German Alternative

German Alternative

The German Alternative (German: Deutsche Alternative or DA) was a minor neo-Nazi group set up in Germany by Michael Kühnen in 1989.

Its declared goal was the restoration of the German Reich and rejected the cession of German areas in Eastern Europe following World War II as well as all immigration to Germany claiming that there were already too many foreigners in the country.[1]

The group was a successor to the short-lived Nationale Sammlung, itself set up following Kühnen's removal from the Free German Workers' Party due to his homosexuality.[2] It was constituted as a legal political arm of the Gesinnungsgemeinschaft der Neuen Front, Kühnen's more militant neo-Nazi organisation.[3] After its founding, it received members not only from the GdNF, but also from Republicans and the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), including the defection of the complete leadership of the NPD in Berlin and Brandenburg in 1991.[4]

The group organised under the name Nationale Alternative (National Alternative) in the former East Germany, with Ingo Hasselbach as leader. This guise of the DA organised militia training camps in East Berlin and established close links with other groups as well as international figures such as Gary Lauck. However after around a year of intense activity this arm of the DA fell apart.[3]

After Kühnen's AIDS-related death in 1991, Frank Hübner became the organization's new chairman, while Rene Koswig assumed the role as deputy, both hail from East Germany. This led about eighty members, primarily from the western part of the country to leave the DA and start the Deutsches Hessen, Nationaler Block, Volkstreue Liste, and Deutscher Weg.[4]

The group was banned in 1992 along with the Nationalist Front and National Offensive[5] following an arson attack on an asylum seekers refuge in Mölln, Schleswig-Holstein.[6] At the time, it had 340 members[7] and affiliate organisations in Rhineland-Palatinate, Brandenburg, Saxony, Berlin and Bremen. In Cottbus, it even had more members than the Social Democratic Party of Germany. The decree banning it lists three attacks on hostel containing refugees, DA members were arrested for participating in.[4]


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