Never Good Enough for You

Never Good Enough for You
Never Good Enough for You
Studio album by Killwhitneydead.
Released May 11, 2004 (2004-05-11)
Recorded Between December 2003 until January 2004, at the Basement Studios
Genre Extreme metal
Length 30:50
Label Tribunal
Producer Jamie King
Killwhitneydead. chronology
Inhaling the Breath of a Bullet
Never Good Enough for You
So Pretty So Plastic

Never Good Enough for You is the debut studio album by American extreme metal band Killwhitneydead., released on May 11, 2004 through Tribunal Records. It is now out of print.

Track listing

  1. "Where There's Smoke" - 1:46
  2. "I Didn't Know "I Love You" Came with a Knife in the Back" – 1:45
    • Vincent Gallo as Billy Brown in Buffalo '66
      • "Girls stink. They stink. They're evil. And they're all bad. They're backstabbers, like you."
    • Joe Pantoliano as Teddy Gammell in Memento
      • "When she offers to help, it'll be for her own reasons. I'm not lying. Take my pen, write this down. Do not trust her."
    • Seth MacFarlane as Stewie in Family Guy
      • "Let it be known that i want absolutely nothing to do with the wretched enterprise of LOVE!"
  3. "Duct Tape & Death Threats" – 1:31
  4. "The Fine and Subtle Art of Deception" – 2:12
  5. "I Already Have Enough Friends (Take Two)" – 2:23
  6. "Like You Didn’t Hear Me The First Time I Told You To “Fuck Off”" – 1:48
    • Winona Ryder as Babe Bennett and Conchata Ferrell as Jan in Mr. Deeds
      • Babe: "He needs to know how bad I feel. I would do anything, anything to take back what i did to him"
      • Jan: "I'm sorry, all I heard was blah blah blah...I'm a dirty tramp"
    • Richard Portnow as Dr. Beardsley in Se7en
      • "He's experienced about as much pain as anyone I've encountered give or take... And he still has hell to look forward to"
  7. "Love Is Like A Mouthful Of Broken Glass" – 1:54
    • Richard Gere as Edward Sumner and Diane Lane as Connie Sumner in Unfaithful
      • Connie: "Tell me what you did?" Edward: "You tell me what you did. You lied to me over and over and over. I gave everything, everything and what did you do? You threw it all away, like it was nothing"
      • Edward: "You didn't think I'd know? I wouldn't feel it? I knew it from the very first day"
      • Edward: "I know you, and I fucking hate you! I didn't want to kill him, I wanted to kill you"
  8. "You Like Knife Play – I Love Knife Play (Wanna Fuck?)" – 1:14
    • R. Lee Ermey as Coach Norton in Saving Silverman
      • "STAY AWAY FROM WOMEN! Now, If you get any urges that you can't suppress with hard liquor... use this"
      • "Now go home and snuff that bitch!"
  9. "You’ll Get Exactly What You Deserve (And Not One Bullet Less)" – 1:57
  10. "Forgiveness Isn’t As Fun As Holding A Grudge" – 1:31
    • Seth MacFarlane as Stewie in Family Guy
      • "It's not so much that I want to KILL her... It's just I want her not to be alive.. anymore"
      • "Oh, for gods sake make an example of her!"
      • "I am going to kick your ass!"
  11. "Broken Hearts Don't Hurt As Much As Broken Bones" – 2:19
    • Ian Holm as Jack The Ripper and Jason Flemyng as Netley in From Hell
      • Netley: "I just don't know where I am anymore"
      • Jack the Ripper: "There, there Netley. I shall tell you where we are. We're in the most extreme and utter region of the human mind, a radiant abyss where men meet themselves"
      • Netley: "I don't understand, sir"
      • Jack the Ripper: "Hell, Netley. We are in hell"
    • Woody Harrelson as Mickey Knox in Natural Born Killers
      • "Death kind of becomes what you are"
      • "Everybody got the demon in here ok? The demon lives in here. It feeds on your hate. Cuts, kills, rapes...It uses your weakness, your fears. Only the vicious survive."
  12. "Bitterness Is a Beautiful Thing" – 2:24
    • John C. McGinley as Joe in Flypaper
      • "The fucking bitch! Don't you realize that the worst woman is the one you think you really have to die for? Do you know why? Because you realize you got something And then it just starts messing with your head, You know what the punishment is? You can spot them a mile away Because they've all got that one special physical feature, they do I don't care if its the way their bone protrudes, Or their lips curls up Or something about her delicious belly button, Or lips, or ears Wh-wh-whatever it is, it sucks you in. And suddenly you're doomed"
  13. "She Didn't Look Like She Had a Disease" – 1:47
    • Brandon Lee as Eric Draven in The Crow
      • "He was already dead. He died a year ago the moment he touched her. They're all dead. They just don't know it yet."
  14. "Who Said Alcohol and Handguns Didn't Go Great Together?" – 1:56
  15. "It Ain't Gonna Suck Itself" – 1:23
    • Interviews during the credits of The Boondock Saints
      • "Well I'm all for it **** the mother****ers, the more people they kill, the better it is for era'bady.
    • Two random people in Family Guy
      • First Guy: "But wait a minute! I thought guns were bad?!
      • Second Guy: "FALSE! Guns are good!"
  16. "Revenge (My Part Time Lover)" – 0:47
  17. "Nothing Says Party Like Her Head on a Stick" – 2:06


  • Jacob Bigham – design
  • Jamie King – guitar (track 12), producer, mastering, mixing
  • Matthew H. Rudzinski – executive producer, mixing

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