Mayani Bird Sanctuary

Mayani Bird Sanctuary

Mayani Bird Sanctuary is located near Vaduj, in India.

Many migratory birds pass through the area, such as Flamingos from Siberia, which come in large numbers.[citation needed] Approximately 400 migratory birds were reported in 2005.[citation needed]

Other birds like the Northern Shoveler, Stork and Kingfisher are also found at the sanctuary. Other resident and migratory bird species in the winter season include: Coot, Brahminy Ducks, Black Ibis, Painted storks, Common Spoon bills, etc. The nests of storks are also observed near the lake. Flamingos are regular winter visitors to the place. The flamingo species are observed feeding in shallow water. They mainly feed on insects, small fishes and crabs. The aquatic plant species Otolisa species can be found in shallow waters - flamingos have been observed to feed on this species as a food source.[citation needed]

Mayani Bird Sanctuary is studied as a typical wetland ecosystem which is rich in flora and fauna.It is observed that, the hydrophytic species like otolia sps grows very well in shallow water. It is the main source of food for aquatic birds.Other food is available viz. small fishes, crabs, water insects etc. also observed. Some efforts have been made for conservation of natural forest near the lake. This region is mainly under drought condition. Some plots have been allotted to local farmers, such as on the lake's dam during summer when the water dries up. There are also some medicinal plants grown in the region. Cactus are also planted nearby the lake.

The winter season (November to January) is the best time to visit the Mayani sanctuary


The Mayani Bird Sanctuary (Khatav T; 17° 25' N, 74° 30' E; RS. Koreganv 36 m. NW; p. 4,485) lies in the Satara district of Maharashtra state, thirteen miles south-east of Vaduj at the junction of the Tasganv-Mograla and Malharpeth-Pandharpur roads. The town is walled and entered by gates on the west and east.


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Coordinates: 17°25′N 74°30′E / 17.417°N 74.5°E / 17.417; 74.5

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