HIVE (disambiguation)

HIVE (disambiguation)

Hive may refer to:
* HIVE is the 3rd largest ISP in Iceland founded in 2004.
* Hives in non-medical popular language names a common form of allergic reaction.
* A hive or beehive - a colony of bees; or for the shelter built for or by the bees. See beehive (beekeeping).
* In science fiction, many extraterrestrial species build or live in hives; examples include xenomorphs of the movie "Alien", the Zerg of StarCraft, and the Formics of the Ender's Game series. A hive mind often characterizes such species.
* For the rock band, see the Hives.
* Hive - a well-known producer in the drum and bass music genre.
* In Microsoft Windows terminology, a hive forms part of a Windows registry
* HIVE is a game programming library.
* Hive is an abstract-strategy board game published in 2001.
* H.I.V.E. is an fictional evil organization that fights the Teen Titans on different occasions.
* HIVE is an abbreviation for HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) Encephalitis, used in medical research in mice.

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