Włatcy móch

Włatcy móch
Włatcy móch
First row from the left: Anusiak, Konieczko, Maślana and Czesio. Second for: School nurse and Ms. Frał
Format Cartoon
Directed by Bartosz Kędzierski
Voices of Krzysztof Kulesza
Adam Cywka
Bartosz Kędzierski
Krzysztof Grębski
Beata Rakowska
Elżbieta Golińska
Country of origin  Poland
No. of seasons 8
No. of episodes 107 + 2 specials (List of episodes)
Running time 22 minutes approx.
Original channel TV4
Original airing 14 November 2006

Włatcy móch (Polish pronunciation: [ˈvwat.t͡sɨ ˈmux]) is a Polish adult animated comedy series, which has been on the Polish TV channel TV4 since November 2006. The title is a misspelled version of "Władcy much" meaning "The Lords of Flies" and derives from William Golding's novel Lord of the Flies. The show tells about four 8-year boys in the second grade of elementary school who wish to rule the world: Anusiak, Konieczko, Maślana and Czesio. The director and writer of the show is Bartek Kędzierski, who also dubs one of characters - Czesio. The show has a total of 107 regular and 2 special episodes. The Comedy won Świry 2008 award in category "TV Series".


Main characters

  • Czesio - is a zombie. He lives at the cemetery. He has friends there-Marcel and The Colonel. He wants to become a singer of Gorzkie żale (in Czesio's meaning old sad Church chants). He had such serious and numerous developmental and genetic disabilities, that it was only after death that he was able to function normally. He's extremely polite and kind, but also very naïve. He can eat literally everything, without limits in quantity. His IQ was estimated (in episode 58) at 70.
  • Anusiak - (in the episode "Nazywam się Anusiak" he's also called Odbyciak - odbyt is Polish for anus) is the strongest and rudest in the group. He always sniffs because of his allergy. His father is a member of a peasant political party (probably Samoobrona) and is a Sejm member - which is reflected in Anusiak's political aspirations. He wants to create a large populist party that would one day rule the world, with himself as the leader. Due to his fathers' example, he is skilled at writing and delivering appealing (populist) speeches. On Christmas he always receives socks. His IQ was estimated 50.
  • Maślana - (Buttermilk) sometimes called Moczowód (Polish for ureter) is the richest and most cunning in the group. He wants to be the President of the World Bank. He wear a Pampers in episode ,,Mokre Sny część 1 i 2,,On his 8th birthday his wealthy parents gave him a golden credit card. His top rated value is money, but he is also quite religious at the same time, and is very afraid of Satan.S His IQ was estimated to 130.
  • Konieczko - (Necessary) is a genius, similar to Dexter. He likes experimenting, especially with explosives and on animals. He claims to be an Atheist. He wants to become the President of the Nobel Foundation. His IQ was estimated 153 - the highest in his class.
  • Ms. Frał - (the name Frał comes from the German die Frau meaning woman , lady). Also called "the old bag" or "Gal/Dudette" by the main four, she is the teacher of class IIB. She is an old spinster and is still a virgin. Devotionally religious (in a very old-fashioned sense), she is very demanding and does not like the main characters, and does not refrain from insulting them frequently.
  • The school nurse/the Hygienist - does not have children, and therefore she loves all the children in the school, especially the main four. After the death of Marcel, her husband, she becomes interested in blues, but is interested and prolific in practically every kind of music. She also enjoys the reggae culture and smokes marijuana at times.

Other characters

  • Andżelika - is a classmate of the main characters. She came from the USA. She is 3 years older than the other students due to the educational differences between Poland and the USA. The boys don't like her and vice versa. In episode Andżelika, she was going out with Anusiak, Konieczko, and Maślana at once, only to dump them the next day to go after Czesio. Czesio doesn't like her because she doesn't have a penis. Her IQ was estimated 140. Her father is from Texas. She often uses English words along with Polish.
  • Marcel - is a zombie. He was the husband of the nurse. He committed suicide by jumping from the bridge and therefore he can't get into heaven. He lives at the cemetery and is the neighbor and friend of Czesio.
  • Pułkownik (The colonel) - is also a zombie. He lives at the cemetery near Marcel. He's Czesio's friend too. He fought in the Home Army and, according to other information, in Piłsudski's legion during World War I. He is known for his strong anticommunist views and dislike toward police. Some of his friends, fellow zombie Home Army veterans, are still living in an underground since the Warsaw uprising, where he visit them.
  • Miś Przekliniak (The Swearing Bear) - Czesio's plush teddy. It is alive and swears a lot. It also helps Czesio when he is in trouble, along with the rest of the gang.
  • The Homeless - sleeps rough and collects scrap. He mumbles a lot and never speaks intelligibly.
  • The Bus Driver - is a Satanist. He performs black Sabbaths at the cemetery. His IQ was estimated 66.6 which he obviously said because he's a satanist, which depressed Anusiak, who have record low 50 and said that if he's a bus driver who would Anusiak be?.
  • The Priest - is allergic to caffeine. He is a dead ringer for Tadeusz Rydzyk.
  • The Nun - is a teacher of religious education. She looks and behaves exactly like Miss Frau.
  • Mariola Wasilak - is a TV journalist who has won an Oscar for a report on Polish children at "wykopki" (English "potato lifting").
  • Rambo - Maślana's dog who appears in only one episode.
  • Zajkowski - classmate of the main characters. He often visits the ladies room because the main characters hate him and ofter bully him (especially Anusiak). He has fallen in love with Andżelika. Anusiak always beats him up, and in one of the episodes Konieczko killed him. His IQ was estimated 100.
  • Karolina - the best of Andżelika's friends also said to be a slut in one of the episode's.

List of episodes (titles from any mistakes)


  • 01. Karta Maślany (on DVD: Debet Maślany) - Credit Card of Maślana (on DVD: Maślana's debt)
  • 02. Nazywam się Anusiak - My Name is Anusiak
  • 03. Order dla Maślany - Order for Maślana
  • 04. Wójek Alfred - Uncle Alfred
  • 05. Piersza komunja - First Communion
  • 06. Andżelika - Angelica
  • 07. Wiedźma Shigella - Shigella the Witch
  • 08. Higieniczny blues - Hygenic blues
  • 09. Pranie mózgów - Brainwashing
  • 10. Korzóh, mleczarka i korek do rzaby - Milk skin, milkwoman and the frog stopper
  • 11. Ałtobus i suwenira - The bus and the souvenir
  • 12. Muzełum - The Museum


  • 13. Mikołajki - Santa Claus Day
  • 14. Wykopki - Lifting
  • 15. Karnawau - Carnival
  • 16. Romek i jego Fred - Romek and his Fred
  • 17. Maksymalna kontrola - Full control
  • 18. Radyjko Babci - Radio of Grandma
  • 19. Druch Boróh - Boróh the Scout
  • 20. Barbakiu z Mruczusiem - Barbecue with Mruczuś
  • 21. Miś Przekliniak - Damny Bear (Swearing Bear)
  • 22. Za kólisami - Behind the scenes
  • 23. Pozytywna wibracja - Positive Vibration
  • 24. Memęto Mori - Memento Mori


  • 25. Próhnica - The Rot
  • 26. Pszypadek Czesława - Czesław's (Czesio's) case
  • 27. Móndial - World Cup (in Football)
  • 28. Prawda ekranu - TV's truth
  • 29. Motorynka i myszykiszki - Motorbike and Myszykiszki (Mousegut)
  • 30. Fluder - Fluder
  • 31. Kosmata Demokrancja - Shaggy democracy
  • 32. Gigant - Giant (actually "A Run Away")*
  • 33. Ekskumancja - Exhumantion
  • 34. Czech, Cześ i Brambor - Czech, Cześ and Brambor
  • 35. Deszcze niespokojne - The Anxious Rains
  • 36. Szczypionka dla Frycka - Vaccine for Frycek
  • 37. Kompu-kompu - Washy-wash
  • 38. Piure dla słonia - Purée for an elephant
  • 39. Jasełki - Nativity play


  • 40. Pochót - The parade
  • 41. Mel - Bogey
  • 42. Kólik z Próchem- Sleigh ride with Próch
  • 43. Krfawy wtorek - Bloody Tuesday
  • 44. Gangsta-Dewasta - Gangster's paradise
  • 45. Pździoszczoła i test z majzy - Bee and Class Math test
  • 46. Mokre sny I - Wet dreams part I
  • 47. Mokre sny II - Wet dreams part II
  • 48. Bapki z piahu - The Sandcastles
  • 49. Styl Brusliego - Bruce Lee's style
  • 50. Moc Dzikih Małp - Power of Wild Monkeys
  • 51. Kanau - Canal


  • 52. Egzekócja - Execution
  • 53. Ałtomat - Vending machine
  • 54. Broń bjologiczna - Biological weapon
  • 55. Dzjeń dzjecka - Children's Day
  • 56. Śmiercicha i cóksy - Death & Sweets
  • 57. Chłopacy czy maczo? - Boys or machos?
  • 58. Olimiada nałukowa - Scientist Contest
  • 59. Tajne Oszcze Samuraja - Secret Samurai Blade
  • 60. Zieluna Haluna - Green Hallucination
  • 61. Hłopaki Strażaki - Boys Firemans
  • 62. Wprowadzenie Jełro - Introduction of Euro
  • 63. Bódowa, Placek i Splówa - Building, Pie & Gun
  • 64. Miszczu Makratury - Master of Waste Paper (in this context - recycling of paper)
  • 65. Festyn - Fête (Fair)
  • 66. Wioha - Village (The Country)


  • 67. Óczucie wyszsze - Affection
  • 68. Zemsta Zajjo - Zajjo's revenge
  • 69. Noc rzywyh trupóf - Night of the Living Dead
  • 70. Boże Halo - Divine Hallo
  • 71. Kreha Rzycia - Curve of Life
  • 72. Pszesóhanie - Hearing
  • 73. Czarny pijar paparaczi - Black Piar of Paparazzi
  • 74. Jistny Cyrk - Stark Circus/Like in Circus
  • 75. Letkoatletyka - Athletics
  • 76. Chjóston, ja pierdziu! - Houston, oh fuck!
  • 77. Klasowa Wiligila - Class Christmas Eve
  • 78. Wizytancja - Visitantion
  • 79. Rzułta koszulka i śrubowkręt - Yellow T-shirt and a screwdriver


  • 80. Łospa Wieczna - The Chickenpox
  • 81. Żenadera bochatera - The Awkward Hero
  • 82. Zima w Mieśdzie - The Winter in the City
  • 83. Lodowiho - The Ice Rink
  • 84. Ksionszka moim pszyjacielem - The Book Is My Friend
  • 85. Magiczne moce - The Magical Powers
  • 86. Ódópieni - Stopped
  • 87. Chłopacy placu broniom - The Boys Are Fighting For The Playground
  • 88. Cód motoryzancji - The Automotive Miracle
  • 89. Pedałuwa - The Pedaling
  • 90. Matka bosa - The Barefoot Mother Mary
  • 91. Bekana Prohibincja - The Burped Prohibition
  • 92. Reis - The Cruise
  • 93. Ani Siór Siór - No Urine At All
  • 94. Kurde - Damn
  • 95. Pokóta - The Penance


  • 96. Zwieżontko - A Pet
  • 97. Hore Mięho - Infected meat
  • 98. Nie jestem cyfrom - I am not a number
  • 99. Bonczek - A Little Top
  • 100. WU WU WU Maupa w zoo - W W W Monkey in the zoo
  • 101. Zmiana Warty - Change of guard
  • 102. Resocjalizancja jusz - Resocializantion right now
  • 103. Cókier krzepi - Sugar Is Reassuring
  • 104. Klócz bocianuf - Stork's Key
  • 105. Rzeński pierwiosnek - Female Element
  • 106. Nokałt - Knockout
  • 107. Gwuść do trómny - Nail for the coffin
  • 108. Spiekua rodem - From Hell
  • 109. Małamysza - Malamysza


  • 110. Mokra robota - Wet work
  • 111. Rzelazna kjerownica - Iron wheel
  • 112. Czerwony gózik - Red button
  • 113. Mrófczy trut - Ants toil
  • 114. Farmagedon - Farmageddon
  • 115. Hur wójuf - Choir uncles
  • 116. Ó źródła - At source
  • 117. Móżynek Bambo - Niger Bambo


  • S01. Nailepsieisze debestofy sezon I - The very best of season I
  • S02. Nailepsieisze debestofy sezon II - The very best of season II

Feature film

  • F01. Włatcy móch:Ćmoki, czopki i mondzioły - Lord of the flies: Chuckes, suppositories and debiles

Interesting sections of The ruler of flies

  • The 32nd episode's title "Gigant" is ambiguous. Though the semantic meaning is simply "a giant", the term has an associative meaning in Polish slang wherein it signifies "a run-away". It is the latter that is most likely the intended meaning of the authors.
  • The 66th episode's title is "Wioha" - it's a pejorative term for Village.
  • The 76th episode's title is "Chjóston, ja pierdziu"; Chjóston does mean Houston, and "ja pierdziu" is milder form from "ja pierdole" (oh fuck!)
  • The 77th episode's title is "Klasowa Wigilia". Wigilia in English is Christmas Eve, and "Klasowa" is "Class".
  • The 90th episode's title - "Matka bosa" - is a pun on "Matka Boska" - Mother of God.
  • In the 105 episode's title, the word "pierwiosnek" can be read as primrose, but it's also a pun from word "pierwiastek" - element.


A lot of the titles have got intentional spelling mistakes in the Polish original, because Czesio is the narrator and has a way of misspelling words. Though these are mostly there for comic effect, they do expose some interesting redundancies in the Polish spelling system, which is riddled with traditional forms of spelling that no longer have a phonological basis. One should keep in mind that though the shows spellings are regarded as incorrect by language purists, they often reflect the actual pronunciation of the words in question. Some examples include:

"Próhnica" instead of "Próchnica" (meaning "tooth decay") etc. The diagraph "ch" represents a voicless velar fricative whereas the graph "h" is an obsolete spelling from Old Polish that used to stand for a voiced glottal fricative; today, this form of pronunciation is present only is certain dialects of Polish, most notably the dialect of Podhale.

"Móch" instead of "Much" (which is the plural, genitive of "mucha", meaning "fly"). In Polish there are two graphemes that realise the close back rounded vowel phoneme; this is a remnant from Old Polish phonology, where the diacritic-o (ó) was used to express a long close mid rounded vowel. Today this spelling variation is obsolete.

Additionally, several spelling mistakes arise from devoicing, such as "krfawy" instead of "krwawy", or allophonic processes, as in "ałtobus" instead of "autobus"("ł" is presently pronounced as a glide vowel, similar to the English "w", though until the end of World War II it used to be a velarised alveolar liquid, or so called "dark-l"; this is still audible in various Polish black and white films from that time, during which the English "belt" and Polish "bełt", meaning "crossbow bolt", would be pronounced all but identically).

Note however, that though most misspellings arise from true pronunciation, some derive from hyper-correction, i.e.: "Memęto Mori"

Feature film

Włatcy Móch The Movie: Ćmoki, czopki i mondzioły - An animated feature length movie, which is scheduled to be released in Poland in February 2009. The movie will draw heavily from the series, though specific plot detailes are not known.


Year Ceremony Category Result
2008 Festiwal Dobrego Humoru TV Series Special Prize
2008 Świry TV Series Won
2009 Świry TV Series Won

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