List of Māori iwi

List of Māori iwi

The following is a list of the Māori iwi of New Zealand.



Name ("United Tribes" number) Rohe (Location) Waka (canoe) People (2001)
Āti Awa (19) - see Te Āti Awa Taranaki Aotea
Kāi Tahu - (see Ngāi Tahu below)
Kāti Mamoe - or "Ngāti Mamoe" South Island
Moriori † (21) Chatham Islands 585
Muaupoko (31) Kapiti Coast 1,836
Nga Rauru (23) - or Ngāti Rauru Taranaki 3,090
Ngāriki Kaiputahi (44) - or Ngā Ariki Gisborne Te Ikanui-a-Rauru 2,083
Nga Ruahine (21) Taranaki 3,228
Nga Ruanui Taranaki
Ngāi Tai (53) - or Ngāti Tai Opotiki Tainui
Ngāi Tahu (also Ngai Tahu, Kāi Tahu) South Island Tākitimu 39,180
Ngai Tai - or Ngāti Tai 2,022
Ngai Takoto Northland 489
Ngai Tamanuhiri - or Ngāti Tamanuhiri Gisborne 1,173
Ngaiterangi Matakana Island 9,561
Ngai Tuhoe (51) Te Urewera Mataatua 29,259
Ngapuhi (4) Hokianga-Whangarei 102,981
Ngapuhi ki Whaingaroa-Ngāti Kahu ki Whaingaroa Northland 1,965
Ngarauru Manawatu
Ngaruanui (22) Taranaki
"Ngāti Ākarana" Auckland 5,892
Ngāti Apa (29) Manawatu-South Island 3,021
Ngāti Awa (50) Kawerau-Bay of Plenty 13,044
Ngāti Hako Hauraki Gulf 924
Ngāti Hau Manawatu
Ngāti Haua (26) Waikato ? 6,400
Ngāti Hauiti Wanganui 1,002
Ngāti Hei Hauraki Gulf 363
Ngāti Huia (15) Waikato
Ngāti Kahu (2) Northland 6,957
Ngāti Kahungunu (34, 36, 37) Hawke's Bay-Wairarapa Tākitimu 51,552
Ngāti Koata South Island 765
Ngāti Kuia South Island Te Hoiere 1,224
Ngāti Kurī Northland 4,647
Ngāti Mahuta (7, 14) Great Barrier Island
Ngāti Mamoe South Island 2,262
Ngāti Manawa 1,542
Ngāti Maniapoto (17) King Country Waikato Tainui 27,168
Ngāti Maru (12, 24) Hauraki ? 4,700
Ngāti Maru (12, 24) Taranaki ? 4,700
Ngāti Mutunga (18) Taranaki-Chatham Islands 2,652
Ngāti Paoa (10) Hauraki Gulf 2,397
Ngāti Pikiao (Te Arawa) Rotorua 5,022
"Ngāti Poneke" Wellington
Ngāti Porou (39) East Cape Horouta 61,701
Ngāti Pukenga Tauranga 1,137
Ngāti Pukenga ki Waiau Hauraki Gulf 273
Ngāti Rahiri Tumutumu Te Aroha 93
"Ngāti Ranana" London
Ngāti Ranginui (48) Tauranga 6,120
Ngāti Rangiteaorere (Te Arawa) 177
Ngāti Rangitihi (Te Arawa) 1,041
Ngāti Rangiwewehi (Te Arawa) 1,551
Ngāti Rarua South Island 699
Ngāti Raukawa (16, 28) Waikato-Manawatu-Kapiti Tainui ? 24,000
Ngāti Rauru - or Nga Rauru Taranaki
Ngāti Rongomaiwahine Mahia Peninsula 4,254
Ngāti Ruanui Wanganui 5,286
Ngāti Ruapani (42, 45) East Cape
Ngāti Tahu (Te Arawa) 1,209
Ngāti Tai (9) - or Nga Tai or Ngai Tai Hauraki Gulf 177
Ngāti Tama (25) King Country-Wellington-South Island-Chatham Islands 1,764
Ngāti Tāmanuhiri (38) - or Ngāi Tāmanuhiri Gisborne
Ngāti Tamatera (13) Coromandel Peninsula Tainui 1,866
Ngāti Tara Tokanui Hauraki Gulf 330
Ngāti Te Ata Manukau Harbour
Ngāti Toa/Ngāti Toarangatira (32) Porirua Tainui 4,491
Ngāti Tutekohe (41) East Cape
Ngāti Tuwharetoa (46) Taupo 29,301
Ngāti Wai Northland 3,966
Ngāti Whakaue 5,061
Ngāti Whānaunga (11) Waihi 399
Ngāti Whare 690
Ngāti Whātua (5, 6) Kaipara Harbour 12,105
Pakakohi Taranaki 408
Patukirikiri Hauraki Gulf 60
Poutini West Coast
Rangitane (30, 35) Northern South Island 4,401
Rongowhakaata (44) Gisborne 3,612
Rongomaiwahine Mahia 2,322
Tainui Waikato 35,781
Tangahoe Taranaki 261
Tapuika (Te Arawa) 1,050
Taranaki (20) Taranaki 5,940
Tarawhai (Te Arawa) 114
Te Aitanga-a-Hauiti (40) East Cape
Te Aitanga-a-Mahaki (43) Wairoa 4,365
Te Arawa (47) Rotorua
Te Āti Haunui-a-Paparangi (27) 8,820
Te Āti Awa (33) Taranaki-South Island Aotea 17,445
Te Aupouri (1) 7,848
Te Kawerau Northland 228
Te Rarawa (3) Hokianga 11,526
Te Roroa Northland 966
Te Uri-o Hau 732
Te Whakatohea (52) Opotiki 9,948
Te Whanau-a-Apanui (54) East Cape 9,951
Tuhourangi (Te Arawa) 1,617
Uenuku-Kopako (Te Arawa) 174
Waikato-Tainui see Tainui
Waitaha (Te Arawa) ? 1,800
Total Iwi Population ~616,746

 † The Moriori are usually considered a distinct people from the Māori.

This map shows the location of the Iwi in New Zealand

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