Pingu episodes series 1

Pingu episodes series 1

This is an list of episodes with synopses for "series 1" of the stop motion animated television series "Pingu".

=Series 1 (1986 - 1991)=

Pingu is Introduced

:Alternative title - ""Hello Pingu"Pingu and his parents are having lunch, but Pingu is eating disgustingly; smashing his fork, swallowing potatoes (possibly eggs) whole, eating fish disgustingly, blowing bubbles in his drink, and of course refusing to eat his greens. After this comical lunch, Pingu goes out to play with his ball, but his two "friends" Pingo and Pingg come and steal it (this is contrary to later episodes, in which they are nicer to him). After a fight in which Pingg knocks Pingu's head and his ball is burst, he gets his ball back and goes inside. His parents put a patch on his head and ball, and rock him to sleep in a hammock.
* Features Pingu, Mother, Father, Pingo, and Pingg.
* Produced in 1986
* The first Pingu episode. Introduces Pingu, his parents, two friends named Pingo and Pingg, and the overall gist and premise of the series.
* After Pingu's ball is fixed and inflated, the white plaster on the red ball makes the Swiss flag.
* Due to many children being angry in this episode when they fight, as of 2003, it will not be shown on any channels in the UK.

Pingu Helps With Incubating

:Alternative titles - ""Pingu Looks After the Egg", ""Pingu Sits on the Egg", ""Pingu the Egg-sitter"Pingu’s family has an egg, and while his parents do the laundry, Pingu has to sit on it. At first he is proud and happy to help, but he quickly gets bored, and gets up and starts listening to music. The egg suddenly sprouts a leg and starts to dance around the house, and Pingu tries to stop things and catch the egg before his parents find out, trashing the igloo in the process and catching the egg. Pingu's parents, eventually noticing the commotion, rush over to help. Father catches the egg and mother turns off the record. Mother finds Pingu hiding in a cupboard beneath the record player; afraid his parents would be angry at him. They are not, however, and mother hugs him. Mother and Pingu clean up the igloo and Father sews him a hat for a great job taking care of the egg.
*In the early version of the episode, Pingu is listening to "Woodpeckers From Space" [] by the band VideoKids. In the current version the song is replaced with a half-instrumental version of David Hasselhoff's "Pingu Dance".
* Features Pingu, Mother and Father.
* Produced in 1986

Pinga is Born

:Alternative titles - ""New Arrival", ""The New Arrival", ""Pingu's Sister is Born"It's a peaceful day when all of a sudden the egg from the previous episode starts to hatch. The penguin midwife is called, and at first Pingu expects to and wants to see, but he is told to stay away and be quiet, and he gets tired of the waiting in tension. But finally the egg cracks and Pinga is introduced; what will Pingu and his family think of her?
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother, Father, and a doctor.
* Produced in 1986
* Pinga introduced in this episode.
* The early version of the episode is one of the few featuring English language; when Pingu puts Father's pipe in the mouth of the snowman, he says "don't smoke" with a decidedly Penguinese accent.

Pingu Goes Fishing

:Alternative title - ""Pingu Makes a Friend"Pingu is going fishing; he climbs down a series of cliffs into a craggy, secluded area and finds an ice-fishing hole. He catches a fish, but he is unaware that a seal, Robby, behind him, is emerging from another hole that the one he is fishing connects to, eating the bait, and snatching and attaching the same fish to the line each time. Pingu finds out and foxes Robby by luring him away from the ice holes and closing them off with large slabs of ice. A high-speed acrobatic chase ensues and Robby tries desperately to escape the young penguin by forcing his way under the ice-slab which stands between him and freedom. The result of this dangerous escape attempt is an injury to Robby's right flipper, possibly a sprain or even a fracture to the webbed bones and cartilage underneath his insulating fur and blubber. Pingu, a bird, is struck with remorse and sympathy for the weeping mammalian, who seems to be severely hurt until Pingu, consoling him, slides away the right-hand ice-slab and Robby's flipper is 'miraculously' healed. Nonetheless, even at this early stage in their friendship, Robby recognizes the goodness in Pingu's soul and rewards his sensitivity with a much larger fish of perhaps 5 or 6 pounds.
* Features Pingu and Robby.
* Produced in 1986
* Robby introduced in this episode.
* Pingu sounded like he said "You!" when he realized he was tricked by Robby

Pingu Helps To Deliver Mail

:Alternative titles - ""Pingu Delivers the Mail", ""Pingu Helps To Deliver the Mail", ""Pingu Helps Deliver the Post", ""Pingu Helps Deliver Mail"Pingu is helping his dad deliver the mail. His dad lets him wear his postman's hat, and they go to the post office to pick up the mail and then deliver it to the town's various eccentric residents; including an old, kid-hating granny penguin, a tall, loud-beaked (bird style for loud-mouthed) penguin, a short, zippy and strange penguin in suspenders (this is Punki), Pingu's friend Pingo, a sad penguin with bad news, a woman with three children, and others, before returning back home again to his mum's arms.
* Features mainly Pingu, Mother, Father, and the postman. Also appearing are an old, kid-hating granny penguin, a tall, loud-beaked (bird style for loud-mouthed) penguin, Punki, Pingo, a sad penguin with bad news, a woman with three children, and others.
* Produced in 1989
* Punki is introduced in this Episode.

Pingu is Jealous

:Alternative title - ""Jealousy"Pingu, Pinga and mum are spending the day inside. Pingu is building towers with blocks, but they keep falling down. Mother puts Pinga in bed, but she does not want to go to bed. But rocks her to sleep. Pingu goes to his mum for help. She does not help, because she is knitting clothing for Pinga. Pingu looks at Pinga, who notices that she is in bed. She starts to cry and is comforted by mother and gives her attention. Pingu desperately tries to get attention by behaving like a baby, kicking a chamberpot around, and pretending to be a ghost, but he gives up and hides in the toy box. Mother Puts Pinga back in bed, which Pinga still doesn't want to. Mother gets a little bad about herself and apologizes to Pingu. His mum then comes and hugs him, and he goes to sleep with Pinga.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, and Mother.
* A flag atop Pingu's house nearly resembles the flag of Dominican Republic except for the penguin in the center of the flag.
* Produced in 1989

Pingu and the Snowball Fight

:Alternative title - ""Hide and Seek"Pingu is going out on a play-date with Robby. They find some old and ruined igloos with junk and debris scattered around, and first play a game of hide and seek, and then have a snowball fight. Pingu tricks Robby by making a bust of himself with some things he finds in the ruin he is hiding and putting it on a stick and waving it outside, so that Robby throws the snowball at that instead of him. While Robby is quizzically investigating the smashed bust, Pingu runs to safety, hiding in a barrel. Robby then gets hurt while chasing Pingu, and Pingu vainly tries to cheer him up with some funny moves and postures, but finally manages with a hoola-hoop. Robby gets a hoola-hoop too and they play that instead.
* Features Pingu and Robby.
* Produced in 1989
* The original version of this episode featured the song "Rockin' After Sunrise" while Pingu and Robby were hoola-hooping

Pinga Is Left Out

:Alternative titles - ""Lost Baby", ""Pingu's Sister Is Left Out", ""Pingu Loses the Baby", ""Pinga Gets Lost", ""Pinga Runs Away"Pingu and Pinga are going out to have a game with Pingo. Pingu, however, forbids Pinga to play with them, and while he and Pingo are rampaging about, she sadly runs away from them. Pingu and Pingo look everywhere for her, and finally find footprints and her scarf at the edge of a deep pit. Assuming she has fallen in, Pingu and Pingo go home in tears and tells mother what happened. But then it turns out that she was at home all along. Pingu gets very angry and starts to hit Pinga with her scarf, but Mother stops him and tells them to make up, to no avail. Then Pingu discovers that patting Pinga's hand comforts her and they both make up. Everyone is now happy. While mother and Pingo are gone, Pingu happily feeds Pinga!
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Pingo, and Mother.
* Produced in 1989

Pingu Plays Fish Tennis

Pingu is woken up by Robby and they have a game of fish tennis.
* Features Pingu and Robby.
* Produced in 1989

Pingu Goes Skiing

:Alternative titles - ""Skiing", ""Pingu On Makeshift Skis"Pingu is out on his own when his friend Pingo comes along on skis. Pingu decides to tag along with him, and not having a pair of skis of his own, uses some junk in a ruined igloo as a snowboard of sorts. Pingu then crashes and Pingo laughs and Pingu goes "NUG, NUG!". Pingu then builds his own make-shift pair of skis out of the junk. When Pingu and Pingo are climbing one of the mountains, Pingo nearly falls down that mountain. After having fun whizzing about in some mountains, with Pingo taunting Pingu, they start racing competitively with Pingo going first, Pingu going next, with both stopping at one point and with when Pingo resumes skiing down the mountain at Pingo and both of them end up breaking their skis. Pingu once again goes "NUG, NUG!" when he breaks his skis. They put what they can back together and then decide to go with each of them on only one ski and go home, arm-in-arm, singing instead.
* Features Pingu and Pingo.
* Produced in 1989
* Pingo first and only yodeled in this episode.

Pingu Plays Ice Hockey

:Alternative title - ""Ice Hockey"Pingu, Robby and their new friend Pongi are dawdling around when they see a hockey team having a game. They decide to join in. At the first two tries they didn't get a goal, but then on the next try, they get one. The other team is a bad loser, however, and on the final try, they play aggressively to ensure they do not win, knocking them with the putt, forcing them into corners, and so on, and they win the game. They want another game, but Pingu and his friends refuse due to the team's bad sportsmanship. Them and the team then discard all their gear, and do figure skating instead.
* Features Pingu, Robby, Pongi, and various hockey players.
* A version of this episode featured the song "Hand in Hand", used in the 1988 Seoul Olympics.
* Produced in 1989
* Pongi is introduced in this episode.

Pingu and Pinga Don't Want to go to Bed

:Alternative titles - ""Pingu and Pinga Stay Up", ""Pingu's Family", ""Pingu And His Sister Don't Want To Go To Bed"It is time for Pingu and Pinga to go to bed but they have other ideas. First they play with their blocks and fakely fight over them, and then mum tells Pingu to brush his teeth and he goes by shuffling with the block boxes on his feet. Pingu brushes the bathtub instead of his teeth, then knocks Pinga's potty, and mum finally manages to get them to go to the bedroom. At first they tried to leave when she wasn't looking. They keep demanding things such as a teddy, pacifier, fish, or bottles. When she stops coming to their demands (though Pinga made one), they go out to find their exasperated mother asleep. They move her into the bedroom and finally go to sleep all together
* Features Pingu, Pinga, and Mother.
* Produced in 1990
* Father is mysteriously absent from this episode.
* Pingu has proven that he has teeth in this episode.

Barrel of Fun

:Alternative titles - ""Pingu and the Avalanche Accident", ""Pingu and the Race on the Barrel Planks"Robby plays around some barrels near some ruins, when he sees a barrel that is half covered with planks, like a sledge. Pingu comes around and he and Robby play with the sledge-barrel. What a barrel of fun! They even go down a long and winding hill two times, with Robby being the brakes. Unfortunately, when they go down a third time, they lose control, and Robby falls off and Pingu crashes into a sculpture which collapses over him, trapping him inside. Robby goes for help, and gets an emergency paramedic to lift a slab of ice from the rubble in order for Robby to slide under and get Pingu. He gets Pingu out just before the paramedic's arms give way to the weight of the slab. The paramedic then puts some plasters on Pingu's head, and he, Robby, and the paramedic, leave.
* Feautres Pingu and Robby. A paramedic also makes an appearance.
* Produced in 1990

Pingu Runs Away

:Alternative title - ""Pingu Runs Away From Home"

Pingu and his parents are enjoying a quiet dinner, but Pingu is angry due to him refusing to eat his disgusting dinner. After splattering a brown potato on Mother, Father tells him off. Pingu then rocks his chair and ends up pulling everything off the table. His parents become furious and Pingu ends up getting spanked. He tries to make amends, but gets rejected instead and runs away, feeling that his parents don't love him anymore. Meanwhile, Pingu's parents enjoy some quiet time, but they're not really enjoying it because they are worried about Pingu because of what time it is and what they have done. Meanwhile, Pingu becomes hopelessly lost. He nearly gets crushed by falling ice, and then comes face to face with three ugly, menacing monster-faces in the snowdrifts. Terrified, he runs and hides in an ice cave. His parents, realizing how late it is, feel pretty bad of how they treated Pingu, so they come out and find him, with Father using his post truck to find him. Pingu notices his parents finding him and shows himself. Happy to see their son, Mother and Father both apologize to him and they take him back home. After Pingu is fed hot soup by Mother, they all go to bed together happily.
* Features Pingu, Mother and Father. Three monsters also make an appearance; although it is unclear if they are living creatures; or just sculptures in the ice or pingu's imagination.
* Produced in 1990
* Pinga is mysteriously absent from this episode.
* This episode has been banned in some countries because of Pingu running away from home. Fact|date=July 2008 Also, the episode contains dark, frightening images that have scared many young viewers. Fact|date=July 2008
* Due to many children being sad in this episode, as of 2005, it will not be shown on any channels in the UK

Pingu Builds an Igloo

:Alternative title - ""Building Igloos"Pingu is going on a camping trip of sorts with Pingo. When Pingu said goodbye to his parents, Father offers Pingu a Hat. He does not want to wear it, but father insists! When he leaves, greedily, he takes the hat off and puts it in the box. When they meet, they head up at the spot how they will use blocks of ice to build an igloo, however, they cannot agree on where to build one, get into a fight, and go off to build their own separate igloos. Due to them only having half the blocks each, however, they can only build hopeless half-built structures which promptly fall down (after some fighting over the last remaining block. Pingu's falls down, much to Pingo's amusement, then Pingo's falls down, much to Pingu's amusement). They then make up, build a proper igloo, and start up by happily eating fish at night on a blanket inside.
* Features Pingu, Mother, Father, and Pingo.
* Produced in 1990

Pingu Has Music Lessons From His Grandfather

:Alternative titles - ""Music Lessons", ""Pingu Takes Music Lessons From His Grandfather", ""Pingu Plays Accordion"Pingu is playing awful music hysterically on his accordion, and his parents have had enough. Much to the protest of Pinga, who liked it, he is sent out to play somewhere else. All around the town, people flee and lock themselves in their houses to get away from his playing, but when he finally gets to his grandfather, he finds him playing his own accordion nicely. Asking him how he does it, Grandpa gives Pingu music lessons, and he swiftly ends up playing excellently. Pingu then goes home and plays some nice, proper music for his family.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother, Father, and Grandfather. A couple neighbors have minor roles.
* Produced in 1990
* Grandfather is introduced in this episode.
* The original version of this episode contained copyrighted music which the producers of the show failed to get clearance for. The accordian music from the original episode is only available on the original VHS release of the video. All subsequent broadcasts and DVDs available for purchase contain a new piece of music for which the producers did obtain permission to use.

Pingu in the Ice Cave

:Alternative title - ""Pingu's Ice Cave" ""Ice Cave Adventure"Pingu and his parents are doing odd jobs when Pingo comes over and asks Pingu on a playdate. The two go off hysterically. They play with their ball and have fun at first, but get a bit carried away, and the ball goes off into an overhang in the ice. When they try to retrieve it, they fall through a sort of trapdoor in the ice and into an ice cave. The entrance collapses above them, and they must find another way out. After looking around in the dripping, echoing caverns, they see a slope to the surface, Pingu is happy that they might make it, but Pingo isn't because they might fall down a deadly deep chasm. Pingu manages to do so with some rope, but Pingo has difficulty, and nearly falls. Pingu catches him just in time, and the two crawl out cheerfully to the surface.
* Features mainly Pingu and Pingo. Mother and Father have minor roles.
* Produced in 1990
* Goof: When we see the scene where the entrance collapses, the ball is not seen.

Pingu's Tobogganing

:Alternative titles - ""Sledging", ""Pingu's Sledge Race", ""Sled Trouble", ""Pingu is Tobogganing"Pingu and his friends Pingo and Pingg are going tobogganing up in some high mountains. After a long climb, they reach the top, and sled their way down. Pingu's friends go down at great speed, but Pingu has trouble; his sled doesn't seem to slide and he can only go slowly. It then turns out that the skis on the bottom of Pingu's sled are rusted, and his friends give him a greased rag to polish them with. After Pingu's friends come down a second time, he shows them how clean the skis are, and does a test, which turns out successful. They try a third time, but Pingu over-polished the skis, and he goes zooming down too fast to control. His sled breaks, and he goes crashing into a snowman and gets stuck inside it. Pingu's friends find him, move the snowman inside, and then put it near the furnace so it melts to free Pingu.
* Features Pingu, Pingo, and Pingg.
* Produced in 1990

Pingu's Lavatory Story

:Alternative titles - ""Little Accidents", ""Pingu's WC Episode", ""Too Much To Drink"Pingu and his family are eating lunch. Afterwards, Pingu decides to go to a bar type shop to get a drink. Pinga, annoyed with him due to him refusing to share his fish with her at lunch, follows him and demands a drink too. Pingu buys her two, but when she drinks them, she wets the ground, and Pingu sends her home; she makes it to her potty just in time. Pingu then finds he needs to go to the toilet, and rushes home just in time to see his dad go into the bathroom. He pushes Pinga off her potty so he can use that instead, and is sent outside, and he then in a rage rings the doorbell so that dad has to rush out of the bathroom to get it and Pingu can run in and use the toilet. He urinates on the floor because it is too high, however, father angrily tells him to clean it up. While finished and walking away thinking of an idea, he then attempts to go to the toilet on stilts, and his exasperated mother suggests they build some steps out of ice. They do so, and Pingu is finally able to go to the toilet in peace.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother, Father, and a bartender.
* The episode has been banned in some countries because of its graphic depiction of urination.
* Produced in 1990

Pingu at School

:Alternative title - ""School Time"Pingu walks to school with his backpack, and on the way, calls for Robby. Robby slides down a slant on a snowy mountain. Pingu does the same sliding on his backpack, rather further than Robbie. Pingu slides his backpack to Robby. Robbie dons the backpack, Pingu is amused. Pingu and Robby find two rows of desks, a blackboard and an igloo. The teacher walks out of the igloo. As the teacher turns around to close the door, Robby quickly jumps into a water hole. The teacher rings the school bell. Pingo and Pingg arrive at the school. Before a lesson, Pingu tells Robbie to hide down the water hole. The teacher, Pingo, and Pingu walk over to the water hole. Pingo jumps into the water hole, much to Pingu's surprise. Pingo jumps back out. Pingo goes to the blackboard and draws a fish. Pingg jumps into the water hole. Pingg jumps back out. Pingg is sent to blackboard and draws a fish skeleton along with a tail fin and head. Pingu laughs in amusement. Pingg points to the blackboard telling him why it isn't funny. Pingu acts out Robby's actions. Pingg, Pingo and the teacher do not know who he is. Pingu goes to the blackboard and draws his friend Robby. Pingu takes a fish out of his desk and holds it over the water hole to attract Robby. Robbie jumps from the water hole and eats the fish's body leaving the skeleton, head and tail fin. The teacher, Pingo and Pingg are astonished. Pingu calls for Robby. He leaps from the water hole and Pingu introduces him. The teacher is much satisfied. Robby brings a fish out of the water while the teacher erases the chalk drawings. They pass the fish down to the teacher and plaster it onto the blackboard. Robby gets an eel and repeats the process with a flounder and a lobster. Pingg and Pingo are asked what the creatures are. Pingu tries to raise his hand in order to answer. Pingu is finally brought up to answer the question of what the lobster is. Robby writes what it is. Pingu answers the question. The teacher pats Pingu's head happily. All this leaves a happy Pingu, teacher and cheering Robby.
* Features Pingu, Pingo, Pingg, Robby, and the Schoolmaster.
* Features the Pinguish word for lobster; "coo-coo" and also mentions some nouns such as "eclava"(snapper),"mokmo"(eel) and "silif"(flounder in the newer versions, "silif" was used for "eel" in the original version).
* Produced in 1991
* The Schoolmaster is introduced in this episode.

Pingu's Grandpa Is Sick

:Alternative titles - ""Grandpa is ill", ""Pingu's Grandfather Takes Ill", ""Measles in the House"Pingu is painting a painting while his mom is ironing clothes, but then the telephone rings and Pinga answers the phone, Pingu's mom rushes Pinga off the phone - it is Grandpa who's suffering measles. Pingu tells Pinga not to mess up his painting but Pinga throws red on it. Pingu gets really angry at Pinga and she runs away from Pingu and barricades the door. They all go to Grandpa’s house and while Mother tries treatments, Pingu and Pinga run around babbling and dancing, possibly to entertain Grandpa, but end up annoying him. Mother lectures them and tells them to be quiet, but they pretend to cook something in a pot and the lid falls off. Mom tells them to stop messing about and again tells them to be quiet, but they play dress-up while Pingu is on a sled and they crash into the drawer. Pingu's mom, exasperated, makes them go outside, where Pingu finds a board and puts it above a giant wad of snow to play seesaw. Mother, exasperated again, tells them to stop. Pingu then kicks snowballs into the door and kicks one into Mother. She finally has had enough of their behaviour and tells them to go home. They then use markers to make fake spots and then call Mother. She comes home, lifts the bed sheets and finds them all spotty, like measles. When Mother rubs their heads she finds out they have used crayon and they try it on Mother. When she jumps on the bed in the ending, she breaks it. They then laugh.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother, and Grandfather.
* In the early version of the episode, Grandfather sounded like he said "Oh! Ji-Jin the Monkey!"
* Produced in 1991
* Father is mysteriously absent from this episode.

Pingu and Pinga Play Circus

:Alternative titles - ""Pingu's Circus", ""Pingu Plays Circus"Pingu, Pinga and Robby put up signs announcing a circus and lots of penguins start to go see the circus, and during the performance, Pingu plays the drum, Pinga plays the trumpet and Robby plays the accordion, Robby does roly-polies, Pinga juggles balls (which failed when Robby laughed when she dropped them, though she threw one at Robby's hat flattening it.), Pinga and Robby do a "lion-tamer's act" and Robby does dog acts. Pingu does a bunch of dances and actions during Robby's accordion performance and he lifts a big dumbbell and Pinga takes it away. In the next performance, Pingu and Pinga jump on top of a board and Pingu lands in a bucket of blue paint which splatters all over Pingu and Robby, Pinga arrives and scolds Pingu to be more careful and jeers at him by laughing. Enraged, Pingu spits blue paint onto Pinga, covering her in paint too. The audience laughs and then for the rest of the episode, Pingu, Pinga and Robby are clowns using their instruments again.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Robby, and a audience of penguins. One of them is eating fish and one of them is Punki. (Without his stripey trousers!)
* Produced in 1991
* The word 'Circus' is spelt 'Zirkus' in this episode.

Pingu and the Organ Grinder

:Alternative title - ""Pingu and the Barrel Organ"Pingu is spending time around an old, poor penguin who is busking by playing a barrel organ, which makes him upset. He is more upset when arrogant penguins just walk past refusing to give money (one that walks past even looks upwards, and hysterically falls into a fishing hole due to not looking where he was going), and is even very upset when he follows the organ grinder home to find it an old, broken down, messy ruin. Feeling sorry for the grinder, he borrows the barrel organ and goes around town playing it in front of a tailor, bakery, tavern and fish shop, the pleased owners of which give him free supplies. He then goes back to the organ grinder's place and sets out for him a nice meal with the supplies, and then goes outside and makes some repairs to the house. The thankful organ grinder then rewards him with a harmonica.
* Features Pingu and an old stranger with a barrel organ. A couple of passers-by and other neighbours have minor roles.
* In the original version, when Pingu arrives at the Fish Shop, the Fishmonger says in English "Do you want to buy some fish?"
* Produced in 1991


:Alternative titles - ""Pingu and his Friends Play too Noisily", ""Pingu and the Troublesome Ball"Pingu and Pingg are playing hopscotch, not knowing they are doing it in a parking space. When a driver comes and parks, they get into a fight, and Pingu and Pingg are forced to play somewhere else. They go over to someone else's igloo, and start running and playing about very noisily. The furious owner of the igloo starts yelling at them, and Pingu, Pingg and Pingo who comes along tease her. She was about to hit them but she missed. She leaves and accidentally closes the window on her hand! She screams like a wolf (in the early version of course she did this). They then start playing ball, and the ball accidentally goes onto the angry igloo owner's roof. She catches it and takes it inside. Pingu begs for it back, to no avail, but then the owner gets locked outside, and though laughing at first, Pingu decides to help her, and she gives them their ball back and they all play together. But the owner accidentally hits the window on her igloo!
* Features Pingu, Pingo, and Pingg. A neighbour bully on a motorised sledge and an angry igloo owner bully also appear.
* Produced in 1991

Pingu's Parents go to a Concert

:Alternative titles - ""Pingu and Pinga at Home", ""Pingu in Charge"Pingu’s parents are off to a concert leaving Pingu in charge of Pinga but as their parents leave, Pingu and Pinga perform antics such as jumping on their beds and asking Pinga to turn on a radio while Pingu makes a pancake then Pingu rifles through a dresser strewing a women's hat at Pinga. He then puts on a top hat and throws it at Pinga who is stuck in a box then Pingu pushes her as Pingu convinces Pinga to come back to where he is standing then Pingu pretends to be a monster and is devouring Pinga. Meanwhile, Pingu’s mom is worried about what Pingu and Pinga might be doing. Then Pinga turns on the bathtub and adds bubble bath to the bath water as Pingu jumps into the bathtub and play messily and then they tip over leaving a mess on the floor. Meanwhile, the concert is finished and Pingu and Pinga try desperately to clean things up and Pinga shuts off the radio while Pingu shoves every single pair of clothes he has all strewn about into the dresser by jumping on the clothes. Soon Pingu’s parents find out that the dresser had clothes completely shoved in. They are not amused and Mother asks if Pingu and Pinga did this. They say yes. They are afraid that they are angry at him, but they are not, and they forgive Pingu and Pinga. Mother cleans out the dresser, and they congratulate Pingu and Pinga for watching the house.
* Features Pingu, Pinga, Mother, and Father.
* In the early version on the episode, when Pingu tells Pinga to look at the clock, he says "oh my god" with a decidedly Penguinese accent. Pingu also said "Yipee!" earlier on when he jumped into the bathtub with Pinga.
* Goof: When Mother walks out of the bathroom, the clock is not seen but when Mother and Father walk to the door, the clock was seen.
* Produced in 1991

Pingu's Dream

:Alternative titles - ""Pingu Dreams"

It was time for Pingu's bedtime. He falls asleep while Mother is reading him a story. He then has a bizarre dream. The igloo jumps up and down, and then it floats away. His bed sprouts legs and moves him around. Although being rattled at first, he has lots of fun with the bed, but he is unaware that a giant non-tusked walrus is stalking him. The walrus eventually shows himself to Pingu and puts the igloo on top of him and the bed. The walrus takes the igloo off, plays with Pingu as if Pingu was a plaything, and as the bed tries to escape, the walrus takes the mattress from it and eats it like a chocolate bar. While the walrus is distracted, Pingu and the bed run off in fear, but Pingu isn't watching where he's going, trips over a ledge and falls down a steep mountain slope. The minute he lands at the bottom, Pingu wakes up, finds out that his "snowy mountain" is actually the bed, which isn't moving, and realizes it was all a dream. Pingu then sadly tells Mother all about it as she comforts him.
* Features Pingu, Mother, and a giant walrus.
* This episode has apparently been banned in some countries because it contains a giant walrus trying to capture Pingu and was considered too frightening for young children.
* The episode has not been shown on any channels in the UK since 2003.
* Produced in 1991

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  • Pingu episodes series 3 — This is an list of episodes with synopses for series 3 of the stop motion animated television series Pingu . =Series 1 (1986 1991)= =Series 2 (1991 1994)= =Series 3 (1994 1996)= Pingu Goes Cross Country Skiing :Alternative titles Pingu the Cross… …   Wikipedia

  • Pingu episodes series 4 — This is an list of episodes with synopses for series 4 of the stop motion animated television series Pingu . =Series 1 (1986 1991)= =Series 2 (1991 1994)= =Series 3 (1994 1996)= =Series 4 (1998)= Pingu s DisadvantagePingu is out on his sledge. He …   Wikipedia

  • Pingu episodes series 5 — This is an list of episodes with synopses for series 5 of the stop motion animated television series Pingu . =Series 1 (1986 1991)= =Series 2 (1991 1994)= =Series 3 (1994 1996)= =Series 4 (1998)= =Series 5 (2004)= Pingu s Bouncy Fun:Alternative… …   Wikipedia

  • Pingu episodes series 6 — This is an list of episodes with synopses for series 6 of the stop motion animated television series Pingu . =Series 1 (1986 1991)= =Series 2 (1991 1994)= =Series 3 (1994 1996)= =Series 4 (1998)= =Series 5 (2004)= =Series 6 (2005)= Pingu s Sledge …   Wikipedia

  • Pingu episodes special — This is an list of episodes with synopses for special episodes of the stop motion animated television series Pingu . =Series 1 (1986 1991)= =Series 2 (1991 1994)= =Series 3 (1994 1996)= =Series 4 (1998)= =Series 5 (2004)= =Series 6 (2005)=… …   Wikipedia

  • Pingu — is a Swiss animated television series created by Otmar Gutman, about a family of penguins who live at the South Pole. The main character is their son and title character, Pingu. Background The programme is set in Antarctica, where the penguin… …   Wikipedia

  • List of Pingu episodes — This is an alphabetic list of episode titles, including alternative versions, for the stop motion animated television series Pingu .The bracketed comments identify the series and episode number (e.g. 5.10 is episode 10 of series 5) and, where… …   Wikipedia

  • Pingu — Logo de la série Titre original Pingu Genre Série d animation Créateur(s) Otmar Gutmann Pays d’origine Suisse, Royaume Uni …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Saison 1 de Pingu — Cet article présente le guide des épisodes de la saison 1 de la série télévisée Pingu. Épisode 1 : Bonjour Pingu Numéros : 1 (1 1) Scénariste : Réalisateur : Diffusions :  Suisse  …   Wikipédia en Français

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