Pingu episodes series 2

Pingu episodes series 2

This is an list of episodes with synopses for "series 2" of the stop motion animated television series "Pingu".

=Series 1 (1986 - 1991)=

=Series 2 (1991 - 1994)=

Pingu at the Doctors

:Alternative titles - ""Pingu at the Doctor", ""Pingu Cuts His Lip"Mother goes out and leaves Pingu and Pinga at home. They decide to play dentist, but Pinga does not want to play when Pingu threatens to use a hammer and chisel on her. Pingu chases her, and during the chase a table gets knocked over by Pinga and Pingu bangs his beak on it. His beak is broken and bleeding. Pinga is sympathetic and bandages it up and takes Pingu to the doctor. Pingu is terrified when he sees the tool the doctor is going to use and runs off. Pinga and the doctor chase him round the outside of the igloo, but Pingu comes back inside and locks the doctor and Pinga out. All the patients laugh! He then rings Mother, who comes to the doctor and comforts him while his beak is being treated. While Pingu ends up with a brace on his beak, Pinga wants a Lollipop, the doctor gives her one. She then wants the other one too, she cleans the lollipop for Pingu and she gives it to him. Mother then takes them both home.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother and the doctor. Five patients who are waiting for treatment by the doctor also appear.
* Produced in 1991
* The early version also featured a rare example of English within Penguinese phrasing; Pinga actually says "doctor" at one point.
*This episode has been banned in some countries due to having blood in a children's show.Fact|date=June 2008
* In the current version, when the doctor gave Pinga a lollipop, the doctor said what sounds like "lolly".

Pingu's Admirer

:Alternative title - ""Pingu's Female Admirer"Pingu goes to school. On the way he meets Pingg, Pingo and Pongi playing limbo, and joins in, but then the schoolmaster rings the bell. The schoolmaster has just started the lesson when a new student arrives. The new student is a girl named Pingi. The schoolmaster greets Pingi, and he finds a place for her to sit. Unlike his friends, Pingu does not want anything to do with her. He spreads out his things all over his desk and puts his legs wide apart to make it seem as though there is no room at his desk, and is infuriated when the schoolmaster picks his seat anyway. Pingo offers Pingi a lollipop, which she takes and offers to Pingu. He refuses, so she gives it back to Pingo. She then draws a heart and offers that to Pingu, and he snaps at her, and the schoolmaster tells him to be nice to her. On the way home after school Pingi follows Pingu and, when Pingu lets her have a piece of his mind, she cries. Pingu walks away, and Pingi throws a snowball at him. He throws one back in retaliation, but it goes through the window of a nearby igloo. He and Pingi hide in a barrel to escape the wrath of the igloo's irate owner, and they end up liking each other. They walk together the rest of the way and Pingu actually cries a bit when they have to part.
* Features Pingu, his friends Pingg, Pingo, and Pongi (without glasses!) and the new girl student Pingi. Mother, the schoolmaster and a furious igloo owner also appear.
* Pingi is introduced in this episode.
* A signpost gives directions to Perestroika and Glasnost.
* Produced in 1991

Pingu and the Seagull

It is a nice day and Pingu is out riding his brand new blue scooter. Circling overhead is a Seagull. It squawks, and Pingu hoots back and waves to it. The Seagull then poos on the scooter, rather annoying Pingu. Pingu goes indoors, cleans up the scooter and puts a cover over it. He then goes outside again. The Seagull is now sitting on top of the igloo, and squawks when it sees Pingu. Pingu makes a snowball and throws it at the Seagull. The snowball narrowly misses as the Seagull takes off. The Seagull retaliates by pooing on Pingu's right foot. Pingu cleans himself off, and then spots that the Seagull has landed on the ice nearby. He tries to grab it, but it takes off and flies out of reach. The Seagull lands again, and Pingu has another attempt at grabbing it, but this try also fails. The Seagull lands for a third time, but this time Pingu sneaks up on it from behind and succeeds in getting hold of its legs. The Seagull tries to fly away, and eventually Pingu has to let go. The Seagull circles around, and poos on Pingu again, this time on his right shoulder. The Seagull then lands to have a drink from a nearby ice hole and is grabbed on the beak by a lobster, which won’t let go. After initially being amused, Pingu takes pity on the Seagull and tugs the lobster off. The lobster turns on Pingu and follows him into the igloo. Pingu eventually chases the lobster away and back into the pool by banging some pan lids. He pets the Seagull, and just when he thinks he’s made friends with it, it flies away and poos on him yet again, right on the top of his head. He goes inside and tells Mother all about it, and she washes his head clean.
* Features mainly Pingu and the Seagull. Mother makes a brief appearance.
* The Seagull is introduced in this episode.
* Produced in 1992
* This episode is available for viewing on the Pingu website.

Pingu Goes Ice Surfing

Mother has hung out some washing, with help from Pingu. Mother has just gone back inside the igloo when the wind suddenly gets up, so Pingu decides to have some fun on an ice-surfer. He builds this himself, making the platform and mast from some stuff he finds in the shed, and for a sail using one of Mother's clean sheets that she has just hung out to dry. After some fun zooming around, while going up a hill the wind suddenly stops and Pingu and his ice-surfer go crashing back down. The sheet he’s used for the sail is now filthy. Pingu mournfully goes back home, is told off by his mother for dirtying the sheet, and has to clean it. As he is doing this, with not very much success, Robby comes along. By swish-swashing his tail, Robby very quickly gets the sheet spotless. Mother is very pleased by the result, and Pingu and Robby share a fish given to them by Mother as a reward.
* Features Pingu, Mother, and Robby.
* Produced in 1992

Pingu's First Kiss

Pingu and his friends Pingg, Pingo and Pongi are doing some tricks on skates when Pingu's girlfriend Pingi comes along. Pingu greets her by kissing her on the hand, and the other three laugh and take the mick out of him. Annoyed, Pingu impresses all of them with the best trick yet. Pingi applauds and suggests to Pingu that they go off together, but Pingu’s friends want him to stay with them. Pingi goes off, and Pingu is not sure what to do. He goes back to his friends but, as Pingo tries a new trick and the other two watch him, sneaks away to join Pingi, who is gracefully dancing on her skates. Pingu joins in the dance, and they’re about to kiss for the first time when Pingg, Pingo and Pongi skate past teasing them. Pingu and Pingi go off to be alone a couple more times, but each time the others find and tease them. They eventually manage to evade the others and have their first kiss, and then impress the other three with some figure skating.
* Features Pingu, his three friends Pingg, Pingo and Pongi, and Pingi.
* Produced in 1992

Pingu's Curling Game

Robby, who has a proper curling stone, invites Pingu to have a game with him. Pingu doesn’t have a curling stone, but borrows Mother’s hot water bottle to use instead. On their first go, Robby gets his the furthest, on the second Robby again gets his the furthest, but both finish up near a neighbour who is sitting on an ice block reading, and he tells them off for disturbing him. They swap stones, and play back the way they came. Robby wins this as well. Pingu is annoyed, and plays the stone as hard as he can. Unfortunately, it goes toward the neighbour who is reading and knocks the seat from under him, depositing him on the ice on his backside! He is understandably rather annoyed at this and goes to tell Pingu off, but Robby tries to pull him back. This annoys him even more and he follows Pingu home. Pingu goes indoors and hides, but the neighbour bangs on the door and comes in. The neighbour explains to Pingu’s Mother what has happened, and Mother gets Pingu to apologise. Fortunately, by now the neighbour has cooled off a bit, and he and Pingu shake hands. The neighbour and Pingu then have a game. Pingu gets his the furthest (because his jumps over the other!), much to the neighbour’s annoyance.
* Features Pingu, Robby, Mother and a neighbour.
* Produced in 1992

Pingu's Family Celebrate Christmas

Pingu and Pinga are getting ready for Christmas. They help Mother make some biscuits, and then they go with Father to help choose a Christmas tree. While Father puts up the tree, Mother gets the wrapped presents to put under it. Pingu and Pinga want theirs now, but Mother says no. Mother then trips over a rope on her way to the tree, and drops the presents. She blames Father, and they have an argument about it. Pingu and Pinga go out to see what the fuss is about, and when Mother and Father see them they make up. Mother then tells Pingu and Pinga to go into the igloo, and to make sure they stay there and can’t see out she locks the door and blocks up the keyhole. Mother and Father then decorate the tree, while inside the igloo Pingu and Pinga wrap up Mother and Father’s presents. When Mother lets them out, they take their presents to put under the tree, and are amazed when they see it all decorated. They give their presents to Mother and Father; Mother gets some hand warmers and Father gets a spotted bow tie. Pingu and Pinga then open their presents. Pingu gets a book, a ball and some earmuffs; Pinga gets a teddy bear, a dummy and a scarf. As night falls, the tree lights up and together they all sing a carol (to the tune of "Silent Night").
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother and Father. A Christmas tree seller also appears.
* Produced in 1993

Pingu the Icicle Musician

Pingu has gone out, and meets up with Robby and Pingo. They play a game where one person has to find the others and, once found, get back “home” before they do. Pingu starts as finder and counts while Robby and Pingo hide. When Pingu starts looking, Pingo creeps up and gets home before Pingu notices. Pingu then spots Robby’s tail sticking out of some ice blocks, and throws a snowball at him that lands on his tail. Robby comes out, and Pingu wins the race home. Robby then counts, and the other two hide, but Pingo doesn’t realise he’s leaving a trail of footprints behind him. Robby goes to look for them, comes across the footprints and finds Pingo. Robby just wins the race for home. Then they both go off to call in Pingu, but they can’t find him anywhere. Then Pingo hears some clanging sounds and finds Pingu, who is making the sounds by hitting an icicle with a broken off piece of icicle he’s using as a striker. Pingu shows Pingo the cavern he has found, which is full of icicles of all shapes and sizes. Pingo gets a striker and makes his own sounds. Then they both hear some deeper sounds; Robby has found them and is making his own sounds with the icicles. Pingu then plays a tune on the icicles and Pingo and Robby both applaud him.
* Features Pingu, Pingo, and Robby.
* Produced in 1992

Pingu the Chef

Mother and Father go out, leaving the children at home. Pingu puts a pan on the stove and Pinga brings him a cob of corn. Pingu puts the corn kernels into the pan and puts the lid on, and they soon have a pan of popcorn. The both gobble down the popcorn until there are only a few pieces left. Pinga distracts Pingu, and gobbles down the last of the popcorn while Pingu isn’t looking! Pingu goes to the cupboard, which is full of corn, and fills a big box with the corn kernels. He then loads all this corn into the boiler and puts on the lid. The corn starts popping, and soon there’s a big pile of it. They wonder what to do with it, and then Pinga starts filling boxes with the popcorn while Pingu gets the sledge. Pingu loads the sledge and sets off round the neighbours to give it away. He gives away three of the boxes, one to the post office attendant, one to a mother with three babies, and one to a neighbour. He goes back and tries to give his last box to the mother with three children but she curtly refuses it; the babies have made a terrible mess in the igloo with the box they’ve already had. He tries at the post office, but the attendant is full. Pinga then spots some empty boxes outside the post office, and they fill one of the boxes, put on the lid, and address and stamp it. They hand it in, and the postman delivers it to the neighbour, who is still struggling to eat what Pingu had brought him before. The postman leaves the box on the floor. It starts to rumble and expand, and then bursts scattering popcorn in a pile around it. The neighbour is not pleased! By now Pingu and Pinga are at home sharing a large plateful of popcorn. They realise that Mother and Father are soon due back, and rush to finish before they get home. When Mother and Father arrive the children are snuggled up in bed, pretending to be asleep. Mother pulls off the covers and greets them, not noticing how bloated they are, and then she and Father offer them the gifts they’ve brought home for them – a bag of popcorn each!
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother and Father. Also appearing are the post office attendant, a mother with three babies and a neighbour.
* At the end of the episode, when Mother and Father offer Pingu and Pinga popcorn, Pingu has teeth. He does not regularly show teeth until Series 5 and 6.
* Produced in 1992

Pingu's Outing

:Alternative titles - ""Pingu Goes Away", ""Pingu Goes on an Excursion"It’s early in the morning and Mother is putting things in a pack for Pingu. She goes to wake him, and tells him to be quiet so as not to wake Pinga. Pingu goes to the bathroom, while Mother makes him breakfast. When Pingu comes out of the bathroom he lets the door slam behind him, which wakes Pinga up. Pinga cries, and is comforted by Father. Pingu eats his breakfast and leaves, carrying his pack. The family wave him goodbye. On his journey Pingu asks the way from an artist, who is out painting the sunrise, and the baker, where he’s given a free pastry. A delivery man on a motorised sledge passes him, and a package drops off the sledge. Pingu calls out, and the delivery man comes back for the package, and then gives Pingu a lift. He’s dropped off at a signpost where he has to go one way and the delivery man another. When he reaches his aunt’s home she greets him at the door, and he eats nearly all of the large meal she’s prepared for him. He’s nearly asleep on his feet, so his aunt suggests he go to bed, but he’s feeling homesick. His aunt offers him a doll to take to bed with him but he doesn’t want it, so she phones Mother. When he speaks to Mother Pingu immediately cheers up, as Mother has put his teddy bear in the pack he brought with him. He goes to bed, and falls asleep during the story his aunt is reading to him, cuddling his teddy.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother, Father and Pingu's aunt. Also appearing are an artist, the baker and her baby, and a delivery man.
* First and only appearance of Pingu's Aunt.
* Produced in 1993
* This Episode is available on youtube [ URL]

Pingu and the Camera

:Alternative title - ""Pingu the Photographer"Pingu is out taking photographs of Robby. He then photographs an interestingly shaped block of ice from a variety of positions. Meanwhile Robby has found an ice-bridge, and shows it to Pingu. Robby climbs up to the top, and Pingu takes some photographs of him there, in various poses. They then spot a hot-air balloon drifting past, and Pingu snaps this as well. A photojournalist arrives, who also takes some pictures of the balloon, with Pingu standing in the foreground. Pingu goes home, and then goes with Father to the photo-shop to have the film developed. Unfortunately there’s nothing on the film, as Pingu has forgotten to take the lens cap off the camera. Pingu goes sadly home, and father consoles him. Mother and Pinga arrive home with the paper, and Mother shows Pingu the front page, which has a big picture of the balloon with Pingu standing in front. Pingu cheers up, and Mother frames and hangs the picture from the paper on the wall. Pinga wants to take a picture of Mother, Father and Pingu in front of the balloon picture. Pingu has to remind her to take the lens-cap off first!
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother, Father, Robby, a photojournalist and the photo-shop manager.
* Produced in 1993

Pingu's Parents Have No Time

:Alternative titles - ""Pingu's New Kite", ""Pingu's Parents Gave No Time"Pingu and Pinga are flying their kite when the wind goes light and it crashes onto the roof of the igloo. Pingu tries to pull it off with the string but the string breaks. Pinga goes inside to get help from Mother or Father, but they’re busy and say that they have no time to help. Outside, Pingu is trying to dislodge the kite by throwing snowballs at it. The first one hits Pinga as she comes back out of the igloo. She cries, but is comforted by Pingu. The second hits the kite, which slides off the roof and lands on the ground in a broken heap. This time Pingu goes in to ask for help, but Mother and Father are still too busy. Pingu and Pingu then go off on the sledge to see Grandfather, who helps them make a new kite. Meanwhile, Mother and Father realise it is getting late and go outside to get Pingu and Pinga, but there’s no sign of them. They get on Fathers motorised sledge and go looking, asking the post-office attendant, the fishmonger and a neighbour if they’ve seen them. They all say they haven’t. Eventually they arrive at Grandfather’s igloo, where they see a kite being flown behind the igloo; Pingu is flying the new kite, watched by Pingu and Grandfather. Mother and Father thank Grandfather for his help, and Mother, Father, Pingu and Pinga all go back home together.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother, Father and Grandfather.The post office attendant, the fishmonger and a neighbour all make an appearance.
* Produced in 1993

Pingu and the Many Packages

:Alternative titles - ""Pingu and the Packing", ""Pingu and the Packing Material"Pingu is out shopping for a birthday present for Grandfather. He comes across a shop selling shells and goes in. He finds a nice spiky shell, which is put into an oval box just the right size for the shell. As Pingu is coming out of the shop he sees Pinga on her way to Grandfathers, carrying a box almost as big as she is. Pinga’s box is bigger than the one he’s got, so he goes back into the shop and asks if he can have a larger one. He turns down the first two offered as not being large enough, and asks for a very large one. Meanwhile Pinga has arrived at Grandfathers and given him her present, which is a picture. Grandfather hangs it up, and Pinga sings “Happy Birthday” to him. Pingu then arrives, carrying a very large box. Grandfather opens the box, to find a slightly smaller box inside. He opens this box – there’s another slightly smaller one inside it! Eventually, inside the fourth box, Grandfather finds the oval box, which he opens to find the shell that Pingu bought. Grandfather then wonders what to do with all the empty boxes from Pingu’s present. He decides they ought to go back to the shell shop, so together they take the boxes back to the shop.
* Features mainly Pingu, Pinga and Grandfather. Also appearing are sellers from a bread stall, a fish stall and a shell shop.
* Produced in 1993

Pingu the Conjurer's Apprentice

:Alternative title - ""Pingu the Apprentice Magician"Pingu is proudly presenting his magic tricks to Pinga and Pingi. He baffles them with the scarf and tube trick, he amazes them by disappearing from behind a sheet leaving only his hat and the sheet behind, and then reappearing in his trunk, and puzzles them with his hat trick. He then changes Pinga into a snowman, the snowman is given several different heads, such as Robby’s and Pingo’s, and finally appears headless; Pinga then reappears. Pinga is then made to disappear from inside a box put over her. Pingi is very puzzled until she sees how Pinga gets back inside the box. Pingu then shows his levitation trick, but unfortunately for him Pingi already knows how this is done and gets Pinga to cut the strings that support the sheet with scissors, much to Pingu's annoyance. Pinga and Pingi laugh! Pingu finishes by folding up the sheet he used for the levitation trick and throwing it into the air, where it shimmers and then disappears. Pingu takes a bow, and Pingi and Pinga applaud.
* Features Pingu, Pinga and Pingi.
* Produced in 1993

Pingu's Birthday

:Alternative title - ""Pingu's Anniversary"It’s Pingu’s birthday, and he’s having a party with Pinga and his friends Pingo and Pingi. The party area is decorated with balloons and lights, and there are snacks and drinks on the table. Grandfather is providing music on the accordion. Robby arrives with a present for Pingu. It’s a cap, which he promptly puts on. Pingu shows the others what he’s received; a book, some crayons and a ball. They then all tuck in to the snacks and drink. Pingu shares a drink and a snack biscuit with Pingi (which leads into a "Lady and the Tramp"-style kiss). Pingi then pulls Pingu’s cap over his eyes so he can’t see and tells him he has to find her. He goes where he thinks she is, but she steps out of the way. She calls, and he changes direction towards her, but she steps out of the way again. Robby calls, and Pingu tries to catch him, bur Robby backs away. The others all join in, calling in turn, and Pingu doesn’t know whom to find. Eventually he looks for Pingi again, but she moves out of the way and he collides with Mother, who has just come out of the igloo. She takes his hat off so he can see whom he’s found, then puts it back on. The game continues, Pingu not managing to find anyone. Mother then comes out with the cake and they all gather round. Pingu, now feeling much better, blows out the candle, the others sing “Happy Birthday” (in Penguinese) to Pingu, and then they all dig into the cake.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother and Grandfather, and his friends Pingi, Pingo and Robby.
* Produced in 1993
* The re-soundtracked version of this episode has Pingu's friends singing the "Happy Birthday" song in a vaguely English-sounding language (not to mention quite off-key).

Pingu at the Fairground

:Alternative titles - ""Pingu at the Funfair", ""Pingu at the Fun Fair"Pingu, Pinga, Mother and Father go to the funfair. They pass some balloons but don’t buy one. They come to a barrel organ, Pingu gives the player some money and he plays a tune. Pingu and Pinga rush on and stop at a candyfloss seller, and they both have some. At the “hit the tins” stall Pingu has a go, gets all the tins down in his three throws, and receives a lollipop as a prize. Pinga also has a go, but she throws before the stallholder has completely finished putting back the tins. The ball misses, bounces off the backboard onto the stallholders head, and then into the tins, knocking them all down. The stallholder is not very happy about this, talks angrily to her and doesn't give her a prize. They move quickly on. Both Pingu and Pinga then have an ice cream. At the sweet stall Father buys Mother a candy pendant that he puts round her neck, and Pingu and Pinga each have a twisty candy stick to eat. Pingu and Pinga have a ride on the roundabout. Pingu then rides on the swings, and Mother is concerned by how high he's going. When he gets off he feels a bit poorly. On the way home, Pinga has some more candyfloss, but Pingu doesn’t want any. They each get a balloon, but Pingu misses the string when taking the balloon off the seller and the balloon floats away, so Pinga lets go of hers as well. Then they all go home.
* Features mainly Pingu, Pinga, Mother and Father. Also at the funfair there are various stallholders, and many other penguins visiting.
* In the scene where Pingu and Pinga are riding the roundabout, Pingg and Pongi (without glasses) appear! Also, in the scene where Pingu goes on the swing, Pingo and his father also appear!
* Produced in 1993

Pingu the Babysitter

Mother is going out with a friend, and Pingu has the job of babysitting the twins. After Mother and her friend have gone the twins, who were lying peacefully in bed, throw their pillows at Pingu, hitting him on the head. Then one twin cries because his dummy has come out. While Pingu is retrieving the dummy and washing it, the other twin crawls off and pulls the tablecloth off the table. Pingu is just in time to stop the vase smashing on the floor. The first twin then grabs the frying pan that’s on the stove. Pingu eventually gets both of them into their highchairs and feeds them. While he’s feeding one, the other is yelling, and vice versa. Eventually they both stop crying and Pingu checks their nappies. Luckily only one has a dirty nappy so Pingu changes it, and tucks them both back into bed. He then sits down with a book, but they both start to wail again. They don’t want their teddies, but doze off when Pingu rocks the bed. Pingu goes back to the chair, but they start crying so he rocks them back to sleep again. Then he has an idea, and ties a cord to the end of the bed, with the other end of the cord tied to his foot. Now, when they start crying, he can waggle his foot and rock the bed without having to get out of the chair. When Mother and her friend arrive back the twins are fast asleep; Pingu is in the chair with his foot rocking the bed, also fast asleep!
* Features Pingu, Mother, Mother's friend and the friends twin babies. Mother's friend's husband (apparently a French artist) also makes an appearance.
* Produced in 1993

Pingu Cannot Lose

Pingu and Pinga are bowling. Pinga takes the first throw, and doesn’t score, but then rolls up herself and knocks all the skittles down. Pingu is not very amused! Then Pingo comes by and has a go; he knocks down two skittles. Pingu throws and hits four. Pingo’s next throw gets one, and Pingu gets four again. Then Pingo gets two, and Pingu gets three, but this time his ball takes an odd path before reaching the skittles. A passer-by has a go and gets six. Pingu’s next ball goes straight, and he knocks over a skittle, but it stands up again. The passer-by gets another six and Pingu gets a one. The passer-by then gets seven, and Pingu walks away unhappily. Then the passer-by gets an eight. Robby, who has just arrived, gets one but his ball also takes an odd path before hitting the skittle. Robby thinks this is very funny. The passer-by then gets all nine skittles, and the others applaud. Robby’s next throw misses completely, as does Pingo’s. This time they all think this is funny. Pingu then has another try, but to throw he faces backwards and rolls the ball between his legs. Again his ball takes an odd route, misses, and ends up in front of the group of skittles. He has another throw. The ball hits the ball that’s already there, and both balls go round the outside of the group of skittles. They all find this extremely funny.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Pingo, Robby and a passer-by.
* Produced in 1994

Pingu and the Game of Fish

:Alternative title - ""Pingu and the Disabled Penguin"Pingu decides he’s going to play a practical joke, and meets up with Pingo. Pingu leads the way to a nearby ice-shelf, opens a bag he’s been carrying and takes out a fish and a piece of rope. He puts the fish on the ground, ties the rope to the fish’s tail, takes the other end of the rope to the ice-shelf and then covers the rope in snow so that all that can be seen by a passer-by is the fish on the ground. He and Pingo then hide on the ice-shelf and wait. Soon a penguin comes past with her shopping and sees the fish on the ground. She’s just about to pick it up when Pingu tugs on the rope to pull the fish away, and the shopping goes flying. Pingu and Pingo find this hilarious, the female penguin doesn’t! She picks up the shopping and goes off muttering. The next penguin to come by is in a wheelchair. He sees the fish and is delighted, but can’t find an easy way of getting the fish. Pingu doesn’t think that they should trick him but Pingo does and, despite Pingu’s attempts to prevent it, pulls the fish away. The disabled penguin follows the fish, the wheelchair hits a jutting piece of ice and the disabled penguin falls flat on his face on the ground with the wheelchair upside down beside him. Pingu and Pingo help him back into his chair, and explain what they did. Fortunately he sees the joke, and decides to join in, so when Pingu and Pingo hide for the next victim, the disabled penguin also hides. The next passer-by sees the fish, takes a close look at it and spots the covered rope. He gives it a tug and Pingu, who is holding the other end, falls off the ice-shelf and hurts his foot. While Pingo and the disabled penguin see to Pingu, the passer-by has a chuckle, eats the fish and walks away. Pingu gets home with the help of the disabled penguin; the disabled penguin is in the wheelchair, Pingu is balancing on top and Pingo is pushing. When he gets home Pingu thanks the disabled penguin, and Mother bandages Pingu’s foot. The disabled penguin then amuses them by doing “wheelies” in the wheelchair.
* Features Pingu, Pingo and three passers-by. One of the passers-by is in a wheelchair. Mother also appears.
* Produced in 1994

Pingu and the Gift

:Alternative titles - ""Pingu Gets a Bicycle", ""Pingu Gets a Bike"Pinga is playing happily with her teddy and toy pram when Pingu zooms up on his new scooter. Pinga immediately switches her attention to the scooter and really wants a go. Pingu won’t let her, and scoots off. Father then arrives on the motorised sledge, and Pinga greets him. He agrees to take her for a ride, but doesn’t look where he’s going and flattens the pram, destroying her teddy. Pinga is heartbroken and starts crying. Pingu arrives back, sees the broken pram and goes indoors. Pinga is still crying, so he tries to distract her by playing his drum. This has little effect so Mother tries a lollipop, giving Pingu one as well. This also has no effect. The family try other solutions, but none of these stop Pinga crying. Pingu then gets his scooter and tells Pinga she can have a go. She immediately cheers up and sets off at speed. After crashing into and through various things she hits a bump and falls off, ending up buried under the snowman. Pingu is very worried she might have hurt herself, but she comes up laughing. Pingu gives her a cuddle, and the scooter!
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother and Father. A shopkeeper also makes an appearance.
* Produced in 1994

Pingu's Visit to the Hospital

:Alternative title - ""Pingu's Visit to Hospital"Pingu and Mother visit the injured Pinga in hospital. When they enter the hospital, a doctor is pulling a badly injured penguin who got hurt in a bad post truck accident. When they find Pinga, Pinga is pleased to see them, and Pingu shows her a picture he’s drawn of her accident. The nurse comes in to treat Pingi, who is in the bed next to Pinga, and puts a screen between the beds. Mother gives Pinga some flowers, and both Pinga and Pingu have an apple. Pingu’s getting a bit bored, so he rides around on a stool with wheels. He then sees the shadows that are being made on the screen by the nurse and Pingi by a light the nurse turned on. The nurse turns off the light and goes out. Pingu pulls the screen round in front of Pinga and Pingi, puts a mobile table behind the screen, a pillow into the table, and the light behind. He turns on the light and gives a shadow performance to Pinga, Mother and Pingi, pretending to be a surgeon operating. Mother, Pinga and Pingi find Pingu’s performance very amusing and laugh out loud. The noise attracts the attention of the nurse and a surgeon, who come in to find out what’s causing all the laughter. They see the end of Pingu’s performance, and applaud with the others when Pingu finishes. Pingu is given his own surgeons outfit as a prize for his performance.
* Features mainly Pingu, Mother, Pinga and Pingi. A nurse and a surgeon also appear, as do the driver of an ambulance sledge, the patient on the sledge, the hospital receptionist and three waiting patients.
* Produced in 1994

Pingu on the School Excursion

:Alternative title - ""Pingu on the School Outing"The school class goes to see a sculptor, who is carving a giant whale. On the way, Pingg throws a snowball at Pingu that hits him on the head. When Pingu retaliates, his snowball hits the schoolmaster, earning Pingu a ticking off. When the class arrive at the sculpture they all look round. Pingg decides to help the sculptor, who is shaping the head, by carving some more on the body. This does not amuse the sculptor. On the other side of the sculpture Pingo has decided to climb the scaffolding, despite Pingu’s protests. When he gets to the top he calls out, which attracts the attention of the schoolmaster, who tells him to get down. The sculptor gives a talk to the class about the sculpture, but Pingg has slipped away and has climbed up on to the tail of the whale sculpture. He gleefully bounces up and down on it and part of it breaks off, crashing to the ground. Pingg just manages to save himself from falling by grabbing the edge of the remaining part of the tail, leaving him hanging on precariously. Pingo gets a long pole to try to help him get down, but it won’t reach, and the schoolmaster goes up onto the top of the whale but can’t get to the tail to help. The sculptor is muttering away to himself about the broken tail. Pingu comes up with a plan and, using some poles and a tarpaulin, the class build a slide that Pingg can use to come down. He lets go of the tail and slides down safely. Once the class have finished congratulating Pingo and themselves, they notice that the schoolmaster is still stuck on top of the sculpture!
* Features Pingu, the rest of his school class (Pingo, Pingg, an unnamed pupil and Pongi), the schoolmaster and the sculptor.
* Produced in 1994

Pingu at the Nursery

:Alternative titles - ""Pingu and Papa at the Kindergarten", ""Pingu and Pinga at the Kindergarten"Pinga is waiting impatiently to go to kindergarten, but Mother is busy and gets Pingu to take her. On the way they pass Pingo and Pingg on their sledges. They ask Pingu to join them but he refuses. When they get there Pinga is given a piece of paper, and she goes to sit down. On the way she trips and falls over, crumpling the piece of paper. Pingu helps her up. The teacher asks the class to make a hat with their pieces of paper, but Pinga is unhappy that her piece is crumpled, so Pingu asks if she can have a fresh piece. The teacher gives him two pieces of paper and he gives one to Pinga. Pinga tries to make a hat, but can’t. Pingu takes the piece of paper and makes the hat for her. He then uses the other piece of paper he’s got to make a hat for himself. Pingu then joins in the dancing, the session on the school slide, and listens to the story. On the way home they meet Pingo and Pingg by a pool in the ice, who laugh at the hat that Pingu is still wearing. Pingu takes off the hat, folds it into a boat and puts it on the water. He blows the boat into the middle of the pool, but Pingo and Pingg then try to hit it with snowballs. However, they don’t manage to hit the boat as it keeps moving out of the way, They’re puzzled by this until they see why; Robby is in the pool moving the boat from underneath. Robby then does some balancing tricks with the boat, ending up wearing it on his head like a hat, and they all applaud.
* Features mainly Pingu, Pinga, Pingo, Pingg, the kindergarten teacher, three other classmates of Pinga, and Robby. Mother, and a parent collecting the other three children in the class, also appear.
* Produced in 1994

Pingu and the Strangers

Pingu has gone out to get some fish from the fish stall. While he’s on the way, two strangers enter the village, and are shunned by everyone they meet. Pingu arrives at the fish stall, gets out his shopping list and is about to tell the stallholder what he wants when the stallholder sees the two strangers, who are just behind Pingu. The stallholder quickly closes the stall and walks away, leaving Pingu without any fish to take home. Pingu walks away, but hides behind a nearby igloo, and then surreptitiously follows the two strangers out of the village to a nearby ice pool. Another penguin is fishing. One of the strangers takes out a shell horn and blows it, getting a rasping squawk noise. The two strangers look up, and soon a fish drops from the sky into the hands of one of the strangers. Pingu is amazed. The stranger with the horn blows it again. Another fish drops from the sky and lands on the ice nearby, but this time the penguin fishing and Pingu are looking up, and they see that a seagull is dropping the fish. The strangers offer the fish to the penguin fishing, but he refuses and hurriedly walks off. Pingu comes out from where he’s been hiding and walks up to the strangers, who give him the fish and let him try the horn. Pingu blows, but only gets a gentle squeak from the horn. The strangers urge him to try again, and he gets a raspberry sound. No fish is dropped either time. Then the seagull swoops to catch a fish from the pool, and as it flies overhead the strangers urge Pingu to blow again. This time he gets a better sound, and the seagull responds with a squawk, dropping the fish it has just caught! The fish is given to Pingu, and Pingu then soon fills the basket with fish. As they’re waiting for the seagull again some of the villagers come to look at what is happening. The next fish dropped by the seagull lands on one of the villagers, and after initial amazement they all laugh. The horn is shown around and the villagers chat happily with the strangers.
* Features mainly Pingu and two strangers. Various villagers and a seagull also appear.
* Produced in 1994

Pingu Helps His Mother

:Alternative title - ""Pingu Helps Around the House"Mother is ironing and feeling a bit harassed, as she realises that there’s a lot of clearing up and other jobs that need doing, and she asks Pingu if he could help. Pingu, who is reading, is not at all keen to help and suggests that Pinga should. Mother does not want Pinga to help because she's too small though, but she helps anyway. But Pinga drops some on the floor on the way to the cupboard and Mother tells her off. Pinga bursts into tears and Mother comforts her. Mother then tells Pingu to help and gives him some large cloths to put away. Pingu balances them on his head, to the amusement of Pinga and the consternation of Mother, carries them on his head to the cupboard, puts them away and then goes back to his book. Mother then enlists Pingu’s help again, this time to wash the floor, and prepares a bucket of soapy water for Pingu to use. Pingu reluctantly comes over to do it, but then thinks it would be a good idea to make the water soapier, and does this when Mother is not looking. Pinga comes over to see what is going on, and Pingu covers her head with soapsuds from the bucket. Pinga goes over to Mother who wipes the suds off, and tells Pingu to get on with it. Mother then goes out with the washing. Pingu and Pinga play a game with the mop and washing cloth, then Mother comes to get Pingu to help her, leaving Pinga with the mopping to do. She accidentally knocks a blanket from the table into the bucket. When Mother and Pingu return, Pinga has finished mopping the floor and is busily playing with her toys. Later, Mother is cooking dinner when Father comes in. He greets them, and Mother goes to serve the dinner, but finds a nicely warmed blanket in the oven. Mother and Father blames Pingu and Pinga and they don't get any supper! Pingu knows how to use it though. When Pingu and Pinga go to bed they snuggle into the warm blanket.
*Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother and Father.
* Produced in 1994

Pingu Builds a Snowman

Pingu and Pinga get up to find a nice fresh fall of snow outside. They go off in the sledge to have some fun, but hit a bump sliding down a hill and get thrown off. They decide to build a snowman and have made a start when Robby turns up and suggests it should be a big one. They all agree, and Robby helps to gather the snow to form the bottom half. They make a ball to put on top for the body, but have difficulty getting it up and making it stay on. Pingu then spots a nearby signpost, used by hikers to find their way, and has the idea of using this to support the snowman. Pingu and Robby roll the balls of snow across and build up the snowman around the signpost, covering up the signs with snow to form the arms of the snowman. They then have problems trying to get the head on, as it’s so tall. Pingu has another idea and goes off on the sledge, and Pinga and Robby work on finishing off the body of the snowman. While all this has been going on, a hiker has been wandering around nearby, clearly lost. He spots Pinga and Robby, and comes over to them. Pinga and Robby ask him for help with the snowman, and he kindly puts on the head and makes it appear that the snowman is on a hike by adding a rucksack and a pole on his shoulder with a bag. The hiker asks Pinga and Robby if they know the way, but they say that they don’t, so the hiker wanders off again. Pingu then arrives back on the sledge with a ladder, and a carrot in a bucket, and is surprised to see the finished snowman. He wonders how Pinga and Robby did it. The hiker then returns, having found a sheer cliff in his way, and asks them again if they know the way. As they’re about to reply the snow falls off one of the snowman’s arms revealing the sign, to the hikers surprise. The hiker brushes off the snow on the other arm, which to his relief tells him the way he needs to go.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Robby and a lost hiker.
* Produced in 1994

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