Pingu episodes series 5

Pingu episodes series 5

This is an list of episodes with synopses for "series 5" of the stop motion animated television series "Pingu".

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=Series 5 (2004)=

Pingu's Bouncy Fun

:Alternative title - ""Bouncy Fun"Pingu is jumping up and down on his bed. Mother comes in and tells him to stop, and makes him sit on a chair. Pingu then jumps up and down on the chair, frightening Pinga, and is again told not to bounce. Pingu then jumps on a cushion and then, much to her dismay, on Pinga’s toy rabbit, Mother takes the rabbit away from Pingu and gives it back to Pinga to comfort her. Father comes home and, after greeting Mother, settles down to read the paper, while Mother goes out with Pinga. Father and Pingu then build a makeshift trampoline, and Pingu proceeds to bounce on it. Mother is aghast when she arrives back, sees what they’re doing and the mess they've made, and tells off both Pingu and Father. Father and Pingu take the trampoline outside, and tidy up inside. Mother brings out crash helmets for them to wear and they bounce happily up and down on the trampoline.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother and Father.
* This is the first episode of the new version of Pingu.
* Produced in 2004

Pingu Finishes the Job

Mother and Pinga go out to the shops, and Father and Pingu go into the shed to repair a leg on a broken table. When Father rummages in his toolbox Pingu does as well, so Father moves him out of the way. While Father repairs the table, Pingu sidles back to the toolbox and starts rummaging in it again. Father spots what Pingu’s doing, removes him from the toolbox and plonks him in a chair. Father then pops out to get some paint, leaving Pingu alone in the shed. Pingu can’t resist the lure of the toolbox and has a good rummage, then puts it on the newly repaired table. The table collapses under the weight. Pingu tries to repair the damage but only succeeds in sticking his hand to the tabletop, and then trashing the shed in getting it free. Grandfather comes in and collects the legs of the table together, and Pingu gets the top but gets his hand stuck again. As they’re recovering from freeing Pingu’s hand, Father arrives back. Pingu and Grandfather tidy up, and Father starts putting the legs back on the table. When he’s finished he stands the table upright but it wobbles, as one of the legs has been broken and is now shorter than the others. The three of them then try to fix the problem by sawing pieces off the legs, and end up with a table with very short legs! Pingu and Grandfather paint it, cover it with a cloth and go back into the igloo to await the return of Mother and Pinga. When they arrive the table is unveiled, and Mother is not amused. Pingu has an idea; he sits Mother down on the sofa, pulls over the table and puts a cushion on top, and invites Mother to use it as a footstool. She puts her feet up on it and relaxes.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother, Father and Grandfather.
* Produced in 2004

Pingu Digs a Hole

Pingu comes out of the igloo with Father, to see him off to work, and they find the sledge covered by snow from an overnight fall. Father digs it out, but leaves the shovel behind in the snow when he goes. Pingu decides to try it out and digs a hole right outside the front door of the igloo. Mother comes out with the washing and falls into the hole. While she’s getting herself out, Pingu sneaks off so that she doesn’t see him. Pingu then meets Robby, and they dig a hole together. Soon they are tunnelling around the neighbourhood, and the fishmonger can’t understand where a crate of his fish has gone or why he’s sinking into the ground. Father returns home to collect the rest of the family for a picnic and finds Mother, with Pinga, outside the door where the hole has appeared, but there’s no sign of Pingu. They walk off, calling Pingu. Pinga, who is lagging a bit behind, then gets picked up on the crest from the rapidly growing tunnel, and she’s deposited on the ground in front of Mother and Father. When they catch up to her they can’t understand how she’s got in front of them. Father lays out the picnic but the tunnel arrives and stops right under the cloth. The picnic sinks into the ground and Pingu and Robby surface, Pinga, Mother and Father find out and Father yells angrilly at Pingu, closely followed by the fishmonger who is not at all happy. Pingu and Robby fill in the tunnel and recover the crate for the fishmonger, and he gives them both a fish. Pingu then tucks into his fish at the picnic, which is now being held back in the igloo.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother, Father, Robby and the fishmonger.
* Produced in 2004

Pingi's Valentine Card

:Alternative title - ""Pingu's Valentine Card"Pingu gets a valentine card from Pingi. He shows it to Pinga and Mother, and decides he’ll make one for Pingi. Mother gets him the box of card making materials out of the cupboard and he settles down to making the card. He chooses the paper for the card, and then tries to put glue on it to attach a heart shape. Unfortunately the glue won’t come out at first, and then comes out in a big blob. He attempts to stick a heart to a card, but each stays stuck to the hand he’s holding it in. He eventually gets them stuck together, or so he thinks, but after a few seconds it falls off! He then tries to make a card using glitter as well as the heart. He gets the glitter and heart stuck to the card, but then can’t put the card down as it keeps sticking to him - if it isn’t stuck to one hand it’s stuck to the other, or to his head. He eventually gets it off, but meanwhile Pinga has sat up to the table and is rude to Pingu. Pingu is rude back and mother intervenes, but the card then sticks to the newspaper she is reading. It comes off when she has to intervene again, and it ends up stuck to Pingu as before. After another struggle getting it off himself, Pingu stomps into the bedroom to sulk. There he discovers he’s got another piece of card stuck to his bottom. Meanwhile Pinga is making something from some card without using glue and goes to show it to Pingu, who at first refuses to look. Eventually Pinga unveils her masterpiece – a set of linked figures cut out from folded paper. This gives Pingu an idea, and he goes back to the table and makes some cut out hearts. He takes them over to Pingi’s home and gives them to her. She is delighted.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother and Pingi. Father makes a brief appearance.
* Produced in 2004

Pingu Wants to Fly

Pingu is having a snowball fight with Robby. Most of Robby’s snowballs are hitting Pingu, but Pingu has not managed to hit Robby at all, much to Pingu’s annoyance. During the fight, a seagull comes to watch and nearly gets hit by a snowball. The seagull takes Pingu’s side in the fight and makes a snowball, which it drops on Robby. Seeing the seagull flying makes Pingu want to fly himself, so he tries to do it. First he tries jumping off a small block of ice, but he can’t stay in the air. Then he tries jumping off the top of a rather taller block of ice, and still can’t stay in the air. Pingu spots an old barrel nearby and, using an old plank, makes a seesaw-like launcher. He stands on one end and Robby jumps from the high block of ice on to the other end, launching Pingu into the air. Pingu gets rather higher than before, but still can’t fly and plummets head first into a pile of snow, from which Robby pulls him out. Just then a balloon seller passes by, and gives Pingu his helium balloons in exchange for a couple of fish caught by Robby. Robby ties the balloons round Pingu’s waist, and at last Pingu’s into the air and flying. The wind catches him and he drifts away, chased by Robby on the ground. Pingu initially enjoys it, but soon decides that he’d rather be on the ground. The seagull comes by and pops one of the balloons, but this has little effect other than spinning Pingu around. The seagull then pops all the other balloons and Pingu crash-lands on the top of a high block of ice, from which he gets down using a rope made from the balloon strings. Robby then fires a large snowball at Pingu from a catapult. The snowball goes well above Pingu, and Pingu decides he’ll take cover. Robby prepares another shot, but is startled by the seagull just as he’s about to release the snowball; the snowball shoots into the air and lands on Robby’s head. He and the seagull both find this funny.
* Features Pingu, Robby, a seagull and a balloon seller.
* Produced in 2004

Pingu's Windy Day

It’s a very windy day. Indoors, Pingu and Pinga are playing happily, building a tower with bricks. Mother empties the washing machine into a basket, and leaves it by them. Pinga turns the basket upside-down over herself and runs around, being egged on by Pingu. To stop them messing about with the basket Mother, who is about to go out with Father, asks them to hang up the washing outside. As Mother and Father leave the wind blows down the brick tower. Pinga and Pingu go outside to hang up the washing, which they manage to do after a bit of a struggle against the wind. As they start to go back inside the washing gets free and blows away. After a bit of a chase they manage to catch all the washing and go back indoors. Pingu rigs up a line between two chairs and hangs the washing on this. They then resume their play with the bricks, building another tower. Mother and Father then return and, as they enter, Pingu just manages to prevent the tower from being blown down by the wind by shielding it with a piece of the washing. Father then asks if they’d like to come outside to play with the kite. They say no. Father decides to go by himself but as he opens the door to leave the wind blows down the tower of bricks!
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother and Father. Two other penguins briefly appear; one with an umbrella battling into, and then being blown by, the wind, and the other leaving his igloo as Pingu and Pinga are retrieving the washing.
* Produced in 2004

Pinga's Lost Rabbit

:Alternative title - ""Pingu's Lost Rabbit"Pinga is cuddling her toy rabbit. Pingu offers her his teddy in exchange, but she doesn’t want it. Pingu sneaks up and takes the rabbit, and then teases Pinga by keeping it just out of reach. Pinga cries, and Pingu thinks it’s a huge joke, but he’s not so happy when Pinga starts jumping up and down on the teddy. He tosses the rabbit away, and it lands on the windowsill. Pinga screams, and Mother and Father come in to find out what is going on. Pingu denies any wrongdoing on his part, but is told to go and get the rabbit. As he’s going to the window he trips and knocks the rabbit out of the window. Pingu is told to go and get it back and, rather reluctantly, he goes outside to get it. He tosses it into the air and it lands on the sledge, but as Pingu goes to get it from the sledge he trips again and knocks the sledge away. The sledge doesn’t stop so Pingu goes after it, following the tracks it’s made in the snow. When at last he catches up he finds that Robby has now got the rabbit. Robby won’t give it back, and he does to Pingu what Pingu was doing to Pinga, keeping the rabbit just out of reach as Pingu tries to get it! When Robby finally flips it away Pingu follows it, but he can’t find it anywhere. He’s about to give up when he sees it drifting away on an ice floe. Fortunately there’s a fishing rod leaning against the wall of a nearby igloo, and he uses the rod to catch the rabbit as it drifts past. He returns triumphantly home, but Pinga is now happily playing with the teddy, which is on a chair being offered a pretend cup of tea. Pingu offers her the rabbit but she doesn’t want it, so Pingu sits it on a nearby chair and goes away.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother, Father and Robby.
* Produced in 2004

Pingu's Moon Adventure

Pingu’s and Grandfather are outside looking at the moon, and Grandfather explains to Pingu how to get there in a rocket. Pingu decides he wants to visit the moon, so when he gets home he goes into the shed and gets out the toolbox. Pinga comes and asks what he’s doing. Pingu tells her that he’s going to build a rocket to go to the moon, and she wants to help. They go into the shed and come out with a miscellaneous collection of objects that, together with an old barrel, they use to build the rocket. Grandfather arrives just as they finish with a present for Pingu - an old diving helmet for him to use as a space helmet. Grandfather shows Pingu how to do a moonwalk while Pinga is getting her potty to use as a helmet, and both Pingu and Pinga go into the rocket. Inside, they make their space uniforms using tinfoil. Pingu sits in the pilots seat and pulls the lever to take off, but they’re then both scared when the rocket starts rocking and shaking. They then see a strange alien face, that's peering in at the window and making weird noises. Pingu looks out of the window to find out what’s going on, and realises that Grandfather is responsible. Pingu and Pinga get out of the rocket, hide, and then watch Grandfather performing! They creep up behind him and yell, giving him quite a shock. They all laugh about it, and together moonwalk off to plant a commemorative flag.
* Features Pingu, Pinga and Grandfather.
* Produced in 2004

Pinga Sleepwalks

:Alternative title - ""Pingu Sleepwalks"Pingu is trying to get to sleep, but Pinga is snoring. He tries to stop the noise by throwing things at her, but this has no effect. He gets out of bed and tries comforting her, but this also has no effect. He takes out her dummy, which makes her sit up and yell, so he quickly puts it in again. Pinga spits out the dummy and then sleepwalks out of the room. Pingu is about to get back into bed when he realises she’s gone, and follows her. Pinga goes past Mother and Father, who are asleep on the couch, and out of the front door. Pingu follows, and tries to stop her, but he can’t. Pinga, followed by Pingu, then goes into a neighbour’s igloo and there are all sorts of noises and crashes. She comes out and wanders on, while Pingu backs away as the door is slammed shut. Pingu then acts as a bridge over a ravine so she doesn’t fall in, and generally tries to protect and shepherd her on her walk, including going through an icicle cave and up on to a precipice. Though he’s basically too late each time, she comes to no harm, but Pingu has a few scrapes. Eventually he takes her back home on a sledge. She gets into bed and snuggles down, still asleep. Pingu gets into his bed and also falls asleep. All too soon Father is waking them up for breakfast. Pinga is quite perky but it’s a real effort for Pingu to wake, and then get up. At the breakfast table, Pingu then falls asleep with his head in his breakfast bowl!
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother and Father.
* Produced in 2004

Pingu the Snowboarder

:Alternative title - ""Robby the Snowboarder"Pingu goes snowboarding with Robby. At the snowboarding slope they start on a gentle run, passing Pingi on the way, and all get down safely. They go on to the next slope, which is steeper and which has a jump at the bottom. Pingi goes first, does a somersault off the jump, and lands safely. Pingu goes next and makes a hash of the jump, landing painfully on his bottom. Robby goes last and plays safe, going round the jump. Pingi sticks plasters on Pingu’s bottom, and gives him a safety cushion for protection. On the next jump Pingu crashes again, but this time doesn’t get hurt because he’s wearing the cushion. With some tuition from Pingi, and after being knocked off the ski tow by Pingg, who is skiing nearby, and sliding back to the bottom on his stomach, Pingu eventually manages a successful run without crashing. They then all go up on the tow and try the “big one”. Pingi and Pingu get down safely, but this time, despite previous successful jumps, Robby crashes onto his bottom. We then see Pingu, Robby and Pingi snowboarding again, but this time they’re all wearing safety cushions!
* Features mainly Pingu, Robby and Pingi. Pingg also appears, in a minor role.
* Produced in 2004

Pinga Has Hiccups

:Alternative title - ""Pingu Has Hiccups"Pingu is trying to read his book in peace, but Pinga is noisily slurping her drink. Pingu gets her a straw so she can finish it, and sighs with relief at the quiet when she’s finished the drink. She then starts to hiccup, and stomach rubbing and backslapping by Pingu do nothing to stop them. Pingu takes her on the sledge to see Father at the post office, to see if he can stop her hiccups. Father suggests she stands on her head, and he and Pingu demonstrate how. Pinga tries, but then overbalances. The hiccups aren’t cured. Father then holds her upside down by the legs and tosses her in the air. This doesn’t work either. He then suggests blowing into a paper bag, and then tries giving her a shock by blowing up the bag and suddenly bursting it. Neither work. Pingu then goes with Pinga to find Robby. Robby and Pingu pretend to be walruses, by using icicles as pretend tusks, to try to scare her, but she’s not scared and the hiccups continue. Pingu then pretends that he’s scared when he sees a reflection in the ice of himself with the tusks, and rushes frantically about. This makes Pinga laugh, and the hiccups are stopped at last. Pinga and Pingu then go home, and Pinga reads while Pingu has a glass of orange to drink. Pingu then gets the hiccups and they both laugh!
* Features mainly Pingu, Pinga, Father and Robby. The attendant at the post office also appears.
* Produced in 2004

Like Father Like Pingu

After saying goodbye to Mother and Pinga, Pingu and Father set off on a fishing expedition together. A fishing hole needs to be dug when they reach the spot where they want to fish. Pingu plunges the big spade in the ice but can’t get it out again. Father gives Pingu the trowel to use, and then tries to remove the spade but only succeeds in breaking it. Father takes the trowel back off Pingu and laboriously digs a fishing hole in the ice with it. Pingu takes Father’s rod, which is rather better than his own, and goes to start fishing but Father realises what Pingu has done and takes his rod back, to Pingu’s disgust. They start fishing, and Pingu gets a bite. Father takes over Pingu’s rod to fight the fish, pushing Pingu out of the way, but to Pingu’s dismay loses it. They continue fishing, and Father gets a bite. Pingu joins in the struggle and they eventually land a tiny fish! Pingu is amused, Father isn’t. Pingu then gets a bite and Father comes to take over again, but Pingu won’t let him. The fish that Pingu lands is large, and Father claims it as his own, leaving Pingu with the tiddler that Father had caught with Pingu’s help. Before setting off for home they consult the map; Father suggests one way, Pingu says it’s the opposite, but Father knows best! Pingu tells Father several times that they’re not going the right way, but is ignored. After some time they still haven’t reached home, and then Pingu recognises the ice arch where they’d previously been fishing. At last they go Pingu’s way, and eventually arrive home in the dark. Mother and Pinga come out to greet them. Father gets the big fish to show them, leaving Pingu with the tiddler, but then thinks about it and gives the big fish to Pingu so he can take the credit for catching it.
* Features mainly Pingu and Father. Mother and Pinga make brief appearances.
* Produced in 2004

Pingu's Ice Sculpture

:Alternative title - ""Pingu's Ice Sculptures"Pingu comes across a notice showing a picture of an ice sculptor. Then he sees Mother posing on a block of ice, with pursed lips and holding a vase. He asks her what she’s doing, and out of the side of her mouth she tells him to see Father. Father is nearby, chiselling away at a block of ice, and he tells Pingu that they’re entering the ice sculpting competition, and shows Pingu the leaflet. Father says that Pinga is also entering, and nearby Pingu sees her making a sculpture / model of her rabbit. Pingu laughs at her effort, and Father tells him that the competition has a prize and why doesn’t he join in. Pingu thinks briefly about it, and then continues on. He sees Robby, who is busy carving a sculpture of himself. Pingu throws two snowballs at the sculpture, giving it bulbous eyes, and then adds a moustache, rather messing the sculpture up. Robby goes off in a huff, with his nose in the air, and starts a new sculpture. When he looks around he sees that Pingu is carving a sculpture of him, but it has a very big head with its nose in the air! Pingu laughs at Robby. Robby quickly completes his sculpture, which turns out to be a caricature of Pingu. This annoys Pingu, who makes another Robby sculpture, and Robby retaliates with a Pingu sculpture that has a long thin neck, and that is on a column of ice. Pingu converts this, by changing its height and adding a hat and telescope, so that the figure looks rather more military. They both chuckle at this, and then do some sculptures together. Meanwhile, Mother and Father are having an argument about their finished sculpture; the beak isn’t right. Then the lower part of the beak cracks and falls off. Mother and Pinga snigger, Father is a bit miffed. They and Pinga then take their sculptures to the competition, passing the various sculptures that Pingu and Robby made earlier, and come across them doing a sculpture together. Pingu and Robby take this sculpture to the competition. When the competition is judged, the judge laughs at Mother and Father’s sculpture when the he sees that the beak has been tied together with rope, but is amazed when he sees Pingu and Robby's sculpture and awards them the trophy.
* Features mainly Pingu, Pinga, Mother, Father and Robby. Various other penguins are present at the judging, including Pingo and Pingg as competitors and the judge and his assistant.
* Produced in 2004

Pinga's Balloon

Pinga is trying to blow up her balloon, but she’s not having any success. Pingu comes by and says he’ll do it, but can’t blow it up either. He then has an idea and goes off to the shed. Meanwhile Father comes by and also tries to blow up the balloon, but despite stretching it and blowing hard he can’t inflate it. Pingu comes back from the shed with the bicycle pump and tries with that. He successfully blows the balloon up, but it then comes off the pump and zooms around the room, finishing off by collecting Pinga and shooting her outside into a heap of snow. Pingu and Father rush to get her out. Father then again tries to inflate the balloon. This time he succeeds in getting some air into it and ties off the end, but manages to do it round his wrist. Pingu pulls it off and gives it to Pinga, but as she strokes it, it goes down. They go back inside, and see Mother livening up the fire in the stove with some bellows. This gives Pingu an idea, so the balloon is attached to the bellows and he and Father bounce Pinga up and down on the bellows. The balloon inflates and Pinga ties it off and gives it to Pinga, who cuddles it and gives Pingu a big kiss.
* Features mainly Pingu, Pinga and Father. Mother plays a minor role.
* Produced in 2004

Pingu and the Knitting Machine

Mother arrives home with a big package. Pingu wants to know what’s in it, so is close by when Mother reveals the contents – a knitting machine. The machine knits what Pingu thinks is a hat, and he puts it on, but Mother shows him that it’s not a hat but a tea cosy. Mother and Pingu go outside, and Mother puts a sign outside the door indicating that she’s ready to knit things. Grandfather comes by and Pingu tells him all about the new machine. He goes inside just as Robby turns up. When Grandfather comes out he has a new pair of knitted mittens and a scarf. He gives the scarf to Robby and they both go off. Pingu goes back inside. Mother is busy knitting. Pingu goes up to the machine and starts fiddling with one of the balls of wool. Mother tells him to leave it alone and to go and play. He goes away, but sidles back and has another play with the wool. Mother again tells him to stop. Mother then loads up her basket with things she’s knitted and goes out, and Pingu grabs the chance to have a go on the machine. He sits up to the machine, changes the balls of wool for different colours and sets the machine going. Pinga arrives as the machine starts to knit a scarf, which gets longer and longer. Pinga feeds in new balls of wool and the scarf gets even longer. Pingu tries to stop the machine, but it goes even faster and he and Pinga end up wrapped tightly in a roll of the scarf. Mother comes back, and is surprised at what she finds. Then Father comes in, unrolls Pingu and Pinga, and Mother tells them off. They tidy up the long scarf and then Pingu has an idea, so the machine is used to make a hat for each of the four of them using the wool from the scarf.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother, Father and Robby.
* Produced in 2004

Pingu's Balancing Act

Robby is balancing a fish on his nose and Pingu wants to have a go. Robby tosses the fish to Pingu, and it lands on his head and sticks there. Mother then calls Pingu inside to help lay the table. Pingu sees the plated fish ready to be eaten and can’t resist trying to balance his on his beak, but it falls off onto the floor. He then tries to balance the fruit bowl on his head but this also falls off, and shatters. Mother tells him to clear up the mess. Pingu then spots a banana that was in the bowl and so he stops clearing up and tries to balance this. He does quite well until Mother returns and tells him to get back to clearing up. Father arrives home and the family sit down to dinner, but there’s no sign of Pingu. He then appears, balancing Pinga’s rabbit, but then overbalances and ends up in the toy box. As he emerges, trying to balance a ball, Mother goes across, takes the ball, dribbles it for a bit, and rolls it back into the toybox and tells him to sit down and eat his dinner. He rapidly gulps down his fish but doesn’t want the green stuff. When Pinga drops a piece of her fish, and is distracted, he puts his greens onto her plate and asks to get down. He gets the ball and takes it outside to practice balancing. Robby is still there, with his fish. Pingu has a go at balancing the ball, but fails to keep it up for more than a few seconds. Robby thinks this is funny and shows off his balancing skill with his fish, including flipping it up and down while moving. Unfortunately he goes too far and the fish ends up stuck on top of the shed. Robby’s very unhappy about this, so Pingu goes over to help. He gets Robby to hold the ball in position and then bounces up and down on it until he’s high enough to get the fish. He flips off the fish but is left clinging to the top of the shed. He slips off and lands feet first on the ball. After a wobbly start he discovers that he can balance on top of the ball and move around as well. Robby has a go, but falls off and the ball crashes into the igloo door. The family rush to see what’s happening, find Robby and Pingu performing, and applaud them.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother, Father and Robby.
* Produced in 2004

Pingu Gets Lost

Pinga is ill, and Mother sends Pingu out to get some milk as they’ve run out. As he’s returning home with the milk he tries to balance the bottle on his head and drops it. The bottle rolls into a crack in an ice wall. The crack is too small for him to get into, so he bashes his way through, and finds himself in an icy cave. Unfortunately his method of entry brings down a fall of ice, blocking up his entrance hole. He retrieves the milk and sets off to find a way out. As he wanders around he doesn’t notice that a loose woollen thread in his scarf has become trapped by the fall of ice and the scarf is unravelling behind him. He gets hopelessly lost, and wonders what to do. Then he finally notices the thread behind him, and he retraces his route all the way back to where he entered the cave, rolling the wool round his flipper as he goes. He bashes his way out and triumphantly marches home. When he gets indoors, brandishing the milk, Mother asks him what has happened to his scarf. Father takes the ball of wool and starts re-knitting the scarf, and Pingu gives Pinga her bottle of milk.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother and Father.
* When Mother tells Pingu that they are out of milk, she says "milk"
* Part of the plot of the episode is possibly recycled from "Pingu In The Ice Cave" except Pingo does not appear.
* Produced in 2004

Pingu and Pinga Go Camping

:Alternative title - ""Pingu Camps Out"Pingu and Pinga decide they want to camp out and start making a tent, using the blanket on the washing line. Father disapproves of this, especially as they’ve made a hole in the blanket, and gives them some tarpaulins and old blankets to use instead. Pingu and Pinga put up the tent. Sometime later, as they’re playing in the tent, Father brings them some cushions to use, and as they put them into the tent the washing line comes loose and the tent collapses on top of them. Father ties the washing line back up. Pingu goes to get mattresses and things that they’ll need. Pinga gets her rabbit but Pingu won’t allow it in the tent. Mother then brings them a picnic that they leave in its basket outside the tent. Mother gives Pinga her rabbit, says goodnight to them and they go into the tent and snuggle down. Pingu then sits up, shines the torch on his face and starts making faces and funny noises to try and scare Pinga. She’s not too bothered until Pingu takes her rabbit and pretends it’s a beast; Pinga throws the rabbit outside the tent and they settle down again. Then they hear some funny sounds from outside, and a strange wolf-like shadow appears on the wall of the tent. Pingu and Pingu tremble in fear but Pingu, encouraged by Pinga, takes the torch and goes out to find out what it is. He finds the rabbit where it fell, but then sees a strange shape, making slurping noises, behind the hamper. When he shines the torch on the shape he finds out that it’s Robby helping himself to the picnic. Pingu gives the rabbit to Pinga, and he, Pinga and Robby all go into the tent and share the picnic.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother, Father and Robby.
* Produced in 2004

tinky Pingu

Pingu and Pinga have breakfast, but the breakfast is dead fish porridge, which Pingu doesn't like. Mother is not pleased, and she tells him to eat it. Pinga eats hers, and Pingu offers her his porridge, but she declines. As she has finished, Mother allows her to leave the table, but Mother won’t let Pingu leave the table because he hasn't eaten his porridge. This does not please him so, when Mother goes into another room, Pingu craftily puts the fish porridge into his backpack in order to fool her into thinking that he has eaten it. He then goes outside taking the backpack with him. He comes across Robby and tries to give him the fish porridge, but Robby takes one sniff of it and refuses. They then have a scuffle, and Pingu gets covered with the stuff. Pingu then goes home, but as he’s passing Grandfather’s igloo, Grandfather empties a basin out of the window and onto Pingu. Then Pingu trips over a dustbin and gets quite a bit of the smelly contents on him. All the neighbours he encounters on the way home are affected by the smell as he goes past (including Pingo, who is knocked out by the smell and revived by smelling salts). Even the carrot on the snowman falls off! When he arrives home he gets in the bath though Pinga is already in it, who makes Pingu get out by farting in the water. After getting clean, he and his family sit down for dinner, but dinner is dead fish porridge again! Fortunately, Mum gives him a roast fish instead. Pinga is dismayed about this.
* Features mainly Pingu, Pinga, Mother, Father, Grandfather and Robby. Various neighbours, including Pingo, have minor roles.
* Produced in 2004

Pingu and the Band

Pinga has a spoon, and is banging on a box with it. Pingu thinks this is a great idea and starts banging on a tin. He then gets some spoons, and soon he and Pinga are banging on almost everything, making quite a racket. Mum has had enough of the noise being made, and tells them to go outside. They then bang on the sledge, the snowman’s hat, a neighbour’s dustbins and front door, some mailboxes and at the post office, getting told to go away several times in the process. Eventually they arrive at Grandfather’s house. Grandfather is dozing in his chair outside, and they give him quite a waking up shock by banging loudly on the table. Grandfather retreats hastily indoors, but then comes out playing his accordion. Pingu sees some icicles and plays on them like a xylophone. Pinga then plays them too, after Pingu gets her a box to stand on so she can reach them. Pingu then uses a fish skeleton as a güiro. They try playing all together, but initially it doesn’t go very well. They then play in rhythm with Pingu starting, then Pinga, then Grandfather. Pingu and Grandfather march off, so Pinga takes an icicle and follows, playing the icicle like a trumpet. They march home, and those who hated the noise being made earlier enjoy the music now being played.
* Features mainly Pingu, Pinga, Mother, Father and Grandfather. A neighbour has a minor role.
* Produced in 2004

Pingu and the Snowball

:Alternative title - ""Pingu and the Giant Snowball"Pingu is enjoying himself by playing and juggling snowballs. Pingo comes along and starts a snowball fight. As the fight tails off, Pingu makes a larger snowball that he can’t lift. Pingo makes an even bigger one! Not to be outdone, Pingu makes his even bigger, so that it’s now larger than Pingo’s. Then they spot the ski hill and, with a lot of effort, push Pingu’s ball up to the top. As they push, the ball is getting bigger all the time, so that when they reach the top it’s quite large. At the top they take a rest. Unfortunately, the ball then starts to roll down the hill and they can’t stop it. Pingu manages to get out of the way, but the ball catches up Pingo as it rolls down the hill. The ball is rolling fast when it reaches the bottom of the hill and continues on, collecting a line full of washing and a cactus before crashing through a public toilet. It then rolls into an ice overhang and reverses direction, making Pingu, who has been chasing after the ball, hastily reverse and run hard to keep in front of it. On reaching the post office Pingu quickly makes a makeshift ramp from some parcels, which lifts the snowball up, and it breaks apart on landing. Pingo is very cold after his experience, so Pingu and Father take him to their house and sit him in front of the fire with a hot water bottle. Pingu then wraps Pingo in a blanket and rolls him around, to their amusement.
* Features mainly Pingu, Pingo and Father. Several other penguins have minor roles.
* Produced in 2004

Pingu's Stick Up

Pingu and Pinga are having their breakfast cereal when Grandfather calls and tells Mother that he has run out of milk. Mother gets some milk out of the refrigerator and leaves the igloo. Pingu helps himself to some more cereal, and some green fish stickers come out of the box. Pinga wants some of the stickers, but Pingu won’t give her any. Then Pinga shakes the cereal box, and gets some pink fish stickers. Pingu sticks a green one on his mug and Pinga sticks a pink one on the cereal box. Pingu then takes Pinga’s rabbit and sticks one of his stickers on it, and won’t give Pinga the rabbit back. He goes into the bedroom and sticks a green sticker on Pinga’s bed. Pinga, who has followed to try to get her rabbit back, is not at all happy about this and stomps out of the bedroom. Pingu bounces gleefully on the beds, then wonders what Pinga is up to and goes out to see. She’s put her pink stickers everywhere. Pingu goes outside and puts a green sticker on the ground; Pinga puts one on the scooter and rides off. At Grandfather’s house, Mother and Grandfather are outside talking. Pinga puts a sticker on each of them and rides on. Pingu is annoyed when he arrives too late. Pinga then goes to the post office, Pingu catches up and, as Father comes out, they both put one of their stickers on him at the same time. He separates them, and then puts his green sticker on Pinga and his pink sticker on Pingu. Pinga rides ahead and continues to spread pink stickers about, including on Pingo! When they reach a playground Pinga claims the swing with one of her stickers, and Pingu claims the seesaw with a green sticker. They each sit on their claimed piece of equipment, but can’t play properly as Pinga needs Pingu to push her and Pingu needs a partner to balance the other side of the seesaw. Pingu goes and pushes Pinga on the swing and they both go on the seesaw, and then make up by placing their respective colour stickers on each other.
* Features mainly Pingu, Pinga, Mother, Father and Grandfather. Pingo has a minor role.
* Produced in 2004

Pingu and the Doorbell

Pingu and Pingo are playing with a ball outside Pingu's house. Pingu kicks it into the doorbell, which rings. As Mother comes out Pingu hits the bell again. She tells Pingu not to hit the doorbell with the ball, but instead just press it. They continue playing, and the ball hits the doorbell again, this time breaking it. Pingo runs off with the ball, leaving Pingu behind to take the blame. Mother, Father and Pinga come out, and Pingu tries to hide the damage to the doorbell, but Mother is not fooled and tells him to get it fixed. The rest of the family go off, and Pingu tries to fix the bell by pushing it together, but it comes apart again. He tries to fix it with sticky tape, but this also doesn’t work. Pingu angrily takes the broken bell off, and goes to the shop to get a new one. He finds all sorts of doorbell at the shop and settles for a trumpeting, yodelling one, and installs it when he gets back home. When his family return and go inside he keeps pressing the new doorbell, causing a lot of vibration, noise and disturbance. Father comes out to find the culprit. Pingu takes the new doorbell off and returns to the shop with it and the old one. He trades the noisy new one for a replacement button for the old one. When he gets back, he installs the repaired doorbell, and his family are pleased to have it fixed. Pingo, who heard the noise earlier, then returns and throws the ball into the doorbell. Mother tells him off and he contritely sits on the ball, but it promptly bursts under him.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother and Father. The shopkeeper and Pingo have minor roles.
* Produced in 2004

Pingu Plays Tag

Pingu is having a game of tag with Pinga, and he is determined to avoid being "it" at all costs, rushing round the igloo, hiding in bed and hiding behind the ironing board, where Father is ironing. When Pingu bangs the ironing board, causing the ironing to fly into the air, Father tells them to go outside to play. Pingu gives Pinga the slip by climbing up on an ice arch. When she can’t find him she gives up looking and goes home. Pingu meanwhile has discovered that there is no easy way down from the top of the ice arch! Pinga tells Father that she can’t find Pingu and, as it’s getting late, Mother, Father and Pinga set off in the motorised sledge to look for him. As night falls, Pingu is still on the ice arch, getting colder and colder, and Mother, Father and Pinga are still searching. Eventually they find Pingu, and Father persuades Pingu to jump down into his arms, which he safely does. Later, Pingu is helping Father by folding the ironing when Pinga tags him, to his annoyance. Father consoles Pingu, then surprises him by tagging him himself and running off …
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother and Father.
* Produced in 2004

Pingu's Pancakes

Mother is making pancakes, and Pingu and Pinga ask if they can help. Mother lets Pinga have a stir, and then Pingu has a turn while Mother gets the stove ready. Mother then has to intervene when Pingu stirs too vigorously and sprays batter over them all, and around the room. Mother then shows them how to flip the pancake in the pan and they clamour to have a go themselves. Pinga goes first and with Mother’s help manages the flip. Pingu wants to try by himself but does it much too hard, and the pancake sticks to the ceiling. Pingu tries again, still gets it wrong and hits the picture on the wall. After a number of further unsuccessful attempts, which leave the room well covered in batter, Mother again shows him how to do it and prepares another pancake for him to flip. This one files out of the door when Father opens it to come in, hitting him in the face. Father flips the pancake back and it lands in the pan, much to the surprise of Pingu and Mother. When Father comes in, Pingu shows that he has at last got the hang of flipping pancakes, and they all applaud. Pingu then makes them all pancakes for tea, but doesn’t make one for himself - he waits for the first one he flipped to drop back onto his plate from the ceiling!
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother and Father.
* Produced in 2004

Pingu's Bedtime Shadows

It is night, and Father keeps dozing off. Pingu and Pinga are playing outside, and Mother tells Father to get them in so they can get ready for bed. They come in and Mother takes them into the bathroom while Father dozes off in the chair again. After some typically naughty behaviour in the bathroom by Pingu, including squirting the toothpaste on the mirror and making a fiendish shape from the pattern, they eventually get to bed. Mother snuggles them down in bed. Pinga dozes off, but then wakes and is scared when she sees a shadow of a monster on the wall. Pingu is also initially scared by the shadow, but then realises that a mask and some other things have caused the shadow. They both sit on Pingu’s bed and Pingu makes some shadows on the wall that Pinga enjoys. She then wants Pingu to do Robby, but is not very impressed by Pingu’s attempt and does a better one herself. Pingu then does a sailing boat; Pinga does a schooner. After some thought Pingu does a shadow of Father and mimics him, which Pinga applauds. Pingu then thinks that Pinga is doing a lifelike shadow of Father, with appropriate sounds, and claps wildly, but doesn’t realise as Pinga has that it’s the real thing! Father tells them to go to bed, but when Mother comes in she finds all three of them asleep, snuggled together in Pingu’s bed which makes her laugh, and then puts a blanket over them.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother and Father.
* Produced in 2004

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