Pingu episodes series 3

Pingu episodes series 3

This is an list of episodes with synopses for "series 3" of the stop motion animated television series "Pingu".

=Series 1 (1986 - 1991)=

=Series 2 (1991 - 1994)=

=Series 3 (1994 - 1996)=

Pingu Goes Cross Country Skiing

:Alternative titles - ""Pingu the Cross Country Skier", ""Pingu and the Cross County Skier"Pingu comes out of his igloo and sees Pingo, on his skis, nearby. Pingu gets his own skis, goes to meet Pingo, and they agree to have a cross-country skiing race. As they are very evenly matched, it soon gets competitive, and Pingu tries to slow up Pingo by putting his ski-stick between Pingo’s legs. Pingo does the splits and stops, but soon gets going again and quickly catches up with Pingu. They come up to another rather older cross-country skier who is travelling more slowly and, as they go past him one to each side, Pingu surprises the other skier by shouting into his ear. The older skier is understandably none too pleased, shouting angrily and waving his stick at Pingu and Pingo as they race off ahead. Both Pingu and Pingo think this is rather funny! A little while later Pingu and Pingo start arguing again, and Pingu repeats his trick with the ski-stick. This time Pingo falls over and is somewhat annoyed, while Pingu stops and has a good laugh. Pingo makes a snowball and throws it at Pingu, knocking Pingu backwards off his skis. As Pingu gets up, the older skier comes past, stops, waves his ski-stick and tells off Pingu and Pingo. Pingu mockingly mimics the older skier, and then he and Pingo start off on their race again. Again they go past the older skier, but this time downhill where they’re all travelling faster. After various evasive manoeuvres by all three, Pingu ends up crashing into the older skier, falling over and breaking a ski. The older skier tells Pingu it was all Pingu’s fault, and starts to ski away. Pingu starts to cry, and the older skier takes pity on him and turns back. He then kindly helps Pingu get home by giving Pingu a ride on the back of his skis to the starting point of the race, where Pingo is waiting to flag them in!
* Features Pingu, Pingo and an older skier
* Produced in 1994

Pingu at the Museum

:Alternative title - ""Pingu Visits the Art Museum"Robby goes to Pingu’s home to ask him to come out and play, which Pingu thinks is a good idea. They go off with the sledge and slide down a slope. At the bottom they narrowly miss Father, who is on his motorised sledge. Father then tows them to the art museum, which is where he is going to deliver a large package. While Father and the curator of the museum unload the package, Pingu and Robby go over to a sculpture that is in the form of a ring on top of a block. Pingu does a circus trick and Robby becomes a blue ball. After briefly wondering what it is meant to be, they then have some fun jumping through the ring. They then wander across to a tumbledown igloo, which has a somewhat skewed picture hanging on the wall. Pingu straightens it up. At this point the curator arrives and tells them off for messing about with the exhibits, and they go. The picture then slips back into the crooked position and, after a couple of attempts by the curator to straighten it, to his annoyance it falls off the wall. A final attempt by the curator to get the picture straight, by hanging it from a nail he hammers into the wall, ends up with the wall collapsing on top of him, to the amusement of Robby and Pingu. Pingu and Robby then spot a sculpture made of little blocks balanced on a larger block. Robby taps the sculpture, and it falls apart! They decide to rebuild it and it ends up looking like a rabbit, but is rather wobbly. Robby finds a stick, which Pingu uses to prop the sculpture up. Father then calls out that he is going, Pingu and Robby rush to get on the sledge, and they leave. The curator then spots the “rabbit” sculpture, removes the stick and the sculpture falls apart again. Once more the curator ends up less than happy!
* Features Pingu, Robby, Father and the Curator of the Museum.
* Produced in 1994

Grandfather Comes to Visit

:Alternative titles - ""Pingu's Grandpa Comes to Stay", ""Grandfather Visits the Pingu Family"Father is cooking dinner, and Pingu and Pinga are laying the table – except that Pingu is juggling the beakers and Pinga is enjoying watching the act! Father then comes out of the kitchen, and tells them to finish off laying the table. There is a knock on the door - Grandfather has arrived. After greeting the children Grandfather gives them each a lollypop to suck. Father comes and greets Grandfather, and then takes the lollypops away from the children, much to their disgust. Grandfather and the children then sit down at the table, and while they are waiting for the food Grandfather amuses them with a trick, making a flower disappear and then finding it again behind Pinga’s head. Father then appears with the fish part of the main course; Pingu grabs the biggest fish much to Pinga’s dismay. Father brings the greens, teaches Pinga that she should not have the biggest fish and gives her the little fish. They all finish off their fish, and they are forced to eat their greens, which they don't like. Grandfather tries to feed Pinga hers, but she refuses and shoves the bowl to Grandfather, who happily finishes them off. Pingu then also shoves his bowl of greens to Grandfather, who eats those as well! Father then brings out a large cake for pudding and dishes out portions all round. The children tuck in but Grandfather is too full to eat his. Pingu and Pinga then each take a second slice, and so does Father. Father tells off the children for spoilng Grandfather's appetite by refusing to eat their greens and making him eat all of them. By then Pingu has finished his second slice of cake so he takes Grandfather’s unwanted slice and tucks in again!
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Father and Grandfather.
* Mother is mysteriously absent from this episode.
* Produced in 1995

Pingu's Long Journey

:Alternative title - ""Pingu's Big Trip"Pingu is on his way home with his sledge when he sees a poster showing a tropical paradise. He is excited, and when he gets home goes into the shed. A lot of sawing and banging is heard. This catches the attention of Pinga, who is playing nearby, and she goes to listen at the door. Pingu tells her to go away. Pingu goes back into the shed to finish off the changes he is making to his sledge – he has put on a deck, and a mast for a sail. He finishes off by putting a small barrel on the sledge. He then raids the igloo for food, taking a fish and a loaf of bread, which he puts into the barrel. He leaves the shed and Pinga goes in, and is surprised to see what Pingu has been doing. She attempts to get into the barrel, but with both her and Pingu’s food supplies it’s too full. To make room she takes out the food and hides it in a nearby box, and gets into the barrel. Pingu then returns with a cloth that he puts on top of the barrel and sets off, pushing the sledge. After a while he’s a bit tired and peckish, so he stops for a rest and a snack. He takes the cloth off the barrel, and is surprised when the barrel jumps about. Pingu is then annoyed when Pinga pops up out of the barrel, and even more annoyed when he discovers that the food he put in the barrel is not there! Pinga then produces a couple of lollipops from her satchel that they eat. They continue on the journey and stop when they reach a signpost. Pinga cries because she is hungry and wants to go home, so Pingu consoles her and they set off home, arriving as it’s getting dark. They go into the igloo and rapturously greet Mother, who has just finished baking a cake and seems blissfully unaware of their adventure, and they all sit down to eat.
* Features Pingu, Pinga and Mother.
* Goof: When Pinga gets into the barrel, she doesn't have her satchel, but it's there later, with lollipops, when they stop!
* Produced in 1995

Pingu Pretends to be Ill

Pingu wakes, gets up sleepily, goes to the loo, and is about to go back to bed when he notices that Pinga is already up, and realises he should be too. He decides that he’ll go back to bed anyway, and snuggles down again. Mother calls to him to get up, but all he does is go completely under the blanket. Pinga leaves for the nursery with Father, and Mother calls again to Pingu to get up, as it’s getting late. When nothing seems to be happening she goes to see what Pingu is doing. When Mother asks Pingu why he hasn’t got up he says he’s not feeling very well. Mother feels his forehead, and goes to get the thermometer. Pingu chortles to himself. Mother brings back the thermometer and a hot drink, puts the thermometer into Pingu’s mouth, and goes away again. Pingu takes the thermometer out, puts it into the hot drink to get the temperature up and then puts it back into his mouth. Mother comes back, sees that Pingu apparently has a temperature and calls the doctor. The doctor rushes over, Mother shows him the thermometer and he examines Pingu. The doctor ponders for a moment, and then calls Mother out of the room to consult. Mother is worried, but the Doctor reassures her that there’s nothing much wrong! Pingu goes over to the door and looks through the keyhole to find out what is going on, and sees the doctor pull a large syringe out of his bag. Pingu is rather worried by what this might mean, and when Mother and the Doctor return to the bedroom Pingu is nowhere to be seen as he has hidden under the bed. Mother and the Doctor go to the bathroom to see if Pingu is there, and Pingu takes the opportunity to sneak out of the bedroom. He grabs his satchel and rushes off to school, getting there just as the bell rings for the first lesson.
* Features mainly Pingu, Mother and the Doctor. There are brief appearances of Father and Pinga and, at the school, of the School Teacher and four of Pingu’s friends (Pingi, Pingo, Pongi and Pingg).
* The Beginning bit when Pingu goes to the toilet is a reference to a previous Pingu episode, Pingu's Lavatory Story.
* Mother sounded like she said "Doctor" when she calls the Doctor on the telephone.
* Produced in 1995

Pingu the Painter

Pingu has a pad of paper, and goes over to the shed to look around. In an old wooden container he finds a box of paints, brushes, etc which is just what he’s looking for. He loads them onto his sledge, finds an easel and artist’s cap in an old barrel, loads the easel on to the sledge, puts the cap on his head and sets off out. After a while he comes across an interesting ice formation but, after examining it carefully from an artists perspective, decides it’s not quite right and continues on his way. He finds a block of ice that will do, sets up his easel, measures up and starts painting. He has completed a painting when Robby appears from behind the ice, pulls up a convenient block and strikes a pose! Pingu paints Robby, and has just about finished when Robby starts messing about and not holding the pose. Robby then strikes a new pose and Pingu starts afresh, but it is not long before Robby starts messing about again, which gets Pingu rather annoyed. Robby poses yet again. Pingu paints a "sad" Robby, but as he admires his third Robby painting a blob of red paint lands on the paper, which makes the face on the picture move, and change from "sad" to "surprised", to Pingu's astonishment; Robby has abandoned posing and has found the tubes of paint! Pingu then has a paint-fight with Robby, which ends with both of them laughing and a lot of paint on the ice. Pingu then packs up and they leave together. What they don’t realise is that the mess of paint left behind on the ice is a work of art in itself!
* Features Pingu and Robby.
* Produced in 1995

Pingu's Trick

:Alternative titles - ""Pingu Makes a Bad Joke to a Neighbour", ""Pingu's Prank"Pingu’s neighbour comes out of the igloo, puts out a piece of washing to dry and goes back inside. Pingu happens to walk past, and as he does so the washing falls off the line. This worries him, so he picks it up and rings the doorbell to tell the neighbour what has happened. The neighbour takes the washing, hangs it up again and rewards Pingu for his kindness by giving him some biscuits. Pingu then meets Pingo, who sees Pingu finishing a biscuit and asks if he can have one. Pingu gives him the bag, but it is empty! Pingu explains how he got the biscuits, and shows Pingo where. To Pingu’s horror, Pingo pulls the washing off the line and rings the bell on the igloo. When the neighbour opens the door, Pingo tells the same tale, expecting the same reward. The neighbour realizes what is going on, and shuts the door in Pingo’s face. Pingo and Pingu then play a couple of tricks on the neighbour, both involving ringing the doorbell and then running away, and the neighbour gets very annoyed. Another penguin then comes to deliver a parcel, rings the doorbell and, when the door is opened, is soaked by a bucket of water thrown by the neighbour! The neighbour apologizes, but the other penguin is very angry, then slams the parcel into the hands of the neighbour and stalks off angrily. The parcel then starts to leak, then the neighbour throws it to the ground, kicks the bucket away and goes back indoors, slamming the door. Then the washing drops to the ground again, so Pingu hangs it back up and both he and Pingo walk quietly away!
* Features Pingu, Pingo and a neighbour. There is a brief appearance by another penguin who delivers a parcel.
* Produced in 1995

Pingu and the Mother Bird

Pingu pushes a box containing some fish out of the igloo, and lays the fish out in a line on the bench. He walks off, but then sees a seagull fly overhead carrying a fish. It appears to have come from the direction of the igloo. He goes back to the igloo and sees that one of the fish he put out has gone missing! As he’s standing there, the seagull swoops down and grabs a fish. Pingu then hides under the fish box, and when the seagull comes back to take another fish he grabs it. There is a tug-of-war for the fish between Pingu and the seagull. This ends with the seagull getting away with the nice parts of the fish and leaving Pingu holding the skeleton, complete with head and tail. Pingu is rather annoyed, and goes to find out where the seagull is taking the fish. He sees it fly to an ice tower, and sneaks up to the bottom of the tower. When the seagull flies away, Pingu climbs up the tower to see what is going on. He finds a nest containing three baby gulls. The mother seagull comes back with another fish. Pingu realises that he left the fish at home undefended and rushes back, but arrives just too late to stop the seagull taking yet another fish. He is annoyed, but then hears the seagull cawing as it searches for fish to feed the baby gulls, and he decides to help. He puts the last remaining fish into the fish box, puts the fish box onto his sledge and goes off. When he goes past his neighbour’s house he spots two fish hanging on the line and takes them. The neighbour comes out and wonders what has happened to the fish, and goes to talk to another penguin nearby who is outside his igloo, cutting wood. Pingu spots that this neighbour has a fish hanging in a bowl, and takes it. He goes past another igloo and takes the three fish he sees hanging there as well. He then goes back to the seagull’s nest and, when it flies away, tosses the fish he has collected up to the nest. Pingu is very pleased at what he has done for the seagull and goes home. On the way he passes the three neighbours who are talking together, wondering what has happened to their fish! The seagull circles above Pingu, cawing, and he waves to it.
* Features mainly Pingu and a Seagull. There are brief appearances by Mother, three neighbours and three seagull chicks.
* Produced in 1995

Pingu Quarrels With His Mum

:Alternative titles - ""Pingu Argues With His Mother", ""Pingu Quarrels With His Mother"Pingu is outside the igloo splitting wood for the fire. Pingo comes by, carrying a ball, and asks Pingu if he’d like to come and play. Pingu goes in to ask Mother if this would be okay. When he is angrily denied, Pingu goes back outside and tells Pingo the answer. Pingo goes off, and Pingu angrily goes back to chopping wood. After a while, Pingu goes to ask Mother again, but is still denied. Pingu angrily leaves, and starts moving the wood he’s cut into the igloo, stacking it by the fire. Pingu goes back out for another load of wood, but decides that he’d rather go and play, and sneaks off. He meets up with Pingo, who is trying to sink baskets into a makeshift basketball hoop, and Pingu joins in. Mother comes and fetches Pingu back, and stands over him while he loads more wood and takes it to the igloo. Mother follows, shutting the door behind her. Pingu angrily strews the wood all over the floor, hurting his foot in the process. Mother is not sympathetic, so Pingu angrily kicks the table, breaking a fruit bowl and hurting his other foot even more. Mother becomes furious and slaps Pingu, causing him to burst into tears and run into his bedroom. Later, Mother, Father and Pinga sit down to a meal, but they all have to wait until Pingu arrives. When Pingu does not come, Mother explains to Father what has happened. He goes to find him, but there’s no sign of him in the bedroom and the window is open. They all go outside to look for Pingu, but can’t find him. They sit down to their meal again, Mother and Father still can’t eat as they are worried. Then Pinga has an idea and goes to look in the wardrobe, where they find Pingu fast asleep!
* Features Pingu, Mother, Father and Pinga. Pingo also appears in the episode.
* The slapping has been cut from broadcasting on television.
* Produced in 1995

Pingu and the Message in a Bottle

:Alternative title - ""Message in a Bottle"Pingo is fishing, and Pingu meets up with him by the water. Pingu spots a bottle bobbing up and down in the water, and throws snowballs into the water to float the bottle to the shore. He smashes the bottle, and finds a mysterious map inside. This shows a route from the water into the hills, with a big “X” at the end point. Pingu and Pingo follow the route, which is quite hazardous in parts, to a boarded up cave. Pingu goes into the cave and discovers a padlocked chest. He brings it out and breaks into it, but he and Pingo are both disappointed to find that the chest is empty except for a shell. They then have a difference of opinion over who gets what, as they both want the chest; Pingo eventually takes the chest and Pingu the shell. When Pingu gets home with the shell Pinga is quite keen to have it, but Pingu won’t give it to her. Mother comes over and he gives it to her, but Pinga tries to grab it and it falls to the floor, breaking open. They’re all surprised to see a pearl drop out and roll across the floor. Pinga rushes to get it and gives it to Pingu, and they’re all pleased at their good fortune.
* Features Pingu and Pingo. Mother and Pinga have minor roles.
* Produced in 1995

Pingu Has an Idea

Pingu and Pinga are in the igloo, trying to decide what record to play. Pingu chooses a record and puts it on the record player, but before he can set it playing Pinga points out that Mother has fallen asleep in her chair. They take the record player outside, but as it’s not plugged in it won’t play. Pingu spots a wind turbine fan on the top of a nearby igloo and has an idea – he’ll build one to power the record player himself. He goes into the shed and finds an old broken one on the floor, which he soon mends. He takes it outside and fixes it onto the roof of the igloo, banging it into place. The noise startles Mother awake, but only briefly. Pingu and Pinga connect the turbine to the record player, but are disappointed when nothing happens – there’s no wind! They try turning the record by hand, but this doesn’t work either. Their Father then arrives on his motorised sledge, parking it near the record player. He gets out and removes the battery to check, then looks at the sledge’s motor. Pingu, who is sadly wondering what to do next, spots the battery and has an idea. He disconnects it from the sledge, connects it up to the record player and switches on. It works! He and Pinga are delighted but Father is surprised! The music wakes Mother and she goes outside to find out what is happening. Father explains, and they all end up dancing.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother and Father.
* Produced in 1995

Pingu Breaks a Vase

:Alternative title - ""Pingu and the Broken Vase"Mother goes out, leaving Pingu and Pinga alone at home. They make themselves a makeshift house indoors, using the chairs as walls with a blanket on top as the roof. They take some toys and cushions into the makeshift house, but it collapses on them, much to Pingu’s annoyance. They then have an argument, and Pinga throws a cushion at Pingu, hitting him on the head. Pingu chases Pinga around the room, and throws the cushion back at Pinga. He misses, but hits a vase on the sideboard. The vase falls off the sideboard and shatters on the floor. They then realise that their parents are due back shortly, and rush to tidy everything up. Pingu wraps the pieces of the vase in a cloth and puts it in the cupboard, and tells Pinga not to say anything. Father then arrives with a bunch of flowers for Mother, and is surprised when he can’t find the vase. Pingu and Pinga deny any knowledge of the vase’s whereabouts, but Father finds a piece on the floor! To Pingu’s dismay, Pinga tells Father what has happened and shows him where the pieces of the jar are hidden. Father looks furiously at Pingu, who bursts into tears. Father spots a jar on the dresser and puts it onto the table with the flowers in it, which cheers everyone up. Mother then arrives back and is rather pleased with the flowers, but Pingu is still dismayed when Pinga tells her everything that has happened.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother and Father.
* Produced in 1995

Pingu and the Paper Plane

:Alternative title - ""Pingu and the Paper Airplane"Pingu and Pingi are on their way to school on Pingu’s sledge, when they hit a bump and fall off. Pingo comes past on his scooter, has a good laugh at their predicament and continues on his way. Later at school someone in the class throws a screwed up piece of paper into the air. It hits Pingu on the head and bounces off as Pingi notices. Pingu realizes who threw the paper when Pingo chortles, and throws a screwed up piece of paper from his own exercise book back at Pingo. Pingo picks up the piece of paper thrown by Pingu, straightens it out, makes a paper plane and throws it into the air. It hits the teacher on the back of the head. The teacher asks the class who it was, and Pingo says that it was Pingu. Pingu can’t explain away why the paper the plane is made from is from his exercise book, and gets sent to stand in the corner. Pingu then spots Pingo’s scooter and plans revenge. He sneaks over and unscrews the nut that secures the front wheel on the scooter. He throws the wheel-nut away and sneaks back into the corner. When school finishes, Pingu is just leaving when he sees Pingo offering Pingi a go on his scooter. She only gets a short distance before the front wheel comes off the scooter and she falls off. Pingu goes over to Pingi, while Pingo wonders what has happened to his scooter and how he’s going to get home. Pingu is just about to leave with Pingi and although he feels amused at first, he feels some remorse, so the front of the scooter is propped on to the back of the sledge and, with Pingu and Pingi on the sledge and Pingo on the scooter, they ride off together.
* Features mainly Pingu, Pingi, and Pingo. The Schoolmaster has smaller roles. Pingg and Pongi are also in the class at school.
* Produced in 1995

Pingu Takes Revenge

:Alternative title - ""Pingu Seeks Revenge"Pingu has been out with Pingi, and kisses her goodbye. Pingg spots them and, while Pingu is waving to Pingi as she walks away, throws a snowball at Pingu which hits him on the back of the head. Pingg is amused; Pingu is annoyed. Pingu throws a snowball back that Pingg avoids. After again being hit on the head by a snowball thrown by Pingg, Pingu chases him home, throwing several snowballs at him on the way, but none of the snowballs hit their target. Pingu and Pingg end up with Pingu on the wooden bridge over the water in front of Pingg’s igloo, exchanging words with Pingg who is by the front door. Pingu is still annoyed, but then has an idea. He goes home, gets a saw, returns and cuts partway through the bridge. He then stands at the edge of the bridge and taunts Pingg, who comes out of the igloo and shouts back. Just then Grandfather comes to use the bridge, and starts across. Pingu tries to stop him crossing by going onto the bridge and shouting, and jumping up and down. The bridge breaks as Pingu had planned but he, rather than Pingg, ends up in the water! Pingu is rescued, but is completely frozen in a block of ice. Once home Mother, aided by Pinga and Father, and a lot of hot-water bottles, thaws him out.
* Features mainly Pingu and Pingg. Lesser roles are played by Pingi, Grandfather, a passer by, Father, Mother and Pinga.
* Produced in 1996

Pingu Makes a Mistake

:Alternative title - ""Pingu and the Mix-up"Pingu is looking after a neighbour’s egg, which is on a padded sledge outside the neighbour’s igloo, while she and Mother go out. It doesn’t take long before he starts to get restless. Then Pingo arrives, and Pingu abandons looking after the egg in favour of a game of ball with Pingo. A little while later, when Pingu goes past the sledge to recover an over-hit ball, he notices with dismay that the egg has gone. He and Pingo can’t find the egg nearby and go off in search of it, with Pingu pulling the sledge. They spot it going into another neighbour’s igloo while this neighbour, who has tufts on her head, is distracted hanging out the washing. The other neighbour also has an egg, which is on a cot in the igloo. The run-away egg jumps onto the cot, knocking the other neighbours egg off onto the floor. Pingu and Pingo sneak into the igloo and recover the egg that’s on the floor, thinking it’s the one they’ve been chasing, and Pingu returns with the egg to the original neighbours igloo. This neighbour has returned home by the time that Pingu gets back, and she rewards him for looking after her egg with a lollypop. The egg that Pingu has returned then cracks open, and a baby penguin is born. The original neighbour is initially happy, but then sees that it’s not her baby as it has a yellow beak and a tuft on its head. She's angry with Pingu, and takes the lollipop away. Pingu then realises what has happened, explains, and he and the neighbour go to the other neighbours house, where the other egg has now hatched. The babies are united with their correct mothers, everyone is happy and Pingu gets the lollipop back.
* Features Pingu, Pingo, two of Pingu's neighbours and their eggs / babies. Pingu's Mother also has a minor role.
* Produced in 1996

Pingu and the Toy

Pingu meets Pingo, who is playing with his new clockwork car. Pingo winds up the car and sets it going. The car runs into a block and Pingu goes to rescue it, but Pingo won’t let him touch it. Pingo winds the car up and again sets it going, chuckling away as it goes round and round. Pingu, who wants to have a go himself, sticks out his foot as the car comes past him so that the car hits it and crashes. Pingu then goes off, leaving a somewhat annoyed Pingo. Pingo sets his car going again, but the car only goes a short distance and then breaks apart. Meanwhile, Pingu has hurried home and found his piggy bank, but all that’s in it is a button. He sadly goes out and walks away. He goes past Grandfather, who asks him why he’s so sad. Pingu explains, and Grandfather takes him to the stall that’s selling the cars and buys him one. Just after they’ve gone Mother goes past the stall and is also sold a car. Pingu goes off happily, and his way takes him past Pingo, who is looking sadly at his broken car. Pingu has a good laugh at Pingo’s bad luck, and then sets his own car going. When it stops Pingo wants a go but Pingu won’t let him. Pingu then starts his car again, but it stops almost immediately. Pingu gives it a good kick to get it going. It slides away and breaks, much like Pingo’s did, which greatly amuses Pingo and annoys Pingu. Pingu goes home, tossing the broken car away. When he arrives, Mother says she’s got a surprise for him, and brings out the toy car she’s bought. Pingu makes an shocked face, comes and takes it, and angrily tosses it into the trash bin, where it breaks apart in the same way as the others! He then goes and plays with his wooden bricks.
* Features mainly Pingu and Pingo. Grandfather, Mother and a Toy Car Seller have minor roles.
* Produced in 1996

Pingu the Superhero

:Alternative title - ""Pingu the Superman"Pingu is out walking when he comes across Pingo, who is brandishing a sword and making mock attacks. Pingo explains that he is acting like the character he’s found in a comic book, and shows it to Pingu. Pingu takes the comic book home to read and tosses it down onto a chair. It lands open at a picture of a superhero in a red cape fighting a helicopter. Pingu finds a red blanket in the wardrobe, puts it on as a cape, and acts out the fantasy by beating up the room. Pinga hears the noise and comes in. She finds a book on the floor that has fallen open at a picture of a princess and decides to play at this. Pingu, meanwhile, is still playing at being a superhero, getting more and more boisterous. The game ends when he falls off the table onto the floor and hurts his foot. Pingu is taken to the doctor by motorized sledge ambulance, accompanied by Mother and Pinga. Already waiting to be seen are Pingg, with a hurt foot and Pingo, who has hurt his arm and broken his sword. While they are all waiting Pinga plays princesses, to the amusement of them all.
* Features mainly Pingu, Pinga and Pingo. Mother, Pingg and an ambulance driver also appear.
*Goof: When Pingu hurts his foot, it's his right foot that's hurt. But at the doctor's, it's his left foot that's bandaged up!
* Produced in 1996
* This was one of the parodies for the "Superman" comics.

Pingu and the Fishing Competition

:Alternative title - ""Pingu has a Fishing Competition"Pingu, Pingo and another friend decide to have a fishing competition. When they arrive where they’re gong to fish they first have to cut holes in the ice. Pingu and Pingo do theirs quickly and start fishing, the other friend struggles to get the saw into the ice. Robby then pops up out of Pingu’s hole, and they all have a laugh at the other friend’s efforts. Robby then helps by cutting out the hole from underneath. The other friend then breaks his rod and has to repair it. Once they’ve all managed to get fishing nothing very much happens for a while and they have difficult in staying awake. Then a fish jumps out of the other friend’s hole and drops back into the water. Pingu tells the other friend that he wants to swap holes with him, which the other friend does reluctantly. After a while another fish jumps, this time from Pingu’s original hole. Pingu swaps with the other friend again, and manages to catch a small fish that he shows off to the others. Then the other friend gets a bite, and it takes all three of them working together to drag the huge fish out of the water. On the way home Pingu and Pingo push the large fish, with the other friend on top, up an incline and pause for breath. They start thinking about the feast they’re going to have on the huge fish. The other friend sees this and slides off down the slope on the other side, and away, much to Pingu and Pingo’s consternation.
* Features mainly Pingu, Pingo and another friend. Robby has a minor role.
* Produced in 1996

Pingu and the Letter

:Alternative titles - ""Pingu Hides the Letter", ""Pingu Hides a Letter"Pingu comes in from playing with his ball and sees a letter on the table. The letter is sealed, and has nothing written on the envelope. He wonders what it might be about but leaves it and has a snack. He is about to go out again when curiosity gets the better of him, so he returns to the letter, opens it and is about to look at the contents when he hears someone coming. He quickly hides the letter, just before Pinga and Mother enter. Mother notices the letter is no longer on the table, and asks Pingu if he knows where it is. Pingu says he doesn’t, so Mother and Pinga search everywhere for it. Mother then asks Pingu again if he knows about it, and this time he owns up to having opened it and gives it to Mother. It was for Pingu all along, and is an invitation to a party. Pinga shows Pingu her own invitation that she’d already opened. Pingu then notices that the party is today, and it’s now the time that it’s almost time to start, so they have to rush to get there, and they make it just in time before it started.
* Features mainly Pingu, Pinga and Mother. There are brief appearances by Pingi, Pingo and Pingg at the party.
* Produced in 1996

Pingu Feels Left Out

:Alternative title - ""Pingu is not Allowed to Join in the Games"Pingu is on a walk when he comes across Pingo and Robby playing badminton. He wants to join in, but they won’t let him. He mopes off to a nearby block of ice, where he finds a basket of fish. He’s about to look closer but Pingo tells him to leave it alone. Then Pingo hits the shuttlecock very high, and it lands on top of the ice block. Pingu goes up to the top of the block to get the shuttlecock but won’t return it except in exchange for their basket of fish. Pingo and Robby decide to play a trick on Pingu, so Robby gets a crab that they put under the fish before letting Pingu have the basket. Pingu puts his hand in the basket and is bitten by the crab, which holds on. Pingu is so startled he falls off the block of ice, and the crab makes good its escape. Robby is sympathetic about Pingu’s hurt hand, but then goes onto the top of the ice-block with Pingo and he and Pingo eat all of the fish except one. They then feel sorry for Pingu and take him the last fish, which he eats. Robby then gives Pingu his racket to use, and all three of them then play together happily.
* Features Pingu, Pingo and Robby.
* Produced in 1996

Pingu Wins First Prize

:Alternative title - ""Pingu Draws a Winner"On his way home from school Pingu passes a lottery ticket seller, and watches a man as he has a go. The man doesn’t win, and goes off angrily. Pingu is about to leave when the ticket seller points out the prizes; a car, an igloo and first prize, a box of fish. Pingu is now keen to have a go, but has only a small fish, so he tries to pay with it. The ticket seller angrily refuses and Pingu trudges off. The ticket seller, although very poor, then relents and calls Pingu back, and gives him a ticket in exchange for the fish. To his delight, he wins a prize and rushes home to tell Mother. She realises that Pingu has won the fish, and phones up to have it delivered. When it arrives Pingu and Mother are very pleased, but then Pingu thinks that rather than keep it themselves it would be better to give it to the ticket seller. Pingu takes the fish to the ticket seller, who is very happy to accept. As Pingu is leaving the ticket seller calls Pingu back and gives him a talisman as a thank-you. Pingu is delighted, and goes excitedly home.
* Features Pingu, a lottery ticket seller and Mother. There are brief appearances by an unsuccessful lottery ticket buyer and the sick husband (?) of the lottery ticket seller.
* Goof: After giving the prize to the ticket seller, Pingu sets off back home on an empty sledge, but when the ticket seller calls him back his satchel is on the sledge . However, it disappears again while he's turning round to go back to the ticket seller!
* Produced in 1996

Pingu and the Ghost

Mother is ironing, but is distracted when a pot on the stove comes to the boil. Pingu sneaks out of the bedroom, takes a newly ironed sheet and returns to the bedroom without being seen. He draws a ghostly shape on the sheet and puts it over his head. He then jumps out of the bedroom right in front of Pinga, giving her quite a scare. Pinga runs, crying, over to Mother to be comforted. Pingu laughs at her. Mother is not so amused, particularly when she spots what Pingu has done to her clean and newly ironed sheet, and sends him to bed. Later, Pingu is awake and alone in the dark bedroom, as Pinga is snuggled up in bed with Mother and Father, when the wind gets up. As well as the wind whistling round the igloo, Pingu can hear lots of odd noises coming from outside. The bedroom window suddenly bangs open and Pingu sees a strange shape moving around nearby! Is it a ghost? By now he is very frightened and hides under the blankets. Then a light shines under the door, he hears strange footsteps and there is also a mysterious shadow. Pingu cries out and is heard by Father, who has been having a late snack. Father goes into the bedroom and turns on the light, and then sees that the window is open and shuts it. Pingu tells him about everything he’s seen and heard. Father tries to reassure him, and tells him that the strange moving shape was just the towel blowing in the wind from the open window. Pingu is not convinced and is still frightened, so he’s allowed to join Mother and Father, with Pinga, in his parent’s bed.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother and Father.
* Produced in 1996

Pingu and the Postcard

A postcard is delivered which Pinga picks up. On it is a picture of a South Seas beach fringed with palms. On the beach is a dancer who is wearing a garland made with pretty flowers, and a drummer. Pinga shows the card to Pingu, and says that she wants a garland of pretty flowers. Pingu is not sure that he can do anything about it, but Pinga points out Mothers lovely pot of flowers. Pingu goes over to the pot, takes off all the flowers, and makes Pinga a garland with them. He then takes off all the leaves and uses them to mimic the palm trees. Finally he empties the pot, throwing the soil and stem aside, and turns it upside down. He uses the upside down pot with a pan from the stove, which makes a good sound when banged with a spoon, to make a drum. He then plays the drum he’s made while Pinga dances. Mother then arrives home and at first enjoys what she finds them doing, but passes out when she sees what has happened to her plant. Pingu and Pinga rush over to her and are wondering what to do when Father arrives home. They seat Mother in a chair, and Pingu and Pinga explains to Father what they have done, and why. Father goes to the florist and gets a replacement pot of flowers for Mother, who is delighted when she revives and sees them. Mother and Father then enjoy a repeat performance given by Pinga and Pingu.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother and Father. A florist makes a brief appeatance.
* Produced in 1996

Pingu's Discovery

:Alternative title - ""Pingu Makes a Discovery"Pingu and Robby are sledging when they come across what appears to be the tail of a large fish sticking out of the ice, and anticipate a good meal. Pingu tries to pull it out of the ice, and gets annoyed when it won’t budge. Eventually they dig it out, still encased in ice, and take it home. Pingu stokes up the fire in the stove to melt the ice on their fish, while Robby gets the frying pan. The frying pan is put on top of the stove to warm up, and together Pingu and Robby lay the table in anticipation of a feast. A little while later all the ice has melted, and then they realise that what they’ve found is not a fish and, disappointingly, it’s not edible. Grandfather then comes to visit, and decides to call the curator of the museum to come and take a look at it. It turns out to be the missing figurehead of a boat on display at the museum, and the curator is very pleased that they’ve found it. Pingu, Robby and Grandfather accompany the curator when he takes the figurehead back to the museum, where a reception party is waiting, and Pingu and Robby have their photograph taken.
* Features mainly Pingu, Robby, Grandfather and the Museum Curator. Seven other penguins, including the photographer, are in the reception party at the museum.
* Produced in 1996

Pingu and the Baker

:Alternative title - ""Pingu Steals"Mother sends Pingu to the bakers to get some bread. He is just leaving when he sees the jam biscuits. He notices that the baker’s wife is distracted talking to another penguin and takes one of the biscuits. On the way home he starts eating it, but conceals it when a stranger walks past. He is still eating it when he gets home so he hides it behind his back. Mother asks him what he is hiding and, when he eventually owns up, takes him back to the bakers to apologise. The baker, who is cleaning the chimney of the bakery, decides that as a punishment Pingu should help. Pingu is sent onto the roof of the bakery to free the chimney brush, which has got stuck because the rope is tangled. Pingu untangles it, but unfortunately is still holding on to the rope when the baker tugs on the other end, and Pingu gets pulled down the chimney. As a thank-you the baker gives Pingu a cake in a bag, and he rushes home to show Mother. Mother is pleased until she sees that Pingu has left a trail of dirty footprints on the floor, and that he needs a good clean up himself. Pingu puts the bag carefully on the table and goes into the bathroom. When he comes out of the bathroom he discovers that, much to his dismay, while he has been washing off the dirt, Pinga has found his reward and has almost finished eating it!
* Features mainly Mother, Pingu, the baker and his wife. Pinga, another penguin at the bakery and a passing stranger have minor roles.
* Produced in 1996

Pingu and the Lost Ball

Pingu is building a tower with wooden blocks when Pinga comes along and picks up her ball, which is nearby. Pingu’s tower falls down and Pinga laughs. In revenge, Pingu takes Pinga’s ball and won’t let her have it back. Pinga wants it, and chases him round the igloo. Pingu then puts the ball up on to a high shelf out of Pinga’s reach and goes out to play. He meets up with three of his friends, who are skating. Eventually he goes home, and is annoyed to find that the ball is not where he’d left it. He asks Pinga if she knows where it is, but she says she doesn’t. He then asks Mother, who is ironing, but she also says she doesn’t know where it is. He looks around the igloo, but doesn’t find it, so he goes to look outside. A stranger walks by, pulling a sledge laden with boxes. The sledge bumps on a small block of ice, the lid on one of the boxes bounces up and Pingu sees what he thinks is the ball in the box. He confronts the stranger, who invites him to look in all the boxes. The ball isn’t there. Pingu says he’s sorry to the stranger and trudges home. The family sit down to tea, but Pingu is still worrying about where the ball has gone and doesn’t want his. He goes into the bedroom and finds the ball under the blanket on Pinga’s bed, where she had hidden it! Pingu is amused; Pinga is annoyed. Pinga chases Pingu to get the ball back, to Mother and Father's amusement!
* Features mainly Pingu, Pinga and a stranger pulling a sledge. Mother, Father and three of Pingu's friends (Pingo, Pingg and Pongi) all appear briefly.
* Produced in 1996

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