – 1:14
  17. "Queen Wasp" – 1:32
  18. "Demonomania" – 0:44
  19. "Hellhound" – 1:15
  20. "Bloodfeast" – 2:31



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