Never been Marcused

Never been Marcused
"Never Been Marcused"
Gossip Girl episode
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Chuck introduces Catherine to Blair.
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 2
Directed by Michael Fields
Written by Stephanie Savage
Production code 202
Original air date September 8, 2008 (The CW)
Guest stars
Episode chronology
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"Summer, Kind of Wonderful"
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"The Dark Night"
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Never Been Marcused is the 20th episode of the CW television series, Gossip Girl, as well as the 2nd episode of the show's second season .[1] The episode was written by executive producer and developer Stephanie Savage and directed by Michael Fields. It originally aired on Monday, September 8, 2008 on the CW. The episode received generally positive reviews from critics.



Summer is ending. As Serena and Dan wake up on the beach, Gossip Girl makes a comment that this kind of hook-up is inappropriate. Dan says that last night was amazing, but Serena says it was confusing. She tells him it feels so right to be together, but that they should think about things before they start dating again. Then she farewells him, saying that they will talk. Blair and Marcus are discussing their plans for the year ahead. As they are eating breakfast, Blair tells him that she must return to school in the fall, so he says that he wants to stay, and that his parents will be happy with his decision to stay in one place for a while. Blair says that she would love to meet the Duke and Dutchess, but he sounds reluctant to arrange this meeting. Blair excuses herself to call Serena, who seems to have no idea what Blair is talking about, and doubts Blair's feelings for Marcus. Blair complains about Marcus's ambiguities about the future. Chuck comes into the restaurant and joins them.

As Blair questions Serena about what happened to her at the White Party, Serena spots Dan at the bus stop and says she has to go. She greets him and after some awkward discourse, decides she wants to keep her distance (even if that means only a few feet) so that she and Dan do not give in to their urges.

Blair returns to the restaurant to find Chuck and Marcus exchanging phone numbers. They have arranged to play a game of squash. Nate tells his mother that he is going back to the city. She does not react well to this and finally tells him that they will be forfeiting their assets since his father fled the country, something the prosecutor took as an admission of guilt. She wanted to ask her father for money, but since he was displeased with her assistance in the Captain's departure, he has cut her off. Catherine leaves a message on Nate's phone telling him that they need to be more careful with their affair. Then she receives a call from Marcus, who refers to her as "Dutchess".

On the bus, it is evident that Serena and Dan cannot resist one another and eventually go to make out in the bathroom at the back of the bus. In a limo, Marcus tells Blair that he is having dinner with the Dutchess, his stepmother. Blair says she would love to have dinner with them, but Marcus tells Blair that he meant just him and the Dutchess as the have not seen one another all summer. Then Blair says that Marcus will miss the welcome back party that she holds every year, so Marcus says that he can cancel dinner with the Dutchess. Blair sends a text to Dorota reading: 911, Party 2 plan!!

In Chuck's limo, Nate asks him if he thinks he is outmatched against Marcus because Blair has always wanted to be a Princess. Chuck says this is exactly why he is getting to know Marcus, so that he can exploit his flaws and eradicate him. Back in the city, Vanessa has made-over Rufus's art gallery. She worriedly and verbosely asks him what he thinks, but Rufus says the decor will help persuade people to come to the cafe-cum-gallery. He tells Vanessa that he has had a good summer travelling with his band, but his misses his kids.

Nate comes back to his house to find FBI agents scrutinising their belongings, in order to try to find evidence of where the Captain is. Nate tells them he does not know, but they insist on continuing, saying that his mother will not adjust to the circumstances of a new life without money. Nate calls Catherine because he feels he needs to talk to someone, but only gets her voicemail. Whilst playing a game of squash, Marcus reveals to Chuck that no girl has ever been good enough for the Dutchess, but that Blair is eager to meet her. Chuck gathers information about Blair's party from Marcus during their conversation. Blair and Dorota are preparing for her party. She demands people that will make her look good and mature in front of Marcus be present, even if they are strangers. Serena arrives and asks about the impromptu party. Blair says that it is to prove that she is worthy of meeting Marcus's family.

Nate comes to see Chuck, who tells him that he is selling his Victrola shares, ostensibly to impress Blair. After Nate leaves, Chuck tells his accountant that he had promised Mrs Archibald that he would have money for her by that night. Dan calls Serena to say that he has realised that in order to figure things out, they need some time apart. Then Serena invites him to Blair's party because of his knowledge of soccer, something he and the Lord have in common. Nate finds a confidant in Vanessa, who says that she can advise his mother on how to live on a budget. Then Nate receives a call from his mother, who says that she was able to fix their financial woes by borrowing money from a "family friend" when he offered. Going back to Vanessa, he tells her he has to go and see Chuck, leaving with an "I really missed you this summer". Chuck meets with Dutchess Catherine.

Dan arrives at Blair's party and Blair introduces him to Marcus. Serena tells him that she is glad to see him. Chuck then arrives with Catherine, to Blair's dismay. After insulting Catherine with a cosmetic surgery-related impudence, Dutchess Beaton introduces herself, which shocks Blair.

Rufus has been offered to go on another tour, so he asks Vanessa to "stick around" when he leaves, because he has realised just how much he loves touring.

Serena tells Blair to apologize to the Dutchess. Blair approaches the Dutchess and says that whatever Chuck has told her about limo sex, freshmen or blackmail, there is an explanation. Then Catherine reveals that anything Chuck has said about Blair to her is irrelevant because no matter what Blair does, Marcus will never end up with someone like her.

Nate arrives, and goes to greet Serena, before seeing Catherine. Blair exclaims that the two know each other, and Serena lies about Nate and Catherine meeting in book club, before glossing over the details of Blair dating Catherine's stepson and Nate being Blair's ex. After the party, Blair complains about how bad the party was, but Serena says that she deserved it after all her scheming. Blair says that she really does like Marcus and she just wants to be a good girlfriend, so Serena tells her that if she reveals this to Catherine, she will like her, but Blair insists that Catherine will hate her no matter what.

Nate confronts Chuck about providing money to his mother. Nate says that maybe Chuck was just doing it to be a good friend but knowing that Nate wouldn't let him loan them money, Chuck went behind his back, which is what Nate is most irritable about. Chuck then reveals that Nate's mother called him to ask if he was okay, but Chuck had no idea what she was talking about because Nate never told him in the first place. Nate says that he will handle it and walks away.

Dan is leaving and Serena decides to leave with him. Nate catches them kissing by the elevator but they try to tell him that they are just being friendly. They plan to leave together. However, upon receiving a message from Catherine telling him to meet her in the library, he tells Serena and Dan to go ahead.

When Nate goes to meet Catherine, he complains about the complications of the situation, and she agrees but she says that that isn't what is bothering him. Nate says that he does not want to be Blair's stepfather, which seems to be the way things are going. Catherine says that she just wants to talk.

Rufus enters his apartment to find a collage Jenny made of her summer '08, which encourages him to, it is assumed, cancel his upcoming tour. Catherine says that Nate's mother would rather die than lose the material possessions and way of life she has become accustomed to. Nate says he is not going to let that happen. Catherine says that it is the scandal that will bother his mother the most. She offers to help Nate, and that no one will have to know. Blair walks in on the Dutchess and Nate making out on the floor of the library. Blair uses what she has just seen to blackmail Catherine into accepting Blair and Marcus's relationship. Marcus enters and Catherine says that Blair is delightful.

Jenny squeals as she and Dan enter the apartment to a home-cooked meal. They tell each other stories about Dan's novel, Jenny's dress-making and Rufus's tour.

At Serena's house, Blair tells Serena that she was right, all Blair had to do was be herself and Catherine loved her. They run into Chuck and Blair asks Serena to leave them alone for a second. Blair tells Chuck that she and Catherine got along well and that his plan to destroy her has failed.

Nate calls Vanessa to apologize for not coming to the gallery that night. Vanessa blows out the candles and puts away the take-away meal. Catherine gets into Nate's limo and gives him the promised money.


"Never been Marcused" was watched by 3.15 million of viewers.[2]

The episode has an 7.9 rating out of 10 from,,[3] a 4.6 out of 5 star rating on TV Fanatic,[4] and a 7.5 out of 10 star rating on IMDB.[5]

The episode received generally positive reviews from critics, who felt that this episode was way better than the previous episode. Isabelle Carreau, from TV Squad, had praised Leighton Meester and Mädchen Amick's performances in the episode by saying that "both actresses delivered their bitchy lines perfectly" and that "they are believable as evil queens, each in their own way".[6] Michelle Graham, from Film School Rejects, had said that even though the episode was "a little slow, a few interesting plot strands are beginning to emerge".[7] Jennifer Sankowski, from TV Guide, had said that so much thing had happened in this episode that she had to "defer to Gossip Girl, who summarized things quite nicely".[8] Amber Charleville, from Firefox News, also praised Leighton Meester's performances by saying that she had got all the best lines in the episode. She also defended the romance between Serena and Dan by saying that they got their old chemistry back.[9]

International titles

  • Czech Republic: Jak na Marcuse (How to Handle Marcus)
  • Brazil: E o Marcus... nada! (And Marcus... Nothing!)


  • Title comes from the 1999 film Never Been Kissed.
  • Although credited, Kelly Rutherford (Lily van der Woodsen) doesn't appear in this episode.
  • Starting with this episode, all season 2 and continuing through the rest of the season, Gossip Girl airs a day earlier in Canada on A.
  • Vanessa converts the Bedford Avenue gallery's storage space into a coffee house.
  • It's revealed that Catherine is 38.


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