Boke (Disambiguation)

Boke (Disambiguation)

Boke may refer to:

PLACES/GEOGRAPHY::* Boké, a city in Lower Guinea "(Also known as Boke, Boque, Boqué)":*Boke (woreda), a district in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia::*Boke T'ik'o (or Boke Tiko), West Hararghe, Oromia, Ethiopia is the major town in Boke (woreda) [] ::*Boke Wako (alternate names: Bekawaka - Beke Aba Wako) situated in Jima, Oromia, Ethiopia [] :* Boke, village in Westphalia (Germany), birthplace of Wilhelm Wilmers

ANGLICIZED JAPANESE: "(all pronounced ~ boh-kay or boh-keh)":* Bokeh or Boke, photography word used to describe the out of focus quality of a lens:* Boke, the funny man in a Manzai act, a form of Owarai (Japanese comedy):* Boke (), flowering Japanese quince (see also [] ):* [ALSO SEE SUBSIDIARY REFERENCE, BELOW]


:* Boke (Böke, [~buhkh see note below] , Mongolian: бөх, bökh), Mongolian wrestling:::"Mongolian has more vowel sounds than in English, and the ending "k" sound is a bit like the Scottish sound at the end of "loch." [] I.E., Pronounced somewhere between buck and book—with some emphasis on the ending K sound.):* [Chinese language#Modern borrowings and loanwords|Boke (博客, Bókè, ["boh-kee"] )] , Chinese coined by Fang Xingdong for blog, popularized by Muzi Mei



::* INDIA–TRANSPORTATION: BOKE, railway station code for Bhoke, India::*SWEDEN–CAMPING AREA: Norje Boke, Sölvesborg, Sweden—popular place to stay during yearly Sweden Rock Festival::* USA–ARCHITECTURE: Bernard Maybeck's Boke House [] ::* JAPAN–GEOGRAPHY: Oboke (O-boke / big boke) and Koboke (Ko-boke / small boke)— Valleys in Tokushima, (Japan) "(NOTE: In this context, "boke" means dangerous to walk along.")" [] ::* JAPAN–COMPUTER SCIENCE RESEARCH: BOKE, a 1998 computer program created by Kim Binsted and Osamu Takizawa that generates Japanese puns [] ::* SUDAN–GOVERNANCE: Matat lo 'Boke, (the position of) Village Chief among the Kuku people of Southern Sudan:PEOPLE (HISTORY/DECEASED)
::* MONGOLIA–HISTORIC PERSON: Ariq Böke, grandson of Genghis Khan and a claimant to the Mongol Empire::* MONGOLIA–(LESS) HISTORIC PERSON: Chilger Böke, who may have fathered Genghis Khan's eldest son by his principal wife, Jöchi, after his brother, a Merkit chief, gave her to him as a spoil of war::* ETHIOPIA—HISTORIC PERSON: Abba Boke, the first king of the Kingdom of Gomma in the Gibe region of Ethiopia::* [BOTANY] Boke, among Botanists, Norman Hill Boke :::* [PLANT:USA/CALIFORNIA/CACTUS] Boke's Button (Epithelantha bokei) Named after Norman Hill Boke by Lyman David (L.D.) Benson [
::* USA–CALIFORNIA CIVIL SERVANT (FEDERAL)/TRUMAN PERIOD: Richard L. Boke, whose salary Congress voted to cut off (along with his superior) (to satisfy unhappy big California land owners). Point of contention between Congress and President Harry S. Truman. [] [,9171,794729,00.html] ::* [USA REF STUB] Arthur Boke [] [] ::*USA–AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCE: Henry Louis Gate's "crazy" Uncle Boke ("Colored People," pp 63, 209-210) (also in [,M1] ):PEOPLE (LIVING PERSONS)::* KENYA [5,000+ MEDIA MENTIONS] [] A 1.5-year-old Kenyan girl named Boke with a cleft palate who touched Jessica Simpson's heart [] ::* SOUTH AFRICA–FILM STUNT PERFORMER: Lucky Boke, stunt team member, Lord of War::*ITALY–ARTIST: Christine Böke (born 1953) [REF STUB] ::* USA–CABLE TV/STAFF: Ephtali Boke, art director for HGTV's "Desperate Spaces":PEOPLE/BUSINESS "(SELF-PUBLISHING/PRODUCING ARTISTS' BUSINESS FACE)" ::* USA–SMALL PRESS, Boke Press, the (personal) press of Joe Brainard and Kenward Elmslie [] ::* USA–INDIE FILM: Boke Entertainment, Houston-based (horror-genre) production entity of (director/writer) Bob Willems and (actor/writer/producer) Ken Hebert "("S.I.C.K. : Serial Insane Clown Killer," 2003)"::* CANADA–INDIE FILM: Boke Films, (aka Boke Inc), production entity of director/producer Bruce Dunggan "(The Republic of Love,2003)"::* SOUTH KOREA–INDIE FILM: Boke Film, entity of (director/writer/producer) Im Jin-pyeong to sponsor/release "Foolish Game" ["Pulisi gae-im"] [] "(Strongly influenced by the nouvelle vogue touch cinema of the late great Francois Truffaut, this independent film was shot by a 52-year old movie lover Jung Sung-hyun who has dreamt of making his own silver screen release ever since his childhood days. The low budget production was filmed in Korea, in the region of Kathmandu in Nepal and Sydney.)" []

::NABOKOV "(NOTE: Perhaps fictional alter-ego Boke from Nabokov)" [] ):::*NABOKOV CHARACTER: "The writer pictures a descendant of his, Lance, going on an interplanetary voyage." "He describes Emery Lancelot Boke's parents and the night the young man leaves on his journey." [] ("The last short story he ever completed, and one of his best" [] ):::*NABOKOV CHARACTER: A "man named Boke" in Nabokov's short story "Music." [,M1] ::*USA–NOVEL/CHARACTER: Boke Kellum, Western TV star in Dan Jenkins' "Semi-Tough" (1972) [,M1] ::*UK (London)–NOVEL/CHARACTER: Mr. Boke, detective in "Flight of Faviel," by Robert Ernest Vernède, 1905 [] ::* UK–FILM/CHARACTER: Boke, the 1948 career-launching role of American actor Howard Keel, as an escaped convict with a "spark of decency" in "The Small Voice"::* IRELAND–NOVEL/CHARACTER: Boke family/Mrs. Boke, in "Fame," a 1910 romantic novel by Bithia Mary Croker [] ::* USA–NOVEL/CHARACTER: Miss Ethel Boke, a character in the novel "Seventeen" by Booth Tarkington, 1915:::* NOTE: 1940 film [] and play based on the novel::*JAPAN–ANIMATED TV CHARACTER: Boke, pet dog of the orphan boy Kcnbo, who travels with the teenage jiujitsu practitioner Sanshiro Kurenai, whose father was murdered by a one-eyed man, in the 1969 Japanese animated television series Judo Boy::*JAPAN–MANGA/ANIME CHARACTER: '"boke-gaeru" ("stupid frog"), Natsumi Hinata's epithet for the leader/"antihero" (and, frog-type alien) Sergeant Keroro in the Japanese animae and manga series Sgt. Frog::*JAPAN–MANGA/ANIME TITLE:: "Fuyōi na Boke to Yasashisa ga Fukō o Yobu" ( 不用意なボケと優しさが不幸を呼ぶ ) " "Careless Gags and Kindness Bring Misfortune," episode 5 of Hayate the Combat Butler"::*USA–SONG/TITLE: "Bolden Boke Boy," by Will Oldham::*USA–TV CHARACTER: Boke, (Clyde Harvey) in three episodes of " Bananza" ('67-69):(NAMED) ANIMALS::* [USA–AFRICAN TORTOISE] Boke, a 175-pound, 20-year-old Sulcata tortoise (African), at Bay Area Turtle and Tortoise Rescue, Northern California's largest tortoise refuge []

"ALSO NOTE: THE WORD, ":"ENGLISH (HISTORICAL/SCHOLARLY REFERENCE): BOKE / BOOK"::"In titles of many English books of the 14th-16th centuries the word "Book" is spelled "Boke," and modern scholarship & commentary often maintains the original spelling in reference: e.g., Thomas Elyot's The Boke named the Governour, Juliana Berners's (?) The Boke of St. Albans, Thomas Phaer's The Boke of Chyldren, Robert Copland's The Boke of Justices of Peace, etc. The OED contains 668 occurrences of the word "boke"— all but approximately a dozen are instances where the meaning is "book." (For a list and access to many of them, see Google book search. [] )":"LANGUAGE & DIALECT":* "For Scotland/Northern Ireland dialect/slang, see & "::"OTHER SPELLINGS: Robert Burns: "bock" [] / Jane Austen's period (Regency): "bowke" [] / ALSO: "bowk," "bolk," "byock," "bok" [] [] [] [,M1] [,M1] [] [] [] [] (NOTE: MASS MEDIA SPOKEN WORDS & WEB SPELLINGS: Scottish dialect on UK television, for example [] , is heard but not spelled; hence, variations in internet spellings.)" :* "For West Flemish dialect of Dutch (childish) usage, see ":* "ALSO IN A SLOVENE DIALECT—A Serbian language dialect dictionary has the title: (Vesna Lipovac-Radulović, Romanizmi u Crnoj Gori — jugoistočni dio Boke Kotorske. Cetinje — Titograd, 1981)," [to be linked] "Note that Google translation indicates the word is Serbian, but cannot yet translate that language.":* " WALLOON (reference stub) [] ":* "ARTIFICIAL LANGUAGE: NOVIAL - See ":* "REF STUB: PHILIPPINES/TAGALOG/INDONESIAN ":* "REF STUB: ANGLICIZED KOREAN" "Say hay boke-mahn he pah du say oh"

:"PRONUNCIATION (SYLLABLES)":* "TWO SYLLABLES:" " Most of the primary (top section) entries on this page are pronounced with two syllables." :*"EXCEPTIONS / ONE-SYLLABLE:" "(European and any UK/American), e.g., Boke, Germany." NOTE: Mongolian might be said to be 1 1/2 syllables.:* "SARDINIA–WORD THAT IS PRONOUNCED LIKE ONE-SYLLABLE BOKE, BUT LOOKS LIKE TWO SYLLABLES: boche ("voice"), the lead singer in a tenores singing group in the Barbagia region on the island of Sardinia"

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