Lipophobicity, also sometimes called lipophobia, is a chemical property of chemical compounds which means "fat rejection", literally "fear of fat". Lipophobic compounds are those not soluble in lipids or other non-polar solvents. From the other point of view, they do not absorb fats.

"Oleophobic" (from the Greek (oleo) "oil") refers to the physical property of a molecule that is repelled from oil.

The most common lipophobic/oleophobic substance is water.

Fluorocarbons are also lipophobic and oleophobic.



A lipophobic coating is used on the touchscreens of the Apple iPhone 3GS[1], iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPad[2], Samsung Google Nexus S, Samsung Google Galaxy Nexus, Wave, Wave II, Galaxy S II, the HTC HD2, Hero and Flyer [3] to repel fingerprint oils.

3M offers the Vikuiti screen protection film DQC160 with lipophobic coating[4] for mobile devices.

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