List of equipment of the Serbian Land Forces

List of equipment of the Serbian Land Forces

This is a list of equipment of the Serbian Land Forces currently in service.

Armoured fighting vehicle

Main Battle Tanks
*flagicon|YUG M-84 (212) [ [ Serbian Armed Forces ] ]

*flagicon|USSR T-72M1 (65, 15 used for training, 50 in reserve )

Infantry Fighting Vehicles
*flagicon|YUG M-80A (562, 320 in active units, 242 in reserve) Armoured Personnel Carriers
*flagicon|USSR BTR-50 (~ 20)
*flagicon|USSR MT-LBu (~ 20) (Fitted with folding SNAR-10 Big Fred artillery/mortar locating radar, used as command wehicles in Self Proppiled Artillery Battalions.)
*flagicon|USSR BTR-60 (~ 6) (air defense command vehicles for SA-9)
*flagicon|YUG BOV M-86 (58) (Used by Military police)

Reconnaissance vehicles
*flagicon|USSR BRDM-2 (28) [ [ Vojska Srbije ] ]

Armoured Recovery Vehicles
*flagicon|YUG M-84AI (ARV version of M-84 MBT, used in tank battalions)
*flagicon|CZE T-55 TZI (ARV version of T-55 medium tank, used in mechanized battalions)

Antitank Vehicles
*flagicon|YUG BOV-1 (96, 48 in active units, 48 in reserve) (Anti-tank guided missile)


*flagicon|YUG M-72 82 mm (1700)
*flagicon|YUG M-74 and M-75 120 mm (560) []

Towed Artillery
*flagicon|USSR M-46 (180) [ [ Vojska Srbije ] ]
*flagicon|YUG M84 Nora A (36)
*flagicon|USSR D-20 (25 in reserve)
*flagicon|USSR D-30J (303 in reserve) [ [ Serbian Armed Forces ] ] Self-Propelled Howitzers
*"'flagicon|USSR 2S1 Gvozdika (72) [ [ Serbian Armed Forces ] ]
*"'flagicon|SRB Nora B-52 (16 delivered + 12 more ordered)Multiple Rocket Launchers
*"'flagicon|YUG M-94 "Plamen S" (48)
*flagicon|YUG M-77 "Oganj" (60)(40 in reserve)
*flagicon|FR Yugoslavia M-87 "Orkan" (4) [ [ Serbian Armed Forces ] ]

Antitank weapons
*flagicon|USSR 9M14 "Malyutka"
*flagicon|USSR 9K111 "Fagot" (250)
*flagicon|YUG M79 "Osa" 90 mm
*flagicon|YUG M80 "Zolja" 64 mm
*flagicon|SRB/flagicon|Macedonia M90 "Stršljen" 120 mm

Air Defence

Anti-Aircraft Artillery
*flagicon|SWE Bofors 40 mm gun L/70 (guided by GIRAFFE Radar)
*flagicon|YUG BOV-3 - Reserve

*flagicon|USSR Strela 2 (SA-7)
*flagicon|USSR 9K34 Strela-3 (SA-14)
*flagicon|USSR 9K38 Igla (SA-18 Grouse)

Self-Propelled SAM's
*flagicon|USSR 9K31 Strela-1 (SA-9) (90)
*flagicon|USSR 9K31 Strela-10 (SA-13) (18) (upgrading) [ [ Serbian Armed Forces ] ]

Logistics Equipment

Military Utility Vehicles
*flagicon|GER Puch 300gd
*flagicon|Austria Pinzgauer
*flagicon|USSR UAZ-469
*"'flagicon|GBR Land Rover Wolf 4X4 - 70 []
*flagicon|YUG TAM-110 4x4 (in cargo version)
*flagicon|YUG TAM-130 6x6 (in work-shop and cargo version)
*flagicon|YUG TAM-150 6x6 (in cargo, ambulance, NBC, radio-signal, firetruck and support version)
*flagicon|YUG TAM-5000 4x4(in cargo, NBC, radio-signal and support version)
*flagicon|YUG FAP-2026 6x6 (in cargo, firetruck, fuel truck, radar and pontoon transport version)
*flagicon|YUG FAP-2632 8x8

Engineering and Support Vehicles

*flagicon|CZE MT-55A (Armoured vehicle-launched bridge)
*flagicon|USSR PTS-M (Amphibious vehicle)

Infantry Weapons

*flagicon|SRB CZ-99 (Pistol 9 mm)
*flagicon|SRB M-84 (7.65 mm automatic gun) [ [ Serbian Armed Forces ] ]
*flagicon|SRB Zastava Shotguns
*flagicon|YUG/flagicon|SRB M70A/M70B1 (Assault Rifles 7.62 mm)
*flagicon|SRB M21S Assault Rifle
*flagicon|GER Heckler & Koch MP5
*flagicon|SRB M93 Black Arrow (Long Range Rifle)
*flagicon|SRB BGA
*flagicon|YUG/flagicon|SRB M76 (7.9 mm Sniper rifle)
*flagicon|SRB M91 (7.62 mm Sniper rifle)
*flagicon|FIN SAKO TRG-21 [ [ Serbian Armed Forces ] ]
*flagicon|SRB M85 (Assault rifle)
*flagicon|SRB M90 (Assault rifle)
*flagicon|SRB M77 (Assault rifle)
*flagicon|SRB M72 (7.62 mm Machine gun)
*flagicon|YUG/flagicon|SRB M84 (7.62 mm Machine gun)
*flagicon|SRB M87 (12.7 mm Heavy Machine gun) []
*flagicon|YUG M-60 (Recoilless rifle)
*flagicon|YUG 90 mm M-63B2

Withdrawn from service/stored

*flagicon|USSRT-55 (400 tanks being scarped)
*flagicon|USSR PT-76 (Light tanks)
*flagicon|YUG M-60P (184) [ [ M-60P APC] (target practice, scrap heap)
*flagicon|USSR ZSU-57-2 (36 AAA vehicles scrapped)
*flagicon|CZE M53/59 Praga (AAA vehicles stored) [ [ 31.qxd ] ]
*A number of other vehicles and equipment has also been scraped,or conserve all in effort to cut costs and modernize the military.


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* Serbian Land Forces
* Military of Serbia

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