Beehive (disambiguation)

Beehive (disambiguation)

Beehive may refer to:

; Bee-keeping
* Beehive is a structure in which bees live and raise their young. It includes both natural and man-made hives; the latter includes traditional designs such as skeps and gums and modern designs such as:
* Langstroth hive, a standard type of beehive
* Top-bar hive, also known as the Kenyan hive
* Beehive Stone, Hungarian large conical stones, possibly once used as beehives

; Buildings and locations
* Beehive houses are an early form of stone building found in Scotland and Ireland
* Beehive House, historic home of Mormon leader Brigham Young
* Beehive tomb, also known as a Tholos tomb, a style of Mycenaean chamber tomb from the Bronze Age
* Beehive (building) is the executive wing of the New Zealand Parliament Buildings
* Bee Hive, Alabama is the name of an unincorporated community in Alabama
* Beehive Geyser in the Upper Geyser Basin of Yellowstone
* Beehive State, the state nickname of Utah

; Entertainment
* Beehive Live, an album released in 1999 by Paul Gilbert
* Beehive (band), an electronic rock duo from Seattle Washington
* "Beehive", a B-Side by Japanese Rock band The Pillows, from their single "その未来は今 (THAT FUTURE IS NOW)"
* "The Beehive", 1982 Spanish film based on 1951's "The Hive" (novel), also known as "La Colmena"
* "Beehive" (1975 film) is an Iranian film, also known as "Kandu"

; Military
* Beehive (ammunition) is the common name for a type of 105 mm artillery shell used for anti-personnel
* "Beehive", codename for units of the Szare Szeregi during World War II

; Electronics and telecommunications
* Beehive Forum, an open source PHP-based forum system
* Apache Beehive, an open-source extensible Java application development framework at the Apache Software Foundation

; Other uses
* Beehive (hairstyle), distinctive female hair style shaped like a beehive
* Beehive Cluster, an open cluster of stars located some 500-600 light years from Earth
* Beehive burner, conical woodwaste burner
* Beehive (LDS Church), a 12-13 year-old participant in the Young Women's program of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
* "The Beehive" was an important trade union newspaper in mid nineteenth century Britain.

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* Hive

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