List of characters from Total Drama Island

List of characters from Total Drama Island

This is a list of characters in the Canadian animated television series "Total Drama Island" and its second season, "Total Drama Action". The characters consist of the cast members, the two teams of contestants (the Screaming Gophers and the Killer Bass), and various background characters.

Fifteen of the twenty-two characters in "Total Drama Island" are scheduled to return in the second season called "Total Drama Action", [ [ Cake Distribution - Total Drama Action] ] nine from the Screaming Gophers and six from the Killer Bass.

Cast members

Chris Maclean

Chris Maclean (voiced by Christian Potenza) is the host of the program. He speaks with a "skater" accent. Easy-going and somewhat sadistic, he enjoys making the campers suffer and many of the challenges are clearly geared towards this end, saying his trademark phrase "Awwwee-some!!!" whenever a challenge is particularly life-threatening. He clearly has no regard for their well-being, remarking that he doesn't care what happens on the show so long as he still gets paid. His talents include speaking and figure skating. According to the season finale, aside of being the show's host, Chris is also the show's writer, background designer, director, executive producer, and assassin (the latter being his task of killing anyone who tries to enter or escape the island). He frequently mentions that he hired interns in the pre-production phase of the show, who mostly died during the course of setting up the challenges. In the final episode, the campers get back at Chris and throw him into the lake for making them do all the dangerous challenges of season one. Chris will appear in the second season with upgraded facial expressions. [ [ "HEAD"-ing INTO SEASON 2...] ]

Chef Hatchet

Chef Hatchet (voiced by Clé Bennett) is the mess hall's chef. Chef is a big, loud, tough, intimidating man with a permanent sneer on his face. He is an inept cook and bares a humorously distorted resemblance to Samuel L. Jackson or Roadblock. Aside from cooking the meals, he also assists Chris in tormenting the campers, such as when he dresses up as a spider to scare Leshawna and flies a rickety plane with Owen and Izzy- in fact, he and Chris appear to be close buddies. However, when Chris is thrown in the water in the season one finale, he admits he had wanted to do that to Chris. The campers don't like him and try to get revenge on him too in the end.

Hatchet is ex-military, probably Navy SEALS, as can be deduced from the fowled anchor on his left bicep. In "Basic Straining", he plays the part of a drill instructor, making the contestants perform numerous tasks that reference "G.I. Jane". The Awake-A-Thon in episode 3 also appears to be based on something the similar Hell Week training, where SEALS are allowed nearly no sleep for five straight days while they are training.

Camera Crew

There is a camera crew on the island who follow the contestants around, getting everything that they do on tape, but the only times they ever came into play was when they informed Chris that Duncan fell asleep on the toilet, and when they had ordered pizza during a challenge (much to the Screaming Gophers' chagrin).They also act as Chris Meclean's stunt double.

creaming Gophers


Gwen (voiced by Megan Fahlenbock) is the goth girl. Gwen joined because the money would make life a lot easier for her mother. She is the loner of her school. Her friends are Duncan, Cody, Trent, Leshawna, Bridgette, and Geoff. She fears being buried alive. She doesn't often socialize with the campers, (with the exeption of her friends) and spends her time writing in her journal. She has a crush on Trent, which is mutual. Gwen is extremely independent, level-headed, smart, and usually soars through the challenges without hesitation (it is this quality that enables her to stay in the competition for as long as she does). She and Trent eventually kiss.


Beth (voiced by Sarah Gadon) is the wannabe cool girl. She applied to meet boys who share her interests, such as chickens. During her audition, just like Cody, Beth attempts to sing, but does so off-key. Then (also like Cody's audition), her dad told her about all the noise she made. She then says that she will be famous one day and a close-up reveals a peice of lettuce stuck in her braces. She has a talent for twirling flaming batons, though she can't catch them after tossing them up into the air (having missed that class). She becomes part of an alliance with Heather and Lindsey, but eventually tires of Heather's bossy attitude and breaks it off, becoming friends with Leshawna because of their mutual dislike for Heather. It is possible that she likes Cody because she kissed him before accidentally pushing him off the Dock of Shame.


Cody (voiced by Peter Oldring) enjoys technology, and has established himself as a nerd with the other campers. In his audition, Cody plays on an electronic keyboard and sings a song. His dad tells him to stop making noise. Cody states that one day he will be more famous than somebody, but the camera shuts off before he can say who. He tries to be cool, usually unsuccessfully. He dislikes an unbalanced hypoglycemic index in his diet, and fears having to disarm a time bomb under pressure. Cody joined so he can "swing" with the cool kids and meet some girls while he's at it. He also has a major crush on Gwen, and is usually seen "hitting" on her, also unsuccessfully. He is the eighth camper voted off when he gets mauled by a bear and is laced in a wheelchair temporarily, becoming useless for his team in other challenges. Beth kissed him on the cheek which caused his chair to roll off of the Dock of Shame.


Heather (voiced by Rachel Wilson) is the arrogant snob and one of the main antagonists (along with Chris and Chef). In her audition tape, Heather walks out of the shower with a towel and starts talking about how she will not be nervous if she was on the show. She also talks about how pretty she looks, and she adds that if they pick her, she promises high ratings. She then throws off her towel, off-screen. Heather enjoys talking about her popularity or her appearance. She is known for her disdain for others and for being the center of evil. Heather joined because she believed that it would provide highly adequate training for carrying out her long term goal of ruling Europe. She starts an alliance with Lindsay and Beth to work her way to vote other contestants off because she thinks that they will listen to her and do whatever she says, but the alliance is eventually broken. Her snobbery has nearly gotten her voted off repeatedly, and she becomes the victim to endless well-deserved pranks by her enemies, but she always manages to avoid it by convincing other people to vote off another person, or by controlling the game like a puppet master in order to gain invincibility. She intends to win the competition with dirty tricks, cheating, manipulation, deceipt, and sabotage.


Izzy (voiced by Katie Crown) is the psychotic basket case. She is soothed by the sounds of horror movie soundtracks and was in fact put to sleep with the sounds as a lullaby when she was a baby. She also howls out at the full moon, and is very fond of the witching hour. She is known for her insane stalker personality, and her habit of talking slightly faster than normal human speech. In her audition tape, she lists a few of her good qualities (being loyal, and smart) then tries to twirl a fire baton, but sets off the sprinklers. In her second audition tape, she demonstrates her "talents," examples of which are being able to roll her eyes backwards, being double-jointed, and wrapping her tongue around her head like a turban, (which the camera tipped over while she was doing it). Izzy was originally put on the Killer Bass team, but she agreed to switch with Katie (Katie wanted to be with Sadie or else neither of them would jump, who was also on the Killer Bass). Izzy ends up leaving the island after she is found by the RCMP, who want to arrest her for blowing up the kitchen of a marine base with a flamestarter ball of wax and tree sap. She returns in the episode "No Pain, No Game", only to be voted off again in the episode, "Wawanakwa Gone Wild!" for shooting Heather with a tranquilizer dart. Izzy claimed that she never actually left the island. In "No Pain, No Game," when Izzy returns to the island, she claims that she never actually left and was hiding in the woods the whole time. As Eva gets sailed back home after being voted off (for the second time), she says that Izzy wasn't hiding in the woods, but Izzy interupts before she can say where she really was.


Justin (voiced by Adam Reid) is the untalkative hunk, a handsome boy who likes gorgeous objects, or anything that matches him in terms of looks. He is known for his good looks and killer charm. Justin joined so he can donate his winnings to the "Unattractive-Looking People Wish Foundation". His audition tape has a man saying his name over and over in the background, while he sits on the beach, looking attractive. Justin has large washboard abs that he takes particular pride in, and is a highly accomplished and very successful male model. He is the fourth person voted off the competition because Heather convinced some of the other Screaming Gophers to turn on him.


Leshawna (voiced by Novie Edwards) is the loudmouth African Canadian. Leshawna likes rolling with her girlfriends. She dislikes anyone who gives her attitude, such as Heather. She is known for being outspoken (Harold describes her as "real big and loud"). She has incredible determination in competitions, and can handle extreme stunts with ease. She has a fear of spiders, and is allergic to pineapple. In her audition, Leshawna lists some of her good qualities and tells the viewers to call her if they want her on the show. She then holds a cell phone in her hand and loses her patience when it doesn't ring. She refers to everyone else as 'white boy/girl'. In the episode "No Pain, No Game", she wins a luxurious trailor for lasting the longest in the challenge, only to have it blown up by a a cannonball by Chris in the next episode, "Search and Do Not Destroy". She is voted off in eisode "Haut Camp-Ture" when Chris tricks the loser camers into saying her first name many times (which are counted as votes against her).


Lindsay (voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills) is the stereotypical dumb blonde. She, along with Beth, was in Heather's alliance at the beginning. She had a brief relationship with Tyler until he got voted off in "Phobia Factor". In one episode, she reveals that she has an older sister named Paula, who had diarrhea while on a date and Lindsay had to bring her toilet paper. After this, she seemingly remembers she had promised Paula never to tell anyone about the incident. Although being extremely ditzy, she is said to have been an excellent athlete in gymnastics. She can also prove to be a real scatterbrain, and can forget some things. Lindsay also has trouble remembering names, and the name she forgets the most is Leshawna's. Just as Trent has a habit of getting injured, Lindsey has a habit of getting people hurt, such as getting Heather stung by jellyfish and poisoning Trent with improperly prepared blowfish. It is once mentioned that she failed biology. She is voted off in episode "That's Off The Chain!" when she arrives last at the finish line in a bike race (Heather arriving first and all of the other campers not arriving at all). However, she finally sees through Heather's manipulations in this episode and realizes shes been used.


Noah (voiced by Carter Hayden) is the know-it-all, a self-absorbed, lazy, manipulative teen who blends in with the background. He enjoys sitting, lying down, occasionally leaning, and reading. He dislikes Cody. In his audition tape, he tells the camera that smarts always win in the end, and that he has got the competition in the bag. An off-camera voice belonging to a classmate of Noah's named Joey congratulates Noah on winning student body president. He is known for "being a freakish child genius." He joined because he wants to apply skills from fantasy-land survival video games to the real world. He was the third person to be voted off in the competition because he wouldn't participate in the challenge.


Owen (voiced by Scott McCord) is the fat guy, a large, enthusiastic boy with an unmatched appetite. He joined because he enjoys summer camp. Baked beans make him sleepwalk naked, in addition to causing gas. He is usually the comic relief of the show, doing or saying something that is sometimes dumb and often in reference to his love of food, and never has a bad opinion about anyone. He has a library of awkward exclamations ("Great Gatsby!", "Great Canadian Cheese!", "Great Pyramid of Giza!" etc...), but doesn't seem to mind these eccentricities. He has a fear of going up in a plane. He promised to throw a large party on a yacht if he won Total Drama Island's first season. He has made several allusions to bisexuality over the season. He has fawned (been affectionate) over Justin on occasion, and became excited over being around the boys, yet he has also hinted to having a crush on Izzy. Izzy had said that he can play canasta really well. Owen is the winner of the first season of Total Drama Island.


Trent (voiced by Scott McCord) is the guitar-playing hunk, and a human crash test dummy. He enjoys riding his motorcycle and dislikes his dad telling him to become an accountant. His fear is mimes. He is known for being simply cool and relaxed. He joined because he felt it was a cool way to spend the summer. Trent seems to be hurt more than any of the other camper (ex. getting stuck in quick sand, getting a concussion from thrown oranges, temporarily paralyzed by a poisonous fish, and getting a body cast during a skydiving challenge due to D.J. accidentaly pushing him out of the plane without a parachute.). He has a crush on Gwen and the two share a relationship. He was voted off because everyone thought he kissed Heather (when Heather actually kissed him to make Gwen upset).

Killer Bass


Bridgette (voiced by Kristin Fairlie) is the surfer girl. Bridgette is blond and a compassionate environmentalist, with a knack for surfing. She is not very coordinated on land, which has cost her team on multiple occasions (such as burning the teams' tent down or nearly crushing Courtney). She fears being left alone in the woods. Bridgette has a talent for hand stands, able to maintain one for 20 minutes. She has a crush on Geoff, but he has a habit of saying the wrong thing which turns her off. In her audition, her friends, which are mostly boys, cheer her on while she attempts to whistle the "Yankee Doodle" song through her nose. After claiming she isn't really good, she then explains she is a good friend and will try her best and either win with integrity or leave with her head held high. In "Brunch of Disgustingness" she notes that she is a vegetarian and that she rides on dolphins. Bridgette was voted off because the boys thought she was the most athletic, and after being sprayed by a family of skunks.


Courtney (voiced by Emilie-Claire Barlow) is the attractive but bossy girl who feels the need to be in charge because she has leadership training. Courtney joined the show because she thinks it is a good way to see if she will succeed in real life. She is a strong figure of authority upon her team. She is determined to win the contest and the $100,000 with her ethics, love of rules, and overall controlling attitude. She frequently points out that she's a CIT (Counsler In Training). She fears green jelly (she says it looks like jiggly mucus). In her audition tape, she tells the camera that she is running for student council president. She promises to conduct herself with honor and integrity if she wins, and then accidentally mixes up her two speeches by promising to donate two new pop machines for the cafeteria. Then she swears (because apparently she got her two speeches mixed-up), and argues with the cameraman when he refuses to tape a re-do. She is often at odds with Duncan, who disdains following the rules, but is eventually won over by his rebellious attitude which culminates in a kiss before she is voted off. Her best friends on the island were Bridgette, Geoff, and DJ. Due to Harold rigging the votes, Courtney was the eleventh person voted off the competition.


DJ (voiced by Clé Bennett) is the brickhouse with heart, a tall, sweet-tempered Jamaican-Canadian boy. The producers saw him push 80 shopping carts at his part-time job. In his audition, he explains all of his good qualities and why he should be in the contest. He then says that if he wins, he will give his prize to his mom because that's how much he loves her. After, he becomes emotional and bursts into tears. He joined because he figured that the money would really help his mother fulfill her dream of going back to Jamaica. He has a fear of snakes, heights, and water (which are shown to be overcome). He developed the fear of water when he was eight when his brothers dared him to dive off the big board in the local pool. Despite his fear, he did it to avoid being called "chicken." He is shown to have a deep respect for nature. He takes a wild rabbit as a pet, and perfectly mimics a deer. His best friends on the island are Duncan and Geoff. He usually helps Geoff when it comes to wooing Bridgette after his common screw ups with her.


Duncan (voiced by Drew Nelson) is the hot delinquent who comes from a long line of policemen and policewomen. His audition shows him escaping from his detention center. He knows many tactics from his time spent in juvenile detention centers, and he is easily one of the more physically powerful cast members. He is easily angered and cross towards the other campers, and mocks them whenever the opportunity arises. He is somewhat more civil around Courtney, yet still mocks her like he does everybody. Duncan is smitten of Courtney and sometimes shows his liking towards her in such ways as spontaneously asking her if she "wants to make out" and kissing her in the episode she is voted off. Later in the series, he says in the confessional, "I miss you babe." He is afraid of Celine Dion music store standees, because they look really real. He has several brother's, as mentioned in "That's Off The Chain." Duncan's best friends on the island are DJ, Gwen, Leshawna, and Geoff.


Eva (voiced by Julia Chantrey) is the tough girl with a very bad temper. With the exception of Leshawna and Duncan, every camper is terrified of her. She is very well-built and has been in physical training since she was three years old. She is perhaps the physically strongest member of the entire cast (rivalled only by DJ). In her audition tape, Eva says she was the only girl in school who could do more than ten pull-ups. She also says that she gets along with everyone, right after beating up a kid who accidentally hit her with a basketball. While remaining the strongest on her team, her anger is common to burst out at unexpected moments and she rarely smiles. Eva joined to showcase her leadership skills and curb her temper. In the episode, "The Big Sleep", Eva was voted off because her temper got the best of her. She was the second camper voted off because of her aggresion after Heather stole her MP3 player.

Later in the episode, "No Pain, No Game", Eva returned back to these teams with the revenge on Bridgette as "a traitor". She was voted off again in same episode after 6 voters made comments on video. In her own video, she says "Unless they wanna leave in body bags, they better not say my name."


Ezekiel (voiced by Peter Oldring) is the home-schooled, sexist, socially-inept teen. He truly enjoys being home-schooled, as his parents want him away from the evil of the world. In his audition tape, he attempts to catch a moose, but winds up hitting his mom with an arrow. He joined under his doctor's orders; his doctor was concerned about his Vitamin-D deficiency so they were instructed to get him out of the house and into fresh air. Not only does he believe that males are stronger and better at sports than females, he also believes that males are smarter than females, which is the reason why he got voted off. He also picks his nose. The only thing close to a friend Ezekiel has during the only episode he was in the cometition is Harold, with whom he is seen during nearly all the eisode he appears.


Geoff (voiced by Dan Petronijevic) is the party guy. Geoff loves to party and is known as the "neutral" guy by the campers since he gets along with everyone, essentially becoming the team arbiter. He has a major crush on Bridgette, but fails miserably when it comes to earning her affection. He has tried to kiss her twice (once in "Brunch of Disgust" in the girl's cabin, and again in "Hide and Be Sneaky" while Bridgette walks the Dock of Shame, but her skunk smell gets in the way). He fears hail, because it's small but deadly. He smelled really bad when he fell in some socks in "X-Treme Torture", and when he swam in the septic tank in "Search and Do Not Destroy". In his audition tape, he is at a "typical weeknight" party with a couple hundred of friends and "party pizzas." He is shown getting a high-five from one of his friends. He goes on to saying that life is over very quickly, and that you need to enjoy it well by throwing a party every day of the week. Geoff's best friends are Duncan and DJ.


Harold (voiced by Brian Froud) is the nerd, an awkward, geeky teen with various medical problems, who had the most badges while in Possum Scouts. In his audition tape, he shows off his Possum Scouts badges, then madly attempts to play a song on an electric piano, but it falls over and the camera goes out, followed by Harold's breathing sounds. Despite his odd personality he has very high self-esteem, and is responsible for his team's first two wins. He also took figure-skating lessons, which has led to him becoming incredibly agile. He is similar to Napoleon Dynamite in voice and personality. For instance, he likes to emphisize words for interjection (Yes!, Gosh!, Idiots!). He is usually bullied by many of the campers, especially Duncan and Geoff. He gets back at Duncan by switching the ballots and getting Duncan's love interest- Courtney- voted off. Harold is voted off next after he lost the challenge for his team by Heather's accidental toplessness, which distracted him long enough to make him mess up. He obsessed about it for the remainder of the episode. In that same episode, he wrote a love letter to Leshawna, whom he admitted his feelings for. Later on, during episode "Haut Camp-Ture", Courtney gets back at Harold for having her voted off by beating him senseless with a lamp post she tore off the ground.


Katie (voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills) is the sweet girl. She and Sadie are BFFFL's (Best Female Friends For Life), dressing alike and spending all their time together. In her audition tape, she and Sadie dance together, but she bumps into the camera and knocks it over, and lands unconscious. Katie and Sadie became best friends when they first met as next-door neighbors. Katie likes her best-friend-for-life Sadie, and dislikes being separated from her. Unlike overweight Sadie, Katie is thin. Katie was originally on the Screaming Gophers, but could not stand to be on the opposite team as Sadie, so Izzy volunteered to switch with her during the first challenge. Katie joined because it will bring greatness for her and Sadie. While Katie thinks with her heart, Sadie thinks with her head. Katie was the fifth person voted off the competition because she got her and Sadie lost in "The Sucky Outdoors" challenge, but Sadie later got voted off as well, with Katie waiting for her in the Boat of Losers as a happy surprise.


Sadie (voiced by Lauren Lipson) is the obsessive sweet girl's friend. She and Katie are BFFFL's (Best Female Friends For Life), dressing alike and spending all their time together. In her audition tape, after putting the camera back into an upright position, she knocks out Katie in a pillow fight. After she realizes this, she immediately switches the camera off. Katie and Sadie became best friends when they first met as next-door neighbors. Sadie likes her best-friend-for-life Katie, and dislikes being separated from her. Unlike thin Katie, Sadie is overweight. However, throughout the series, only Katie herself has made the remark that Sadie was overweight. While Katie thinks with her heart, Sadie thinks with her head. Sadie was the tenth person voted off the competition . After being eliminated, Sadie was immediately reunited with Katie after getting voted off because of her actions during the "Reversed" William Tell challenge.


Tyler (voiced by Peter Oldring) is the talentless jock. Tyler joined for the wild challenges to test his "skills". In his audition tape, he tells the viewers that this show needs an athlete, and that he is the man, he then wipes out in football, diving, and basketball. He acts as a jock but in reality fails at everything. During the competition he has a crush on Lindsay in which they are found frequently together in the bathrooms or beneath the dock. Tyler was the sixth person voted off the competition because he couldn't conquer his fear, causing them to lose the challenge.



The bear first appears in "The Sucky Outdoors", and has appeared in almost all episodes after. It was first attracted by Izzy's bear costume, which caused it to frighten the entire Gopher team onto a tree. Later in the episode, it scares Katie and Sadie out of its cave. In "No Pain, No Game," he looses to Leshawna in a log-rolling contest and gets all his fur chewed off by pirranahs and later is seen attempts to cover its bald patches with an outfit from Katie or Sadie. In "Paint-ball Deer Hunt," he is seen eating chips (that he had stolen from Cody after mauling him ferociously), and wiping Cody's glasses with his fur. It was also seen eating some of Chris' food at his and Chef's secret location. During "The Big Sleep", Tyler hallucinates that Katie and Sadie are being mauled by the bear. He's most likely to be the brown color phase of the American black bear, the only bear species native to Eastern Canada.

Blue Bird

A blue bird almost in every episode that waddles around Camp Wawanakwa with his poofy blue fro, and occasionally a worm in its mouth.


DJ's pet bunny rabbit. Bunny was first seen in "The Not So Great Outdoors Part 1", where DJ is overjoyed to see him. DJ adopts him as a pet in "The Sucky Outdoors". Bunny is seen as a small, white rabbit with bright jewel bright eyes. In "Who Can You Trust?", DJ trusts Geoff to take care of Bunny while he's in the challenge. While going swimming with Bridgette, Geoff leaves Bunny on a chair only to get eaten by a snake, which gets picked up by an eagle, which gets eaten by a shark. Duncan, in a display of kindness, finds another rabbit similar to Bunny for DJ.


A seagull with a pop bottle wrapper stuck on its neck that appears in every episode, and in the theme, where it is pulled underwater by a mysterious tentacle. In one episode, Owen's gas knocks it over. It has its nest on the speaker. It appears in every body of water.


The "Rare but 100% real" (as described by Chris) man-eating freshwater sharks appear in almost every episode. They have been held responsible for the deaths of numerous interns. The sharks can somehow breathe on land, but only when scared to death or relaxing. On "Not So Happy Campers" Justin fell on the outside of the safety spot and the sharks spared his life since he is "hot".


One skunk made its debut in "Brunch of Disgusingness" and a skunk family appears in "Hide and Be Sneaky", where they sprayed Bridgette who made a terrible mishap of them.


Squirrels appear in a number of episodes. In "The Sucky Outdoors," they mimic Katie and Sadie's argument in synch. In "Xtreme Torture," an annoyed squirrel smacks a tweeting bird off a tree.


The snake appeared in numerous episodes. In "Phobia Factor", one small snake was part of DJ's challenge to overcome. Another appeared in "Who Can You Trust?", when it ate DJ's bunny while Geoff was watching it. The same snake also appeared in "Brunch of Disgustingness", after Trent vomited enough to fill the confession can. It was behind it. Nest, it appeared in "No Pain, No Game", when it was part of DJ's challenge, in which it caused DJ to lose. The snake returned in "Search and Do Not Destroy", when he was part of Izzy's challenge, to keep a key away from her. The snake failed, but bit Izzy on the head twice, though it seems as though she made friends with him.



Chaserocks is the winner of the Teletoon interactive games contest. He was an intern that came in the last episode because all the other interns died. He was eaten by sharks because Chris distracted him.

Mr. Coconut

Mr. Coconut was a Coconut that Owen befriended in the Castaway Challenge. He is a parody of Wilson the Volleyball. Owen gave Mr. Coconut palm fronds for hair, and drew a red smile on him underneath the three holes on him. Everyone was uncomfortable with Owen's relationship with it, and decided that the only way to relieve him of Mr. Coconut was to have it voted off. It appeared briefly in the next episode, in which Chef cut it in half. Like Ezekiel and Noah, Mr. Coconut does not earn a marshmallow at all during the game. In its audition, the camera zooms in on Mr. Coconut as it lounges in a beach chair with tropical island music playing in the background. It then falls off the chair as the tape ends.

Psycho Killer

Duncan imitates and tells a ghost story about a psycho killer called the "bloody hook" in "The Sucky Outdoors". He wears a hockey mask, grey clothes, and has a hook in place of his hand. He carries around a chainsaw taped to a hockey stick. His appearance and mannerisms are loosely based on Jason Voorhees.


A Big Purple Saskskwatch has been seen in a number episodes, such as when Eva comes back to the island after being kicked off. The campers had to do impossible tasks and Eva's was to stay in the confined place with Sasquatchinakwa for 10 seconds, though Eva beat him up. At the end of the episode, it is revealed that he stole Geoff's other "lucky" hat.


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