Pingu episodes series 6

Pingu episodes series 6

This is an list of episodes with synopses for "series 6" of the stop motion animated television series "Pingu".

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=Series 6 (2005)=

Pingu's Sledge Academy

:Alternative title - ""Pingu at the Sledge Academy"Pingu and his friends Pingo, Pingg and Pongi are out having fun on their sledges, but they’re so boisterous that they’re a menace to everyone else, leaving chaos behind them wherever they go. Eventually they crash into a fish stall. When Pingu gets home, he’s told by his parents that they’re not happy with his behaviour on the sledge and threaten to take it away from him unless he goes to the Sledge Academy. He and his three friends attend a course and, after a few mishaps, learn to control their sledging. They complete the course successfully and are awarded diplomas.
* Features mainly Pingu, his three friends Pingo, Pingg and Pongi, and the Sledge Academy instructor. Mother, Father, Pingi, and various other penguins have minor roles. The seagull is also seen briefly.
* Produced in 2005

Pingu and the Hose

Pingu comes out of the igloo to play, sees a hose lying on the ground and then hears voices coming out of the end of it. He follows the hose to its other end and finds Father and Grandfather in the shed doing some bottling. They are talking, and it’s their voices that Pingu heard coming through the hose. He shows them what is happening, and they’re surprised. He then takes the hose, and plays a trick on Pinga by making her believe that the snowman is speaking to her, and a similar trick on Robby by making him believe that a fish is speaking to him. Then he puts the end of the hose into the shed and attempts to fool Father and Grandfather as well. Their initial surprise soon turns to suspicion, and they find the hose and track it back to the source. Pingu is oblivious to this, and continues making noises into the hose. Father and Grandfather have an idea and place the end of another hose just behind Pingu and they, together with Pinga and Robby, shout into it, startling Pingu. After Pingu has calmed down they all have a good laugh.
* Features Pingu, Father, Grandfather, Pinga and Robby.
* Produced in 2005

Pottery Pingu

Pingu and Pinga are at Grandfather’s house. Pingu is a bit curious about what Grandfather is doing. Grandfather says that he’s making pottery, and Pingu really wants to try it. Grandfather helps Pingu to try, but it doesn’t go quite right and all that remains on the wheel is a piece of clay shaped a bit like a crown. Grandfather then goes to fire the vase he made previously and the piece remaining from Pingu’s try. Pingu then gets an idea; he could try doing pottery by himself, but Grandfather tells him not to. Pingu then has several tries while Grandfather isn't looking, with the starting piece of clay larger each time and with Pinga either helping or standing guard. The first two tries are unsuccessful, with the clay ending up being splattered about. On the third try Pingu attempts a large vase. This also flies apart and the clay breaks some of the pottery that Grandfather has made, in particular the lid of a vase. It also covers Pingu and unfortunately splatters Grandfather, who has just opened the window of the igloo to see what is going on, as well. Grandfather is not too pleased, but comes out to decorate the pots he’s just fired. He’s even less happy when he realises that the lid of a vase has been broken, but Pingu suggests trying the crown-shaped piece of pottery he made earlier. It’s a good fit, and they all end up happy.
* Features Pingu, Pinga and Grandfather.
* Produced in 2005

Pingu and the Litter

Pingu passes a stall selling wrapped fish-shaped snack bars. He gets one, and has just started it when Pingg, Pingo and Pingi arrive, and they also each get a snack bar. The stallholder offers more bars, which are put into Pingu’s satchel. Pingu walks on, and tosses away his original wrapper. Pingg, Pingo and Pingi also toss away their wrappers. Pingu eats another bar, and throws away the wrapper as well. The wrapper gets blown into an ice pool and is eaten by Robby, who then coughs it up into Pingu’s face. Pingu gives Robby a bar to eat. The wind is blowing discarded wrappers around, and Grandfather gets one on his foot and trips up. Pingu offers Grandfather a bar, but he refuses. Pingu eats the bar, and is just about to throw the wrapper away when Grandfather says not to. Pingu looks about, and there are dozens of wrappers being blown about. Pingu starts to collect them, putting them in his satchel. The wrappers are getting everywhere, causing all sorts of incidents, but Pingu continues to collect all he can. Eventually Pingu arrives back at the original stall, and uses the wrappers that he has collected to make a big arrow that points to a litter bin, to encourage everyone to use it rather than to just throw away their litter.
* Features mainly Pingu. Grandfather, Mother, Pinga, Robby, Pingu's friends Pingg, Pingo and Pingi, the stallholder and various other penguins have minor roles.
* Produced in 2005

Mother's New Hat

Mother and Father are out shopping with the children when they pass a hat shop. Father says he’ll buy mother a new hat, and Mother tries on a flowery one and then a hat with a feather. While she’s doing this Pingu and Pinga are amusing themselves by also trying on hats. Mother isn’t sure which of the two hats she wants, but her mind is made up for her as the shopkeeper sells the first hat to another customer, so she ends up with the feathered one. When they get home Mother and Father are both tired out and fall asleep. Pingu comes in the room, sees them asleep, takes the hat out of its box and puts it on. He then goes into the bedroom, puts on a blanket as a cloak and gets a wooden sword, and then plays at musketeers. He twirls the hat around on the tip of his sword but it comes off and Pinga catches it. Pinga puts the hat on and Pingu chases her round the room, and they then have a tug of war with the hat. Pinga ends up with the main part of the hat, and Pingu with the decorative flower, which has come off the hat. Pingu sticks the flower back on, but in the wrong place, and Pinga says that it’s wrong. Eventually they fix up the hat, and manage to sneak it back into its box just before Mother and Father wake up. Mother and Father decide to go for a walk and Mother opens the hat box to get out her new hat, but is very surprised when she sees it as it now has more feathers and a lot more flowers on it than when it was bought. Pingu and Pinga are downcast with Mothers reaction, but are delighted when Mother decides that she likes it. Mother and Father then go off for their walk, and Pingu and Pinga congratulate one another.
* Features mainly Mother, Father, Pingu and Pinga. The hatseller and some other penguins have minor roles.
* Produced in 2005

Poor Pingu

Pingu wakes up, and tries to wake Pinga. She doesn’t wake. Pingu then sees she’s got red spots on her head, and suspects she’s put them on herself with the crayon he finds nearby. Then more spots appear and Pingu pulls back the blanket. Pinga is covered in spots. She has the measles! She yells, and Pingu calls his parents in. While his parents comfort Pinga, Pingu is asked to call the doctor, get a wet cloth, get some milk, get a woollen hat, get some biscuits and open the door for the doctor. The doctor examines Pinga, and everyone ignores Pingu, so Pingu starts to examine the contents of the doctor’s bag. He finds a badge, but this is grabbed from him and given to Pinga who by now is starting to feel a bit happier. Pingu is fed up with the attention Pinga is getting and of being ignored himself, so he fakes that he has a cough, then a temperature and then a sore foot. All of this is ignored. Father then asks Pingu to empty Pinga’s potty, which he unhappily does. On his way back out of the bathroom he spots Mother’s lipstick, and uses it to make some spots on his head like those of Pinga. He goes back into the bedroom and pretends that he’s poorly, and he’s put straight into bed. Mother wipes Pingu’s brow with the wet cloth, and the spots start to come off! Pingu is told off, and Mother wipes away the rest of Pingu’s lipstick spots. Some proper spots then appear on Pingu’s head, and he’s now really got a temperature and the measles also. Pingu is given his own badge by the doctor, and is now the centre of attention rather than Pinga. Pinga doesn’t like this, so she gets out of her bed and climbs into Pingu’s bed next to him. Mother gives each of them a lollipop, and they quickly cheer up.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother, Father and the doctor.
* Produced in 2005

Pinga in a Box

Pinga is playing in the kitchen, and bumps her head several times on the table. She sees her cuddly rabbit on top of the toy box and goes over to get it. Also on the top of the toy box is an empty box and, as Pinga gets her rabbit, the box falls upside-down over her. She wanders around bumping into things, but as she’s got the box over herself she doesn’t get hurt. She goes past Pingu, who is sitting on his bed reading, and he grabs hold of the box and lifts it off her. Pingu has an idea! He explains his idea to Pinga, then turns the box the right way up, puts Pinga inside, tells her to be quiet and puts on the lid. He calls Mother, who comes to see what he wants. Pingu tells Mother that the box is for her, and as she’s about to open it to see what it is Pinga jumps up in the box and startles her. Mother sees the funny side of it and gives Pinga a cuddle. Pingu and Pinga, who has her rabbit with her, then go out on the sledge, taking the box with them. They come to Grandfather’s house, and stop. Grandfather is inside, banging, so they put the box outside the door, Pinga hides inside, Pingu knocks on the door and then he hides. Grandfather opens the door, spots the box, looks it over carefully and then goes to open it. Pinga jumps up as she did before, startling Grandfather who almost has a heart attack with the shock. When he recovers he tells them off for playing such a prank and makes Pinga cry. Then he sees the amusing side and gives them a hug. Pingu and Pinga continue their journey and reach the post office. Nobody is about, so they set the prank up again, putting the box with Pinga inside next to some other boxes by the door. Pingu hears Father approaching on the motorised sledge and quickly hides. Father loads some of the boxes, including the one that Pinga is in, onto the sledge and drives off to deliver them. Pingu comes out of hiding, spots that Pinga has dropped her rabbit, picks it up and runs shouting after them. Father doesn’t hear, and stops only to deliver two of the boxes to one igloo and a third box to another, leaving Pinga’s box still on the sledge. Pingu is still rushing to catch up, but stops when he passes the second igloo as the owner is still outside with the box. He grabs the box and empties it on the ground to see if it’s Pinga’s box, but it isn’t, so he tosses the box aside and rushes on, leaving a puzzled recipient behind. He catches up just as Father is about to deliver Pinga’s box to a third igloo; Father has picked up the box and is carrying it round the sledge. Father stops when he sees Pingu, and Pinga pops up out of the box and startles Father, who then laughs. Father puts the box on the ground and Pingu reunites Pinga with her rabbit, and gives her a big hug.
* Features mainly Pingu and Pinga. Also features Mother, Grandfather, Father and, in minor roles, two recipients of parcels that Father delivers.
* Produced in 2005

Pingu and the Present

Pingu is at home, playing aeroplanes, when an envelope is delivered. It’s for Pingu, and when he opens it he sees that it’s a card inviting him to a birthday party. Pinga wants to see it, but Pingu won’t let her, and Mother eventually has to intervene. Mother looks at the card and gives Pingu a fish to pay for a present. Pingu is just on his way out of the door to get the present when Mother tells him to take Pinga with him. Pingu and Pinga is not too happy about that, but Mother insists. At the toyshop, Pingu eventually decides to get a model aeroplane as the present. On the way home Pingu continues to not be very nice to Pinga, this time by hiding from her and being rude to her. While backing away he trips and drops the present, which slides into a small crevice that then gets partially blocked by a small fall of ice, with just a bit of the ribbon from the present sticking out. After searching for a while, Pingu spots where the present has gone and tries to get it out by pulling on the ribbon, but it won’t budge. Pinga says that she’s small enough to go through the gap to get the present, and Pingu is delighted when she gets it. When they get home, Pingu explains to Mother what has happened and sets off for the party, taking Pinga with him to her delight. When they arrive Pingu explains why he’s brought Pinga along as well, and Pinga gives the present.
* Features mainly Pingu, Pinga and Mother. The shopkeeper has a minor part. The others at the party are Pingo (the birthday boy), Pingg, Pongi, Pingi, Robby and Punki (playing the barrel organ).
* Produced in 2005

Pingu and the Toyshop

:Alternative title - ""Pingu and the Toy Shop"Pingu is out shopping with Mother. They arrive at the cactus stall, and while Mother is trying to make up her mind which one she wants Pingu is rapidly losing interest. Then he spots the toyshop, which is close by, excitedly asks Mother if he can go and look, and she agrees. Inside, the shopkeeper is busy working on a model of a galleon. Pingu finds a number of toys that he’d like, takes each one out to ask Mother if he can have it, and each time she says no, to both her and Pingu’s exasperation. Pingu then spots a toy rocket on the top shelf, well out of his reach, and tries to get to it, without success. He notices a pogo stick, gets on, and starts bouncing erratically higher and higher. Eventually he’s high enough to reach the rocket, and makes a grab for it. He misses, loses control of his bouncing and crashes into the shelves of toys, knocking most of them off, before careering outside and landing on his backside in the cacti on the stall. He ends up on the ice by the stall, with cacti all around and a very sore bottom. He helps the stallholder to tidy up, and is congratulating himself on a job well done when the shopkeeper, who has managed to protect his galleon during the commotion, and who is not very happy about what has happened, comes out of the shop and calls Pingu over to sort out the mess he’s made. Pingu tidies up the shop, but then finds the rocket still on the floor. He takes it across to the shopkeeper, and as he’s looking at it the shopkeeper accidentally knocks the galleon off the counter. Pingu dives, catches the galleon just before it hits the floor, and gives it back. Mother then comes in to get Pingu, having chosen the cactus she wants. Pingu is just about to leave when the shopkeeper decides to reward Pingu for saving the galleon and gives him the rocket.
* Features Pingu, Mother, the stallholder and the shopkeeper.
* Produced in 2005

Pingu and the Paper Mache

Pingu, Pingi, Pingo and Pinng have arrived at school. Before the bell goes, Pingo starts a snowball fight by throwing a snowball at Pingg. Pingu and Pingg have started to make snowballs when the schoolmaster rings the bell. All sit down except Pingu, who doesn’t hear the bell. Pingu throws a snowball that hits the schoolmaster on the head, to his displeasure. The schoolmaster tells Pingu to sit down, and then just manages to stop his folder blowing away in the wind before calling the register. He then gets out the paper mache making kit. Pingu is intrigued, and gradually moves closer and closer to the schoolmaster’s table as he unpacks the box and models a fish. Pingu wants to have a go, but the schoolmaster tells him to go back to his desk. Just then the schoolmaster’s folder is blown away by the wind, and he chases after it. Pingu decides to play with the paper mache fish, and puts it into a nearby pool. To his dismay this dissolves off most of the paper, and the others laugh. Pingu remakes the fish, and he and the others have a fight with the paper mache, getting it on everything. The others then wrap Pingu in paper mache, until he can be rolled like a ball. All this time the schoolmaster has been chasing after his folder to recover it. He has just arrived back when Pingg rolls the wrapped up Pingu right into him. Pingg helps Pingu onto his feet, and Pingu goes into the pool to dissolve away the paper mache. Then, all together, they make a paper mache model of a penguin.
* Features Pingu, Pingi, Pingo, Pingg and the schoolmaster.
* Produced in 2005

ore Tummy Pingu

Pingu's Mother arrives home with groceries, including a box of fish-shaped crackers that gets Pingu and Pinga very excited. Pingu gets plates for himself and Pinga. Pingu hoovers his plateful of crackers and asks for more, and every time he does, Pingu's Mother says "no". Pingu asks Pinga if he can have some of hers, she shakes her head. When Pingu's Mother has put away the groceries, Pingu sneaks some crackers from the box and eats them. He then takes the box, which contains the remaining crackers, and goes outside with it. He finishes the box and goes off to search for more crackers. On the way he meets Pingg. Pingu gives the box to his friend and walks off. Pingg puts his hand in the box and discovers the box is empty. Pingu passes Grandfather’s igloo. Grandfather is outside, snacking on a plate of crackers, and he gives Pingu the last one. Pingu asks if Grandfather has any more, and Grandfather goes inside his igloo and returns with the box. Pingu excitedly helps himself to more, and Grandfather warns him not to take too many or eat too fast. As he gives the box back to his Grandfather, his stomach rumbles loudly and he clutches it in agony. At the hospital, the doctor examines Pingu and explains to Grandfather that Pingu has a sore stomach caused by eating too many crackers. Pinga, Mother and Father arrive, with Pinga carrying a box of crackers. Pinga offers a fish cracker to Pingu, which he refuses, and Pinga then offers them round. Mother, Father, the doctor and Grandfather each take and eat one, as does Pinga. Everyone then belches, one at a time, and they all laugh as this happens. Pingu then produces the longest and loudest burp, and realises that all his pain has now gone. Pinga then offers Pingu a fish cracker, but Pingu again refuses.
* Features mainly Pingu, Pinga, Mother, Father, Grandfather, a doctor and Pingg. Several hospital patients have minor roles
* Produced in 2005

Pingu Gets Carried Away

Pingu is on Father’s motorised sledge, pretending to drive. Father comes out and tells Pingu to get off. Pingu is so downcast that Father says that he’ll give Pingu a driving lesson. Pingu and Father get on, and they set off slowly, Pingu driving with Father’s assistance. It’s not long before Pingu wants to go faster, and he gets very excited. Father tries to control him, but in the confusion the drive stick gets pushed to full and they go whizzing off, crashing through some hanging washing. Pingu then manages to break the drive stick, and they plough through a snowman and into a candy stall. The stallholder runs away from the sledge, which follows him, stopping inches away from flattening him against some ice. The sledge starts to go backwards, and is only saved from going into a pool by Pingu throwing the decorative candy from the stall, which got caught on the steering earlier when they hit the stall, in the way so that the driving tracks come off the ground. Pingu, pulling the decorative candy, and his Father walk back to the candy stall, apologise to the stallholder, and Father helps to put it back up. They can’t put the decorative piece back because the chain has broken, but the stallholder has a different one that he can use. They leave to get the sledge with Father carrying a lollypop and Pingu pulling the decorative candy. When they get back to the sledge they can’t get it going because the drive stick has gone, but Pingu has the idea of using the lollipop stick instead. Then Pingu won’t get onto the sledge, but Father has an idea and he ends up driving back towing the decorative candy, with Pingu sitting on top.
* Features Pingu, Father, the candy stall holder and, briefly, a candy stall customer.
* Produced in 2005

Pingu and the School Pet

The schoolmaster is telling the class all about how to look after the school pet, a green crab. He then asks who would like to look after it. They all shout that they want to, with Pingu the loudest, and the schoolmaster chooses Pingu. Pingu goes up to have a close look, pats the crab’s claw, and the crab clamps him on the beak. He proudly takes the crab home and shows Mother and Pinga, putting the tank containing it on the table and taking off the lid. He pats the inside of the tank, and the crab clamps him on the beak again! While Mother is comforting Pingu, the crab escapes and is followed by Pinga. Mother and Pingu are then surprised to see Pinga and the crab together, with the crab colouring in Pinga’s drawing, and go to have a closer look. Mother goes off, and Pingu indicates that he wants the crab back in its tank. The crab bristles, clacks its claws at Pingu, and tries to bite him when he gets too close. Pingu momentarily turns away, and the crab scuttles off and hides. Pingu and Pinga look, but they can’t find it. Just then Father arrives home, picks up the paper and sits down in the armchair. He quickly gets up with a cry of pain, as the crab has been hiding under the seat of the armchair, has bitten him, and is now hanging onto his backside. Pingu is delighted that the crab has been found, but then Father pulls the crab off, carries it outside and puts it into the pool, ignoring the protestations from the rest of the family. Pingu is looking for the crab in and around the pool without any luck when Robby turns up. Pingu explains what has happened and Robby dives into the pool to look. After a while Robby comes up with a red crab, a yellow crab, a blue crab, a hermit crab and at last a green crab with brown claws. Pingu tells Robby to stop, Robby puts back the blue crab he’s just found, and both of them shoo all the other crabs except the brown-clawed, green one back into the pool. To Pingu’s surprise, the green, brown-clawed crab then offers to shake Pingu by the hand, and he gingerly accepts. The crab then jumps into Pingu’s arms to be carried. When Pingu goes back to school with the crab, he shows off a trick with the crab by balancing it on his head, the crab then jumping back into its tank. They all applaud. On the way home Pingu is very surprised to find Pinga being helped by a green crab to build a brick tower. The crab jumps into the pool and waves goodbye, they wave back, and the crab disappears underwater.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother, Father, the schoolmaster and Robby. Pingu's classmates Pingg, Pingo and Pongi also appear. Various crabs also have a role, particularly green ones!
* Produced in 2005

Pampering Pingu

Pingu and Pinga have been out shopping with Mother. Father then drives by on the motorised sledge, but as he goes past snow is thrown up by the sledge and splatters Mother, to Pingu and Pinga’s amusement. Just then, Mother notices a beauty salon, and goes inside with Pingu and Pinga. The beautician seats Mother in a reclining chair, and settles Pingu and Pinga on chairs to wait, giving each of them a lollypop. While the beautician works on Mother, Pingu finds a bottle of lotion on a trolley and squeezes it, sending a blob across the room and into a cup of tea that a lady, who is having a face treatment, drinks and leaps from the chair in shock. Pingu hastily puts the bottle of lotion back, and then discovers that his chair will go up and down and round and round, so he spins himself about, eventually coming off. Pinga wants to try this in her chair, so Pingu spins her round very fast, making her giddy, and she falls off the chair. Mother has progressed in her treatment to having shades on her eyes, with vibration from the chair to relax her. Pingu takes the bottle of lotion and uses it to model a beard, moustache and hair on Mother's head. When the beautician spots this she’s surprised and shows Mother. After she’s cleaned herself off, Mother looks across to where Pingu and Pinga are sitting, and sees that Pinga has also sprouted a beard and hair modelled from lotion. She gets Pinga to sit in the chair next to her. Pingu is bored, so he puts on some hair curlers from the trolley, and a towel as a cloak. He goes across to Mother and startles her by his appearance and the noise he makes, causing chaos and generally wrecking the place. When the hubbub has ended, Pingu is angrily told off and has to clear up the place. When he finishes, Mother, Pingu and Pinga leave. As they get outside, Father goes past on the sledge again, this time covering Pingu with snow. Mother takes Pingu back inside the beauty parlour for some restorative treatment, which he’s not happy about.
* Features mainly Pingu, Pinga and Mother. The beautician, Father and a haughty woman customer have lesser roles. Two other customers also appear.
* Produced in 2005

Green Eyed Pingu

Pingu comes out to play with his ball, when Pingi walks past. Pingu calls to her to stop, catches up with her and starts kissing her on the hand. Then Pingg appears, tags Pingi and they start a game of tag. Pingu tries to join in, but it quickly goes back to Pingg and Pingi playing without Pingu. Pingu has an idea, collects his sledge and then Pingi, and goes off with her. They come to an old igloo, and start a game of hide and seek. Pingu hides, and Pingi starts to look for him. Then Pingg, who has followed them on his sledge, pops up and Pingi starts talking to him, abandoning the game with Pingu. Pingu is jealous and goes off in a huff, then has another idea and gets his ball. He tosses the ball to Pingi, who is on Pingg’s sledge, and she and Pingu start a game of ball. All three of them play together briefly, then it turns into a game of “pig in the middle”, with Pingu as the “pig”, and he never gets the ball. Pingu goes off and comes back with a bunch of flowers and a cuddly toy for Pingi. Pingg goes and gets a ragdoll. Pingu goes off and gets a sledge full of gifts for Pingi, Pingg gets a big bunch of balloons. Pingu dumps the toys in a heap next to Pingi and gets a fish, Pingg then gets a few fish and Pingu then goes and gets a sledge piled high with fish. Pingu and Pingg look at each other across the pile next to Pingi, dump their fish on the pile and face up to one another. They then start a snowball fight, while Pingi is busy getting out from the pile around her. Once out she stands up, and is hit in the face by a snowball thrown by Pingu. They both go to console her, but she shrugs them both away and angrily walks off. Pingu and Pingg make up, and then go off to find Pingi, each with a selection from the gifts. When Pingi sees they’ve made up she kisses Pingg on the cheek, to Pingu’s dismay. She then gives Pingu a proper kiss, to his delight.
* Features Pingu, Pingi and Pingg.
* Produced in 2005

Pingu Wraps Up

Mother is ironing, and Pingu is chasing Pinga around the kitchen. Pinga then crashes into a chair, hurting her foot, and Mother rushes to console her. Mother decides that the foot needs a bandage. Pingu gets the first aid box out and Mother wraps up the foot. She goes to get the scissors to cut the bandage, but while she’s gone, Pingu finishes off himself by wrapping Pinga’s other foot and her arm. He then goes outside with the first aid box wondering what to wrap next. He starts with the snowman’s head, and then wraps Fathers motorised sledge. He calls in on Grandfather, and Grandfather lets Pingu wrap him up. Pingu leaves without unwrapping him, to Grandfather’s dismay. Grandfather tries to eat his sandwich, without success, then struggles across to the phone to call for help from Father. Meanwhile Pingu has wrapped the sign outside the bakery, some skis he found outside another igloo, a stranger on a bench next to a sign, and the bench and sign. Father arrives on his skis to untie Grandfather, and then goes off to find Pingu by following the trail of wrapped items that Pingu has left behind him. Pingu and Father then return, unwrapping the items, including the stranger, on the way. Pingu is riding on the front of the skis when they crash into a block of ice and tumble off, breaking a ski. They wonder what to do, then Pingu uses his skill in wrapping to bind up the broken ski so that they can finish their journey.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother, Father and Grandfather. A minor role is played by a stranger who gets wrapped up.
* Produced in 2005

Pingu and the Fish Flute

Pingu is out on his sledge when he comes across an ice pool, and sees a flute lying next to it. He picks up the flute and tries it, getting a rather discordant squeak. He excitedly goes home to show Mother and Pinga what he’s found, but they don’t take much notice. He blows the flute next to Pinga’s ear, making a loud screechy sound, and she runs away. Mother then tells him to go outside. He wanders into the village, making screeching noises with the flute, and doors are closed to shut out the noise. He startles two penguins having a conversation, and they tell him to stop making a noise and go away. He passes a penguin repairing the roof of his igloo. The penguin is up a ladder, and nearly falls off when Pingu halts at the bottom and starts making a horrible noise with the flute. Once recovered from the shock he also tells Pingu to stop making the noise and to go away. Pingg, wearing headphones, is outside his igloo listening to his record player when Pingu comes by and, once he hears the noise Pingu is making, tells Pingu to go away and slams into the igloo. Pingu then comes across a group of hikers and asks them the way, but is ignored until he starts making screeching sounds on the on the flute. They jump at the noise, and then quickly tell Pingu the way. Pingu trudges mournfully on and eventually comes to an ice pool. He sits down to play. By now his playing has improved, so the sound he’s making is not nearly as discordant as before. As he’s playing, fish begin to jump in the pool, but Pingu doesn’t notice. Robby comes along and is amazed to see what the fish are doing, so he tells Pingu and tries to get him to look. Pingu looks and sees nothing happening, so he turns away and starts to play again. The fish begin to jump again. The hikers come by and applaud, but Pingu still isn’t aware. The hikers come closer and applaud again. Pingu now looks at the pool and is amazed to see what the fish are doing. He takes a bow, but as he does so lets the flute get close to the water, and a jumping fish takes it. The fish submerges with the flute in its mouth and, as bubbles begin to rise, they all hear music coming from the pool and start moving in rhythm to it.
* Features mainly Pingu, Pinga and Mother. Appearances are also made by two penguins talking, a penguin repairing his roof, Pingg, four hikers (including Grandpa!) and Robby.
* Produced in 2005

Pingu Boogaloo

Pingu is playing indoors when Mother comes by, turns on the radio, sits down and starts knitting. Pingu stops playing, and starts dancing to the swing music that is playing on the radio. The phone rings, and Mother turns off the radio and answers it. Pingu gets ready to turn the radio on again but is annoyed when he sees that Mother is clearly in for a long chat as she’s now got her knitting and is still on the phone. He has an idea, and gets the headphones from the cupboard. He plugs them into the radio, turns it on and starts to dance again. Father then comes in and consults the paper. He takes out the headphones and switches stations on the radio to listen to the football, ignoring Pingu’s protests. Pingu goes outside and past the ice rink where, amongst various activities, a penguin is playing music on a special record player on runners that he’s pushing round the rink. Unfortunately, as it come past him Pingu can hear the music and can dance, but he can’t hear it when it’s the other side of the rink so he has to stop dancing. Pingu leaves the rink and goes past an igloo from which music is coming, so he knocks on the door. A penguin, singing opera, bursts out and Pingu hurries away. Then he comes across Pingo listening to the radio on headphones outside his igloo. Pingo lets Pingu share the headphones so they can both listen, but it’s not long before they have a tug-of-war that ends up with broken headphones. Pingu goes home, gets his headphones and gives them to Pingo, and goes back indoors. Mother is playing with Pinga, so Pingu sits down dejectedly on the sofa. Realising what is wrong Mother has a quiet word with Father, who gets out a record and starts playing swing on the record player. Pingu immediately cheers up and starts dancing. Pinga, and Mother and Father, soon join in.
* Features mainly Pingu, Mother, Father, Pinga and Pingo. Also appearing are an opera-singing penguin and, at the ice rink, the penguin pushing the music-maker, Pingg and Pongi having an ice-hockey lesson, the ice-hockey instructor, and Pingi and another penguin who are just skating round.
* Produced in 2005

Pingu and the Daily Igloo

Pingu has found a leaflet advertising for a paper boy, brings it home and persuades Father to let him do it. Father takes him to the paper shop and Pingu goes inside to get the papers. When he comes out with them he can barely lift the box. Father offers to help but he wants to do it all himself and loads them onto his sledge. Father shows him how to fold the paper to get it through the letterbox, and he sets off. The first one he tries to deliver he gets all crumpled trying to get it into the letterbox, and also traps his fingers. The next one he has to deliver to an igloo with steps, and he has to try three times before getting the correct paper. On the way to deliver the next paper he passes Pingi, who is in the playground and wants a partner for the seesaw. He’s just about to join her when Father comes by and tells him he’s taking too long to deliver the papers. He leaves Pingi, and delivers the next paper at speed as he whizzes past the igloo, tossing it through an open window. It lands in a washing basin, soaking the penguin using it at the time. The next one is delivered in the same way, but this time it lands in the loo and surprises the penguin who is in the nearby bath. The following paper is delivered to Grandfather; Pingu gets this one in the bowl of cereal that Grandfather is eating at the time. He continues in this manner, and when he gets back to the paper shop dumps all the papers he hasn’t delivered into the bin outside. He goes to find Pingi at the playground, but she has gone. When he gets home he’s aghast to find a queue of angry penguins at the door, returning their papers and complaining to Father about the delivery service. Pingu feigns innocence. Mother and Pingu then clean up all the returned papers, with Pingu putting them through the mangle, Mother ironing them and Pingu folding them. Father then takes him out on the round again to deliver them properly.
* Features mainly Pingu and Father. Also appearing are Mother and Pinga, and Pingo, Pingg and Pingi in the playground. Papers are seen delivered to Punki, who has the igloo with the steps, the penguin washing, the penguin in the bath, Grandfather, an artist and his model, and the fish stallholder.
* Produced in 2005

Pingu and the Rubberband Plane

:Alternative title - ""Pingu and the Rubber Band Plane"Pingu is on his way to school with his toy truck when Pongi catches him up. Pongi is carrying a box that contains a model plane powered by a rubber band. Pingu goes to touch the plane but Pongi quickly shuts the box and walks on. Then Pingg goes past, carrying a long thin box, and Pingo also goes past, bouncing on his pogo stick. After seeing these toys Pingu is quite envious. At school, they’re all playing. Pingu is playing a game of “catch the fish” with Pingi, Pingo is bouncing about on his pogo stick, Pingg is playing swing-ball and Pongi is flying his plane. The schoolmaster has a try at “catch the fish” and gets one. Just then the plane flies low over his head and lands. Pingu goes over to where it has landed and picks it up, but Pongi rushes over and grabs it back. He then relents and lets Pingu hold it. The schoolmaster comes across to look at the plane and breaks the rubber band, so he goes to his box and gets a new one. He then gets distracted, so Pingu tries out the plane with the new rubber band. It doesn’t go very far, so Pingu gets a bigger one from the rubber band box and tries the plane again. It still doesn’t fly very well. Pingu then finds a very big band in the box and wants to try it, but Pongi doesn’t want to. The schoolmaster then tells them all to sit down, and starts the lesson that is on how to draw a circle. Pingu isn’t doing very well, but then he has an idea and pretends he wants to go to the loo. When the schoolmaster says yes, he sneakily collects the plane on the way, fits the very big rubber band and tries it out. The plane zooms round the classroom, disrupting the lesson, then zooms off, with Pongi and Pingu in pursuit. It then buzzes around Father, who is out on his motorised sledge to make a delivery, and twice he nearly crashes into the fish stall trying to avoid it. When the plane finally lands Pongi grabs it. Pingu catches up, and Father sees them. Pingu explains what he’s done, and Father takes them both back to school. At school the schoolmaster is still trying to teach how to draw a circle, but he’s not having much success. When Pingu and Pongi arrive, the schoolmaster tells them off and confiscates the plane. Then Pingu has another idea. He attaches the plane to Pingg’s swing-ball and sets it going, and it flies round in a perfect circle. The class then use the method to draw their own circles.
* Features mainly Pingu, Pingu’s friends Pongi, Pingg, Pingo and Pingi, the schoolmaster and Father. The sweet and hat stallholders, and the two fish stallholders, also appear.
* Produced in 2005

Pingu and the Braces

Grandfather is wrapping up his barbells to get rid of them, and remembering the time he was a weightlifter. When the barbells are wrapped he gets the sledge, to carry them to the post office, but they’re too heavy for him to lift on. Just then Pingu and Pingg arrive, so he asks them if they’ll lift them on for him. They get the first one on, and the sledge bends in the middle with the weight. They put the second on, and Grandfather ties them in place using a pair of braces, but the sledge then breaks under the weight, with the barbells falling onto the floor and the braces coming loose. The phone distracts Grandfather, and Pingu and Pingg go outside with the braces. Pingu tries them as expanding arm exercisers, and Pingg then twangs them musically. Pingu spots a large melon on the table and they try to fire it using the braces as a catapult, but it’s too heavy and drops to the ground. They then successfully fire a banana, but it behaves rather like a boomerang and comes back, so they have to duck to avoid it. Pingg then holds the braces and fires Pingu, and Pingu does the same for Pingg. Pingu then decides that he wants to go further, and attaches one end of the braces to the igloo door, the other end to the table, and pulls himself back as far as he can. His feet slip, and he twangs forward, then back, then forward again. He tries to stop by grabbing the clothesline, but misses and only gets hold of a towel. This pulls loose, so he twangs back again. Then the end of the braces that is tied to the door of the igloo comes loose as Grandfather comes out, and the braces wind round and round the table with Pingu hanging onto the end. They then unwind, and Pingu ends up running in place on a disintegrating pile of logs. Grandfather asks Pingu what he’s up to, and Pingu suddenly remembers what he was supposed to be doing and improvises a sledge out of two logs and a wooden box. He and Pingg then load the weights into the box. With Grandfather sitting on top, they then pull the box to the post office, using the braces as reins.
* Features Grandfather, Pingu and Pingg.
* Produced in 2005

Pingu's Big Catch

Pingu is going fishing. Mother and Pinga come out to say goodbye, and Pingu says he’ll catch a big fish. On his way to the pool Pingu comes across Father, who is fixing his motorised sledge, which has broken down. Pingu hoots in his ear, which makes Father jump and drop the screwdriver. Pingu tells Father that he’s going to catch a big fish. When Pingu reaches the pool, Pingg is already there fishing. Pingu tells Pingg that he’s going to catch a big fish and starts fishing in a pool nearby. Pingg soon lands a small fish. Pingu then has a bite and catches a top hat. Pingg finds this very amusing. Pingg then catches another fish; Pingu catches a spring. The spring bounces around, and into Pingu, knocking him down. This again amuses Pingg. Pingu is annoyed, and insists on changing places with Pingg, who reluctantly agrees. They settle down to fish again, and Pingu catches a bicycle wheel. Pingg then catches another fish, and Pingu a lavatory seat. They swap pools again. Pingg catches another fish, Pingu catches a broken kettle, and then an old boot. Pingg is rolling about with laughter. Again they swap pools and, as Pingg lands yet more fish, Pingu gets a rusty pram. Pingu sits down, very dejected, while Pingg counts all the fish he’s caught, and then holds up a fish in each hand and makes fun of Pingu. Just then a rag and bone penguin comes by, sees all the junk that Pingu has caught, and offers him a big fish for it. Pingu is delighted to accept, while Pingg bemoans the fact that the fish he’s got are only small.
* Features mainly Pingu and Pingg. Mother, Father, Pinga and a rag and bone penguin also appear in minor roles.
* Goof: When Pingu’s Father drops the screwdriver, it’s straight. When he picks it up, it’s bent!
* Produced in 2005

Pingu and the New Scooter

In the igloo, Mother and Father are cleaning, Pinga is rummaging in the toy-box and Pingu is playing with his wooden engine. Father wants to put the vacuum cleaner away in the bottom of the cupboard, but there’s already a box of oddments in the space. Father asks Pingu to put the box in the shed, which he reluctantly does. When he gets to the shed there’s no room, so he starts getting some things out of the way. One of the things he moves is an old scooter. He puts the box away, and then decides to go for a ride on the scooter. On his ride he meets Pingg and Pingi, who are out on their own scooters that are much newer and brighter. They’re doing tricks using the ice slopes, and Pingu decides to have a go. Unfortunately, he doesn’t manage to get up much speed and rather than jumping the gap falls into it, breaking off the front wheel. Dejectedly he heads off home, but on the way passes a shop with a bright shining new scooter on display in the window. He rushes home and pleads with Father to get it for him. Father agrees to look at it, but only after all the toys have been tidied away. When this has been done, Pingu goes outside and gets a shock; Pingo has already brought the scooter. Pingu and Father go into the shed, where Pingu breaks up his old scooter. He then notices that Father, who has been rummaging around, has found some wheels that would go nicely on a new scooter, and together they build a new scooter. Pingu goes to meet up with his friends, and shows off his new scooter. They then go on the jumps, but Pingo’s new scooter doesn’t perform very well, while Pingu’s does. Father is watching and applauds Pingu’s performance.
* Features mainly Pingu, Father and Pingu's friends Pingg, Pingo and Pingi. Mother and Pinga also appear.
* Produced in 2005

Pingu and the Paint

Mother and Father go out, leaving Pingu sitting at the table with his painting, which needs finishing. Pingu gets some water, and finishes the painting with some blue, and then orange, paint. As he’s admiring the finished painting, a blob of orange paint falls from the brush onto the table. He tries to get it off, but only succeeds in making a bigger mess, and getting it on his chair as well. He then has an idea! He gets a pot of orange paint and a brush from the shed, and paints the table and everything on it, and the chair, orange. He spots a bit he’s missed, and while painting this gets a blob of orange paint on the wall. His solution to this is to make it slightly larger and rounder, and then frame it. As he’s straightening up the frame he gets some more paint on the wall, and then treads in some paint he’s dropped on the floor and leaves footprints behind as he backs away. As he backs out of the igloo he trips, and lands on his sledge, which slides away and into a lump of ice. The impact jogs the pot of paint and the brush out of Pingu’s hands, and these fly into the air and leave orange paint on a couple of igloos and an ice sculpture when they land. Pingu’s solution to this is to add even more paint to most of the igloos in the village, and the sculpture, in a variety of patterns and colours. The villagers see the results of this and gather to discuss what’s happened, and wonder who’s responsible. Then a villager spots a trail of footprints, and they follow them to the barrel in which Pingu is hiding. To clear it up Pingu starts to throw snowballs at the paint, and is quickly helped by Pingg and Pingo. The other villagers then join in themselves. It then starts snowing heavily, and the new snow soon finishes off the job of getting rid of all the paint.
* Features mainly Pingu. Mother, Father, Pingg and Pingo also appear, as do various other villagers.
* Produced in 2005

Pingu Makes a Big Splash

:Alternative title - ""Pingu Makes a Splash"Father takes Pingu and Pinga to the swimming pool. While they’re getting ready to go in, they see a penguin dive into the deep pool from the top of the diving block, which worries Pingu. Father then jumps into the shallow pool, as does Pinga, but Pingu gets in by sliding in from a sitting position. Pingi, Pingo and Pingg arrive and have a good laugh at Pingu in the shallow pool, and challenge him to come over to the big pool and jump in. Pingu goes off with them, and they climb to a ledge halfway up the diving block. Pingo and Pingg jump straight in, but Pingu shows off to Pingi and climbs a bit higher. He goes to jump in but once he sees the height he can’t, and climbs back down to Pingi. By now Pingo and Pingg have climbed back up, have a laugh at Pingu and jump in again. Pingi also jumps in. Pingu decides he’s not to be outdone, so he climbs right to the top and stands on the edge. With Pingo, Pingg and Pingi urging him on, Pingu gathers his courage and jumps, but changes his mind at the last minute and just manages to grab hold of the edge of the diving block before he falls. Father and Pinga come over as Pingu hangs precariously over the water, and Father shouts instructions to Pingu. Pingu tries to climb back but slips, and falls head first into the pool with a big splash. When he climbs out Pingu is congratulated by the others, but is a bit shocked by the experience. He then gets his courage back and dives in properly from the lower ledge, and is cheered by the others.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Father, Pingo, Pingg and Pingi. Another diver and a seagull make brief appearances.
* Produced in 2005

Pingu and the Abominable Snowman

Pingu is quietly reading his comic when he comes across a picture of a monstrous abominable snowman. He draws his own version, and scares Pinga with it. Pingu then draws a three-toed footprint and he and Pinga rush around the igloo playing at being chased until they run full tilt into Mother, knocking her over. Outside, Pingu creates some abominable snowman footprints made from a pair of snowshoes with spoons tied to them. He then goes off, pretending to be an abominable snowman, leaving a trail of footprints behind him. Pinga comes out to look for him, sees the trail of footprints, and follows them. Meanwhile Pingu, who has found an old blanket and put it over his head, continues to make footprints. He hears Pinga following and hides behind a block of ice. When Pinga stops by the block, Pingu scares her and chases her round the block. Pingu then trips and loses one of his snowshoes. While he’s putting it back on Pinga comes up behind him, realises what’s going on and, as Pingu gets up, pulls the blanket away, scaring Pingu. The both laugh, and then continue together. Later, they’re on their way home when they get back to the spot where Pingu ambushed Pinga, and Pingu spots some large footprints that weren’t made by him. Then they hear crunching in the snow, and see a huge shadow on the ice. Terrified, Pingu runs away, leaving Pinga, who covers her eyes and trembles in terror. She hears a sneeze, and looks. From behind a block of ice comes a real abominable snowman, but he’s not much bigger than she is. Pinga and the snowman then go to find Pingu, and the snowman explains that he’s also been following the footprints. The snowman quickly hides when Father comes on the motorised sledge to take them home, but as they’re leaving, he pops out to wave goodbye.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, and the Abominable Snowman. Mother and Father have minor roles.
* Produced in 2005
* The last Pingu episode so far.

=Special (1997)=

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